CovID-19 Mandates and Convoy!

The following is an email sent to the Member of Parliament by the name of Richard Canning in response to an email received from him the day previous:

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Sent: Thursday, March 3, 2022, 04:18:55 p.m. PST

Subject: Re: Mandates and Convoy

Greetings Richard,

Thank you for getting back to us.

 How can we have a meeting of the minds when everyone is operating from a different state of consciousness and have a different level of comprehension:

  1.  of the situation?
  2.  of who and what they are?
  3. of man’s design?

We are all perceiving the situation from a different point of view as a result of our personal experiences and the information that we have had accessed.  

You and every other member of the government and the people enforcing governmental policies are hereby put on notice for violating the people’s right to life.

You must realize the tremendous trespass and crimes being perpetrated upon the people as a result of misinterpretation of the law and the fact that the policy enforcers are acting outside of their jurisdiction. 

 Everything that you have stated in this email is hearsay, nothing that you have stated can be supported by facts. The facts below can be substantiated.


 It is a fact: 

  1. The people working for the government are negligent in not acquiring the facts and spreading misinformation.
  2. The people working for governments around the world and working for Law Enforcement are involved in:                                                              1. involuntary manslaughter 2. mass genocide 3. the destruction of man’s genome.
  3. The deaths being reported as CovID-19 deaths are the result of the covid measures.
  4. The CovID-19 measures are a form of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice orchestrated by the Luciferian-Illuminazi family members and those that are being black mailed or coerced by them.
  5. People are being murdered using poisons called “medication” in nursing homes and in the hospital.
  6. People are dying from suicide at an unprecedented rate as a result of continues abuse perpetrated upon them by mentally, and emotionally deranged family members, clergy, and by the people running the governmental agencies.
  7. People are being harmed and murdered by the vaccines.
  8. All vaccines regardless of manufacture are biological weapons designed to cause harm to the natural functioning of the human body.
  9. The CovID-19 injectables regardless of manufacturer are not actually a vaccine under the traditional definition of the word vaccine.
  10. Your claim that the speeches spread hatred is unsubstantiated. 
  11. The speeches that ie-I listened to were factual and inspiring. 
  12. The people at these rallies are not fully informed of the situation as they are unaware of the fraud that we are all involved in. 
  13. The inhabitants of earth have been subjected to an occupying military force from the beginning of genesis. 
  14. The inalienable and intrinsic right for every living soul in expression has been violated for 1000’s of years as a result of the Luciferian-Illuminazi mentality and the rituals they practice. 
  15. Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice is imbedded in every aspect of the colonized world thus have violated our right to self-determination.
  16. We can come together as people of like kind when the facts and all points of view are known by all people. 
  17. Innocent people are being brutalized by policy enforcers called “police”.  
  18. We the natural born people of the world are not the “class of person” that can be mandated. 
  19. The people working for the government and the people working for the military have no lawful or legal right to order the people to act. 
  20. No one working in government or in “Law Enforcement” has the right to violate my or my fellowman’s will. 

My concern around this situation that has plagued the people of the world since the people working for the media broadcasted the idea “there is a Pandemic” are on various fronts. Firstly, the corona virus pandemic was announced with absolutely no evidence of a pandemic. This tactic to attack and damage the people that are awakening using medical intervention and war is a tactic that has worked for them (the Luciferian-Illuminazi) in the past. There is evidence that they have been orchestrating this “Pandemic” for many years and in so doing created the business of CovID-19. 

Secondly, the people of earth have systematically been conditioned and brainwashed by the people that are well versed in spell casting and invocation. These people known as the Luciferian-Illuminazi bloodline have controlled the narrative of our earthly experience for 1000’s of years. The people in government that are either Luciferian-Illuminazi or are being blackmailed by them have no rightful authority to order the people to do anything that is harmful to their well-being or that will interfere with their soul plan.   

Thirdly, as a result of the violence and trauma perpetrated upon the people by the Luciferian-Illuminazi bloodline and their supporters their victims lost their spiritual insight and foresight thus have not up until now been ability to see what is actually happening right in front of them. More and more people are breaking free from centuries of abuse and coming forward to expose the facts. 

Fourthly, we have been lied to about everything from the beginning. 

