When Will We Be Given The Facts of Life?

We all have a unique way of perceiving the world as a result of our experiences. If we have never had an esoteric experience or experienced an altered state of consciousness we are limited to what we are being told by those in our immediate environment. 

Have you ever wondered if your thoughts are your own? 

My awakening to self and self realization has happened in stages starting with an out of body experience at 9 years old. At one point during this experience ie-I heard myself think… this was mind blowing for me. This experience expanded my perception of myself.. Nearly a year later ie-I experienced an incension, much like a near death experience without the “death” part of it. With this experience my awareness was brought within, the physicals reality disappeared and ie-I experienced myself as the 3rd person observer of myself as a light body and the infinite field of living light (all thought and all thought possibilities). At this frequency or dimension of experience all emotions that are not of the frequency of unconditional love are transcended and transmuted. In a flash of insight all is comprehended.  

The moment we incarnate into the world our cord is cut and we are given an identity and registered to the “Satanic Cult” also known as the “Law Society”. Do you realize that the horrors of war a very deliberate, and a blood sacrifice by the cult members to their “God” “Moloch” the God of “War and Sacrifice”. Why would infinite love create a “God” of “War and Sacrifice”? 

Did you know the the Pope wears the “Crown of Ba’al”… Triple Crown of Ba’al, aka the Papal Tiara and Triregnum In 1302 Pope Boniface issued his infamous Papal Bull Unam Sanctam––the first Express Trust. He claimed control over the whole planet which made him “King of the world”. The history of the world is run by mad men… and we have not taken the time to correct the record. source: https://crazzfiles.com/unam-sanctam-the-1st-trust-of-the-world/#:~:text=Triple%20Crown%20of%20Ba’al%2C%20aka%20the%20Papal%20Tiara,planet%20which%20made%20him%20“King%20of%20the%20world”.

Do you wonder how this “society” came to be and why it has a strangle hold over our experience of life? Do people know the symbology of the cutting of the cord and what is implied when we leave the “placenta” at the “hospital”? Do people realize the presumptions and assumptions behind the creation of the “Birth Certificate” and creation of the “Legal Person”? How many people know that the “Birth Certificate” is a revenue receipt? Are you as curious as ie-I am about this? Why is it a revenue receipt? Who decided to create this? What makes it valid?

Once ie-I dug out my birth certificate and read on the back of it “revenue receipt for treasure use only” ie-I have wanted to know what this actually means. Yet, after years of inquiry my inquires have gone unanswered. Who was it that began this registration?

Do you think it would be advantageous to know why the “birth certificate” is a revenue receipt? Or even know why this was created in the first place? Or why there are those that know the system and have usurped it for their own enrichment? 

We are given these things yet have we questioned why they are created? 


Once we come to the realization that our psyche has been held captive by those that are members of this cult why are we still going along with the insanity?

Once we come to see the truth why are we accepting being  lied to and why would we allow ourselves to be sucked into the delusion by participating in the fraud?

Are we willing to recognize our contradictions?

Do we have the intestinal fortitude to recognize the contradictions in our beliefs, how we think, what we are participating in?

Is how we are doing business driving the insanity because we have not taken the time to comprehend how the systems we are born into runs world wide?  

ie-I envision a world without animal and human trafficking because everyone has come to the realization of their oneness with all that is…. can you see a world where there are no longer “businesses” called “countries” with a a political structure that honors all life..?

Everything about the way things are done is based in black magic. The children born into the generational pedophile families are taught the art of casting spells and the art of invocation. The thing is these children are traumatized from birth for the purpose of fracturing their mind to create alters. These alters are being used for specific outcomes by their handlers. 

When will we listen to people and take a look into what is happening behind the superficial world we are being exposed to? It si up to us to stand in our spiritual integrity and look at the darker side of man’s behavior. How can we possibly fix a problem we know nothing about? 

The following video has some information that is difficult to listen to. Can we move into our heart and see it from a state of awareness that does not cause us to move into fear?

Why are we ignoring the fact that Secret Societies with their occulted practices have usurped our experience of the natural world? Occult means hidden. and those that know deliberately take actions to do harm to the spirit.. Why would people choose to participate in activities that cause harm to others if they were indeed mentally, emotionally, and spiritually evolved? 

Who was it that came up with the idea of making laws?

Why are we seen as “public officers” and treated as “test subjects”?

It would be beneficial if we all came together to demand to know how this system works and claim our inheritance that has been stolen from us.

My vision is for people to know the truth about who they are.  ie-I see a world were people wake up to their religious indoctrination and choose to stop being misguided by delinquent “religious leaders”..

To have a sustainable world we must stop making merchandise of our fellow man and the place to start is by exposing the BAR Association members as the source of the problems. They are the ones that are writing invalid contracts. 

Why are we supporting the oligarchy system?

Everything is already prepaid so why are we made to believe we must pay for that which is already paid for?

For those that believe they know the law they should go to the Lawful Living Community and learn the information being shared in this community.  malika the founder of this on line community is brilliant however she does not discuss the fact that the Birth Certificate if a revenue receipt or how to benefit from this creation instead of others enriching themselves from it. 

it was just over a year ago that ie-I came upon the Friends in Law group on Facebook and then signed up a a member of the Lawful Living Community. It was mind blowing to learn the information shared in the “Money Talks” class and the “BC & SSN” class. These classes are by donation and everyone no matter where they are born should learn this valuable information.


