Detoxifying our life on ALL levels of our multidimensional self is necessary to allow us to live in balance, harmony, and joy. When we nurture our body it feels loved and appreciated. Below I have compiled various techniques and routines which I have added to bring more joy and vibrancy to my own life. When our body is balanced we are better equipped to respond appropriately when presented with difficulty, tragedy, and/or any form of adversity.

Had I known what I now know I would never have chosen tragedy to bring understanding to how life works.  Children do not need contrast to know the truth and/or to learn a life;s lesson. This is part of the great lie we keep telling ourselves.

Back in 2000 after working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist for 25 years I woke up to the deliberate corruption of our society by a handful of disturbed human beings. The science of the body has been deliberately corrupted by a profoundly disturbed Medical System. At the time, I was not equipped to handle this information as I had ignored the imbalanced state of my body. In the business of life I had ignored self care as a fundamental necessity for caring for others. Subsequently, I ended up with a nervous breakdown in 2001. It has been a long road to recovery which I would like to share so as to speed up the healing process and/or prevent this situation for others.

It has not always been easy to stay on track as the more research I did the deeper down the rabbit hole I went the more disturbing was the information I was uncovering. In 2012 after a run in with the Insurance Company I gave up on the human race and gave up on life. It was a year later that I met Amchi a Tibetan Doctor that breathed life back into me. A year under Amchi’s loving care I met a holistic chiropractor that inspired me to persevere.  My desire to understand fully why we evolved to be so out of harmony with our true nature pushed me forward. With the support of Amchi, Dr. Travis, and a handful of close friends and other “Alternative” Health Care providers and with my love of life I kept going on my path to recovery.

Mankind has been made to believe in a lesser version of themselves. We are the higher-self. To evolve the body we must be fully embodied as the higher-self.

Below you will find tips and techniques that I discovered and incorporated into my daily routine to restore my body matrix and get me back on track with my mission and living on life purpose.

  1. I was fortunate that I started meditation when I was 15 as it came in handy following the nervous system breakdown. Years later I came to realize that my body was suffering from PTSD as a result of physical trauma which resulted in the ‘shock response’. I have since come to realize it is the ‘shock response’ that first caused memory loss and cognitive impairment exacerbated by the “Nervous System Breakdown”. It also causes a depletion of minerals and a complete imbalance in the body chemistry.  It is from these experiences that I have come to realize how stress is so very detrimental to our adrenal system.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  It is thru re-introducing meditation back into my experience that led me to develop the techniques used assisted me to bring my body/mind back into balance and harmony.  Although I did not need meditation to bring about an awakening event meditation does support awakening.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Now, as an alternative health care practitioner I share with my client what I have disclosed for myself during my nervous system breakdown and thru my many awakenings and during my many years of meditation.                                                                                                                                                                                                              If interested in a session email me at please put SESSION in the subject line.
  2. I have been using crystal and gemstone jewelry as well as magnetic therapy and crystals and gemstones to support the body energetically. My ex husband used to make and sell crystal and gemstone jewelry so I am fortunate to have a wide variety of crystal and gemstone jewelry items which I use on a daily bases. I also use specialty magnetic therapy items designed and beaded by my ex. Now our daughter has this business.                                                                                          
  3. I like to start my day by eating 4-5 almonds, a couple of pecans, and a couple of walnuts with a tablespoon of coconut oil first thing in the morning with a glass of crystallized/structured water for brain health.
    1. Around 1996 when my children were very young I was instructed in  meditation to put a clear quartz crystal in our water to restructure and purify our drinking water.
  4. I take 1 teaspoon of turmeric daily (I activate the turmeric by warming it in almond milk, goats milk, or unpasteurized cows milk) usually before bed.
  5. Last spring I met the Holistic Health practitioner James Clark on facebook. James Clark has developed a protocol for recovering fractured aspects of the ego/personality to restore to wholeness. His work is similar to mine as I too assist my clients with this integrative process. I was delighted to begin working with him and signed up for his session. it was James that reminded me of the benefit of fasting and suggested I decrease how much I was eating to work it into a 7 day fast. I have included a video he has produced and published below.
  6. In July I happened to meet my friend Margaret Munn while at our local pool I was there for gym and swim. I had not seen Maggie for a few years as she resides in Oyama. She suggested I do a bowel/parasite cleanse using the Rife Machine. To assist in this she instructed me to stop all processed food, bleached flour, and sugars (including fruit) during the Rife Treatment. She instructed me to take the following mixture to assist the bowel cleanse. She also suggested that I go on a fast which I had already started. For a few years I have been seeing an Ayurveda Natural Path. Dr. Mazurine who suggested I eat for my blood type, which include stopping  wheat and white potatoes. With James and Maggie’s support I made the conscious choice to stick to the protocol and eliminate these foods from my diet. I realize that eating these foods was out of habit as these were staple foods cooked up by my mother. Once we realize that we are creatures of habit we can choose to break the habit. I realized self discipline, recovering the lost will,  is an essential component to living life in freedom.

