Freemasonry According To Jerry Wizman!

The following blog post was inspired by Jerry Wizman’s post on Facebook with regard to Freemasonry.
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Freemasonic Luciferian Persecutors

Luciferianism is Satanism masked in the false light of superficiality and religion. Freemasons are known for worshiping Lucifer and most Freemasons are self identified Christians. Luciferians dress in nice clothes, speak proper, drive nice cars while they condemn others for superficial reasons. They covertly condemn the poor and sick as sinners and claim they are being punished by God. Freemasons are involved in covert persecution against those who oppose their ways and control. Freemasons also created other types of secret societies which they use to do their dirty work. Freemasons get paid to gang stalk and persecute people all over the United States. They operate covertly. They poison people. They slander people. They vandalize their property. They cyber stalk their victims. They gang stalk and mentally terrorize their victims. They are involved with using electronic weapons on people. Electromagnetic Pulse weapons do exist and they are even sold online. Their persecution often leads to deaths, mental break downs, hospitalization, or prison for the victims. Many Freemasons and members of secret societies are involved in computer hacking as well. The top Luciferian Freemason inside the United States is a man by the name of Steven James Dishon and his last known residence is in Linwood Michigan. These secret societies are being funded by the Vatican and royal families through offshore accounts, paypal, and private Swiss banking.

Freemasons are builders. The word mason means builder. They build mind control programs in society. They build lies and false teachings and impose them into society. They get paid to lie and manipulate people. They are funded and directed by the Black Nobility and royal bloodlines. They are paid actors that hijack society and orchestrate theater in the media and politics. They create orchestrated events as an attempt to draw people in. They hijack real movements and then subvert them. The alternative media is ran by Freemasons who pretend to be opposed to the New World Order while all they do is subvert and corrupt the movement against corruption. Most of the Founding Fathers in America were Freemasons and Crown agents that hijacked the revolution against the British Crown. They then turned the Virginia Company into the United States. The Freemasonic motto is “Ordo ab Chao” or Order out of Chaos. They cause chaos and then use the conflict to install their order as a form of problem, reaction, and solution. The Scottish Rite Freemasons and Prince Hall Freemasons have staged numerous racial crimes involving white cops and black men to incite racial division. The Freemasons are criminals involved with a multitude of crimes including terrorism, persecution, treason, spreading dangerous lies, human trafficking, and the trafficking of human blood. Freemasonry is a dangerous organized crime syndicate.

Masonic House of Lies

Masonry means building or constructing. Freemasonry is about constructing elements in society intended for control. Masons build mind control programs involving religion, politics, philosophy, and entertainment. A Masonic program is called a temple and many temples house idols like religious leaders, teachers, politicians, and entertainers. These temples are constructed through geometric vibrations. This is similar to the concept of cymatics. Words and sounds generate vibrations and vibrations have mathematical properties. A person that follows a Masonic program is absorbing these vibrations into their minds. The temple in anatomy refers to the sides of the temporal lobe. When a person dreams or uses their imaginations the thoughts get densified into visuals in their temporal lobes. When normal people communicate, learn, and absorb information there is little natural architecture to clog, block, or trance the mind. Masonic temples are built on deceit. Freemasons specialize in giving their deceptions structural integrity. If they can design a lie with mathematical precision then they consider that lie to be the truth. Most people in society that have influence at high levels in politics, media, education, entertainment, and religion are trained in a form of masonry or work with Freemasons that assist them in their architecturally designed deceptions.

Freemasonry has ancient origins and various forms were used in all the ancient civilizations and empires. Modernized Freemasonry was developed off of various groups including the Roman Catholic Church, Order of Malta, Knights Templar, Royal Knighthoods and Stonemason Guilds. Various secret societies use the same knowledge and techniques as Freemasonry does. The Order of Malta is a masonic organization that uses a Grand Master and degrees of initiations just like Freemasonry. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is the oldest knighthood on the planet originating on the island of Malta and was authorized by the Pope of Rome. The Library of Alexandria was developed by the Greco-Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty and was used to collect and monopolize all knowledge and scripts in the ancient world. They used force and pay offs to gather all written knowledge and then Julius Caesar moved the scripts to Rome and the island of Malta before intentionally burning down the library. This was a strategic plot carried out by the imperial bloodlines to covertly monopolize knowledge. During the Crusades the Knights Templar discovered some of this left over masonic knowledge through the Order of Al-Hashashin also called the Assassins. The Assassins obtained this knowledge from Solomon’s Temple. Rome shut down the Knights Templar to try and shut down their competitors before they got too big. The Knights Templar were later reformatted into the English Order of the Garter and Spanish Order of Montesa. Eventually they created dumbed down civilian divisions through what is modern Freemasonry.

