What is Evil?

“An Unfettered heart brings clarity to the senses”

Purifying the heart is a gift we give to ourselves” queen-sophia88

The following was written on March 12, 2014:

Following our weekly meditation, the subject of evil came up. One of the participants, who has become a dear friend asked me “what do you think of evil people?” ie-I told her, “With my experiences of life as ie-I observe my own and others behavior ie-I have come to realize that evil only manifests in the absence of “Self-Love”. We judge ourselves and each other from our mental and emotional state and make conclusions from this distorted state.

When we have clarity of mind and purity of heart, we see what is driving the moment. When we are present to the moment and are aware of the effect of our thoughts and emotions on those around us, we would be very diligent to speak as to cause no harm.

We are not able to see the mental, emotional, psychological and physical abuse people are subjected to causing them pain and misery.  People are acting out from their wounded and stunted inner child, from their addictions, and from their chemical imbalances and we want to punish ourselves and them for this instead of embracing and loving them back to well-being”. 

When ie-I got home from the medtation circle ie-I sat down to write a summation to gain more clarity regarding the idea of “evil”. 

Sitting down in front of the computer with the intention of aligning with the intelligence of creation ie-I heard, “Transmute energy with the frequency and vibration of LOVE!”

Dear Ones,

There is nothing manifested in the physical or the nonphysical that has not come from the Light of Creation. There is no one individual, or group of individuals, anywhere in the Universe that has not come from this Light of Divine Love. If you are experiencing this energy of evil, it is because you are so far removed from your original design that you no longer feel Loved, and joy is not expressed. Know that you are held fast by your illusion of your own making. This Love-Light from which you have come forth to be in physical form is always here for you, it is steadfast and unwavering. In the illusion of separation there is a heaviness produced within your heart.

The evil that you are perceiving is generated by your perception of it. The manifestation of fear has you blind to the truth. You have limited your own perception as you hold fast to judgment, in this judgment you have created separation. It is a perpetual loop of your own making. The heart becomes full and overflowing with the energy of anger, fear, resentment and this list goes on until there is no more room in your heart for love.

You project this vibration and inflict pain and suffering onto your own body and others. This pain and suffering you have sustained in your interactions with others are perpetuated as you hold fast to your stories even though these stories are distorted from your own perceptual misunderstanding. You are the ones that have created anger and fear no one has done it for you. You do it for yourself in the interaction where there has been a misunderstanding and the absence of the feeling of being loved.

With this illusion of disconnection as you interact with others, as you have experiences with others, it is here that you fill your mind with shame and blame. The thought that “I am not good enough”, “I never do anything right”, is a magnetic field and you draw to you more of the same. These magnetic thoughts create feelings in the body that are not in harmony with life. These thoughts fill the mind producing an energetic resonance within the heart filling the heart to capacity. The body expresses this out of tune state by expressing pain and disease. It is a domino effect that has held you captive in this illusion, and it has filled your heart to capacity over many lifetimes of misunderstanding keeping you from the truth of the love that resides here.

Your mind is out of coherence with your heart. You are losing your capacity to Love, and this is the only thing that you are striving for. Why can you not see IT? You are so full of hurt, so full of pain, and you bring forth anger and fear from these feelings as you project it to others. There is no love in this projection of fear resulting from anger, resentment, rage…..

Evil is seen in men and women when compassion and love are not present thus anger and fear have a strangle hold on the psyche. Individuals blinded by greed and drunk on the illusion of power will act outside of their true nature which is love.

An enlightened being will have love as fist cause and take right action.
Evil is seen when selflessness becomes selfishness.
Evil is expressed when money has been corrupted by greed.
Evil is seen when an individual holds themselves, holds their religion, above another and oppression and slavery are born.

Why can you not see the suffering of others? Why is it so hard to see the actions you see as evil originate from pain and suffering as you project more suffering on yourself and each other?  In this projection you are spreading this anger and this hate because of your inability to shift your perception. You hold fast to your stories and with this you fill each other’s hearts with this anger, fear, hate, jealousy, resentment, the list goes on until there is no more room for Love.