The following is the information Margaret shared with me as a part of my Rife Session!

Suggestions for getting the toxins out of your teeth – water with salt – hold in mouth until it cools, salt pulls out toxins when it cools Apple cider vingar with hot water

  1. Oil pulling with coconut oil – spit it out after 5 min. of swishing it around mouth but hold it longest where that tooth still hurts

Suggestions for detoxing:

  1. Make a detox powder with Apple Pectin Powder, Chia Seed/Powder or Flax Seed or Powder (just a few tablespoons per pint), psyllium seed husk, Bentonite or Montorillonite or Sacred Clay and Food Grade Activated Charcoal. Put in green drink, E3 Live algae
  1. Just take Activated Charcoal and/or Clay between meals
  1. Take Nano zeolites daily – Coseva Advanced TRS (Best), ACZ Nano Zeolites (good) – only need to take a tiny amount – do not overdo, start with less than recommended dose and work up to recommended dose or will cause dehydration and heart attacks (arrhythmia). Or there is also VITALITY Detox Drops whicg is Clinoptilolite Fragments of Zeolite

Your bowel cleanse for now until I can get you the Psyllium Seed Powder – Aerobic Oxygen from Nature’s Fair ($10) which is stabilized negative ions of oxygen, Then you take the 20 drops 3 times a day it recommends with the magnesium oxide pills and this will do the same thing as Oxy-Mag or Oxy-Powder.  Start with 5 of the 500 mg magnesium oxide pills with the Aerobic Oxygen and see this is enough for you not to give you diaherria but to keep the loose stools moving out a few times a day – if 5 pills give you diaherria cut down to 4 and see if this is still enough to work.

Oxy-Mag from

Or Oxy-Powder‎ or from Amazon or ebay

Oxy-Mag or Oxy-Powder – Oxidation actually breaks this waste down into gas and water (lots of gas and water).  An important thing to keep in balance here is your intake of antioxidant nutrients and enzymes which should be called oxidation regulating nutrients and enzymes.  It is vital to supply your body with these nutrients and all of the nutrients required for your body to be able to produce its own oxidation regulating enzymes.

They should be taken on an empty stomach.  First thing in the morning or last thing at night are two popular choices. One-half to one hour before a meal, or three to four hours after a meal will usually work just fine. Most people begin with one measuring teaspoon of Oxy-Mag stirred vigorously into 4 to 6 ounces of pure water, fruit juice, or vegetable juice. Experimentation will allow you to discover what works best for you. Right after drinking the Oxy-Mag mixture, you need to follow it with two teaspoons of lemon juice diluted with 4 to 6 ounces of pure water or juice of choice. It is best to maintain a 2 to 1 ratio of lemon juice to Oxy-Mag per dose as you increase the number of teaspoons of Oxy-Mag. It is best to gradually increase the amounts taken to whatever level of detox is desired or tolerated. I gradually increased my intake of Oxy-Mag to 24 teaspoons a day (in doses of six teaspoons, four times a day)

12 or more bowel movements of watery toxic waste a day is common. The watery bowel movements slow down and cease when bowels are clean.  So a soft semi-formed non-toxic bowel movement results, just like that produced by wild animals on enzyme-rich raw food diets.

