Waking Up To The Reality!

It was in 2000 following an awakening that came in the form of a life review that I realized nothing of this world is as it seems. The “unholy priests” have kept people ignorant and illiterate for a reason.  In their own enslavement they have enslaved others. In their own ignorance and arrogance they have prohibited our experience of the material world.

To be human is to be a man of light. Light is information, the dark is the absence of light. Why would we allow ourselves to be robbed of our light? Why would we allow ourselves to be robbed of our identity on so many levels? Why would we squander our birth right as benefactors, beneficiaries, and heirs of creation?

I have heard it said “ignorance is bliss” which could not be further from the reality. Ignorance combined with arrogance has created a liability for life. Sadly, those that chose to use information to control others have been controlling our experience of life and of death as a result of illegitimate claims and fraudulent contracting. Why would we allow this to continue? Why would we not choose to use critical thinking combined with “spiritual” and “emotional” intelligence to enhance  our experience of life on both sides of the veil? Why is their a veil? Why is there a separation between our “lower self” and our “higher self”? Why have we allowed ourselves to forget our origins? Why would we continue to lie about the history of earth and our galactic history? Who is benefiting in the perpetuation of violence?

What are we choosing?

our imblanced nature

Why have we ignored the violent history of religion? If capitalism is the reason the earth and those incarnating here are being raped and ravaged why do we continue to support it?

Why do we not realize we are the “Anti-Christ” when we are out of vibrational harmony with our So called “higher self”?

Why would anyone buy the following coin without looking into what it actually “Stands” for?

Where do I go to find the “contract” that states I accepted to give my authority away to the people ruling over the inhabitants of earth with the threat of violence and violence? I do not accept that the people involved with the Bilderberg Group can claim to author the fate of the earth?

1985 Vatican coin
5G churches & pope Francis sells chemtrails as the final solution : Depopulation coin from the Vatican in 1985, biblical end time prophecy & Christian fundamentalism. NWO climate guru helped present the pope’s encyclical & errors in pope’s post-synodal apostolic exhortation.

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Why would we choose to ignore the voice of life in favor of the creation of an idea that has proven to not support life? Do people realize the flag represents a corporation not a country?


There can be no freedom in capitalism!!

The Coriporate Enslavement!

There are lots of people publishing videos on the system of things.  It seems they are indoctrinated into believing the fraud running the world. Why would we make life a contradiction? Why do people not recognize it as mental slavery? Our perceptions is everything. Who do you know yourself to be?

It is unclear why people accept that we cannot fix the system of banking. The banking system is based in fraud so what is keeping us from exposing the fraud and taking corrective action? I am sure I am not the only one that thinks it is time to fix the system.

Who gave themselves the “Authority” to designate us as a “debtor”  or “creditor” in relationship to currency? We have been systematically put into this system as a result of fear.  In the density that we are born into we loose our spiritual or emotional intelligence. Is it time to grow up and claim or emotional and spiritual maturity?

Life is about love, compassion, and relationship. We are either being a contribution to the wholeness and fruitfulness of life or we are being destructive to the wholeness and fruitfulness of life.

Who in their right mind would accept being owned?  Who ever has taken this stance and has used violence and the threat of violence to maintain this mindset is corrupt beyond reason.

‘Why would we ever accept the creation of this “strawman”? Why would we ever accept the creation of “private” and “public”.  We are all affected energetically what happens behind closed doors. It is unfortunate that so many are out of integrity with themselves. What is the remedy to the insanity of it all when so many are attached to their “story” and have no clue what it is they do not know? Why is it more have not sought spiritual liberation through self exploration? In accepting the “religious rhetoric” people have given over their authority and given over being the author of their reality to those obsessed with the “Dark Arts”.  Mankind is being controlled using “word magic” and possession in so many ways.

I thought I would share Beny Freshfeet’s comment in response the statement “We are all responsible for bringing down the public debt but the funny part is the public debt can never be paid off. The US filed for bankruptcy!” Navel El

Beny responded by stating “Well that is their story we are responsible for the debt, but we are not because we never consented to it which violates contract law. And the reason why the debt cannot be paid off is not because the US filed for bankruptcy because when a person or corporation files for bankruptcy their debts are discharged. Rather what happened is around 1933 the banks kept the US solvent in exchange for owning the value of people’s energy as human chattel under the Birth Certificate scam. So I am just wondering why you think the debt cannot be paid off? There are probably a lot of reasons. 1. It is too large to expect it to be paid off in any reasonable amount of time. 2. There is no money because money is a debt instrument, and debt cannot be paid off with debt. 3. Since there is no money debt cannot be paid off, but only discharged. 4. But the real reason is that according to Modern Money Mechanics paying off debt destroys currency, and so if the debt was paid off there would not be anything of that which is called money.”


