Clearing Consciousness! Living as a Conscious Creator

I received a message on February 25, 2010 and have been preparing for The March equinox.  The message is:

Read the following with an open heart and an open mind there is an energy carried with the words that you will feel in the mind/body/spirit complex:

I wanted to share the energy of my words.  The old way of thinking and perceiving are dissolving.  Each individual must be aware of the energy they are projecting into the fabric of creation.  Each individual is responsible for their own emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

The energy available to us right now is ripe in helping each individual  to become empowered by mastering their own energy. Self awareness is the key to self mastery. I was told to move fully into the awareness of my expression.  Be in the intention of knowing your own energy.  Now is the time to step into the awareness of the words you speak, the thoughts you think, in every moment.

Move into the awareness of your own triggers.  What has you reacting to life and what has you in responsive to life.  At about the age of 10 or 11 I had an out of body experience and my consciousness  returned to Source; it was like a near death experience minus the death part; with this experience my intellectual mind experienced Source Energy, and experienced the vibration of Unconditional Love.

I have been experiencing the enegy of Source since I was 9 years old my life has been preparing me for this moment. My mission in life is to share this energy of Source with others so that they will know this vibrational resonance, and become the expression of this in the outer world.

I was reminded to tell you that; “you are the creator of your reality from what you believe to be true.

I am letting go of the notion that life is a school yard and i am here to learn a lesson.  The notion of living life to learning something implies a passing or a failing grade.  This has the potential of limiting your expression as you may not feel like you have been living up to others standards of life.

In my quest to discover my purpose I was given a ‘life review’ from this experience I was shown that I am living my purpose in energy minute, “I am God here to experience life”.  Every one is.  Our life, our reality, is limited as a result of Separation Consciousness.   Separation Consciousness has created duality.  It is our consciousness that is limiting us to plus/minus, right/wrong,   this has  limited your expression. and has limited your experience of the physical.

In the early 1990’s I was given a vision of the potential of our reality,  In 2010 I had a glimpse of this reality as I moved into unity Consciousness for about 2 weeks.

The world that you will experience from Unity Consciousness is nothing like the world that you are experiencing from Separation Consciousness.

2 responses to “Clearing Consciousness! Living as a Conscious Creator”

  1. Now this is very interesting;

    I don’t often come across someone who also understnads that we are here to experience, and not necassarily to learn lessons. If we make that distinction, we can let go of the duality and the judgement and labeling stuff good or bad.

    Thank you for reminding me to check the energy that I put out; it’s often more difficult than I care to acknowledge 🙂


    1. Yes! I am reminding myself in the words that flow onto paper as I sit and type, Often there is not a conscious thought and then I know that what comes from me is truth.

      Enjoying reading your posts.

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