Black Omega-3 which is from Green Lipped Mussel from It has Omega 3, 6 & 9 and all of the rest of the 18 kinds of Omegas, plus Vitamin E. First time buyers get 2 for price of one but have to phone them to get that. 1- 949-215-3055.

If you are interested in contracting Margaret to have the Rife Machine session email her @

  1. Three months ago, I was introduced to the company known as Immunotech I signed up as a consultant and started taking their products the most important being a glutathione precursor.
  1. Two months ago, I added nascent iodine to my diet starting with 3 drops slowly working up to 8 drops. My friend and health care consultant Maggie suggested that I also rub the iodine over the thyroid gland as an indication if I have reached full iodine load. I am currently at 8 drops and rubbing it over the thymus gland daily. I still have not fully reached full load as the iodine still soaks into the skin. This has improved my metabolism as I am now a size 11 from a size 18 less then a year ago. Yes, I went from a double extra large to a size 11 in less then a year with Maggie’s assistance. My body has lots of energy even without going to the gym.  Now that I am back living in Summerland I will introduce regular visits to the gym and daily walks as part of my Healthy Living Routine.
    1. Maggie has reminded me that she I tested me for the nascent iodine and found it was not working well and has suggested I take Lugol’s Iodine

      She also said, “I have been offered 12 free Black Omega 3’s for my clients, so I might be able to get you 4 of them”.
  2. Last month I purchased Para-Purge Parasite Cleanse from Real Raw Foods Store in Naramata. Here is a link to their website.
  3. I have been doing foot soaks with 3 heaping tablespoons of Epson salt with 10 drops of peppermint oil. My friend Pam Kachowski suggested that I add 1/4 cup organic live apple cider vinegar.
  4. I also use baking soda when needed!
  5. I also take a liquid glucosamine, with chondroitin and MSM purchased at Costco.
  6. Pam makes the most amazing calendula cream (I use it daily on face and body) it is a natural ant-inflammatory and a natural sun screen. You can contact Pam by email if you would like to purchase any of her soaps and/or body creams @
  7. I have added the Edward Casey castor oil pack as a protocol to detoxify the liver as well as reduce inflammation restoring well being to the body.

I first discovered this remedy in the early 1990’s. In the following video it is suggested to use flannel cotton which I personally do not use. On Friday I was reminded to begin again using this as part of my healthy clean-living protocol.  I prefer to use muslin cotton and saran wrap. I start the saran wrap under the breasts and wrap it around the torso going down to below the belly button so as not to get oil everywhere.

I personally use only Palma Christi castor oil.

The following video is very useful in learning how to make and apply the castor oil pack.

How to Make a Castor Oil Pack

  1. Emotional and spiritual health is essential to clean living. Fear is something we learn, fear was never in the original template of creation. Those that do the frequency work and Ascend their light body come to this realization very quickly.                                                                                                                                                             The soul could not project onto itself that which it did not already know.  Restoring the emotional body is fundamental in bring about well-being.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thoughts are things, thoughts are light. The thought field is the light field. Prior to the light field there was darkness. The “dark” from which “light” first emerged and which supports all life is not the same “dark” that perpetuates fear. it is odd that people do not understand or inner-stand the difference.
     The fear that corrupts the emotional body bringing the Light Body/Spirit into a state of “darkness” is not supportive of life.  
    The violence born of fear is not our natural state, love is our natural state.  I wrote the following article when contemplating on writing a love letter to my children.                                                                                              

During a life review in 2000 I was shown my own subconscious programming and was given the insight as to how events are locked into cellular memory.  I was shown how we come to a conclusion about our self and the event as a result of our attachment to our conditioned mind. Our limited perspective born of seeing from our conditioned mind is what created dualistic thinking and perceiving. I wrote the following article for Wake Up World

Anita Moorjani author of Dying To Be Me describes awareness very well in her ted talk.

How many of us accept what we see as reality not knowing that our awareness and our mental projections have a direct impact on what we see and how we perceive it to be.

