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❤ 🙂 Ie would first like to start out by stating “Ie am not an enemy of life”. My  enemies are  ignorance, arrogance, fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, blind belief and blind obedience. 🙂 ❤

As voters and taxpayers we are the problem.  Every atrocity perpetrated against the innocent is on the hands of the taxpayer.  According to the pirates that have hijacked reality they see voting, singing the National Anthem, and the paying of taxes as our tacit consent for the crimes of church and state. It really is time for the truth to be known. Prophecy is always self fulfilling when it is planned eons in advance.

Every thing in our world is ecclesiastical including politics. Why are politicians referred to as Ministers? What exactly are they ministering? We have unwittingly been bound by contracting to this ministry through deception. All politicians are Ministers to Ba’al, it is a satanic cult.

The Unholy Roman Empire better known as the Roman Catholic Church is ground zero for all unnecessary suffering and ground zero for the corruption of the human genome through the perpetuation of violence prohibiting the evolution of consciousness. Our biology is a direct reflection of our state of consciousness and conscious awareness. And self awareness is key to self-mastery.

Ie decree “Ie do not have to be in contract to express in physical form” and “Ie do not have to be a corporation to exchange energy while expressing in physical form”.

Why when it comes to life do we not speak the facts?
Like the fact that:
1. The The Roman Catholic Church is a Satanic Cult masquerading as Christianity.
2. We are all registered servants of Ba’al with our Registration of Birth.
3. All words are word spells
4. The English Language was created to deceive us and bind our energy.
5. We have been made capital by the CAPITALIZED name.
6. We are the gold weighed and measured at birth.
7. We have been blind to what is in plain sight
8. When we go to a Human Resource Manager for a job we are the resource.
9. We are the stock traded on the “Stock” Market.
10. Bankers and tax collectors are committing fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment every day.
11. There are no countries only corporations.
12. The “Freeman” movement has been controlled by the cabal.

The world of economics and consumerism is based on the flow of money. What Ie have found is that there is nothing quite as mysterious then the creation of and the flow and lack thereof of money and the value of currency.

Most people are blind to the fact that our estate has been hijacked.

Our birth certificate is a receipt. Please read your Birth Certificate very carefully front and back. On the back of my Birth Certificate is states Revenue Receipt No. ** For Treasury Use Only. If our Birth Certificate is to certify our birth then why does it have this? The fact is our Birth Certificate is the Birth of our “Artificial Person” our “CORPORATE IDENTITY”, They have decided for us this is our legal name. They have decided that as our mother filled out our Registration of Birth that she has abandoned us and if our Father does not claim us by sending back the Birth Certificate we are lost at sea presumed dead and yet they designate us a ward of the state. It is all fraud of course. They violate their own contract Laws A contract is not valid unless it is signed in full disclosure and with both parties signing.

The registration is reason we cannot find remedy in court and the reason they can get away with their crimes against humanity. All Man-made Laws refer to the “person” and not to the ‘flesh and blood’ man. If ever you find yourself in court ask
the Judge “do you have any jurisdiction over a man?”

Ie am fortunate as Ie was able to take early retirement Ie just had my 59th Birthday on the 29th of July having been on disability gave me ample time to reflect and to research current worldly and local affairs. For the last 7 years Ie have been doing research into corruption and geopolitics locally and globally, after being summonsed to court Ie realize how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

Being on disability and now that Ie am retired ie have and have had the time to research now Ie am sharing my findings with my Facebook Family. Nothing is more important than making the world a better place for my grandson.

Who knew that Ie would find myself to be a very busy Grandmother, a Political and Spiritual Activist here on mission to shift consciousness. Deep down Ie seemed to know my reason for being even if Ie fell off the train into forgetting. Once we see our reason for being we can get back on track and board the “Freedom Train”.

Ie am inviting everyone to join me in spreading the truth and taking corrective action towards restoring life and moving towards a sustainable world! If not now than when? If not us then who?

