It Is Impossible To Have Individual Self Determination When Complex Artificial Concepts Including Pseudoscience And Violence Is Accepted As The Norm!

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Can You Imagine What Life Could Have Been Like If We Were Honest And Supported Each Others Spiritual Growth? 

Instead of transparency we are lied to from birth. We can go through our entire life trusting those in authority have our best interest at heart going through the motions not realizing just how corrupt everything is. We know that something is not quite right with the world until one day our life is shattered when we finally “wake up” and realize that nothing and ie/I mean nothing of this world is as it seems.

How are we supposed to deal with the fact that the violence we are subjected to is deliberated in order to serve the agenda to keep us polarized?

We follow in our parents foot steps without questioning why we are doing what we are doing or why we are doing it. How many people actually question the meaning of life or why they BE?

Life is simple. So why have we made life so complicated? Surely, we could have done a better job of under and innerstanding the nature of “evil”? It is the nature of evil to corrupt that which is natural by creating artificial complex ideas. It does this to hide or obfuscate the freedom it destroys,  it seems it cannot help itself as IT’S nature is of corruption.

It took me far too many years to realize that I was living in an upside down matrix of lies and that there is a lot of information deliberately hidden from the “public’s” eyes.  So much of this information is hidden in plain sight. There is even more information that is revealed yet rejected as a result of the implications of what accepting the information might generate.

The saying “life is a stage and we are mere actors upon it” really hit home as I realized more and more how my participation in life has been orchestrated to an Agenda. The “script” has been written long ago. There are those that know their part and play it very well adhering to what is written and prophesied long ago.  Everyone has been given their role and their title as written by the “Watchers” and “Gate Keepers”. We have the “Royalty”, “The Clergy” and we have the “Commoner” and we have “The Law”, “The Law Society” with IT’S “Law Enforcers”. And some were there in the middle we are supposed to have access to the “Peace Keepers”.

We have the “Crown”, the “Crowns Servants” and we have the “Crowns Slaves”. Where do you fit in this production?  It is most unfortunate that so many people do not know what the “Crown” is and how it influences our life.

The entire system of governance is corrupt. In being Registered to the “Crown” man is reduced to a “Commercial Instrument”. The people indoctrinated into the BAR Association and those involved with Fiance know the system very well and have capitalized on it to rise up in the “Class-cast System”.

Why are we not addressing the situation as it is and calling everyone with “title” as “acting”? When addressing the “President” why not state “The Acting President” when writing documents to the Pope or Queen. Then we should be stating “Acting Pope” or “Acting Queen”?

It seemed odd to me when I found out that the individuals born to the Luciferian aka “Illuminati” lineage do not forget between the birth and death cycle giving them an unfair advantage over the rest of us. We come in to physicality with our light fully intact soon to fall victim to the violence and forced into a state of forgetfulness by design. This is a violation to my right for “Self determination”.

The horrors of war (rape, torture, mutilation, and murder) as well as pedophilia are all deliberate to cause politicization. Whom ever hashed this scenario for our life experience is a narcissistic psychopath.  Knowing all this has robbed me of my enthusiasm for life.

The Luciferian/Satanists aka “Illuminati” with their “Masonic Network” push forward with their agenda to ensure a “negatively” polarized “harvest” and in so doing have undermined my will and have interfered with my desire to express as “One Living Consciousness”.

While observing what is happening on our streets the more it is clear that ”

it is impossible to have individual self determination when complex artificial concepts and violence is accepted as the norm”!

So many people are unaware of the fact that our thoughts and how we perceive our experiences is being manipulated by “spirits” aka “entities” from other dimensions of existence.

Coming to the realization that I was deliberately assigned a “negatively polarized entity” to influence my thoughts and behavior was heart wrenching. Once the damage is done, our innocence lost, and our joy sucked out of us is there any court in any land that can bring restitution for this loss? I think not!

For those that have the courage to take the ride down the “Rabbit Hole” soon come to realize that nothing of this world is as it seems and that we have been lied to about well everything.  Those with the courage to investigate must do so with an open mind and loving heart if they plan on retaining their sanity. The more I come to know the less sense life itself makes. Even after all my awakenings and altered states of consciousness I can honestly say,  “God is insane”.  Only a narcissistic psychopath would allow life to come to what is playing out on the streets. To allow so many hearts to be corrupted and spirits dashed would require a deeply disturbed heart and mind.

We were made in “Private” by our parents and our flesh, blood, sweat, tears and labors were claimed through the “Private” organization called “Government”.  We have been unwittingly cast out to sea in an ocean of lies and fraudulent contracting.  i do not agree with much of what is stated in this video. Yet, I find it interesting to look at others perspective and relationship with what IS.

In the following video Amen Osiris teaches us that child support is not only voluntary to  by contract. The law allows us to remove our signature from the contract because it was obtained by fraud and duress..