Our state of consciousness and conscious awareness determines our biology. So many are unaware that the biology of the body has been affected by our belief systems. Yup, the psychology of belief has trapped us in a mental prison of our own making and influence the very nature of our cellular make up. Is it not time to move into seeing how the game can change for the better when we are living from our hearts knowing?

I have come to realize through my multitude of awakenings that it is important at this time to Integrate all previous incarnations by shinning a flash light of understanding into the story releasing the attachment the mind has to this story. When we are no longer attached to the linear mind we can then express from consciousness. Does starting fresh in the now sound appealing?

It was during a life review  in 2000 that I came to realize how the subconscious, conscious, and super conscious mind work in relationship to the conditioned mind.

Expressing from our mental project has limited the bodies expression. There is nothing in the body that cannot be regenerated. Anita Moorjani is living proof. In the following ted talk she speak of how she dissolved cancer tumors and regenerated her organs in 5 weeks.

“So much more exists then what we believe, so much more exists then what we have experienced it is just beyond our flash light”.

We must come to the awareness that we are manipulated to focus on the atrocities that have played out believing we cannot self correct. We are the matrix folks, we are the technology. We have been expressing in a very limited understanding of ourselves subject to group think. We make the game far more exciting when we understand and inner-stand how the game works.)

While we are coming to realize how we have been duped and manipulated it would be a good idea to take the steps to hold the men and women accountable for their actions while we continue playing on in fun and in joy!!

In the video below Anita shares with us the 5 biggest lessons she came to realize during her NDE (near death experience).

1. Number 1 the most important thing that I learned, the most important thing we have here to focus our awareness on is LOVE this is number 1. When I say LOVE it is very easy for me to say we need to love other people but one of the things I learnt is that one of the reasons I got cancer is because I did not love myself. That’s hugely important When we love ourselves we value ourselves, when we value ourselves we teach people how to treat us. When you love yourself you find no need to control or bully other people nor do you allow other people to control and bully you. So loving yourself is as important as loving every body else. The more you love yourself the more love you have to give other people.

2. Number 2 the next biggest lesson I learnt was to live life fearlessly. Most of us are brought up on a diet of fear. We are taught to fear everything. I used to fear everything. I used to fear cancer, I used to fear eating the wrong foods. I used to fear displeasing people. I feared just about everything. I feared failing. Most of us are brought up fearing everything. People think that fear keeps you safe, that’s not true, LOVE keeps you safe. When you love yourself and when you love other people you will make sure you keep yourself safe and that you keep other people out of dangers way. Love keeps you much safer then fear does.

3. The 3rd. thing that is so important is humor and laughter and joy. We are born knowing this stuff. We are born knowing that it is important to laugh because that’s what kids do all the time. We are born knowing love and fearlessness but it gets conditioned out of us as we grow up. Laughter is so important and humor and finding your joy in life. It’s more important then any other spiritual activity that you can think of. If we had more laughter in fact even if our politicians learnt to laugh we would have a very different world. And is if we had more laughter you would have less people with illness, you would need less hospitals and you would need less prisons as well.

4. The 4th think I learned is that life is a gift, it really is. Most of us live our lives as if life is a chore but it shouldn’t be that way. And it is unfortunate that only when we loose something that we value do we realize the true value of IT. And it took me loosing my life to realize the value of my life. And I don’t want other people to make the same mistake which is why I am standing here sharing my message. Because I don’t want people to realize when it is too late the value of their life. And your life is a gift even the challenges that come to you are a gift. When I had cancer that was the biggest challenge I could ever have. But today when I look back on it I feel it was the biggest gift that I could have ever had. People think that the cancer and even I thought the cancer was killing me but actually I was killing myself before I got cancer. THE CANCER SAVED MY LIFE. All your challenges are gifts. In the end you will always find that your challenges are a gift. And if you are in a challenge and it does not feel like a gift yet it means you have not got to the end yet.

5. The 5th and final thing is which is so important that I learned is that the most important thing for you is to always be yourself. Be as you as you can be. Shine your light as brightly as you can embrace your uniqueness. Just realize who, get to know who you are love yourself unconditionally and just be yourself.


