When will telling the truth  become popular?

When will people acknowledge their participation in the crimes against humanity in the actions they take as employees and as voters and taxpayers?

Do you really want to know why there are still so many crimes being committed against us and against life itself?

It is my wish that everyone would take the time to realize there is NO ONE GOING TO COME AND SAVE US AND FIX THE PROBLEM FOR US. We are the ONES that must take corrective action steps towards Global Change. Meditation is wonderful for inner peace and may just activate an Awakening experience yet it is not going to magically change others behavior or the fact the we are bound by contract.

What will it take to stop the raping, torture, theft, and killing happening on the surface of this world? Why are we accepting this? The emotions expressed in these events do impact global consciousness especially the empathy who feel it on a cellular level

It does not matter what skin color you are we ALL share the same consciousness and the same world after all, we are a Global Community. We are the Tribe of Man. We should begin to act like it. ALL are of the MOST HIGH GOD! It is most unfortunate that there are so many men and women ready to sell themselves short for the illusion of power.

Are we secretly being recruited to the “dark’s” agenda as an energy generator while posting on social media and not taking action on the ground?

The control mongers would like nothing more than for us to wait around for a savior or continue supporting the corrupt system!

The reason they have ionized the sky is to use holographic imagery to fool the masses. Why do we keep waiting for others to do something before taking corrective action?

Are we doing ourselves any favors by not looking at the issues facing humanity thereby not taking corrective action? Perhaps, now would be a good time to look under the hood at our profoundly sick society and see what is driving the bus!!

Those that are controlling the narrative are vetting on people not acting. It is interesting how the truthers are so quick to share information yet they do nothing to change the situation. Everyone is waiting for the savior or the big event to happen. Why is it so few are taking actions on the ground to be the change they wish to see in the world?  Do you understand you are in contract to the system? Nothing is going to change until you are no longer in contract.

Everything is in the word is a word spell and you are a witch. Do you cast your spells  with conscious intent conscientiously to their effect? Our world reflects our negligence to the word. What Man speaks so shall it be. John 1:2 : In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning.…

Susan Blocker shared the following comment on Facebook
September 14 at 6:58 PM ·
“As I’ve Mentioned EVERY Aspect of Our Lives On This Planet Has Been Infiltrated and Planned to Enslave and Control Us. Even Down to The Words We Speak. Every Word We Speak Has Two Meanings. One Meaning is Revealed to the Public The Other Meaning is Hidden and Surrounded in Black Magic. ALL Words Can Be Used to Conjure Up Good/Bad Spells. For Instance How Many People Know the Word “Corporation Stems From The Word Corpse?” The Cabal Know The Hidden Meaning of Every Word Created, We Only Know of its’ General Meaning. Word Play and Word Trickery is Another Game The Cabal Use as a Tool to Entrap and Enslave Humans. There’s a lot of Detailed information surrounding the Cabal’s play of words. Look Up Jordan Maxwell He is a Scholar and a Master When it Comes to Decoding and Breaking Down the Cabal’s Game of Word Play. You’d be Surprised ow Many Spells We Cast On Each Other and Ourselves Every day without Realization or Intent”.
Why have we as Global Society chosen to ignore Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice by the “Illuminati” blood lines? Why do we ignore the Babylonian system is not conducive to a healthy society. Living under the doctrine of the Unholy Roman Empire better known as the Roman Catholic Church aka Vatican has corrupted the human genome. The perversion of the Unholy Priests is being seen on our streets as gender confusion. The Divine Feminine is loosing Sacred Sexuality as a result of prostitution and the rape culture while the Divine Masculine has been emasculated as a result of being sodomized by the priest.

Those born of Lucifer’s blood line are products of their own dysfunctional perception of reality. They are victims of their upbringing while they victimize the rest of us to violence. To ignore the problem is to be irresponsible. We all need compassion and love. Yet, they must not be left to continue their unhealthy behavior.

We must end the assault on the innocent and put an end to the outdated story that we all have bought into. We must expose the truth and stop all forms of violence.

Ie have heard it said “their crimes are so horrendous that their only recourse is to conceal them”. Ie do not think that people are aware as to how deep the “Deep State” runs. Did you know that those in the Judiciary are trained in black magic? When they stole my home and Ie was taken to court Ie realized the corruption in the courts and how unjust the judiciary really is.

During my interactions with the bailiffs involved in my case Ie received the following message from a bailiff out of the Kelowna Office:

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 12:27 PM, NorthCentralBailiffs – Kelowna <kelowna@northcentralbailiffs.bc.ca> wrote:

Ms. Borgeson, what you believe is only true for yourself. It does not apply to anyone else no matter how much you desire it.
Whether or not you are on a mission is solely determined by you. The name of your mission was created by you, I do not believe there is anyone else involved. “They” do not exist….