Fifthly, the courts are being run by the Luciferian-Illuminazi family members allowing for actual crimes to be committed with immunity and impunity. 

Sixthly, we the people that have awakened are being targeted by the people that are still delusional as they cannot seem to distinguish between what is fictional and what is tangible. 

Seventhly, the people are ignoring the fact that the system of commerce and capitalism is foreign to Gaia, it is not found in the natural world and therefor is not natural. 

Eighthly, there is only one true law, and this is the Law of One-the Law of Love all other so called “laws” are nothing more than ideas perpetrated by a delusional mind. 

The unethical and immoral government paid scientists have been unleashing biological weapons upon us for many years:

There is some beneficial information shared on the following website: 

Without recourse, 


On Thursday, March 3, 2022, 08:26:30 a.m. PST, Cannings, Richard – M.P. <> wrote:

Thank you for your e-mail. 

Let me begin by saying that I understand your frustration about the mandates that were put in place during the past 2 years.  All Canadians have had to give up many of the privileges we took for granted in order to try to stem the spread of COVID. 

I believe that the various mandates and restrictions enacted by provincial and federal health officers have been essential to saving thousands of lives across Canada, and I maintain my belief that the decisions around imposing and lifting those restrictions should lie with public health officers, not politicians.  We have seen the results of political decisions to lift mandates prematurely in provinces like Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, where death rates are about twice that in British Columbia.

I am also aware that the omicron variant has changed the calculus around vaccination and travel mandates and their effectiveness.  That said, while hospitalization and death rates are still high (though decreasing at the moment) I would again defer to public health experts as to when these mandates should be altered or lifted.

It has become apparent that there are plans in place to begin the easing of mandates in the coming weeks. While not every mandate will be eliminated at once, these are positive moves towards our reintegration back into our social lives and activities.

My concerns around the convoy that occupied Ottawa for the first three weeks of February are on various fronts.  First of all, their supporters felt that the mandates had taken away freedoms guaranteed in the Charter of Rights.  This is simply not true—the first paragraph of the Charter says explicitly that any of these freedoms are limited by reasonable restrictions.  We have the right to free speech, but not to use that speech to spread hatred.  We have the right of assembly, but not to take a city hostage for three weeks.

Secondly, the leadership of the convoy stated that their main goal was to remove the government of Canada, a government that was democratically elected only a few months ago in an election where vaccine mandates were one of the main issues. 

Once the convoy became entrenched in Ottawa it was apparent that enforcement would need special powers to remove it.  On February 14th, the Liberal government invoked the Emergencies Act, which gave local police forces the ability to quickly bring in officers from across the country to help in the operation.  It gave them to ability to compel tow truck operators to provide the equipment necessary to move the trucks.  And it allowed authorities to temporarily freeze the bank accounts of convoy organizers and participants to investigate concerns about where significant funding for the convoy was originating.  I have to add here that allegations that donors to the convoy were having their bank accounts frozen have proven to be completely false.

I also have to state clearly that the Emergencies Act is not the War Measures Act, or anything close to it.  There is no declaration of martial law.  All rights under the Charter are preserved.  There is no use of the armed forces.  It has powerful oversight mechanisms built into it, including a special parliamentary committee that is underway now.

The NDP reluctantly supported the government in invoking the Emergencies Act because we felt the impasse in Ottawa had to come to an end, as did the various border blockades that were having serious impacts on our trade with the United States.   But we said from the start that we would be watching closely and immediately pull that support if it was clear the Act was no longer needed.  After the convoy was removed from Ottawa and border blockades were cleared, it was apparent that there was little further need for those powers.  All parties signalled that to the government and the Act was revoked on February 23rd after 10 days of use.

Thank you again for voicing your concerns about mandates and the Emergency Act and please accept my apology for my delay in responding.  My offices have been flooded with more than 13,000 emails and phone calls on all sides of the issue.

It is my hope that no matter what side of the issue you stand on, that we come together as a country to work towards a better future.

Thank you again for taking the time to voice your concerns.


Richard Cannings, MP

South Okanagan-West Kootenay

Jennifer Ratz

Parliamentary Assistant to

Richard Cannings, MP

South Okanagan-West Kootenay

Room 914 Confederation Building

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6

Tel:  613-996-8036

Cel:  613-294-0642

UFCW Local 232

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