We do not have to hold onto the old story. To make change we must be willing to change the narrative. What are people not getting? Unity Consciousness would see our outer reality shift very quickly.

Life events hold an energetic frequency that either supports a balanced emotional field or not. When working with clients I have started using reflexology and acupressure points to find triggers as attachments to traumatic events. I then hold these points to go into the frequency of the pattern to re-pattern the subconscious programming. When working with out of town clients I use Guided Meditation and energy reading to find trigger points to transcend ‘negative’ energy patterns.

The following article is comprehensive in assisting in binging understanding of our emotional/mental state.

  1. Restoring the breath of life is fundamental in restoring life.  I was instructed many years ago to pay attention to my breath.  So for many months I contemplated on the breath.  It was during this contemplation that I came to realize my meany states of breath.  Eventually, I was guided to stop using the linear breath and adopt the Oneness Breath also known as the Torus Breath. I use the breath to move chi (prana) to restore the energy field, repair the meridians, and enhance the natural torus flow of our body matrix.
  2. We have quantum entanglements as a result of our interaction with other aspects of self. Our traumas are stored in out light body codes and manifests as cellular memory. Using the zero point frequency (unconditional love) and the core light field we repattern the emotional expression of the memory to restore the light body to its original template of love bringing transfiguration to the physical vessel, the energy shifts activate DNA restoring the physical vessel to its infinite potential.
  3. I have since slowly introduced “NATURAL” sugars into my diet while making the conscious choice to avoid processed food and eat raw food everyday. I happen to enjoy eating cooked food also. I put very little restrictions on natural foods. (I still enjoy my treats every now and then using the energy of transformation appreciation and gratitude to enjoy these treats). A Birthday is not a Birthday without a beautiful cake and ice cream and maybe some whipped cream. 😊
  4. For me it has always been important to be in a state of love, appreciation, and gratitude for the breath of life. Life is to be treasured. Being in the here and now present with the body is necessary for bringing healing. Our presence is a gift we give to ourselves and our presence is a gift with give to each other. Being present for others when they are upset without taking on their anger, fear, resentment ect is a gift.
  5. All words are word spells. So, I have decided to make a conscious and conscientious choice to speak of what I want. To speak in a way that creates a state of harmony and balance for the body and for life in general. I have over years sensitized myself to listen to the body by reading its frequency. The body shows me through the excitement of the cells what will be beneficial to it.

Exposing ‘negativity’ is not negative, for me honesty is always the best policy. Ignoring the side effects of our corrupt and profoundly sick society does not benefit us. To solve a problem, we must under and inner stand the problem to bring resolution to it.  We can look at a situation objectively without reacting to it or adding ‘negativity’ to it. We shine a light of understanding into the ‘darker’ aspects of the human condition to bring resolution. Ignoring the problem and exposing it has not been of benefit to us. Seeing the world, the way it should be while taking active steps on the ground to reset the systems of oppression is the way to bringing forth a new way of being thus a new world so that one day we will wake up to a world in LOVE WITH ITSELF as One Living Consciousness.

Here are some videos that may be of interest to those that are taking an active roll in cleaning up their life.



  1. I have also made a conscious and conscientious effort to take care of my eye health.
    1. I have been using an eye wash with colloidal silver.
    2. It has been proven that lutein and zeaxanthin are two ingredients known to improve eyesight as they are natural antioxidant. If you are interested you can read more about it by clicking the following link.

      Lutein: The Antioxidant That Protects Your Eyes & Skin

    3. Maggie has written to me saying, “It has been proven that lutein and zeaxanthin are two ingredients known to improve eyesight as they are natural antioxidant” But I was taking these regularly and although they helped my eye strain due to so many hours on the internet, the Black Omega 3 helped more. You also should expand on the Black Omega 3 in this way so people understand it is the only way you can be sure to get your Omega 3. Please add this as they cannot get it except through a distributor.
      After that either buy it from margaretmunnWhen fish are killed from the moment they die until they are gutted they are putting out a toxin from their intestines which destroys the Omega 3 in their body. So you cannot be sure the fish oil you buy at store still has Omega 3 in it, and it is what makes the cell walls porous so nutrition can get in. The Moari do not age like we do and stay strong and vigorous into their old age with no arthritis. 
    4. I have been using acupressure for years to stimulate blood flow to specific organs.

