Quickest Way to Restore Your Crystalline Structure!

Quick way to return your original blue print, is to return your light body to its original vibratory state of Unconditional Love.

The quickest way to restore your vibration and see it manifest in your physical expression is to restore the water in your body to its crystalline state.

The water in your body is being effected by the vibrational resonance of the energy you project by the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Be your own source for love. When you project anger, hate, fear you are effecting the water in your own body and that of others. Make a conscious choice to move into emotional maturity.

Humming to yourself and bringing up thoughts of being loved, being joyful, and deep appreciation for yourself, and life.
Put the water you are consuming in a crystalline state prior to ingesting. An easy and affordable way to do this is to put a pure quartz crystal into the container that you are sourcing your drinking water from. Infuse this water with loving thoughts and/or hum into it. The quickest way to get into the state of joy is to watch youtube videos of babies laughing. Notice they are in the expression of their joy for they are still in resonance with Source love.
You will know you have accomplished returning the crystalline state to the water molecules by freezing the water in an ice cube tray and observing the formation of water crystals.

I was told by spirit to put a pure quartz crystal in our drinking jar in 1992, I was told to this mostly for my emphatic children. One day I noticed my oldest daughter holding the tray prior to putting it in the fridge. I asked her, “Gurine what are you doing?” “I am putting my love into the water” she said emphatically. She was 5 or 6 years old. She and her younger sister Ashley made a contest out of who could make the most water crystals grow. These water crystal look like reverse icicles except they have a crystalline structure. I later learned of Masaru Emoto’s work to confirm what my children and I discovered in the early 1990’s.


A friend of mine has created items to support this, check it out they are way cool.


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