What Has Happened to our Pristine World?

Our pristine world is being corrupted by the acts of Man.

When elected officials can demoralize society by pushing in legislation that does not create a healthy environment for the citizens of the country then our leadership is corrupt. There is something is amiss in the House of Representatives. Without ethical and moral standing humanity will have a difficult time to change? All nations need benevolent leadership.

Wake up people they are taking away our basic right to live a life well lived. Those appearing to be elected by us for us do not seem to have our best interest at heart. What do you suppose is going on? These individuals working in Government agencies are supposed to be in support of the well-being of the people are they not? They are in support of polluting our water and our food supply with poisons. They have created a Health Care Industry in support of disease and not health using poisons in disguise of medications. It is the first time in human history that the children are sicker than their parents. And yet they do not see nothing wrong in the way we are doing things. If they could see the destruction of the human condition the leads of the nations of this world would be doing things differently not fighting and creating war. Without look at the cause of the imbalance on all levels things will have a difficult time changing.

If you think the scientist in the Chemical and Pharmaceutic industry are ethical and moral, if you think the the scientist manipulating DNA know what they are doing you are kidding yourself. These pseudo-scientist are in violation of natural law, Gods Law. Health and Welfare Canada can regulate individuals making it near impossible for small business but not regulate the medical system, nor the financial industry, to ensure well-being, to see that all individuals can afford a roof over their heads and food on the table. The economy is fixed it is being manipulated to keep you in fear. It is crazy that there are individuals in this country that do not have to work just one job they have to work 2 and in some cases 3 jobs. So if hard work is the road to success why is it they are having a difficult time making ends meet with even 3 jobs?

We have become complacent praying for things to be better well the thing is things are not going to get better until man takes the steps to make it better. It is our behavior that has created the world we live in. If you want things better make them better. If you want change take the steps towards change.

I am putting together a petition to return health to the health care system. I need help. I need individuals with the skills I do not have anyone wanting to hear more please message me on FB.

When man’s laws are in violation to natural law there is something deeply disturbing in the minds of man. It is time to recognize when someone is a sociopath and time to fix the brain injury of these sociopaths. They should not be leading our nations.With out right action the world will have a difficult time to change.

I do not know about you I see there acts as treasonous and such should be held accountable. Do not wait for an election they should all be jailed.


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