Your Body and your Soul are calling for you to shift the vibrational resonance of your thinking to be in tune with the hearts knowing so that the Soul can be expressed in physical form. Love is the thing that will bring you to your happiness. It is the lack of understanding of who and what you really are that is holding you back from experiencing life in JOY. It is a domino effect that has gone on far too long. From parent to child, and child to parent you teach each other the energy of anger, and of fear. Are you tired yet? Are you tired of this illusion? Your hearts are being filled with all this energy of pain and suffering because you do not feel this love that I have for you that you have for yourself. Know that you are not separate from ME.

All the individuals in this Universe are interacting with each other causing each other pain and suffering because you do not feel my Love for you. You do not feel the love that you have for yourself. The individuals that are not feeling my love because they have vibrationally distanced themselves from Me. Suffering is not necessary nor desirable by ME. My Will is not in opposition to your Will, I wish for you to always be in your joy, and you have felt this joy when you have aligned with me. Why do you not express it in every moment? You are not separate from your Divinity. It is flowing forth from you, it is you.

Allow for the illusion of separation to dissolve from the mental and your life will transform beyond your wildest imagination. I Love you and I hold this Divine spark safe for you deep within your heart. Look deep into your heart and you will find me. Allow yourself to feel this Love. Allow me to shine a flashlight of understanding into the heart and expand this spark of Love-Light for all the world to see. Dissolve the illusion of separation and shine your magnificence.

Your ego is feeling neglected and miss understood. Your ego is the part of you that has been created in order that you be set free to experience physical reality. It is that part of you that makes you unique. The ego, your ego, is a unique and special manifestation of your Divinity. It is a gift from me, it is a gift from yourself, on the day of your conception. It is a gift from each other as you come forth in physical form. Love it as I love. Love all as yourself. Once you realize that there is only self-creatorship involved in everything that you are experiencing and that there is no such thing as a victim at this level of understanding you will be functioning from self-empowerment.

Every individual on the planet is an energy generator. You are the one that is bringing forth the energy that you are holding in your own body. No one has done this for you, you do it for yourself. Put your awareness on your own heart space and look deep to see what energy you are holding in this space, this space where only love is supposed to reside. Each individual is responsible for the energy of the Universe. As you project the energy of your own heart be aware of the energy that you are projecting out to the world. Each individual on the planet is generating the energy of this planet, is generating the energy frequency of The Cosmos. Are you conscious of this energy? Are you able and willing to take responsibility for this? In shifting the energy of your own heart, you will shift the energy of this Earth Ship and of the Universe and of the Cosmos. Are you ready to step up to your responsibility?

As you become aware of your union with Source, with Divine Love, you allow this frequency of Divine Love to elevate the emotional field-ego personality-mind-spirit, and the physical expression of it and all that you are seeing in your reality will shift beyond your wildest imagination. That which you deem as evil cannot exist in the union with self for there is only love at this level of expression.

Let there be truth!
Let there be light!
Let there be LOVE!

Dedicated to Restoring to Truth with the “Freedom of Love”!!!!

“May life be filled with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you as your multidimensional expression of all that is, ever was, and ever will be”.  In other words, “wishing you a life of joy, wonder, and amazement that comes when in alignment with your true self”.

Sending you My Light and My Love while simultaneously holding you in My Light and in My Love.


born Redeemer Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson

and named during a Sacred Water Ceremony with Chief White Buffalo as “The One That Flows With The River”.


The following was added and edited on August 8, 2022:

The judgement we have about ourselves and the density of emotions we call “negative” are a side effect after we learned fear. Fear is a side effect of the “Illusion of Separation”.  This actually gave way for the development of the “false ego-personality-mind” and is a mental state. In this state our emotional reaction and our actions are driven by fear and/or our addiction, chemical imbalances which etc.  When in this state we are susceptible to becoming overly materialistic and are driven to our attachments of the external world, giving rise to greed. 

The generational pedophile families involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice as a religious practice are driven by their addiction to adrenochrome and their pleasure centers are distorted.  The people that are acting from their “need to dominate” are themselves acting from the loss of personal will.  Our lack of “Spiritual Insight” and the fact that we are seeing through the filters programmed (cultural and religious dogma, and stories) we have running in our unconscious mind also known as:

  1. the subconscious mind.
  2. the attractor fields.