      It should not be over looked that acupressure can treat many diseases, even the ones related to the eyes. It can also treat many eye ailments which sometimes cannot be treated naturally. Acupressure has been successful in treating Myopia (Short-sightedness), Hypermetropia (long sightedness), cataract, glaucoma, presbyopia, astigmatism, amblyopia (lazy eye), diploma, color blindness, night blindness and many other eye problems. By using the acupressure points correctly one can treat these eye disorders.

      Below you will find included websites and charts that can be used as a reference for pin pointing self acupressure points on the hands and feet correlating specifically for the eyes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The following charts are to be used as guides. It is always best to locate the acupressure point using the chart then feel into your own body to follow the meridian line to the corresponding organ and/or area of the body.

      hand chart 1.png

hand chart 2

hand chart 3.png

foot chart 1

The following URL link will take you to a page showing a number of charts that you may find useful in your pursuit in learning the trigger points on the hands and feet.;_ylt=Awr9KRYivCpbvLIAGqhXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–?p=foot+charts+for+reflexology&fr=yset_widemail_chr_win

The following is a link to an article I found useful the article is titled “5 Best Acupressure Points for Eyes – Improve Your Eye Sight”.

“Acupressure is a science with wide uses and here are a few important acupressure points for eyes or ailments related to the eyes. The eyes are an extremely delicate part of our body and yet have great control and functionality among the sense organs. Any kind of illness with the eyes not only affects our everyday life but also reduces our efficiency in doing various things.

Acupressure claims that it is a science that is based on the ‘meridians’ through which energy flows and when any kind of obstruction or concentration of energy in a certain point occurs, it leads to ailments in the body. By the use pressure on certain point that correlate to the respective organs where the ailment lies, the ailment is cured and health is regained.

Here are some of the most important acupressure points to help release your pain and improve your eyesight:

1. Near the nostrils

This acupressure point lies either side of your nostrils. Use your index finger to locate the point right adjacent to your right nostril and your left nostril and apply medium amount of pressure while massaging simultaneously on both points with both hands. Massage gently for about 5 minutes each day to get relieved of sinus, headache or hazy vision.

2. Inner edge of eyes

Relax your eyes and improve your vision with this acupressure point that is located beside the bridge of the nose, the inner edge of each eye. Use the index finger and thumb of one hand to put enough pressure on these points or you can use each thumb to press evenly and massage. Put equal amount of pressure on this point for 3 minutes each day for best results.

3. Above the eyebrows

This point is very widely used while headaches are persistent. It has a magical way of relieving pain and gives a very good feeling after massage. This point lies above your eye and below your eyebrows- the eye socket. Use both your thumbs to put pressure in this space and massage it along the bone for 3 minutes each moving side to side. It not only relieves headaches but also work amazingly for a stiff back or a stiff neck.

4. Tips of thumbs on both hands and the first toe on both feet.

This acupressure point aims at giving you clearer vision. The tips of the thumb is related to your neck muscles which connect to your eyes. Use both your thumbs to massage the tip of the other thumb for 3 minutes for bright vision. The tips of the toes are known to cure many eye ailments. Use your fingers to press the tips of the first toe on each of your foot.

5. Between eyebrows


This is known as the power acupressure point that is very effective in controlling headache, see pressure points chart and also cures strain on the eyes. Use your thumbs to massage the point that lies exactly between your eyebrows and meets the nose line (the join of the t section). Massage this point upwards for about 3 minutes for better vision, stress free eyes and to relieve yourself from headaches.


Eyes are very sensitive and it is advised that when using the pressure points around the eyes, the pressure be kept to a mediocre range rather than applying excessive pressure like in case of other acupressure points.

