All Words Are Word Spells!!



❤ ❤ ❤ LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤ HARMONY ❤ ❤ ❤ UNITY
By the power of 3x3x3 ie-I invoke UNITY!!

It is clear both men and women are ready to mend their fractured aspects and heal the heart to allow for the Sacred Union returning to true love.

There are those that are well practice in the Occult, Occult meaning hidden. It seems that they do not want to return to this Sacred Union. Why not? Who in their right mind would not want this union to take place?

Perhaps, it is our inability to speak the truth that has been the downfall of mankind.


Everything that is been happening on earth has been for the control of the minds of man. The priests would be out of a job if everyone discovered that they are multidimensional expressions of source, the source of their own existence.

The Christian Churches, which are actually satanic cults disguised as Christianity, demand Absolute Obedience. Pray and Obey! No thinking is allowed: Absolutely no-one is to question their authority, their religious dogma, their interpretations, or the beliefs of the Christian Churches and their fabulously fictitious Bible, no matter how asinine, stupid, fatuous, or ridiculous.

Rule Thirteen: “To be Right in Everything, we should always hold that the White, which you see, is Black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it, believing that between Christ our Lord, the Bridegroom, and the Church, His Bride, there is the same Spirit, which governs and directs us for the Salvation of our souls. By the same Spirit and our Lord who gave the Ten Commandments, our Holy Mother the Church is directed and governed.” ~Saint Ignatius of Loyola, 1491 C.E.

The time has come to put the priests out of a job reject their claims on our soul by claiming your Divinity and just be the Highest expression of self! The time for spiritual and emotional maturity has arrived. Maintain centered in your true self, anchor yourself in the body and surround yourself with others that will support you in maintain the  frequency of joy.  You are love and loved beyond measure! Close your eyes in this moment for a moment and open your heart and your mind soften your field to the love that I am surrounding you in and flowing to you! Think of me and I will be there.

Secrecy and the inability to speak the truth has been the downfall of mankind. The d-elite families have risen to the top with the knowledge of spell casting  and invocation. They have been diligent in their occult practices, occult meaning hidden. They have been diligent in handing down this art to their children. They have used this knowledge for ill begotten gains using Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice to exert their will in so doing have corrupted the human genome.  The trauma of violence fractures the ego/personality/spirit and corrupts the emotional body. Those that have been living by their “darkness” have created a veil around their own heart in so doing have hidden their light while they have attempted to extinguish the light in others.

Image result for quotes someday we'll forget the hurt

All hold the spark of their Divinity, this spark of light within them can be ignited. An unfettered heart gives us the ability to see and hear clearly and gives us the ability to ignite this spark in others.


We have been stuck in a feedback loop of discontent as we have believed the reality we are seeing. Our perception is influence by our beliefs. Our reality influences what we think how we think and the actions we take everyday. We are perceiving a fraction of what is available as information as our senses have been dumbed down.  We must be inspired to shift our consciousness and belief in dualistic thinking and perceiving as our biology is a direct reflection of our inner and understanding of our self and our state of consciousness. Once we have experienced an  altered state of consciousness our DNA reflects this change. Basically we are what we believe ourselves to be until we have the direct experience of our multidimensional self.

“Open up Dear Heart of Man so that each of you can see and hear and feel not only with their eyes and ears and hands but with their hearts as well”. Lorna’s Higher Self

You are already the Higher Self. To align your body matrix with your Higher Self I invite each of you to state out loud,  “have my experience be God’s experience have God’s experience be my experience, SO BE IT”.

I have heard it said, “the body is a prison”. No, our body is not the prison IT (our body)  has been held prisoner to our own thinking and perceiving. We are the ones that hold the key to breaking free from the mental prison of our own making. The earth has been held in a  “shadow of darkness” for far too long. There are those that do not forget between cycles of birth and death and they have used this knowledge to enslave others blind to the fact that they are preventing their own spiritual evolution in the process.

Why have we not chosen the path less travelled? Deep within your heart at the core of your being is a calmness. This place of serenity and joy is within everyone an everything, no exceptions. Go within to find this place of calm and inner peace even if you think it is not there I invite you to set the intention to breathe this inner peace into your outer reality. Have the outer match the inner. it is a perceptual miss understanding that we are separate from our source of life. We are life.