In the following video the experts are speaking about the events around 9-11 yet the principle can be applied to all aspects of our life in relationship to governmental issues. This video was published on October 1, 2012 reveals that the “experts” knew the truths surrounding the 9-11 events, yet this information was either not shared with the “citizen slaves” of the world or where shared was not accepted.  ” At this point we have 9 years of hard scientific evidence that disproves the government theory about what happened on September 11 and yet people continue to be either oblivious to the fact that this information exists or are completely resistant to looking at this information. So, the question becomes why? Why is it that people have so much trouble hearing this information?”


Rights do not come from government (a gang of self-serving maniacs supporting the enslavement of mankind). Rights are inalienable as our birth right. Our birth right is being squandered under the weight of false and misleading concepts.

What is a right you might ask? Simple, a right is any action that does not result in harm to others.

In the following video Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot author of “The Medical Mafia” states,  “Everything destroys our health and to make us sick. We live in a world of sickness and death. We live in a world that is controlled by death. We don’t live in world with hmm, that is serving life. This whole world is serving death. And, but how come that it is this way? Because we have forgotten who we are. We are immortal beings and that might sound surprising. But we are I will repeat it we are immortal beings. We are not meant to die.”

It is time for us to organize together so that we can educate each other to the system while we examine the consciousness that is allowing for the poisoning of the air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

We have over eons allowed narcissism and psychopathy to become a pandemic. What has kept us from recognizing the narcissistic psychopaths in the laboratories, in the political arena, in entertainment, in law enforcement. and in high places (the pulpit) that has allowed for the degradation of the human genome and the destruction of our natural world?

It is unfortunate that it took me so long to realize that there are two worlds running simultaneously. We have the “fictional” world and we have the “actualized’ world. We have the “Artificial Reality” based in fraud and corporate fiction and corruption and we have our “Natural Reality” based in facts with Universal Principles. physics and observable evidence.

We have our inner world and we have our outer world. With an outer world built on illegitimate claims, fraud, black mail, and black magic it is impossible to have social justice. Where is the checks and balances when we loose so much of our soul during our life experience? Where is the checks and balances when the science taught by the “authorities” does not match observable evidence?

In a fraudulent world anything goes as the will of others is breached, in this world it is a rarity that we speak facts. The oligarchs and the politicians they control get away with rape, theft, and murder. The creation of the concept of “private” and “public” and the creation of the “Commercial Vehicle” and the Creation of “Commerce” has allowed for horrendous crimes to be committed against the innocent.

It is a matter of principle for “Politicians” to have forked tongues while they get away with lying to the “Public”.  This is made clear with the propagandized saying “vaccines are safe and effective”.  Years late millions of children afflicted and dead as a result of the harmful ingredients found in vaccines and no one is held liable. Laws are passed by the legislative assembly vested and invested in the system for “personal” or “private” gains. What happens behind closed doors in “round circle” discussions is kept “private”.

It was devastating to come to the realization that Doctors would think injecting mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde which are known poisons and neurotoxins, as well as infectious agents, cancer cells and foreign DNA into a perfectly healthy baby would be good to its health and well-being. We are contaminating our own children’s DNA with this highly invasive technology while damaging the CNS. An over active immune system does not promote good health. The deliberate manipulation of data and injecting false statements into the public domain by those in the authorities is fraud. In law, fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. In an evidences-based world we have chosen to ignore empirical observable evidence in favor of “hear say.

Dr. Bergman explains how all vaccines are now a liability free product as the result of the development of the vaccine court. This means that if you get injured by a vaccine, you will end up in their court under the rules of the vaccine manufacturers. Please, let’s stop this insanity!

If your Doctor insists that vaccines are “safe and effective” have him/her sign a liability form. For more information follow the link below:

If Your Doctor Insists That Vaccines Are Safe, Then Have Them Sign This Form – Dr. Dave Mihalovic

For a direct link to the “Warranty of Vaccine Safety” form to take to your physician or pediatrician to sign prior to having a vaccine injection or having your child vaccinated click the link below.…/Warranty-of-Vaccine-Safety-Engl…

Why are we allowing a tyrannical gang of thugs to dictate what we can put in our body and what we already have as rights when we are born?

Rights do not come from government (a gang of self-serving maniacs supporting the enslavement of mankind). Rights are inalienable when we are born.

What is a right you might ask? Simple, a right is any action that does not result in harm to others.

According to these “gang of thugs” that have given over their will to the “Great Grand Master Manipulator” they get away with their crimes as a result of our tacit consent to their “Contracting”.  Even when people know that voting changes nothing, they still hold on to hope that the people in government are ethical. All one needs to do is listen and they soon realize the men and women in politics are still supporting the Unholy system of enslavement.

It is said that “They” get away with crimes against humanity and against life as our Registration as a “slave” is our tacit consent to be raped, tortured, mutilated, and killed by the Luciferian/Satanists that control mankind using “black magic”, violence, and “mind control” tactics widely known as “mk ultra”. It is widely known that they use “False Flag” events and symbolism to trigger the subconscious. The more we make the unconscious conscious the less effect their tactics have on us.

“The world is a stage and we are mere actors upon it!!”, everyone has their role and their title as written by the “Watchers” and “Gate Keepers”. We have the “Royaty” and we have the “Commoner”. We have the “Crown”, the “Crowns Servants” and we have the “Crowns Slaves”. Where do you fit in this production?

