In an evidenced based world why do scientists even accept the science in this highly evasive technology?

What is it in human consciousness that has allowed for lands to be occupied and frankensciense to drive the so called “developed world”? People should be reading The Medical Mafia! authored by Ghislaine Lanctô

Click to access medical_mafia.pdf

Medicine Mafia Dra Ghislaine Lanctot

The mafia runs ALL world events. It is global corporate control. If you have a smart tv, a smart phone ect they are actually recording absolutely everything. All corporations involved in media, and communications are involved in setting up the control grid to bind the hearts and minds of man.

Being a voter and a tax payer is our tacit consent to the crimes of church and state. We are being robbed of our Divine Inheritance. The Unholy Priest have robbed man of his/her status and standing in so many ways.

Self realization is the path to OUR freedom.

We are into a “New Year” most of us stayed up to ring in the new year. Yet, how can it truly be a “New Year” if we think and do things the same way?

Why would anyone continue to stay on the voters list, stay on the “citizenship” by remaining as a registered taxpayer with a “PASSPORT” to pass into the ports?

Can it truly be a New Year with everyone giving up their outdated programming?

Can we stop being slaves to the mafia?

Can the inhabitants of earth love themselves enough to see the lie they are living and take corrective action in 2019?

No more challenges…ie think people are sick and tired of challenges.

No more lessons…why can we not remember what we have experienced in past incarnations and make corrections to our actions?

Why did we ever figure we are here to learn a lesson in the first place?

What is keeping us from remembering we are source experiencing itself?

Why have we chosen to stagnate our creativity by buying into a lesser version of our self which has limited our state of consciousness?

May this truly BE a New Year:

• a year in which everyone is truthful with themselves and each other
• a year in which ethics and morality are no longer overshadowed by lies, deceit, and black magic.

May everyone awaken to the fact that bankers and tax collectors are committing fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment.

May we all see Restorative Justice by having all that has been stolen by way of fraudulent contracting returned to us so that it is a truly happy, healthy, and prosperous New year. <

”By Grace we are here and are here for a reason, and to be successful as angelic humans” ❤️Jim Wilson

Sending you wishes for a Happy year filled with Peace Love, Health, Prosperity,
Love and loads of fun!
Happy New Year 2019 !

What makes us unique as human beings?

May this year be the one in which all your wishes come true. The one in which your dreams may turn into reality
Happy New Year 2019 .

❤ 321 ❤  321 ❤ 321 ❤






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