No treatment can give the best results without using it regularly. Acupressure is advised to be used once a day for a considerable amount of time to show results. Steady pressure and practice will help you master the art while giving an effective cure to any problem in the body. Use these acupressure points for eyes carefully to get the desired results. Read more about Akupunktur»

7 Best Acupressure Points for Better Eye Sight – Improve Your Vision

The main cause for eye muscle tension is neck muscle tension. The immobility of these muscles will cause such kind of conditions in the eyes. Try using these simple acupressure points to clear the eyes and experience, bright and clear eyesight. According to Ancient Chinese beliefs, the eye is closely related to the liver. Some acupressure points in the body are indirectly connected to the eye and accessing them will be of the best benefits. Let us look at some of the most effective acupressure points for healthy eyes.

Surround the Eyes:

To relax the eye muscles, relieve yourself from headaches and remove the stiffness in your neck, back, shoulders and the whole body, use this acupressure point. You will find this point around the socket of the eyes. Place your index and middle finger on your eyebrows. Rotate them on the edges of your bone. Press gently while rotating for 5 minutes. This is a magical massage as it completely soothing and relaxing. Try it regularly to keep your eyes stress free and healthy”.

The following website is a gold mine of information for those interested in eye sight self care as well as over all self care for clean living.

0 Natural Eyesight Improvement PDF E-Books with Eyecharts, Video, Audio Training and Dr. Bates 11 year Better Eyesight Magazine.
An Entire
 Bates Method – Natural Eyesight Course. In Color, Printable. All the books listed below in 20 E-Books including this Entire Website and Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine website; Click Here  The E-Books combine well with the Paperback, Kindle books at Dr. Bates Authors Pageavailable in any Bookstore. See Clark Night’s Amazon Page for the entire description of the books, Dr. Bates History, Biography, pictures and videos. Click the pictures below and see the Google E-Books Page for free on-line books, 100% internal view of the Paperbacks, E-Books, Videos of internal pages, Free Natural Eyesight Training, 7 Books in one PDF, Single E-books, Eyecharts. Move down this page for more links to Free E-books, Videos of Dr. Bates Book and 2400+ pages of Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine.  Watching videos; open to full screen, set to high clarity using HD button on the lower right.

Other foot points for over all balance and harmony.

19. My daughter has started me on green drinks. This morning we tried out her new Nutri Ninja blender making up the following recipe.  It is delicious and nutritious, a beautiful combination to start our day off!

Green Lemonade

drink daily for 20 to 30 days

(the following recipe is perfect for 3 people decrease amounts as needed for individual servings)

1 head of romaine lettuce

1 large lemon

4-5 stalks of kale

1 handful of spinach

2 stalks celery

1 cucumber (peeled)

1 pear (or green apple)

1 inch slice of ginger toot (optional add-ins)

1 lime

1 handful of parsley

1 tablespoon raw unheated honey (optional add-ins)

The following is a wonderful video with other eye sight enhancing recipes.








SOLSTICE June 2018 and the LION’s GATE 8/8 2018

The Sacred Year of 2017/18 is drawing to a close, and the Wave of Light Codes and Energy that was released at the Lion’s Gate of 2017 reaches a climax at the June Solstice of 2018. Beloved Ones, it has been a powerful journey as the Waves of Light and Water Codes are activating more and deeper levels of transformation on your Planet.

The ongoing waves of transformation that you have felt, especially since March of this year, have all ben part of a single Wave of Light that was released from the Great Central Sun/Galactic Center at the time of the 8/8 Lion’s Gate in August 2017.

By now you will know that in Quantum Physics, light can be experienced as a particle and as a wave. That means that a singular “event” can be experienced as “waves” from within a Time/Space continuum.

So, throughout the Sacred Year, you have experienced waves of transformative Light and Water Codes. These Codes have been transforming and expanding your Light Body and cleansing and activating your Physical Body. The Diamond Light Codes contain the information that activates your multi-dimensional Light Body Grids, while the Diamond Water Codes cleanse the “water” of which you are constituted and brings clarity and luminescence to your Physical Body as a prerequisite for activating your New Earth Diamond Body Template.