I offer you my best wishes in your future endeavours and every happiness however now is the time to stop corresponding with me.
The Deity to which I subscribe is more frightening than can be imagined and those to whom you subscribe kneel at his feet, so let sleeping dogs lay……
Enjoy your weekend,
Michel Zuber
Court Bailiff/Bailiff

What Mr. Zuber fails to realize is Ie kneel to no one and Ie would have no one kneel to me. Real or imagined this Deity he is a slave to is controlling his behavior. Ie am in fact under mission by the higher astral plane of existence like other “star-seeds” to expose the truth and free humanity and the earth from the mental prison.

As an expression of the Higher Self I am a true authentic sovereign being and recognize the sovereignty of all living matter. Ie stand firm in my knowing of myself as a multidimensional expression of the ALL THAT IS EVER WAS AND EVER COULD BE.

Mr. Zuber’s ignorance and arrogance has breached my will which has violated my ecclesiastical right for self-determination and has prohibited me in his actions from being ALL that Ie know Ie can be as an expression of my Infinite Self. In his spiritual ignorance and in his arrogance, he has violated cosmic law. He has and those like him once becoming a slave to this Deity have forsaken his/their own I Am presence by buying into fear. He and those like him have become a liability to life itself. This Deity is not Mr. Zuber’s friend or a friend to humanity as he does not care about his own life he is incapable of caring about the life of others or life in general.

Binding your spiritual evolution for the illusion of power denotes insanity. Mr. Zuber’s lack of spiritual awareness renders him and those like him incompetent as a human being and as a Man/God. Basically, he is saying “as I am bigger and stronger, having bigger guns gives me the right to come in to your house with a set of rules and if you do not comply I will have my buddy’s come over arrest you and lock you in a cage”.

The society that is being built under this mandate is not conducive to life. They have no rightful claim of ownership. Now would be a good time to wake up to the reality and claim your birth right as heirs, benefactors, and beneficiaries of creation.

Will you take the time to know the truth so that you can take right action to truly be Free?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

The main agenda of the New World Order is to install the Pope as the absolute, autocratic ruler of the World. The Pope already claims to be ruler of the EU (Vatican Fourth Reich) and Canada (through his corporate entity/trademark the Crown) through deception, falsehood and acts of treachery by elected representatives (elected to serve you and your needs and to protect and defend your country, not the Pope).

So , you see before you can fully put your feet on the ground you must realize that you are still in contract with the Unholy Roman Empire also known as the Roman Catholic Church aka Vatican which is a Satanic Cult masquerading as Christianity.

Abolish the United Nations Organization for participating in, planning and preparing a common plan or conspiracy to commit: sedition, insurrection, heinous crimes against peace and humanity, genocide, war crimes, wars of aggression, financial warfare (sanctions) … for the Vatican and the Vatican Fourth Reich’s New World Order agenda.

Do you consent to the Catholic Church Pope governing you?


Mr. Trump acting President of the United States of America is a willful participant in the deception and enslavement of his fellow man.

Ie received a telepathic communication on November 3, 2015 and was given instruction to stop collecting and paying taxes. When we are paying taxes Ie am an accessory to the raping, torture, killing, and theft of my fellow man. It has taken me nearly 3 year to figure out how to do this and how to truly be free. This truth is imprinted upon the spirit of mankind. When we are registered as a voter and taxpayer we are consenting to their crimes.
Are you sure you still want to be seen as a patriot? As a patriot we are designated a ward of Church and State. Ie strongly suggest that we ALL stop complaining and begin to make claims while taking corrective action as the path to “Freedom” requires action.

To be free we must be free in our mind and in our heart. It is the unfettered heart that gives us the ability to see and cognize clearly.

And we must end all contracting with their Unholy Law Society thereby restoring our Status as a Man/God and the source of our life and the source of love.

The Judges, Lawyers, Court Clerks, Bailiffs, Police Officers, Generals ect only have jurisdiction over a “Person” not a “Man”.

A man is not property!

To be seen as a “man” and not a “person” each of us must claim it by putting our feet on the land and claim your rightful place in Heaven on Earth. You can claim back your estate by sending back your receipt and get off the “citizenship”.
Of course it is all fraud..and their claims are invalid as they have violated their own contract laws..regardless in their minds they have jurisdiction over our energy as we have not rejected their claims. We remain registered as voters and taxpayers and bound by the alleged debt. They have made us debtors to life. Do you get it? What will it take to stop the Banksters and Taxcollectors from getting away with fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment?

While you are taking action also take time every day to accept the light codes being beamed from within and without. Rise up and shine!!

Do you know what the Certificate of Birth is and how it has influenced how you live your life?

For more information thoroughly read the following:



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