How exactly do we respond to this shit?

It seems like no one really cares about the evolution of the soul. Regardless to what information “Q” is publishing with regard to “the take down of the cabal” the “Illuminati” and their Masonic Network are still controlling the hearts and minds of the “Governed”.

“Mosque Shooting” is the most resent “story” to capture the hearts and minds of the masses. This event is all over the “News” to elicit a specific emotional response and to entertain the masses. Will it be a “success” for those that are driving the world to mass extinction? Will it be a “success” to capture the “hearts” and “minds” of “mankind” with their Agenda for a “negative harvest”? Iww it be a “successful” in corrupting everything that is natural to ensure the “Transhumanism” Agenda”? Will it be “successful” in generating more hate to fuel their “Holy Wars” to feed their God Moloch with mass “blood sacrifice”?

Whether people want to recognize it or not this is a “False Flag” event with the desired outcome. Who knows if this is just a “faked” event or if it is a “staged” event as another Blood Sacrifice to the Luciferian”s God Moloch? The outcome remains the same as the people do not call out those that are orchestrating them.

By the way “False Flag” does not mean that the event did not happen. “False Flag” means that people were set up to “die” for a political reason. And there is nothing quite like the politics on this earth of ours.

There is no denying that the people of this world are bat shit crazy. How do we stop the drive for the “negative harvest” from marching further?

How do we correct our “Status” and “Standing” to put an end to their Agenda?

How exactly do we stop the 5G kill grid as it has already been deployed?

How do we make corrections once the damage is done?

Why have we allowed psychopathy to become a pandemic?

Is there really a plan to bring sanity to an insane world?

There is no checks and balances when my will for self determination is being interfered with when so many are blind to their own indoctrination!

It would serve us to take some action steps towards a sustainable world.

  1. We must stop the clinically insane people from going forward with Agenda 21
  2. We must unregister as a voter.
  3. We must come to realize our identity has been systematically stolen as a result of religious indoctrination. In this we have given over our energy to a “Higher Power” in so many ways.
  4. We must claim our “status” and “standing” and get off the “citizenship”. When we know who we are we shall put your feet on the ground as a man. It is here that we awakened to our multidimensional expression and infinite energy.
  5. It is our duty to stop funding the mania by refusing to collect and pay taxes, money is an abstraction, it is an artificially created concept used to control the psyche of mankind
  6. It is recommended that everyone seek spiritual liberation through self realization, please go to my facebook page and check out the live stream video’s
  7. We can begin to take the steps towards holding people accountable for what they are allowing

On the link below you will find an extraordinary interview with Cal Washington.

The following video refers to “smart” meters, yet the principles used should work for every issue.

The InPower Docu-Series illustrates a powerful new method to restore social justice and accountability. Episode #1 focuses on solving the ‘smart’ meter problem: how we can prevent and reverse the installation of this dangerous technology, through holding corporate executives and government actors financially accountable — for the first time ever. And in so doing, we can restore safety in our homes, and bring balance to our world.

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability (2017)

Is it “unidentified” or is it “identified”?

What are the “authorities” hiding from us?

Did you know that there was a “Citizen Hearting” to uncover the truth about Unidentified Flying Objects in 2013?

How successful could it have been if there is still a veil of secrecy around this issue?

Would it have anything to do with exposing the “religious” lie being shoved down our throats by the Unholy Priests?

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure set out to accomplish what the U.S. Congress had failed to do for forty-five years – seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time – evidence pointing toward an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Forty researchers along with military/agency/political persons of high rank and station came to the National Press Club in Washington, DC to testify to six former members of the United States Congress.

The main ballroom of the National Press Club was configured to resemble a Senate hearing room. There were press areas, an audience area, witness tables and committee tables. Protocols for congressional hearings were followed as closely as possible during the testimony. Committee members received written statements from witnesses, heard oral statements and asked whatever questions they wished about the subject matter at hand.

Hearing witnesses testified for thirty hours over five days in five morning and five afternoon sessions, each composed of two panels of witness, each panel lasting approximately ninety minutes.

In the evenings, additional lectures were given by a number of top researchers in the field up Ufology.

The “Citizen Hearing” Day 1

For more information on this use the link below:

David Icke asks some interesting questions in the following video, “why is it technology like SIRI office assistants from Apple and and these others was seed funded by the Defense Advanced Researrch Projects Agency and seed funded by the Central Intelligence Agency?”

David Icke – Culling The Population

Why are the “people” not being compensated for being lied to and having the “Illuminati” living off the fruits of our labors via illegitimate claims and fraudulent contracting through taxation and corrupt banking practices? ALL money stolen through taxation should be returned to the people.

Love is from the infinite and will remain until eternity, the seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death”. Rumi

In the end, “do you think that the heart that’s not in love will have failed the test”?✨✨✨

A heart that has failed is a heart that is held in fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, shame, blame, and/or guilt. If one heart has failed means we have ALL failed.

If we fail to see our relationship with ALL life means we have failed the meaning of life.

All Is One!! 

Please find a link to my own Declaration of Non-Consent and Non-Agreement.

I love you!

Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Divine Mother!

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