It is most unfortunate people are fickle and only follow someone in the “spot light” not realizing they are in the “spot light” for a reason.

My awakening to self, self-realization has happened in stages starting at a very young age. My now focus is on my mission to save the earth and preserve mankind through the evolution of consciousness. Ie have been very busy completing court documents and started the process of “True Freedom” many months ago. Ie have made sure Ie am not a registered voter and on Friday Ie mailed back the Revenue Reciept titled Certificate of Birth for one LORNA LYNNE BORGESON and served the Director of Vital Statistics with Liability Notice and Spiritual Notice along with a host of other key players in Canada and the US.

Once the eyes are awakened they are open to see more of what was previously hidden in plain sight.

It is my desire that everyone comes to realize they are worth millions. And It is my wish that everyone has the capacity to read and has the cognition to synthesize the information Ie have published and act upon it. It is my desire that everyone has the desire to live differently and the courage to take the right action!

It is in coming together in our communities with like minded people and brainstorming that we actualize change. We must encourage people to remove themselves as voters as they are unwittingly being held liable for the crimes being perpetrated against life. We cannot keep doing the same thing expecting things to be different. We cannot continue to see the earth and each other as a resource to be exploited. This mindset has pulled nature out of balance pulling us out of balance with our true nature.

To end the crimes against humanity we must end our contracting with Ba’al. What most do not realize is that the “Crown” is not the crown worn by Royalty. The Crown is the Papal Terra also known as “The Crown of Ba’al”. It has evolved into a 3 teared crown representing the 3 trusts. It is the shape of a beehive on purpose which is also the same shape as the pineal gland. All politicians are registered servants to Ba’al and the convoluted and destructive mindset of Luciferianism/Satanism.

As a Spiritual Warrior we are not doing ourselves any favors when we are registered with the UCC and participating in Commerce. It was deeply disturbing once Ie realized what Ie was participating in by getting out of bed and going to work as a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

It is said “actions speak louder than words”. Best be getting up off our knees and begin to take corrective action towards a sustainable world. We are not co-creating this world with God as we are source energy. We are co-creating this world with each other through the thoughts we think, the words we speak, the emotions we express and the actions we take in every minute of every day.

The best advice I can give you is, “Speak of what you want and take action steps towards it”.

Know that Ie hold you in my heart and wish for all your dreams and wishes to come true. We really must support victory, victory to the light, the light of truth. Know that Ie love you very much for you are just another expression of me. We are one..One Living Consciousness held in limitation by group think. Ie have declared myself and the Earth to be in a state of harmlessness.

If you are interested in what Ie have been up to and would like to find a solution to our troubled world you can read more here:

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Know that I love you very much!!

Still think it is a conspiracy?


How long is it going to take for the men and women “working” in the Military and in Law Enforcement to figure out they have sold their soul for a few dollars while allowing their children and the rest of us to be held captive by the pirates? Bankers and tax-collectors are getting away with fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment everyday.

All our hard earned money is going to line the pocket of the top criminals in creation. Let that sink in while we stagnate our own spiritual evolution.

THe painful truth

Please read the steps Ie have taken and am taking by following this link:

Claiming your land and ending the mortgage!!


Redeemer Lorna Lynne Divine Mother

Restoring The Supremacy of Love                                                                                                    Without Dishonor, Without Prejudice,                                                                                              Ill will or Frivolity All Rights Reserved Non-Assumpsit                                                                  Errors and Omissions Excepted



  1. Je vous remercie pour votre témoin. Oui je vois BOUCOU, mai je ne se pas COMMON, où qua faire. Je avez immigré se pais Suissa o je VIE. Mon pais et portugal. Je comprend pas tout se LOI, que nous en pose. Sachez CHER Madame que je suis avec vous,et je vous admire ,pour votre rechercher da VÉRITÉ. MERCI Grattitude love love love. Lurdes ,SOPHIE.

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