These ideas do influence our perception of reality.  

It is up to each of us to come to the realization that the “Higher Self” also known as:

  1. the Superconscious Mind.
  2. the Christ Within.
  3. the Inner Being.

Fully comprehends what is driving us to act the way we are acting and is beaming love into every situation.  The source of all life loves everything equally. It might be difficult for the reader to comprehend this aspect of self loves the “rapist” and the “one being raped” equally.  Like the sun the energy of source shines on everything indiscriminately. 

The ideas that we are holding in the attractor field which are distortions, they are interference patterns, to impact the molecular form of the molecules in our body as seen in the following video titled ” Gregg Braden Water Vibration and Sacred Geometry”:

 Deciphering and evaluating life from the mental, deeply held beliefs and our lack of spiritual insight prevents us from seeing how we are keeping ourselves in the “False Ego-mind” also called the “Intellectual Mind” or “Carnal Mind” and perceiving life from the lower brain, with the eyes of “Separation Consciousness”. 

The mental program, narrow minded point of view, and the density of the emotional distortion has prevented us from recognizing that we are acting and reacting from our wounded inner children. This “inner child” is stunted at the age they experienced the emotional, mental, psychological, and physical abuse.  Hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, language, and the use of symbolism has been used to influence how we perceive ourselves.

As a very small child ie-i had the ability to look into other realms and could see things that others could not apparently see.  ie-I would watch as 

We are programmed as children with ideas that are not true and every story we imprint into the unconscious or subconscious mind has a specific resonant theme. The energy of anger, resentment, abandonment, rejection, shame, blame, guilt, regret, etc. is a lower vibrational energy than joy, happiness, and contentment and does act like an interference pattern.   These dense energies are actually preventing us from feeling the love of the source that we are and seeing with the eyes of “Divine Love”. 

Matthew 6:21-23 The Lamp of the Body-source bible hub

“21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 22The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. 23But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness…!”

“When in heart mind coherence we are aligned with the intelligence of creation and in this alignment we are following our intuition and
life becomes free flowing” queen-sophia88

Once the unconscious mind-subconscious mind is cleared, we see only good. 

This is described in detail in the novel “The Emotion Code”, for those interested in delving deeper into fully comprehending what drives behavior of self and those in one’s field of experience. The author of this novel has developed a simple and transformative energy healing method. 

 Nothing is actually solid, and we can at any time have a spontaneous “healing” thereby restoring the natural state of well-being, the way it is designed to be. 

There is creation, we are co-creating reality with each other, the idea of there being ” One Prime Creator” is a misperception of the creative process.  In the beginning there is a void, nothingness much like a vacuum, no beginning and no ending.  This is the launching pad of creation, the womb of life, the female aspect of life. Some people have called it a “Logos”.  Once the void became aware of itself it formulated thought. this is the field of all thought and all thought possibilities.  Thoughts are things and exist as light, this infinite field of living light is the male aspect of life. “The “Mind of God”.

 We are in fact pure potentiality, yet we have created an finite world stuck expressing from the carnal conditioned mind, the mental aspect of life, from the psychology of belief.

It would serve everyone to realize that the ‘false ego” was created as a side effect of “Separation Consciousness”. Once ie-I realized the facts, it was odd to me that our natural intelligence is not supported, the programming by our parents, teachers, clergy, etc. influences us to move into lower brain thinking and the intellectual mind and we lose access to the infinite intelligence and the information available to us when we are born of this world.

The energy signature of our spirit as a result of previous experiences during life prior to incarnating is also a factor and influences the emotional and mental state, and state of consciousness and health of the physical body.  This is what is referred to as “karmic rebound” or “comeback”.  Not all spirits are purified between incarnations. Many are held in a mental prison and retain their quantum entanglements from previous incarnations. The state of the environment we are born into influences our ability to retain our own energy signature as a pure luminous being, our energy (ego-personality-spirit) signature is bogged down when we learn fear. 

