Time To Break Free!!



This is a LEGAL NOTICE and not a letter


A Notice Is Law

Until Ie can see the truth being revealed concerning the word magic deliberately imprinted into our psyche Ie cannot and do not accept what is being done. 

It would do the world a world of good if the Q following would have a spontaneous spiritual awakening of their heart to breakout of the “false light” matrix and atone from eons of indoctrination!!


Why is it people do not know what the word “illusion” actually means.  A great illusionist is very good at hiding the illusion.  An Illusion means a distortion.  So, when are we going to see things for what they are so that we can get on with expressing as the higher-self fully embodied?

A great “illusionist” has the ability to hide the illusion.  This magician once found out can no longer deceive.  One the “trick” is seen it cannot be unseen!!

Magic Words – How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells

Once we know the truth how anyone could laugh at the absolute absurdity of what has been allowed to play out in this game called life is beyond me!!  It is tragic beyond words!!

How many people have the capacity to think for themselves given their cultural conditioning and indoctrination?   Why do people not have the capacity to be in right thought, right speech, and right action when the information they want you to see is handed to you by mainstream media and even on social media?  The fact remains the same the Bilderberg group control the flow of information all mainstream search engines are controlled by these criminally insane folks!
Why have we not taken action steps towards a sustainable world eons ago?
Those that have been controlled and have assisted in maintaining the narrative are spiritually dead.
It is unfortunate that they do not have the ability to think for themselves, their conditioning has made them very good order followers.  Critical and creative thinking has been systematically distilled out of them.
As a result of these intellectually, morally, and ethically bankrupt humanoids my ecclesiastical right for self determination has been hijacked by the criminally insane.  Ie call them humanoid because to be called a human would mean you are a being of light, light being knowledge, compassion, empathy, and love.
Is your body sensitive enough to know the truth when you hear it?  It would do the world a world of good if people could listen to not only the words being spoken but listen to the carrier waves these words are carried on!!

To read more about this conditioning read the information Ie have published by following this link:


It would be great if there were more people that would join me in breaking free from the Port Authorities with their Money Laws enforced by their Global Military Industrial Complex.  Ie am tired of them (the Hidden Hand) controlling our experience of life.  If being registered in their Money Law scheme is the problem, then why would we not want to know how it has controlled us to keep us in fear of survival and break free?

Do people realize that numerous crimes have been committed against our spirit and against our flesh as a result of word magic?  The minions that have gone along with this scam shall be held accountable.

My awakening to self and self realization has happened in stages.  During and after the ‘life review” Ie realized the eyes and ears are rather useless without an open and loving heart.  It is unfortunate that so many are sill being manipulated even when they think they are awake!!

An unfettered heart brings clarity to the senses and helps one to make sense out of the senseless!


It has been a long tedious task to unravel the mystery.

Do you have the ability to see the truth when you see IT?

Image result for pictures of an illusion

Once the curtain is pulled and you can see the “man behind the curtain” He looses his ability to manipulate.  No illusionist can maintain the illusion for ever. At some point someone is bound to see the trickery!! Once the trick is revealed it is no longer effective. Full disclosure cannot happen as long as the minions at the Vatican are able to play out their perversions while keeping their lie.

It is true, “All roads do lead to Rome and the Phoenicians with their phony phonetics”.

How many people are motivated to unravel the mystery?

How many people are willing to see the lie they have been living and supporting?

Ie have been publishing my research for years. Do people have the desire to know and the will to read what has been published?  If everyone knew the truth then we would as a force begin to take corrective global action.

It is unfortunate that people have been out of their integrity.  Who in their right mind would allow for so many crimes to be committed against the innocent?  It takes a very sick individual to know what is going on and cooperate with it allowing these atrocities to continue.  

People have a right to know that they have been controlled in their experience in birth, in life, and there are many that have been controlled in what we call death aw well.  This manipulation of our experience is the result of Lucifer’s false light grid.   Why have people not realized they are caught up in their mental projections while being in non-physical form?

“When an individual becomes disconnected from their Soul matrix, the cellular memory and DNA history are wiped, so the Soul energies will not naturally activate in the body. If they become connected to a false matrix or spliced into another Soul group, the false matrix will program the DNA and download its memories into the three layers of ego, which have been programmed into the false matrix by the NAA.”

