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In a world ruled by money and if money is given value for how much we make per hour making it then our wage is giving us our worth.  Does it not seem odd, this “us” that is the physical representation of the infinite is measured by our attachment to this thing called “money”?

Those that enforce “taxation” are robbing us of our birth right to express in the freedom of who and what we are. The system is designed to pull our attention from realizing the nature of things. Stress keeps the body in the “fight or flight” mode.  The economy is manipulated to make it harder to make a living by manipulating the cost of things we have become accustomed to which can put the person into a state of stress.

Why is it we value the things we “collect” more then the people we are sharing life with?even though we have come to think of life as a short span we still are driven to accumulate “stuff” that really has no value.  Most of the time our children do not want that which we have accumulated they only want the money.  Why would we choose to spend our entire life accumulating ‘stuff” and not knowing our reason for being?

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

From what Ie have come to realize is that their is a whole more to life then “chopping wood and carrying water”.  Why would we not choose to explore consciousness and explore the infinite possibilities when we are  no longer attached to the “Conditioned Mind”?

Why would we as infinite potential allow ourselves to be limited by the “rules and regulations” set out by the men and women in government especially when these “rules  and regulations” insults the intelligence of our soul?

The government systems “banking” and “taxation” is based in fraudulent contracting yet we maintain the illusion that it is legitimate to live under a “CORPORATE NAME”.  We are are born into this system of commerce completely oblivious of the fact that the government is actually organized crime.

What is keeping  the people working for the corporations that are controlling our resources with their so called “Laws” are nothing more then corporate policy.  The Law Society is a corporate entity upon itself passing off statutes, bills, and regulations as Laws and having us believe it is lawful to do so.

What happens to the psyche of man when we are not valued equally? Who chooses mans worth by choosing his hourly wage? Have you ever wondered why it is those in the service industry are payed the least while those in the entertainment industry are paid the most? Why is it lawyers can make $500/hour? Is the “Lawyers” time really that valuable when the system he promotes goes against human values?  Why have we not been more diligent in seeing that if we do not ensure that everyone is given wage equality then there is inequality in the society.

There has been a great deal of theft going on on so many levels it boggles the mind. When are the innocent “citizens” aka “commoners” going to be compensated for their diligence and hard work? 

Why is there the oligarchy system in the first place?

Why is their a class system?

It is a revolution in consciousness that is needed to restore life on our beautiful blue/green planet and see “Restorative Justice” is served. May we all come to full realization of our truth and set ourselves free from tyranny.

Giving a monetary value to the earth resources is fraud. Who is deciding the value of the resource? If you say “the market”. Then ie would ask “who” or better yet “what” is driving the market?”

What is it in the psyche of a man that would drive him to concur other “people” and other “Nations”? 
Does the drive to build an empire using fear and the threat of violence coincide with the principle of Oneness?
The principle of Oneness is such that “what we do to another we are doing to ourselves, what we do to ourselves we are doing to others, and to all life!!
❤ ALL IS ONE!! ❤
When we violate others we are violating ourselves. When we cause damage to the spirit of others as in “spirit cooking” we are prohibiting our own spirits evolution. What would drive us and/or allow us to destroy a planet that is giving us the experience of life?
We really need a revolution in “Conscious Awareness”. .

There are a lot of crimes being committed as a result of mans attachment to money. judges, lawyers, police officers, politicians all being bought off not realizing they are selling their freedom for an idea.  Many good people have bought into the illusion  “money is powerful”. My only conclusion can be is that money makes us stupid. Yup, money has robbed us of our intelligence.

A truly benevolent society would ensure wage equality. Does everyone know that their Divine Inheritance is being squandered as a result of lack of education to the fraud that is running the monetary system and the flow of currency? How is it large corporations can come into a “Country” aka “Nation” use the resources yet the people born of the land are not compensated by the corporation? Instead it is the taxpayer that is made to pay for the resource?

How did we allow this system to become so convoluted?

When we as a member of a society allow for tyranny then what happens to the society? When we as a taxpayer know that crimes are being committed on a massive scale and we do nothing does this not make us an accessory to the crime?

What is freedom to you?

The “Panama Papers” were leaked to the public in 2016 yet has anyone heard if those involved have been investigated?


It would serve everyone to look at the actions they take everyday and look at what is motivating their actions. if you are motivated by anger then you are out of balance with yourself.

When our focus in on making a living and not living life are we truly living our reason for being?

What if a shift in conscious awareness is all that is needed to restore harmony to our body matrix, in other words our human design (mind, physical body, emotional body, spirit)?

The idea of what freedom is coming up a lot lately.  Who or what are we freeing? Why have we bought into the idea “we need to medicate” in the first place? Whether we are medicating with prescription drugs or self medicating with “drugs”, “alcohol” and/or “natural herbs” we are still giving our bodies power away to an external source.

What is it we are freeing in our quest for freedom? Are we truly freeing the body with the idea “I need to medicate you so that I am free?” is this an honorable way to act towards our temple?

It is the unfettered heart that brings freedom to the being. An unfettered heart brings clarity to the senses which in tern gives us the ability to be inspired “in spirit”. Spirit induced action is the path to freedom.

It is my mission to bring forth new ideas to set us free from the system of things. From what Ie have come to realize through direct experience of self and self realization is that the vibrational resonance of our bodies must be aligned to bring a state of non resistance. We are the ones that do not listen to the infinite intelligence of our bodies. Why have we forgotten how to ask our bodies what it needs to be happy?

Ie see the body as a musical instrument. It is necessary for us to guide ourselves toward fine tuning the body so that “IT”is free to play in harmony with the symphony we call life. From a very early age Ie had a deep desire to know what Ie am and what life is all about. Each of us must take responsibility for the melody we are playing through our bodies.

Ie invite you to ask yourself, “Who do I know myself to be?”

It is through directing my questions inward that Ie gave myself the direct experience that allowed me (as a spirit) to let go of the attachment to the conditioned mind.  It is in this letting go that my mind expanded into the “God Mind” and the body was set free to plays its note perfectly bridging the internal note with the external note. When the body is in harmony with its true nature then the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the emotions we express through the body will inspire right actions, these actions will be in harmony with the natural world.

I love you!!




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