The knowledge of Freemasonry is about deception and mind control. Groups like the Rosicrucian Order and Hermetic Order are similar but emphasize more on chemical manipulation of the human psyche and physiology. There are various Masonic divisions and groups and it is all intermixed today. Kabbalah is also a form of masonry and sorcery and it too is generally a dumbed down version compared to the occult knowledge that the royal and noble families possess. Grand Masters have the most knowledge and grant teachings through initiations or degrees. To the non sociopathic members initiations are mostly ceremonial however those who prove their criminality and psychopathy similar to gang initiations are granted the real knowledge. The purpose of Freemasonry is mind control and deception. Scottish Rite Freemasonry is the head of all Freemasonic orders which does not include Masonic type organizations like the Order of Malta, Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Order of the Garter, or Order of the Golden Fleece. The Scottish Peers specialize in Freemasonry with Prince Charles of Wales as the Duke of Rothesay Scotland as the head. Prince Filippo Rospigliosi the Earl of Newburgh Scotland is a top Scottish Rite Freemason better trained than Prince Charles and is an and agent of Rome. Scottish Rite Freemasonry controls the Grand Orient of Italy headquartered in Rome with Stefano Bisi as a mediator between Freemasonry and the Vatican which work together.” Jerry Wizman


Thank you Jerry Wizman for such an informative post!!

Ignorance, selfishness and greed have become a pandemic as has ‘narrow mindedness’.

We is it we remember the ‘solder’ that has sacrificed him/herself by choosing to be a pawn in the “military industrial complex” yet we do not think of the innocent victims of this ‘war machine’.

Do you know why ‘soldiers’ are given ‘dog tags’? Do you really want to know that the horrors of war (rape, torture, murder) pedophilia as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice are deliberate? It is called, “spirit cooking” by those in the know. It is a perplexity why those that have chosen to bring what they call the “negative experience” think that they have the right to do so. Why would any intelligent being want to be disingenuous by remaining out of resonance with the totality of themselves? Why would any conscious and conscientious being deliberately act outside of their true nature? It is a dilemma.

It is odd that we as a ‘society’ think that it is morally and ethically acceptable to allow big companies to supply the “war machine” as it is profitable.

It is unfortunate that so many are blind to the fact that we are inhibiting the evolution of the spirit as a result of shear ignorance (IGNORance=ignoring evidence).

It is also unfortunate that so many are ignoring why these crimes are being ‘permitted’ by ‘LAW’. Not sure where these ‘money hoarders’ are going to spend their billions if they continue to be ‘permitted’ to continue with their insanity.

Do people realize how we are all being robbed out of expressing a life well lived as a result of the LEGAL NAME fraud? The following blog post has some valuable information all for free!!…/why-would-we-accept-the-co…/

It is really sad what we have chosen as a collective when we are ‘infinite potentiality!!’

It is up to each of us to be honest with ourselves. Are we aware of our predominant thought, feeling, emotion?

While unraveling your truth take time to maintain the frequency of your body matrix. Visualize what you want the world to look like for 10 minutes everyday. The Universe will bend to your will. Align your will with your thoughts and your emotions. Then take peaceful action towards the realization of your vision. Be vigilant of your own mental and cognitive health. Rather than being a sponge for information create something that is part of the solution. Rather being a sponge for the energy around you choose to make a conscious and conscientious choice to be the tuning fork for other. Take time everyday to harmonize your own energies so that you will be better prepared to not react to situations that arise in your daily interactions with others.

Output is just as important as input. Be a converter of energy. This ability I believe is built into our DNA. Confusion is the enemy clarity is powerful. Use your imagination like a laser beam. When you are part of the solution you cannot be part of the problem simultaneously. If you are projecting benevolent energy into the morphic field you cannot simultaneously be resonating with the malevolent energy of the control system. The key is to be for something!

My greatest wish is that you are always in your happiness.

May we all move back into harmonic resonance with our soul to be in vibrationally align with the original logos so that the cells of our body are expressing in youthfulness, vitality, radiant health and wellness the way they were designed to be.

When we wake up focused on the problem from the frequency of that problem it is difficult to find resolution to the problem. When we wake up to a solution oriented mode it becomes an adventure.

To read more follow this link:
Jerry also posted this!!
When the courts are corrupt the world is corrupt!!
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