9-11 TRUTHS!!

Why would so many allow for the destruction of earth rather then look at themselves and the world they are co-creating?
Change will happen when we finally decide to move into the intelligence of the heart and take right action towards positive change.
They are all sovereign states will one Central Bank supporting the New World Order!
The experts knew that 9-11 was an inside job as far back as 2012. The following video proves it. My question is why have the culprits not been held accountable for their many crimes when they blew up the Trade Center to start their ‘False Flag” war?
How is it they have gotten away with initiating their insane “War On Terror” when war is terror?
Millions of lives stolen and families torn apart by war and still the war rages on?
How can it be that there are that many men and women ready to turn a blind eye to all for these war crimes and further enslavement of mankind that followed 9-11 to go unreported?
 How could there be that many men and women willing to profit off the destructive nature of war? In the words of Krishnamurti “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”.
Why has no one been held to account for this?
9/11 Cognitive Dissonance: Why People Are Afraid of 9/11 Truth
“It really is in our best interest as a Global Society to expose the 9-11 deception”.
The political system Democrat vs Republican, Liberal vs Conservative ect. have been strategically created to keep people in division and create opposition. It is just another way to divide the populace to maintain duality. Which is just another way to distract the populace from seeing the truth about the corruption driving our profoundly sick society.
Who in their right mind would start a “War on Terror”? Who in their right mind would report on a “War on Terror” without pointing out the insanity of it?
The meaning of terrorism: the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal
The world is a stage and we are mere actors upon it. There is no “Foreign Government” there is only a “Ruling Elite”. So many know the truth and others are oblivious to how they are being manipulated by the “Shadow Government” driving world events. This slave and slave master mentality has been imprinted into the psyche of mankind to keep the “commoner” in a perpetual loop of discontent. Why would we allow our status as “creator” to be reduced into that of “Common Folk”? Also known as the common man, commoners, or the masses, are the ordinary people in a community or nation who lack any significant social status, especially those who are members of neither royalty, nobility, the clergy, nor any member of the aristocracy.
So very tired of history repeating itself. When are people going to wise up and stop supporting the insanity of the political system and stop supporting their own enslavement? It would be beneficial for us to inner-stand how the so called “Elite” aka “Dark Nobility” have gotten away with their crimes against the “Common Folk” also referred to as “CITIZENS” of the world with immunity and impunity. To be a ‘CITIZEN” is an open license to be raped, murdered, tortured, and robbed by those that have taken ‘OWNERSHIP” over the Earthship and her inhabitants.
I have put material in my last two blog posts that will be helpful to those people that are interested in taking action steps towards true freedom and holding the men and women participating in the crimes against humanity and against life accountable for choices they have and are making.
We do need to take inspired action for change!
Will we really see Restorative Justice on our blue green Earthship? All victims of abuse should be compensated for the many crimes that have been permitted which is nearly everyone.
Sean Stone and Christopher Bollyn on 9/11, Israel & the Mossad

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