~Lisa Renee

Read the entire article here!


Why have there been spirits in the astral plane known as demiurge that have had the ability to manipulate our dream time and keep us in a mental prison?  They have no right to dictate our experience.

Do people realize how they have been manipulated with word magic? For the record: Ie do not accept that the so-called Royals, Governments, and/or Politicians are our Rulers and/or our Owners. Nothing can be owned. The idea of “ownership” has been deliberately imprinted into our psyche to corrupt our knowing of ourselves to inhibit us from recognizing our oneness with ALL energy.

It has come to my attention that we are given a birth (berth) certificate when we are born which is a document that apparently steals away our sovereignty, freedom of choice (aka freewill), and some how creates a corporation. How is it that people that created Governments consider us their personal property or livestock? If you were not aware of these truths yet, you have much more research to do. We are programmed to go to “human resources” as we are the resource. Weighed and measured at birth.
Jordan Maxwell points out “understanding words is what you really need to start doing. You need to start doing your homework and understanding words. If you put an s in front of word it becomes swords. And that words are they are cutting; they can cause you great trouble”. According to Jordan, “humans are word-controlled creatures. So, we need to establish what words mean. Again, when we talk about law there’s a Roman Maximum in Law that says. “for he who would be deceived let him”. Simply, meaning if you are so ignorant as to be deceived then that is your business, that is your problem. So, you need to do your homework and find out what words mean.

Especially in relation to law and government. Because there is a whole world of cultism that is operating today throughout the world in which you use certain words and when those words are used in a court, they don’t mean the same thing at all. Understanding Law and the words of Law there are two things that this planet has water and earth, water and land. Consequently, there are two kinds of Law, The Law of the Land and the Law of the Water. You have heard the term, “Law of the Land”, but in point of fact that is precisely what this word means Law of Land because it is the people who live on land and that is apposed to that is something else called the Law of the of the High Seas or the Law of Water you need to understand the difference”.

What Jordan does not seem to realize we are not just living on the Land it does not matter if we are flying in an airplane riding in a ship, we are living were ever we go. Jordan goes on to say, “The Law of the land is the Law of the Culture that lives on the Land. Consequently, the Law of the land is different in every country. You can do things in the US that you cannot do is Russia”. This is only true for the lands that have not been invaded by the Unholy Roman Cult Courts. The so called “Royalty” violate their own coronations oaths when they invade and conquer foreign lands. Jordan goes on to say, “However, there is a higher law that dominated the entire world. It is called the Law of the water or the Law of the High Seas. The Law of Water is referred to as the Law of Money. It doesn’t matter what color you are, where you are from or where you live money is money and any time you are doing banking or using money you are now under the Law of Water, Maritime Admiralty If you go back in ancient history were all of this began back in the Land of Canaan. You probably heard in the bible the land of Canaan. The Canaanites were Phoenician. The Phoenician bloodline. The ancient Phoenician language Canaan meant merchant banker. The very word merchant comes from the word “mer” for the sea for the water as in mermaid we have merchant. Merchant Bankers.

Let me give you an example of the difference between the Law of Water and the Law of the Land. The Law of Water as Ie have said, “is the Law of Banking/money as apposed to the Law of the customs of the people living on the Land. The Statue of Liberty must be put in water it could not be put on American land as suck it had to be put in the harbor because it is not the Statue of Freedom. It is the Stature of Liberty. Liberty is what a sailor gets when he pulls into the port on ship, he gets liberty. He is not free. So, America is not the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. We ae not free or brave. Period. We are not free this is not a free country. Let me give you an example of how this Law of the Water works. Why is it you have to go to court? People are always concerned about going to court. You go to court because you play basketball and tennis on a court. How do you play tennis on a court? You play with a racket. Why? Because that’s what it is, it is a racket. And make no mistake they do not pick words by chance. These words are very serious. They do not use words and terms humm with no avail. These words are very important. When you go into a court what is the idea of going to court? It is a game like basketball. The whole idea of the court is to put the ball back into the other guys court. One team gets up and they throw the ball over to that team of lawyers and that team of lawyers gets up and throws the ball back into their court and consequently it’s a ball game. And a judge is wearing a black robe, so he is the referee. The judge is the referee he does not care what side wins or looses because he is going to get paid anyway”. This was not my experience of court. The judge was biased in my case. “So, he couldn’t care less. He is merely there as a referee and that is why he wears a black robe. And that is a nothing interesting subject we can get into later”. So, according to Jordan,

