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If everyone synchronized their brain with this gentleman the earth realm would change very quickly.

Welcome to John de Ruiter Radio! Want to listen on the go and save your data? Visit: This stream contains dialogues between John and those attending his meetings worldwide, from 1999 to the present. Deep, profound, and even light hearted at times, these dialogues have changed the lives of many, opening a new perspective of the meaning of life. These talks are available as podcasts on iTunes, and MP3 products on the John de Ruiter website. Topics Include: Relationship, Parenting, Enlightenment & Awakening, Consciousness & Awareness, Death, Sexuality, Meaning of Life, Feelings & Emotions, Pain & Suffering, Health & Illness, Spirituality, Energy Centers / Chakras, Environment, Work, Money and more! Dialogue and connection with John de Ruiter awakens unseen levels of consciousness. Meetings with John focus on openness and softness of heart to realize the full spectrum of human life, evolving from the innermost being to life as a person on earth.


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Please watch: “Relationship: Empowering The Calling Together”

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