Who Is Liable for Poisoning Our Water?

As public record.
The following email was sent on May 31, 2019 to Stephen Pearrault:
Good day Mr. Stephane Perrault,
The article I have shared at the bottom of this email landed on my news feed while I was checking my messages on Facebook. It is extremely disturbing to think that people in government would be so irresponsible that they would allow for the contamination of their own environment. Contemplating the situation has brought up some vital questions that need to be answered.
What is the purpose of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency? What is the purpose of your position within this agency?
Why would an intelligent man and/or women develop technology that is harmful to the environment they are living in?
Who in their right mind would deliberately dump toxic chemicals into a water way? Why would anyone consider dumping toxic chemicals into the water as a viable solution to “get rid” of the “tailings”produced through the extraction of the earths natural resources by the “Mining Industry”.  Who is it that has the authority to make a decision to destroy the environment? Can you please authenticate the following statement extracted from the article below,  “Apparently Ottawa and Alberta have hatched a plan to allow some bitumen producers to begin to dump tailings ponds into the Athabasca River”.
What immediate impact would dumping toxic chemicals have on the life forms living in the water? Would the act of dumping toxic waste into drinking water be considered a conspiracy to do harm and attempted murder?
Could you please tell me if there is anyone that can be held liable for these actions? Who would be considered liable for poisoning the environment?
There are alternative “clean” and “free” energy technologies available. Why have the individuals working for the “Canadian Government” not proposed to have these technologies put into use?
Do you know about the illegitimate claims and fraud running the economies of the world? Apparently, the Unholy Priests standing at the pulpit and those sitting on the bench have set up a system of trusts and registered the so called “citizens” of earth as “debtors” or “creditors”. Do you know anything about this system? By whose authority has this system been set up? The entire system is established using “word magic” and “fraudulent contracting”. Who is liable for the crimes of church and state as a result of this fraud?
Accelerate New Oil Wells, Abandon the Old Ones, All the While Burning | The Tyee

Redeemer Lorna Lynne Divine Mother

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The email was then forwarded to the acting Prime Minister https://openparliament.ca/politicians/justin-trudeau/contact/

Good day Mr. Trudeau,

The following email was sent to Stephane Perrault earlier today.

I find it disturbing that the people in government would allow for the people running companies to destroy our environment when alternative technologies are available. As acting Prime Minister are you responsible and can you be held liable for allowing the tragedies by big industry that destroy the environment killing millions of life forms?


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