When we respond and/or react to an upside down matrix we are not doing ourselves or anyone any favors. it is clear we are not in right mind, when we are not in right mind we are insane. This insanity is reflected in what we have accepted as normal. There is nothing normal about the “state” of things.

All that we put our eyes on is the result of our individual and collective thinking. It would do the world a world of good if each of us made a concerted effort to be more conscious and conscientious with regard to the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the emotions we projects upon the fabric of creation. If you want to be free of this inverted matrix we much know how we are supporting it. The thoughts we think and the way we perceive each other is imprinted into the fabric.

And “yes” our “Health” and our “Freedom” is a state of mind. All is thought actualized!!

How can we free ourselves and each other from our conditioning? We must assist each other to shift our perception of the situations we find ourselves in.

David Fanelli  shared the following:

I have been asked to pass this around – not sure were ready for this but if you have any thoughts let me know. – These three axioms, like Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion, must be made a part of the mindset.

Debt – only exists within your mind and it is how you are enslaved.

Banks – make money out of nothing –
Banks – are headed by people –
Therefor – people make money out of nothing –
Why not YOU

We do not need the medium to produce our wealth
We need to produce the medium to represent the wealth we produce.

MONEY –AND OR – A MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE – is anything we collectively agree upon to be used as our representation for a value exchange medium – today we call this money, printed dollars and minted coin. – 3% in currency – 97% digitally represented within the walls of our banking institutions.
No society can exist, non the less flourish, without an agreed upon medium of exchange. Without such agreement nothing happens.

And Now


Covertly Created – Transparently Created
Covertly Created – under our current monetary system, our medium of exchange is all created for us by our representative Central Bank. – How much they make and what it is used for is never reveled to us. We are not even allowed to know who owns these Central Banks. Imagine that, They control the flow of our medium of exchange, our very life blood – and we can’t know who they are.


Transparently Created – now imagine a medium of exchange that is only created transparently. It’s existence and the validation for it’s creation is permanently displayed. No Corruption.

Administered Top Down – under our current monetary system, our life bloods flow, is directed and controlled by a very few powerful men at the top. They decide which things get funding and which do not. Need we ask why we are at war when no one wants to be at war? Don’t think so. Under our current system we have no say. The power is all in the hands of those who control the flow of our peoples life blood – our medium of exchange – our money. And now those hands are set on enslaving the world.


Locally Created – now imagine a medium of exchange locally created to reflect value to the community. Local communities would create a Value based medium of exchange transparently to reflect wages paid and materials purchased. The same could be done for all other community services, police, fire, engineers, educators and all else that can be seen as benefiting the community. No Taxes.

Only to Represent Debt – In a debt based medium creation system there is no benchmark – no identifiable rate for exchange. The medium can be made for any purpose with no regard to value.


Only to Represent Value – In a Value based medium creation system the medium is made to reflect value created. In this system we can see there is no inflation.
Inflation occurs when you allow your medium creation system to create the same medium which is meant to represent value created, to also be made for things which destroy value. In this way you add to the medium pool while not adding anything to the value pool. This system can not stay in equilibrium. When the medium pool goes up without a smiler rise in the pool of value – you have inflation. – Steeling from you your heard earned wealth.
The Value pool and the Medium pool maintain Equilibrium

Interest Enslavement – In our current system ALL money is Debt – every dollar in this system generates interest income for our controllers. What it actually is – is ”Their” taking 40 or 50% of your life’s energy, your only born with so much, from you for providing us with nothing, “They” make money out of nothing. But we have been so conditioned and brainwashed, another words lied to. Our controllers have no shame.


Freely Created – In a transparently created, value based system, our medium is created and given freely. The medium we create to reflect the value we create, never has to be paid back. It just exists. Our medium should be as a sea we float upon to aid us and help us accomplish our goals.

Contactable/ Variable – Our current debt based medium can be increased and decreased at the whim of a few powerful men whom we are not allowed to know. [ the owners of the central bank systems globally ] This is the most astounding power ever given. The power to steal other peoples life energy – This quality of our banking system is the most insidious – it literally is responsible for humanities fear and all of her perceived pathologies. – They call it “Fleecing the Flock”

We must adjust the way we perceive ourselves. and shift the language we use to describe our self, others, and life.

Now that I have become more cognizant with regard to the effect words have on our psche and on our DNA I have decided to eliminate some of the words that are not serving my desire to express in wellness fully embodied as the “higher-self”. So, I am asking my friends to assist me in distilling these words out of our attractor field and out of the earths electromagnetic field.

Such words like morning, mourning, hello, hope, try. job, employed, employment, and work I am asking my friends to honor my desire to be free from these word spells.

Words have an energetic frequency when written or when spoken effects matter.

Image result for pictures of emotos experience on water

An emotion is energy in motion.

The way we perceive ourselves and speak about our own body and that of others has an affect on and will effect not only the DNA it effects the particles that make up the body.

The way we look at people will have an effect and affect them on so many levels of beingness.

Can you imagine the effect that words such as “you are sick” or “you are well” have on the cells of our body?

It would serve life for each of us to increase our awareness around the effects the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the emotions we project have on our own body, others, and on all matter.

Russians Change DNA with Frequency Experiments (1/2)

The DNA Secret So Big Mainstream Scientists Tried to Hide It From You


Kevin Killoren to Keepers of Knowledge

The seal has been broken

Archangels on earth awoken

The trumpet chimes 3 times in angelic choir
A new dawn of a new age will set hearts on fire

The time is drawing near for all angels falling
To awaken to their instructions in this calling

There is no room for anymore doubt
What your calling is all about

7 archangels shall engulf the globe
Into hearts minds souls they will probe

Healing and enlightenment shall sweep this earth
And a new old way of civilization shall have rebirth

Widespread thoughts will suddenly crumble
As angelic voices and music shall rumble

One by one souls will come to hear
This unconditional love without fear

As so it is written In ancient text long ago
This divine intervention will set the world aglow

Calm yourself and listens to the whispered voices
It won’t be long and you’ll be faced with choices

Let go of your vises that stop you from being
Wipe your eyes of society that kept you from seeing

Dry away the rivers that you cried in vain
While you were suffering in so much pain

Your healing voices are on the ground
Chiming in their angelic healing sound

May each day your burdens get shorter and lighter
As each coming day becomes heavenly brighter

Kevin Killoren

No photo description available.


Redeemer Lorna Lynne Divine Mother

Restoring The Supremacy of Love                                                                                                    Without Dishonor, Without Prejudice,                                                                                              Ill will or Frivolity All Rights Reserved Non-Assumpsit                                                                  Errors and Omissions Excepted


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