After the “Life Review” ie-I was instructed by the “Higher Self” to write down the insights gained as a result of what was revealed during the “Life Review”. Writing never came easy to me with having been diagnosed with dyslexia after graduating into Grade 3.  Was never really good at spelling, for some reason my mind-brain could not interpret the sounds of the letters of the alphabet.  Arguing this point with the “Higher Self” was in vain and eventually ie gave in and sat down at the computer and wrote a short transcript titling it “A Simple Guide To Living In Harmony”. ie-I printed it off, not sure what ie-I was supposed to do with it ie-I proceeded to throw it into the bottom of the closet where it was forgotten. After the nervous system breakdown ie-I was in “no condition” to share this information with anyone else, it was difficult to focus and to articulate vocally my thoughts, sitting down and typing the words that flowed was easy.  

Then in 2011 after watching the movie called “The Secret” ie-I remembered about this “transcript” ie-I had written 11 years earlier. It dawned on me that ie-I was writing about the “Law of Attraction” and also writing about the “Law of Attraction” ie-I also wrote about the “Law of Projection” and the “Law of Reflection”. 

ie-I decided to go digging for the transcript so that ie-i could read what ie-I had documented. This feeling of gratitude and appreciation flooded my being as ie-I recalled the argument ie-I had with myself.    ie-I was grateful that ie-I “took the time” to write down the insights and epiphanies as a result of having the “Life Review”.  Ie-I was grateful that ie-I. followed the advice of the Higher Intelligent aspect of self, this awareness field that runs, flows, through all life and all dimensions and all realities and knows everything. Chuckling to myself, ” who does that, who argues with the intelligence of creation that knows what is best in every situation?”

 It did not take long before the folder was uncovered covered in dust at the bottom of the closet, e-I retrieved it resurrected it and read it over, revisiting the experience was refreshing.  After reading it ie-I was wondering why ie-I had not taken the time to clear the unconscious mind-subconscious mind of the ideas, the beliefs, and decided there was no time like the present. 

Sitting down at the computer ie-I set the intention of revealing to myself the ideas that were imprinted into my unconscious mind-subconscious mind as a child such as “i’m shy”. Something ie-I remember my mom saying to an older cousin when ie-I hid behind her leg when first introduced to me.  My mom said, “don’t worry she is really shy”. 

After typing out the idea “i’m shy” ie then  immediate thought of the “opposite” idea of “i’m shy” and thought and typed “i’m not shy, i’m outgoing”.  In this moment the voice of my inner child, my etheric big brother that watches over me and guiding me when ie-i allow said, “you are not shy or outgoing”. In that moment ie-i thought “you’re right” and poof these polarized thoughts or be-lie-fs about my personality were neutralized or collapsed, these to polar opposite ideas were integrated. This triggered the expansion of my carnal mind, the intellectual mind, the thinking mind in this ah ha moment.

“This is great” ie-I thought to myself as ie-I began to think of other ideas such as “i’m stupid” as a result of hearing it from others.  ie-I would write down “i’m stupid” and say “i’m not stupid i’m smart” and poof like magic these ideas were cleared, and ie-i felt that poof as the intellectual mind expanded, and this aspect of self was set free from the memories as they were recorded.  After a couple of hours of doing this process my body energy felt like a balloon ready to pop and ie-I decided it was time for bed.

Sometime during dreaming the balloon must have popped and this aspect of self-expanded. This field or logos of consciousness (field of experience) manifested, materialized and called “Lorna”, expanded and moved into neutrality and into alignment with the Unified Field of all thought and all thought potential.  When ie-I came into conscious awareness of the body all that was seen was light, and ie-I heard this booming authoritative father’s voice ask, “how did you get here”.  “ie-I released my ego-personality-subconscious mind from the intellectual mind”.  ie heard this resounding “Yes”.  This was repeated 3 times. and each time ie-I felt and witnessed another expansion.

As ie-I got up out of bed ie-I realized that nothing is the same.  This state of presence is like nothing that ie-I had ever experience and ie-I thought ie-I knew what presence is.  In this state of presence and being in the eternal moment of Now there is no longer any attachments to the “deceptive” stories of the past. 

