‘When you have an out of body experience it makes you realize that there is something other than this world “.

This blog post is in response to something I read on another blog.

‘When you have an out of body experience it makes you realize that there is something other than this world “.

Having an out of body experience wakes the person up to the realization that life is not as it seems.

I have had both in body and out of body phenomenon throughout life starting when I was 9 years old. As a child I had an inner knowing that something about reality was not as it seems.  Being born into a family that went to the Pentecostal Church I was subjected to Sunday school. During bible studies even at 9 years old I could see discrepancies in what I was hearing in the lessons.  I guess my questions were disruptive.  When my mother came to pick me up the teacher approached my mom and said, “perhaps you should keep Lorna at home her questions are disruptive to the lessons”. That was my last day of Sunday School and bible studies.  I did not completely understand at the time I thought I was there to learn the bible and learn about God.   I do believe I was asking questions that she had no answer for in her current understanding of herself and God.

As I looked around at the people in my life, and the world I knew at the time,  I came to realize the entire world was under a hypnotic spell, or what I later called social hypnosis.  The answers I was seeking could not be solely found by asking the people in my life so I developed a natural ability to turn my attention inwards.  I was fortunate I had a very loving and patient mother.  Even though my mother went to church she was open minded and encouraged my exploration for the truth about religion.  I had a deep yearning to know what this God thing was all about.

Growing up in a small town in Northern British Columbia had its advantages, everyone knew each other.  Even though it was a very small town there were still 6 churches within walking distance to my house.  I decided to start my mission in quest to know God, I figured ‘if I learned all the religions it would bring me closer to understanding God’. After about 6 months of going to the different Sunday services I was just as perplexed as before as to what God is.  One day on a walk with my mom I turned to her and said, “Mom I have gone to all these Sunday services to learn about these other religions and I am no closer to understanding God”.  She stopped and she said, “Lorna I will tell you what you Grandfather told me when I was your age, God is like a house with many windows and each window you look into gives you a different picture, it gives you a slightly different perspective”.  I closed my eyes and in my mind’s eye a huge building appeared.  There were hundreds of magnificent stain glass window circling the building.  I was amazed at the number of window there were in this picture I was seeing in my mind’s eye. As I observed this building and these windows each one unique and majestic in its own appearance I had the thought, “I do not want to look in only one window. I want to look in all the windows. I want to see as God sees”.

In that moment I was pulled out of my body and I was zipped around the planet.  I would stop and observe what was happening below me.  I cannot remember everything that was revealed to me.  I remember having the ability to see with the consciousness of the ones that I was observing.  I knew what they knew.  I felt how they felt about what they were doing.  It was here that I realized that there is an energy that flows through life and it is aware of everything and does not judge and I am that energy.   It was about a year later that I had a near death experience without the death part.  My body disappeared and I was observing from a nonphysical state of being, I became the infinite field of awareness.

These experiences gave me the ability to see energy and understand what motivates a person’s behaviour.  I knew things without knowing way I knew them.   I did not always trust this knowing and went on an external search to clarify my knowing and to give me proof of this knowing. In 2000 during a life review I relived these experiences which helped to solidify my understanding of the human condition.  It was a deep dive into my own subconscious mind.

What I have come to understand.  Everything is energy which cannot be divided all is a flowing experience.   The zero point field, is the launching pad of creation.  It is an infinite field that is self-aware.  In the desire to know itself thought was formed.  Thoughts are manifested energy and exist as an infinite field of living light, what we have coined as in the word God.   This is the male aspect of creation.  As it is the field of all thought, the Akashic record, it is all knowing.   Focused thought becomes particles.  It becomes form which is the physical Universe.  The physical is the female aspect of creation that which receives thought.

Humans are suffering from a severe case of forgetfulness and are completely misidentified from who and what they truly are.  The physical Universe and how we experience it will evolve as we evolve in our understanding of self, or self-realization.

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