Cal has been addressing the courts in an interesting way.

It is unclear why he has accepted their claims and accepts their “Merchant System”. It would be beneficial for all of us to reject this system and correct our “status” and “standing”. The idea of ownership violates the “Law of One” it is what is prohibiting our bodies ability to express in its infinite potential.

No contract is valid unless it has 2 autographs and is signed in full disclosure. Do you know how to correctly sign your “name”?

People must wake up to their true authority.

It is unclear why so few of these informers have not brought up the subject of Canon Law?



There are some people assisting others in finding remedy for their situation. Yet, why is it there is no “global remedy” to put an end to this “Agenda” they have instigated?

They have assumed authority as they presume that we have consented to the “authority of Government”. The truth is they have tricked people into believing that we have a Democracy. Once I used critical thinking I realized that they only give us the illusion of choice. It is a well known fact that the Government of Canada is a Constitutional Monarch. The politicians pledge elegance to the Queen. The “acting” Queen has no right of the corporation known as Canada she does not even have a right to the Province known as British Columbia. She is an in poster. A true Queen is sovereign.

I would like to see the contract where it states “I Lorna lynne of the House of Borgeson willfully consent to your authority?”

I do not consent I have never consented. My will has been stripped from me as a result of illegitimate claims and fraudulent contracting imposed under the threat of violence.

It is refreshing to come across videos published by people that have retained “critical thinking”

PUBLIC NOTICE: To all the public servants: I do not consent to contract with you, I rescind all contracts that I ever knowingly or unknowingly made, I want my “criminal” record erased, and my offspring returned to me immediately!



DAVID STRAIGHT Download & share far and wide while these videos are available! We are all in this together! Let’s stand up. Watch, re-watch, and keep seeking the Truth! The dark will be exposed by the light! My journey consists of being the light that shines on the legalized criminal enterprise of human trafficking by for-profit corporations working under the color of law! They have pulled a fast one over us, but we don’t have to stay blinded any longer. Hope exists, as we let love guide us! PUBLIC NOTICE: To all the public servants: I do not consent to contract with you, I rescind all contracts that I ever knowingly or unknowingly made, I want my “criminal” record erased, and my offspring returned to me immediately! Resources: “CPS’ FRAUD & WHAT EVERY PARENT NEEDS 2 KNOW”-Parent Resources:



David Straight-“CPS’ FRAUD & PARENT RESOURCES”-Learn How Your Children Were Taken:

DAVID STRAIGHT Please download & share! The Truth goes forth through each one of us who is taking our power back, as infinite souls, with natural rights given by our Creator. FYI, The gov’t did not create men, women, & our offspring; they created fictitious corporate persons! Learn the fraud! There’s no sugar coating what’s going on. Yes, we have played a big part in creating the reality we are experiencing, but this does not mean that we don’t learn to stand up against attacks towards us, our loved ones and others! Each day we have an opportunity to do what is right & to set out on the path to healing, restoration, and freedom for us all! Let your consciousness guide you from this day forward! The chains will fall off! Namaste!

David Straight-“CPS’ FRAUD & CLAIMING OUR NATURAL RIGHTS”-Parent Resources:

Kirk’s Law Corner-Wednesday Night Live:

Why would anyone support the destruction of the earth thus supporting their own spiritual enslavement?

What is the point of destroying life? Why would anyone willfully participate in the destruction of life when we have come here to love life?



We are our own worst enemy when we know the truth and use it to forage ahead investing in the “stock market” instead of dissolving it. The following video is produced by an Australian. it is unclear why the registered “citizen” is self absorbed in their own “state” when it is a global problem.


MUSIC Love Is A Bridge-Paul Izak:

Are we aware of our own projections? Is there peace in our heart?

“Peaceful Words” by Paul Izak

Who is going to have the “unholy clergy” arrested and treated for their insanity so that the rest of us can live in peace, harmony, and feel safe in our own homes? We should not have to live under the threat of being murdered by the criminally insane.

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I am looking to put together an education program for the people of the world. We really must begin to take action steps towards a sustainable world.

Redeemer Lorna Lynne Divine Mother

Restoring The Supremacy of Love                                                                                                    Without Dishonor, Without Prejudice,                                                                                              Ill will or Frivolity All Rights Reserved Non-Assumpsit                                                                  Errors and Omissions Excepted

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