There is no resistance to what is so there is no pain, no misery, there is no need to seek outside of the self as all is revealed in this alignment and life is free flowing.  There is only joy. 

After a couple of weeks of being in this “state” ie-I woke up and was back operating from “Separation Consciousness’ the pain was back and with-it confusion.  ie-I truly believed that this would be my permanent operating system and how ie-I was supposed to show up for the world.  It made no sense to me why ie-I would forgo this amazing way of being. This presented a problem as ie-I was ill prepared for what transpired as ie-I did not have the tools or comprehension of how the subconscious operated.

ie-I then questioned the reason for my being and questioned myself, falling into doubt and confusion. The very states that keep us from fully aligning with in vibrational harmonic resonance with all aspects of self and being a fully activated human, expressing in presence as a Divine Human with all our innate abilities activated. 

“The unconscious mind-subconscious mind does not know what is real or what is not real and is why the autonomic nervous system, our biology, chemistry and of our physiology responds to what we are dreaming.” queen-sophia88

The DNA, the physiology, the biology, the chemistry, the electromagnetics of the expression of each facet of source energy called “a man” is determined by the emotional and mental state and state of consciousness of the facet.  The physical expression is much more flexible than what we are made to believe. As seen with so many people that have transformed their body after having a “near death experience” and recover miraculously. as seen with Anita Moorjani. 

It became increasingly clear that we can fall into a trap when we have altered states of consciousness and altered states of awareness in the form of awakening to new ideas when we have a distorted idea of who and what we are.  We formulate our opinions about what we have experienced based on a distorted perception of who and what we are and are we actually locking ourselves into this state and when we do this, we are locking ourselves out of even greater experiences.

It is up to us to realize that thoughts are things, they are light. Source is both a beingness and infinite awareness (zero point) field which is void of light. The original design for life sprang forth from this awareness field and Love- Light of Creation. This aspect of each of us is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, and understands life completely. It is up to each of use to recognize when we are limiting the expression of the truth of who and what we are because of what we have experienced and the opinions we formulate as a result of what we believe about these experiences. 

Are we ready to align with this to experience a grander version of ourselves and our life experience?

Evil exists as a result of the actions of man. Evil is not a source; love is not opposite of fear.   To think in opposites is a mental construct. The energy signature of source, the love and intelligence that created the natural world, is constant and unwavering.  In the presence of Divine Love evil cannot exist. The vibrational resonance of the Source of each of us and the light of the luminous body has the ability to transcend and transmute all vibrational energy that is not of it, hereby healing or restoring the emotional field, the psyche, the mind and spirit resulting in the transfiguration of the physical body.

It’s not as much as how we treat or what we treat the body with when it is sick or diseased it is what thoughts we have imprinted on a conscious and sub-conscious level about the treatment that determines the outcome. 

 Anita Moorjani is a living example of this, her body was emaciated with stage 4 cancer, there were tumors the size of lemons going from the back of her neck and through her torso and she fell into a coma.  In the coma her conscious awareness expanded into the field, she was giving insight into what caused her cancer and experienced the frequency of ULLU Love (Unconditional Love Love Unconditional Love) the frequency and intelligent energy of source. 

Once her consciousness, etheric spirit body, returned with this new frequency and intelligent energy the cancer tumors dissolved by 80% in 5 days.  She completely rebuilt the cells of her body, the biology, physiology, and chemistry of her body from this fresh perspective of self and of life.  Set free from the fear that ruled her expression of life. 

The following is a really great interview:

Evil is seen when we are seeing through the eyes of our dense emotional field after we learn fear.  The chakra system is distorted, giving way to a distortion of the physiology, biology, and chemistry of the physical expression resulting in “disease”.  Dis-ease is merely a mind not at easy or a. With this the spirit is vibrationally weighed down by the energy created while in physical form when the so called “negative” emotions are created. This density pollutes the field, and our vision is distorted. In this distortion, we are not able to see the truth and life is not valued. Evil is expressed when the ego-personality-mind’s behavior is corrupted and creates the “false ego”.  We forget the oneness of all life and “selflessness” becomes “selfishness”.