Apparently, according to Jordan Maxwell, “the judge is a referee between two teams. The Judge, we are told, rules from the bench. The word “bench” in Latin is a bank. Therefor the Judges rule for the bank. Where do you find banks? You find banks on both sides of a river. They are called riverbanks. And what does a riverbank do? It directs the flow of the current(cy). The juice. Consequently, your money is current(cy) because it is the flow, the cash flow. And I’ll give you an example of how this works: when a ship pulls into harbor all ships are referred to as female, air ships, rocket ships, sailing ships are always female. Why? There is a very good reason. Maritime Admiralty Banking Laws says all ships are female because they’re carrying items, they’re carrying items for money. So, consequently they are under Maritime Admiralty Law. Admiral is were we get the word “admiral”, admiral of the navy.

Let me give you an example of how this works. When a ship pulls into harbor it parks at the doc and it ties off at the doc. The Captain has to provide for the port authorities a certificate of manifest. Because yesterday the ship what not here. But this morning the ship pulled in, so it has manifested. So, consequently all the products the 8 million dollars worth of Tv’s or Toyota’s have manifested. So, each one of those items coming off of that ship has come off of water. And has come in a ship, and consequently, all ships have a captain. The word captain comes from the Latin word capital, money. So, the Captain represents the money that is on board the ship. And as Ie said the captain has to present to the Port Authorities a certificate of manifest for each and every item. How much does it weight? What color is it? How many doors does it have ect. And consequently, the captain presents a certificate of manifest the ship is sitting in its birth. Wherever a ship sits when its docs it’s called its birth. She sits in her birth, birthing a ship. Consequently, all the items coming off of that ship represent money that came in on water. They are Maritime Admiralty product”.

Apparently, according to Jordan, “this is true all over the world. Now when you were born your mothers water broke and when your mothers water broke you came out and this is why you have to have a birth certificate”. According to the black magicians at the Vatican that concocted this system you are Maritime Admiralty product under International Law, your body is considered Maritime Admiralty product your mother delivered you”. “This is why if you go to Sears and buy a refrigerator, they will deliver it, they will ship it to you, they will deliver it. That why you were in your delivery room, your mother was delivering a product. Maritime Admiralty: you came down your mother’s birth canal. And as you are taking on of the televisions or the cars of the ship and it falls down and breaks that’s all right sometimes there are stillborns so consequently you’ve lost money on that one. Therefore, you must have a death certificate and it is always signed by the doc. The doc has to sign your birth certificate and your death certificate. He goes on to say, “All these words and terms are Maritime Admiralty Banking words. And therefore, if you understand Lawyers and Judges and courts, and government are all under International Maritime Admiralty Law. All religions all churches in the world operate under Maritime Admiralty Law. This is why all churches are divided into denominations. Like 20’s and 50’s and 100’s. Serious, this is why they are called denominations”.

Admiralty Law: Word Controlled Humans & The Law of Money – Jordan Maxwell

It is all about harmonics and love is the key!!  The corruption of the emotional body has been deliberate!  It is up to us to bring harmony to our body and love ourselves.

If you would like to have an energy session to correct all quantum entanglements and to integrate the fractured aspects of the ego personality let me know!

To read more about harmonics read what Ie have published using this link:


The so called “darkness” has been manufactured!!  Stop believing the lies!!!

Everything and everyone is an extension of source energy.   Somethings have been created as a result of the introduction of fear.  Fear was never in the original design.  It is time to recognize all that has been created out of the collective unconsciousness of fear and bring it back into its Divinity back to its original resonance!



Sophia Divine Mother
aka Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson
also know as “The One That Flows With The River”.


Restoring The Supremacy of Love                                                                                                    Without Dishonor, Without Prejudice,                                                                                              Ill will or Frivolity All Rights Reserved Non-Assumpsit                                                                  Errors and Omissions Excepted

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