Beloved Ones, in this past year you have dived deep within yourselves to ever deeper layers of consciousness. Here you have encountered the very deep layers of the Divine Feminine, those aspects of Soul and Spirit that guide your physical incarnation on Earth.

In your deep journey, you have encountered the Divine Feminine as the “Lady of the Lake”, and she has handed the Sacred Sword Excalibur to the Divine Masculine. In so doing, she empowers the Divine Masculine to stand forth and create, without struggle or aggression, but simply in the Flow of Divine Love.

We know that so many of you feel exhausted by the struggle to survive on Earth. We say that this is now over. As you connect with your deep inner Divine Feminine and allow the Masculine to take the Sword of Truth that cuts through all illusion, then you will be empowered to create your path without struggle. Your Reality will simply manifest around you according to your desires and needs, as is specified in the New Earth Diamond Body Template.

In many ways, the Ancient Sirian/Egyptian history of Isis and Osiris teaches the same truth. It is Isis, the Divine Feminine, that must empower Osiris, the Divine Masculine, to an act of magical creation in order for the New to be born in the form of the magical child Horus. It is Horus who banishes darkness and creates the Age of Light.

You are no ready, Beloved Ones, to participate in this deep and shining communion of “Sacred Marriage”. Within you, the Twin Flame energies of the Divine Masculine and Feminine are coming into alignment and Harmony and Empowerment! At this moment, the New can be born as a Sacred Testament to Divine Love and Harmony on Earth.

So, within each one of you, the inner Twin Flame union gives rise to empowerment, magic and the experience of the beautiful New Earth.

At the Solstice, you will feel the power of the influx of Diamond Light and Water Codes as your Soul, Body and Spirit create this wonderful merger or Sacred Union known as “Sacred Marriage”, where all aspects unite to express Divine Love, Creativity and Compassion.

As you embody and embrace these powerful energies, be sure to take good care of your physical body as it becomes acclimated to these powerful new frequencies and vibrations.

The Next Wave : The Planetary New Year and the Lion’s Gate 2018

And so, Beloved Ones, you arrive at the Gates of a New Cycle and a New Sacred Year. The Planetary New Year commences on the 26th July, after the “day out of Time” on the 25th July.

This is the moment when the Lion Portals open and a new and more evolved Time Spiral is made possible and can be created for the next Sacred Year. At this time it is essential to keep your personal vibration high and clear, cutting through all illusions and focussing only on Love and Harmony. Do not allow anyone or any event at this time to pull your down into fear and anger, for these emotions will keep you at a low frequency and prevent you from reaching into a higher level of consciousness. Remember to be Light and for your heart to be as light as a feather as you float up to higher levels of being in the New Cycle.

After the Fall of Atlantis and the loss of integrity in Ancient Egypt, the connection to the Sacred Lion Portals and the Sacred Lion energy was lost. Humans were cut off from this knowledge and time spirals became “timelines” and they were locked into illusion and falsity and manipulation by those with dark hearts.

Now, at the dawn of the New Earth, you are given the opportunity to reconnect with the Royal Lion Guardians and to create within the Sacred Spirals of Time and Manifestation in complete Clarity and Integrity.

As you approach the 8/8 Star Gate, or Lion’s Gate, the Guardians of Light are waiting to conduct you through the Portal to higher levels of consciousness and creation.

As you honor the Past and the Future, represented by the Royal Lions of the Gate, you are intensely focussed on the NOW as the place of Creation and Manifestation.

At this time too, a new Wave of Light will be released from the Great Central Sun to power this new Time Spiral of New Earth Creation. It will be the brightest and most powerful Wave of Light yet to embrace the Earth, and it too will be experienced as Waves of Transformation and Creation in the Sacred Year of 2018/19.

This New Time Spiral will give you the opportunity to create and manifest your dreams. Many of you have felt major changes in this last year in your work, relationships and home energies. All of this has been a “letting go” in order to position you in a new place from which you may create your New Earth dream.

We wish you Light, Joy and Power as you create your new Path of Love in the Multi-dimensional New Earth Reality.


Channeled through Celia Fenn 
June 17, 2018











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