It will serve the next generation to become aware of how we are programmed to ignore how we are hurting each other and the natural world when we are “just doing our job” with no awareness of the harm that we are causing.  It is up to us to recognize how we are passing on patterns of abuse and harming ourselves and each other when we are not aware that grief is actually self-abuse.

Any expression that causes fracturing of the ego-personality-mind-spirit is evil. Are we really aware of how we cause harm to ourselves (our own energy signature) and each other in our daily life?

Have you noticed those that hurt others on purpose, that do “evil” have lost their respect for self they are no longer in a relationship with self and aligned with their true nature. There is no appreciation for the life that we are creating when we are in anger, resentment, etc….

This is always the result when the individual is no longer in alignment with their Heart Intelligence in alignment with their Higher Self, they are operating from the Mental Program, following their beliefs and cultural and religious indoctrination.

The Illusion of Separation is the source of all human pain and misery which is the result of being out of vibrational harmony with the Higher Self. People have not looked at their own violent tendencies…when does evil become evil? Any source of separation is an expression of violence and the source of human suffering. Yes, the horrors of war (rape, torture, and murder) pedophilia, as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice are deliberate to bring about Separation which is the fracturing of the ego-personality-mind-spirit.

It would serve us all to look at how we express this and perpetuate this in our own life? Emotional and spiritual immaturity has been the downfall of mankind.

Not taking responsibility to understand and innerstand the nature of violence in our own beingness. Krishnamurti did say it very well when he said “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So, a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”

The foundation of the corrupt emotional body comes down to separation. Separating the corporeal from the spirit is the source of grief, sadness, shame, blame, guilt, etc.. It is the source of all fear. The psychology of belief has captured our mind and bound our spirit. We are living in a mental prison of our own making. At its worst, jealousy is the fear of not being good enough which turns into the expression of self-loathing and manifests as lashing out on the external world.

Fear is not feeling safe in our own environment. Yet, when we truly know the truth, is there anything to fear?  Fear does not keep us safe; love and self-awareness are what keeps us safe.

If we could remember how to fly would we be afraid of falling?

The fear of condemnation keeps the flame of evil burning. The Divine Source of creation is unconditional in its capacity to love. The inability to see the truth that we are the ones keeping ourselves vibrationally out of harmony with our own source has kept us miss-creating for 82 billion years. Are we ready to evolve yet?

The following information is for those people interested in “Leveling Up” and stepping into their reason for being. 

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Panache Desai is phenomenal, he is facilitating this free daily mediation and also a group “paid” meditation @11am- est. for those people that are interested in breaking free from karmic ties and karmic rebound also known as “comeback”.

“You Are Enough – Revealing The Soul To Discover Your Power, Potential, and Possibility”. Panache Desai

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In the recording he instructs the listener to get out a piece of paper and write down what we believe to be in the way of us living our purpose.

He said, “Don’t judge or evaluate your life everything serves a purpose to shake you loose from your comfort zone and disrupt and reveal any and all unresolved emotion within you that you have to feel and experience in order to be free to live your true purpose. Now is the perfect opportunity to start living your purpose. [From my epiphanies gained during the life review ie-I realized we are all living our purpose when we are experiencing and living life authentically and loving life. Living on purpose and with purpose].

You were drawn to these words and strategies for a reason. The moment you started questioning your purpose and seeking a way to reach it you received an invitation to truly start living it.

You are now in a perfect place to consciously disrupt the status quo of your reality. If you were not ready to consciously disrupt your current reality. If you weren’t ready to consciously disrupt your current reality you would just continue to adapt by accumulating skills and working on a mental level. You wouldn’t be here with me now going deeper.

Whenever you feel stuck on your journey and purpose just remember stop analysis paralysis and begin to experience purpose from your heart. The very fact that you are asking “how do i live my true-life purpose means that you are ready to receive the answer. However, the answer is not going to come in the form that you think because it is not an external metric, it is an inner feeling, an inner experience. Trust it all, knowing you cannot mess it up. Your inner journey to your life’s purpose is not a pass or fail experience. So, let’s dive in.