We are the observer and the observed, the thinker and the thought, the lover and the loved. The body is a focal point of awareness so that source could find expression. With out the ego/personality there would be only source and what fun is that? Honor, respect, and love the expression as much as you love your God.

Why would we chosen to express from our mental programming when we should be  live from our hearts knowing anyway? Joy is innate in each and every one of us, it takes so little effort to be thoughtful and kind.  A smile goes a long way. Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see, so be kind!

John 1.1  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”.

Do you know that ALL words are word spells and this is why IT is called ‘Spelling”!

We are taught language yet we are not taught the etymology of the words. It was shocking to me once I became aware of how I was binding my own and others energy in by using words without any conscious knowing of the meaning behind the word. I invite everyone to become aware of the words they think and speak unconsciously everyday.

Are we “Casting” our words with conscious awareness or are we casting a net that is catching ourselves in a mental prison?

It is a good idea to make a conscious choice to speak always of what you want.


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Words Are Magic Spells & You’re a Witch

Those that have influenced the creation of language have done so with  malicious intent. Once we are aware we empower ourselves to that which is created in deception. We can chose to evolve what we speak and how we speak. We can choose to be more conscious and conscientious with regard to the words we use everyday.  “I wish you happiness and prosperity”.  “ I wish you good health and infinite abundance, I wish you to be ALL that you were born to be, I wish you to be your Divine Potential and more. SO BE IT and IT IS SO”.

Choose to be conscious of the words you use everyday by taking Command of the English Language! I reiterate “We are already the Higher Self”.  When ever I activated an altered state of awareness I spoke as a command I did not ask for it. Adjust your language to express as the Higher Self. The Higher Self sees in 360 degrees inside and out, it is infinite awareness. We must allow the new light codes that we are bringing in to make adjustments to the brain to allow for the processing of this information. We can support the brain by detoxing it and feeding it the correct nutrients.

The following video is very informative.

Past and future are projections of mind existing as a potential in consciousness. Our view of past experiences is jaded as a result of our state of mine and state of consciousness at the time of the recorded event. How can we live our full potential when we are still living in a matrix of lies?


There Is Only Love
Words and music: Michael Gott
Additional verse: Karen Drucker


In this moment, in this place,
I remember who I am.
Letting fear and worry fall away from me.
I open my eyes and see.

There is only love.
There is only love.
Love that heals,
Love that sets us free.
There is only love.

When I lose myself,
when it seems I’ve lost my way.
When I go inside and quiet my mind,
I can hear Spirit gently say,
© 1998 Micheal Gott 14. From Karen’s CD: “Songs Of The Spirit II”

The Face Of God
Words by Reverend Karyl Huntley
and Karen Drucker
Music by Karen Drucker
You are the face of God.
I hold you in my heart.
You are a part of me.
You are the face of God.
(Optional verse): You are the face of love.
I hold you in my heart.
You are my family.
You are the face of love.
Possible uses: This chant is wonderful to sing in a group setting singing to each other and
also using the sign language. I have used it for welcoming the children back to church,
honoring someone, and welcoming a newcomer to a group or church.
Song notes: Many groups like to use this chant as a way to connect with each other.
I often sing through it a few times, and when people are comfortable with the words,
I introduce the sign language. I will often stop the music and have people just silently
sign the words to each other. It can be a powerful exercise if you ask people to
visualize people they love, or even someone they might have a ‘challenge’ with,
and imagine singing it to them.


Listen to your body! Open your mind and energy field to allow for the adjustments to your brain to allow you to perceive your multidimensional self. Speak as the higher self Be the calm and spiritually connected one. Shine your light wherever you are in every moment.

Queen Sophia
aka Redeemer Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson Divine Mother
also know as “The One That Flows With The River”.

Restoring The Supremacy of Love

Without Dishonor, Without Prejudice,

Ill will or Frivolity All Rights Reserved Non-Assumpsit

Errors and Omissions Excepted

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