Infinite love and gratitude Michael!



The following is public domain courtesy of Micheal Yount

Infinite love and gratitude Micheal!

 The brain in your cranium is a dual processing bio-computer.  There is also the heart brain and the gut brain. There is no technology what can ever be invented that will rival the potential of the human brains once balanced and synchronicity is obtained.

   Every cell in the body has memory.

  Presently the brains are infected with various kinds of viruses, parasites, and malware!  The body was made manifest from infinite intelligence, it is infinite intelligence. 

  Are you curious to witness what infinite potential lies dormant within the DNA?

  The following incantation drafted by Micheal Yount is very effective at removing malware from the body matrix. State it out-loud as a command!

  Please for my male friends I am requesting that you forward this to the ladies in your life.

  Breathe into center point invoke a loving heart then state the following incantation out load directing the energy to the DNA replace my name with your name.

 I love you ALL very very very much.


I cancel, cure, delete, revoke, and rebuke all contracts using signatures stolen from me in deception, all constructive trusts, birth certificates, contracts of adhesion assumed effective against my DNA family lineage throughout all time-lines, dimensions,fractals, universes, the entire multiverse, and all that ever was and is an to be NULL AND VOID.

I revoke and rebuke the notion that I was ever lost at sea, am free spirit and free being. It is self evident that I am infinite awareness, a LIVING Being on Earth Mother born to Earth Mother through a womb of a living woman who was also born this way. With knowledge of my natural existence and of your slave system masquerading as Government, I hereby BANISH and REVOKE and REBUKE and make VOID all your assumed authority and jurisdiction over me and ALL of my DNA lineage FAMILY’s living essence from your FRAUDULENT CORPORATION AND MATRIX.

I revoke and rebuke all consent and cancel all soul contracts or material contracts with any/all branches of gov’t INC., Banking Families, Media corporations, military, schools, sacred geometry buildings, memorials for all lifetimes past present and future, and return myself to the zero-point as the fetus in my mothers womb, protected and fortified by a sheath of golden light, erasing all fine print inserted during birth process by your dark alliances.

I proclaim am true; authentic signature frequency, zero karmic exchange being of Photonic Light.

I hereby declare and proclaim myself the apex of hierarchical order, I am the truth and the light, a true authentic sovereign being the source of my own life and the source of my own love in the now and all eternal.

I Redeemer Lorna Lynne Richard Queen Mother am free being in the now

“You are now at zero point, like a baby in the womb of the Divine Mother”.

The people especially Catholics have a right to know they have been falsely recruited into a Satanic Cult masquerading as Christianity.

I declare true reconciliation through restoration by implemented immediately restoring the teachings of the Christ state. All invaded lands are to be restored to their original status. Restoring dignity and respect for lost identities by way of assimilation into false Christianity. I declare all cultures are equal reflecting the infinite creativity of source. I declare the restoration of the Aboriginal Peoples as the Keepers of the Lands. All “spirit cooking’ is to cease effective the moment you have received this document.

AS IT IS and SO shall IT BE!

4 responses to “  Infinite love and gratitude Michael!”

  1. Earth Mother. You can speak to me , for me , with me any time. ❤

    1. Good day Winter Hawk..nice to meet you.

    2. Good day Winter Hawk…how are you?

  2. really awesome, thankyou loved this, spoke it with whole hearted conviction ❤

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