More often than not in life we believe that somebody else or something else is the root cause of why we are unable to live our purpose. “If only my husband was spiritual”. “If only my wife spent less money”. If only my children were more grateful”. “If only my boss was not a bully”. As much as these maybe valid reasons on the surface why you are not living your purpose. There is something much deeper playing out under neath.

So, what i would like you to do now is to grab a pen or a pencil and a piece of paper and begin to identify two or three people, circumstances, or situations where you feel you are being held back from living your purpose. Where you feel like you are unable to say what it is you need to say, contribute. What it is you need to contribute or experience whatever you need to experience.

Take a moment to give yourself the gift of this time to reflect and jot down in a very real and tangible way what the immediate limitations are that and that you are experiencing and facing in your life.

Did you, do it? If not stop this audio now and take 5 minutes to do it now. There is no time like the present to start getting down the road to freedom and purpose. Now that you’ve done that what i would like you to do is to begin to identify how you feel in the presence of your boss, spouse, wife, child, or children, or whomever else you wrote down. How do you feel? As you are jotting down how you feel become aware of any commonalities between the feelings that the people, circumstances, or situations bring up. For example: when you are with your wife do you feel unable to communicate or do you feel stifled? Do you feel stifled at work or when you are with your children?

What i want you to do here is identify and become aware of, any patterns on a feeling level. See and feel what shows up….

Once you’ve done that and you can see and feel the pattern. You can see that it is not just about what is happening outside of you there is actually a feeling, an emotion, being activated universally throughout your experience of life. Well guess what? That feeling resides inside of you because your body is a storehouse for your unconscious mind and when you begin to walk a path of alignment with your purpose you can begin to clearly access what you have to feel inside.

The parts of you that have been ignored, the parts of you that feel powerless, the parts of you that you feel you have to protect or defend. The sadness, depression, anger, rage, frustration, or loneliness.

Limitation always takes the form of a feeling or an emotion because emotions are just energy in motion. They want to move, be expressed and live in flow…..” Panache Desai

To listen to the full audio recording for the free training use the link below it will take you to a sign-up page and “Start Living Your Purpose NOW”:

On November 3, 2000, while working as a medical laboratory technologist ie-I triggered an experience an awakening (3rd eye and heart purification and opening) that came in the form of a life review.

ie-I was in a very dark place, deeply depressed, and unfulfilled. It was a confusing time as when ie-I was a child everything sort of worked out for me.

The “Life Review” was triggered when in a state of complete rage, frustration, pain, and misery ie-I started yelling at “God”, the “Universe” swearing and cursing and pouring my heart out regarding all the “shitty” things in life. Once completely empty ie-I yelled out “this could not possibly be the purpose of my life, show me my purpose now”. ie-I fell onto the bed and completely surrendered. There in the dark, pictures flashed in my mind’s eye like a mini movie of my life. As the pictures flashed ie-I was observing them and experiencing them from 3 levels of consciousness:

1. me in my apparent misery.

2. the consciousness ie-I was at as a child with the child’s perspective.

3. from the unified mind, unity consciousness (all perspectives).

In a flash of insight all is known.)

The “Life Review” revealed how we imprint the mental and emotional and ego personality aspect of self, the spirit with false ideas and frequencies as a result of the “Illusion of Separation Consciousness” giving rise to the distorted perceptions of self and develop the “false ego” we present in life as “selfish” and “self-serving” and formulate quantum entanglements.

We the distortion and formulate incongruent ideas of what life is and what Unity Consciousness is. The false ego or wounded aspect of self is what creates karmic rebound or “comeback”. Hurt people hurt people. It is up to us to break the cycle of abuse by embracing these aspects of self.

During the “Life Review” a chart was flashed in my mind’s eye of how we are imprinted with “stories” and each story has a vibrational resonant frequency either based on fear (so called “negative” thoughts and feelings). or love (so-called “positive” thoughts and feelings). The thing with fear it seems to override the “good stuff” and imprints the autonomic nervous system with imbalance, sickness, showing up as anxiety and death. The current focus of mainstream is on “sickness” and “death” perpetuating this issue.

