Waves of Expansion! The New World!

Original post February 4, 2011

Greeting Dear Ones,
Today is a good day!
There are waves of expansion that are rippling through All Of Creation.  The veil of illusion is lifting.  The original blue print is unwavering and has been waiting for you to shift your own energy, waiting for you to free yourself from the energy that has been restricting your expansion.   Source energy is the vibration of Joy,  it is and always will be  “the freedom of Love”.  It is the frequency of a life with out conditions.  It has a certain vibration, a certain tone,   the body is very much in the knowing of this frequency. 

When you have allowed this flow of Source energy into the body/mind/spirit complex the body will rejoice,  and you will be seeing a different body than what you are now seeing in your mirrors.   This energy of Divine Source has always, and will always be,  available to you.  Now you will be open to the free flow of this Source energy,  flowing forth from this mind/body/spirit complex,  this will open you to new realms of understanding and experiences of life.

These waves of understanding have been present since the beginning of time, to have you see the truth of life.  It is the energies that have been created from your own illusion of separation that have held you captive and not allowed for your own transformation.  In the contraction the free flow of this energy has been restricted by the energies held in the body by your experiences, and your misconception of your experiences.   These energies that were transferred into the body/mind/spirit complex and expanded on by your misconception of your experiences, and misconception of yourself have limited you.  These are the energies of greed, oppression, fear, anger, resentment, and so on. 

These so called negative energies are not in alignment with life, and with truth, and are now being transformed as you expand on your understanding of the truth of who and what you truly are.  You are waking up to this and not allowing the ones that have held captive by this misidentification of power.  You are not allowing these ones that hold you in fear and limiting your energies and the flow of creativity that is your birthright. 

The truth is out and you are breaking free from the ones that are held in the lower frequencies, you will not allow for this strangle hold any longer, or not allow another’s limitation to limit you in any way. True freedom is at hand!  As you break free, others will break free, it will be the domino effect as the wave of freedom flows through All Of Creation. 

As more, and more, of you Awaken, and Illuminate, your own individual mind, you will see the shift of your own individual’s energy matrix.  You will see it restored to it’s natural splendor.  You are the one doing it.  You are the creators of your reality.  NO ONE can keep you from your birth right from the truth but you.   The process of moving from the intellect into the heart is at hand, you are grounding all your bodies and bringing them into alignment with life.  More, and more, as all of who you are is recovered, restored,  and you are in full alignment, then you will feel more, and more, present to your physical existence.  This is the experience of Ascension,  to be aligned fully. The non physical and the physical in full embodiment.  “As above so below, as below so above”.  Are you getting excited yet!

You will be less and less affected by the beliefs of others.  Come to recognise what is coming from the belief of life and what is coming from the truth of what life truly is.  Be in the awareness of where you are placing your focus,  for your energy will follow your focus,  in this it will expand on what you are focusing on.
Fear not the changes that are taking place within your DNA,  the process has already been activated.  No one will be left out.   Some are more sensitive and know what I am speaking of.   God (the gentle overseer of all of life) sees all, knows all, his love is unwavering and steadfast.  He is hearing your prayers.  When one is in fear then this one is not in the knowing of their own truth and not feeling this love that is ready and available to each and every one of you. There is nothing inside or outside of you that can keep you from this truth.  Do not allow your mind to be jailed in the beliefs of others.  Allow for the movement,  allow for the expansion, into your own truth.  Allow for the full embodiment of your Divine Self.  With this you will be flowing forth all that you are seeking.  As you move into this alignment  the sense of seeking will disappear as your soul and your body are one expression of the Divine You. 
With this expansion the DNA shifts even more and your biology will respond to this shift.  Do not fear for this is the freedom that you are seeking.  In this expansion you will no longer have an experience of being jostled about by circumstances.   You will not be in the mental process of controlling your emotions as you are fully functioning within the open heart. Your heart and God’s heart are One, your mind and God’s mind are One, there will no longer be the illusion of separation. “The truth will set you free”.
In this time of change recognize the energy that is of expansion and the expansion of the heart.  Be in the awareness of what is happening in your own heart space.  It is in this space that you will find your connection to communicating with the Divine.  When you match the vibration of your own heart with that of the Divine you will move into Oneness. Step into being the observer of your body/mind complex. Step into being the observer of life it self.  Step into seeing life and as you step into seeing and welcome in this connection with the Divine then your eyes see as that of the Divine and your life is transformed forever.   All of life is beautiful.

Do not hold onto a specific date in the mind and allow for this expansion NOW! 

Glory to all who receive this message for you are the ones that are leading the way to this New Earth.  This new way of being that is conducive to life and experiencing life in full embodiment of who you truly are!

Know that these waves of expansion are orchestrated by you and not by any force that is out side of you.  As more individuals focus on a consensus reality and puts their focus on an opportunity it effects more significant change on the whole of humanity. Can you see how these set dates of equinox and other dates that you put significance on it is this activity that effects change on the consciousness of the All That Is? It is you putting value to life that effects your reality.

As you gather move into your center and know that change is afoot.

I love you and I bless you,


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