We all know deep down that putting a monetary value on the earths resources is fraud yet we play along with it. Why would we allow this? What will it take for people to choose to move back into a state of awareness and recognize their synergistic relationship with the natural world? 

Why do people in the “freedom” movement continue to wave flags? Do they know that the flag represents their enslavement to the people that created the “Crown Corporations” and run “big business”? Do people realize that behind every board of directors is a Lawyer or Attorney writing policy and creating the contracts? 

Who in their right mind would deliberately poison their own atmosphere?

Why are we being lied to about the contamination of the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat? 

if there is a weather modification act then they are modifying the weather…Why would we collectively allow this?

If there is a biological warfare act then there are people that have dreamed up biological warfare. Who in their right mind would work in a “laboratory” to create infectious biological agents? Who is accountable for closing down these biolabs? What will it take to shutdown these biolabs and stop this assault upon our sensabiliites?

Apparently it is against the law to use bioweapons yet the people in government are supporting the pharmaceutical industry and using the Medical Industry to  use it against the people? 

Go figure….

We all know that the court rooms are run by those indoctrinated to believe they have some kind of special powers over the people.. when will we make changes to the system…?


How is the insanity going to end if we continue to play in the delusion of those that created religion and man’s laws?

Do you know who you are or do you only believe you know who and what you are?

Why would anyone accept a lesser version of themselves?

We have created Divine Authority Credentials and have written a Living Life Will-Advanced Medical Directive which was served to the man acting as Registrar General for British Columbia. We did this to clear up any assumptions or presumptions that anyone has dominion over our experience of life. 

Do you still believe that a man in a rob has dominion over your life experience?

The people in Australia are coming together and the world should know what is happening for their true sovereign Nations:

“The first nations people have taken paper work to the Australian government to take back their land and to return to sovereignty.

Hundreds of tents are set up and a small city is forming at the old parliament house as the first nations people demand the unlawful Australian government return sovereignty to them.

In 1973 4 original elders staked an umbrella in the ground to reclaim their sovereignty. They lit a fire and this fire has been burning for more than 50 years without going out. The fire has been nurtured by the original people of this land, never being left unmanned.

What started as a statement by 4 original elders has now grown into a movement with 40 different original tribal nations, with the movement and more nations joining each day”. Janne Andersson


With everything going on regarding the CovID-19 mandates people should realize that it is against the law to coerce someone to take medication:

Dr. David Martins has published some damning facts and we should all be coming together to inform the people acting as Attorney General that “We The People” demand the truth and demand action!!!!

The following video Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. David Martins:


Here is the link to the dossier mentioned:

Click to access The_Fauci_COVID-19_Dossier.pdf

We also must use discernment when accepting what these people are doing. ie-I find myself asking “are these “front line” folks interested in ending the trafficking of man and animal by exposing the registration of live birth and creation of the “Legal Name” aka “Legal Person”? It is up to us to be honest with ourselves and stop participating in this fraud.

In the following online article David exposes the key players in the COVID-19 phenomenon. When will we be willing to expose the people that are supporting these people revealed on the slide?

The situation called “COVID-19 Pandemic” would not be a thing if we were actually honest with ourselves and each other. When are we going to take off the masks and be authentic?

Interesting how the people working as Attorney Generals in all “Civilized Countries” do not have access to the information shared in this video or do they and they are involved in SRA and pedophilia:

8 responses to “When Will We Be Given The Facts of Life?”

  1. Amazingly worded and surmised Sophia! I have morgellons so they effectively took away again my quest for presence and moment living. Despite all my rage I am still a rat in a cage. Way past being cheated or upset, time to take back the EVERYTHING as Claudia Pavonis says so eloquently. Look her up some time, thanks for all the work you do my hero wordsmith occult exposer warrior.


    1. Am grateful for your support. It is true they keep us in victimization so that they can keep us in lower states of consciousness so that they can continue to get away with their demented activity. When we are disempowered to who we are and not aware of how the frequency of our thoughts and our emotions keep us in lower mind and stuck in lower chakras in fear of survival their delusion is held in place. It is important that we use frequency to purify the body. This is a great meditation video to shift our blood. https://www.andrewbartzisjourney.com/living-the-mystical-life-daily-2017?

  2. I have to look into the Lawful Living Community but I believe I found the most complete way to break free from the shitstem… Have you heard of Kenneth Scott of the House of Cousens, and Gemstone University? He founded the D’Vida society, and I believe that is the key! Here is a good intro to his work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFt3pvSEJ9c

    1. thank you.. yes have heard of Gem Stone University…

  3. Reblogged this on SHIFT-HAPPENS and commented:
    I have to look into the Lawful Living Community but I believe I found the most complete way to break free from the shitstem… Have you heard of Kenneth Scott of the House of Cousens, and Gemstone University? He founded the D’Vida society, and I believe that is the key! Here is a good intro to his work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFt3pvSEJ9c

    1. to shift our reality we must first shift our consciousness

  4. I adhere to the community, my username is stephanestp what is yours, we can connect!

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