The Higher Aspect of self is beaming love into every situation this aspect of self is indiscriminatory and loves everyone and everything equally, and like the sun shines its light one everything equally, but we are not always in a place to receive this energy when we are in the lower density thoughts and feelings such as anger, resentment, shame, blame, guilt, regret etc. And is why it is phenomenal what Panache is able to accomplish, he is able to get people to align in vibrational, harmonic alignment with the core energies and feel this frequency of ULLU Love (Unconditional Love Love Unconditional Love).

The Law of One, the Law of Projection and Reflection, the Law of Attraction is present in every given moment, and it is up to us to recognize these recuring patterns running in our attractor field, aura, unconscious or subconscious mind.

This experience revealed that we are living our purpose as source energy coming to know itself. We are on target when we are experiencing life from the truth of who and what we are on purpose and with purpose and passion, the frequency of love is the key. To remembering the mission, we came here to fulfil. When we are not aligned with the mission and living authentically, when we buy into fear, we feel unfulfilled, depressed, angry. frustrated, etc…

There is still some fear about stepping up and was wondering why it is so difficult for me to clear this for myself and have been looking for a facilitator to assist me to recognize these “stories” and “patterns” for myself so that ie-I can be free to reach my full potential as a fully activated and luminous human being experiencing and living the reason for my being. Problem for me is knowing that we are all operating in fraud and that Federal Reserve Notes are IOU’s. Have been researching the system of things for many years and know that the “$” sign is not defined in law.

Am wishing to crack the code so that everyone can have access to the CUSIP Account held at Fidelity created using the “Brith Certificate” (Stock Certificate aka Revenue Receipt) number.

Am acutely aware that we cannot keep doing the same thing and expecting different results and would like to take steps towards actual change.

Am here for total freedom which means to be free from the idea of “debt slavery”. Knowing what ie-I know ie-I cannot “charge” anyone that is in need, it is impossible for me to continue to make merchandise of my fellowman.

It will be beneficial for me to clear the path to figure out how to access the credits held in “trust” for me. Have seen my husband’s CUSIP Account and it has over 15 million credits.

Once we move back into heart-mind coherence and gain spiritual insight, we realize that we have bought into a false story about ourselves and each other and have passed on the distortions from child to parent, from parent to child. From this heart centered place, we restore the selfless ego and remember the principles of oneness as we are the living example of this.

It is my desire to align with the fountain of youth and experience life authentically. Will thou join me? Sign up and take action and see your life transform.

Time to open the door and live your life on and with purpose.

“Children should be seen and not heard”. You might think it’s a cliché, but when I’m working with blocked voices, these words come out all the time. “My parents discouraged my emotions. I quickly learned that they disapproved if I was angry or emotional”. And so a child little by little chooses to hide how they feel. Sometimes I like to say that this vocal liberation work is about the recovery of lost children” Jeremy Detolly

“One of the most fun things about doing the deep work – of going into old, painful memories, is that in the process of releasing them, joy can flower again. The lost inner child returns home. The hurt child is seen and soothed and can get back up and return to playing again. She can recover her sense of ease in the world. The spontaneous, goofy singing and dancing child can re-emerge, bold and ready to start again. It’s the most extraordinarily beautiful thing to witness in my work with my clients. Where are the places where you’d like to express more of yourself or be more free? What would that look like for you? Much love,” Jeremy Detolly

Jeremy is a vocal couch the link to his website is below: https://www.jeremydetolly.com/

The words “king” and “queen” below does not represent a title they represent a state of being as the king and queen of our dominion as sovereign and autonomous beings of light and love. 

Our names hyphenated represents a man and a woman that have come together in sacred union as one in thought, word, and deed as an expression of “The Freedom of Love”. 

❤ Truth, eternal youth, eternal life, eternal love, vibrancy reign supreme. ❤


“Eternal love is the ultimate truth” queen-sophia88

PS: If you would like to support me in my campaign of change, please consider making a donation either by email transfer to lornalynneborgeson@yahoo.com

or by paypal:  @ paypal.me/LBorgeson

PPS Am grateful y for being restored as the beneficial interested holder and compensated for all that ie-I have done and am grateful to having all that is mine by Divine Right returned to me under grace and by the Law of One the Law of Love in the perfect way with ease and glory.

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