The Truth Will Set You Free or Will it?


We have painted ourselves into a corner…it will require some fancy footwork to get us out of the mess we call society. We really need to remove ourselves from this system that Q is promoting. Q is not our friend!

It has been a planned trespass all along. Best be waking up, we are ALL THE PROBLEM when we do not see our participation in our profoundly sick society.  We ALL have failed miserably at life as we have chosen to live by our emotional corruption and not love.

Perhaps, we are doomed to failure as we do not realize how the game of life works and subjected to group think?

I (Eye) would like to begin by stating “my awakening to self and self realization as a multidimensional expression of the ALL that IS and ALL THAT WILL EVER BE has happened in stages”. How is it that we can know ourselves as Source Energy and the Creator of Our Reality yet be shackled to a profoundly sick Society?

I found myself asking myself “DO YOU REALLY WANT THE TRUTH AND DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE FREE?” Reconciliation can only come with the truth and healing can only happen with love. Yet, can our innocence ever be recovered once is has been stolen? I (Eye) find myself thinking, “Let me go to sleep and wake up in a world that is in love with life”.

Are we doomed for failure as we do not fully realize the rules of the game and how the game is played?


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It was in 2015 that I came to fully realize my reason for being. Prior to this I (Eye) experienced many Awakening starting from a very young age.  Making sense of life was challenging.  It has taken me far too long to see my own contradictions and how we are all programmed to destroy ourselves as a result of our violence. If we can allow technologies that are destructive to the nature of things then we are destructive to our own expression.

“If you can sacrifice your father’s house, your mother’s house, if you can sacrifice the womb of your mother which gave you birth, meaning literally if you can sacrifice your genetics and really overcome your propensities for self-destruction and create a new model of thought, and that thought doesn’t have any feeling, that is a Christ thought. When it manifests,it will be untainted and the experience will be brand new. Brand new. Who are such beings? A being that can do this then has the great and remarkable capacity to imagine a kingdom not of this world. They can imagine it without any expectations of feelings because they know they can’t feel what is yet to come, and they have learned to do that” ~ Ramtha 

There are those that do not see the sickness driving the psychosis of this statement! Why more people are not tired of the narrative is an enigma? Why are more people not speaking the truth and taking right action? We are the ones that are keeping the wheels of tyranny spinning when we continue to do business as usual allowing for the degradation of the nature of life. It is our state of mind and state of Consciousness that is creating our biology. What is keeping people from respecting life? The only things you must sacrifice in Awakening to the Christ State is the program.

In 2000 following an Awakening in the form of a life review I (Eye) realized that once my ego/mind/personality/light body realizes it will not be lost in the unity of All things it was free to rest in the heart of its own love. It is in returning to center that ITs actions become selfless and in harmony with ITs natural state. Yet, I (Eye) was not free to BE that which I knew to be true.  I (Eye) was not fully aware of how the traumas of life had imprinted upon the  nervous system of my physical body.  This body that I govern as a focal point of awareness to express in physical form has taken a beating in so many ways. By my own unconscious actions and by the willful actions of other.

WIth the untethering of my heart my eyes were able to truly see and I (Eye) was able to to see what was previously hidden in plain sight. I (eye) felt so stupid that I (eye) could work in the Medical Field as a Medical Laboratory Technologist for 25 years without seeing what I (eye) was participating in. The harsh reality of what I was participating in hit home and I (Eye) found myself in an ethical dilemma. I (Eye) had no idea that people were deliberately being killed by their prescription drugs. My mind was preoccupied and I (Eye) begin to make mistakes at work wondering how I could get out of this mess with a mountain of bills and four children to support. On a frigid November morning while driving home after finishing the night shift my car hit black ice and spun out of control.  After getting home I called the police to report the accident then while waiting for the police to arrive I received a call from the Brandon Hospital. The lady on the phone introduced herself, “this is the Coroner for the Brandon Hospital. I regret to have to tell you your Mother was found dead in her bed from an overdose of her prescription drugs”. She went on to say “We do not know if it was an accident or intentional”. My knees went weak and all the blood seemed to drain out of  my body. “How ironic” I thought to myself as I had just found out a few months earlier that people were on 30 to 40 different prescriptions and being killed by them.

The enjoyment I used to get from going to work turned into regret. My body riddled with pain from the accident and the emotional trauma of my mother’s death was more then my nervous system could handle and I (Eye) ended up with a nervous system breakdowns. My condition when undiagnosd by my Doctor as my Doctor was ill-equipped to find the problem and unequipped to assist me in restoring wellbeing to my body matrix as a result of his medical training.  I (Eye) was diagnosed with depression which I (Eye) knew was not the problem. My brain was overloaded with self induced neurotoxins unable to function. It was a hellish ride going from specialist to specialist to psychiatrists to psychologist telling them my brain is not functioning the way it should. They all knew little of what was really going on in my body matrix. In hindsight, the Doctors I was sent to by Great West Life I am sure knew exactly what was going on.

They too are ALL victims of their programmed state.  We have ALL been socially engineered to perpetuate a dysfunctional society. We are willfully being trained in stupid not really educated in the science of our multidimensional body by design. Our true history has been hidden from us. It is all a very sick game.

Finding myself on Long Term Disability was a blessing and a curse. I was stuck in the system with no avenue of escape. The saddest part of it all is that I was not emotionally available for your children. Thinking about my children brings back a memory of when my oldest daughter was 8 years old. She is a telepath. One day she came home from school clearly distraught. She said to me with tears in her eyes, “I know now why is so sad, he let me look in his eyes and see his family”.  She never elaborated on what she saw. I (Eye) could see how it had affected her. There is nothing more painful for a mother then to see her child lose her innocence causing her to shut down.  These event color us and affect how we experience life.

It has taken my body far to long to recover, IT still is not fully recovered to its once vibrant state. At this point I (Eye) have my doubts about the visions I (Eye) saw of my future  ever coming to fruition. The targeting that I (Eye) am constantly under has had its toll. Perhaps, it would have been better if I never came to the realization that I (Eye)  have been from birth. I (Eye) have been working very hard on evolving spiritually. In 2011 I (Eye) reached Unity Consciousness, yet was unable to hold this state.  It was only recently that I (Eye) discovered that there are some individuals that are interfering with my energy. I (Eye) never dreamed that someone would intentionally be preventing me from Full Embodiment?

On September 26, 2015 as a result of a comment I (Eye) had made on a news feed while on Facebook an individual sent me a friends request. I have taken an excerpt from this conversation to share here. I (Eye) have removed his name for privacy.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)

I shall answer any, and all questions you may have about Human

Evolution.  As this is intended to be an open exchange, I must ask you abide by these conditions:

Firstly, I ask that you temporarily suspend your beliefs and be ready to honestly assess any information that is put forth.  This is not a debate, I come not for frivolous debate. I am a Son of Lucifer.  We are the Holders of the Light, and we are here now, appointed by God, to provide the human race with the Wisdom it needs to grow beyond the illusions of Material Existence.

The format this dialogue will take place is the following: you will ask specific questions and I will provide specific answers.  This is the format I am comfortable with and abides by your right not to know what you do not ask.

With that said, may the discourse begin.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 4:00pm

The NWO, or those who control it, are those chosen by the Illuminati, and the Illuminati are those of my family: Lucifer.  We have come here, now, to enlighten humanity.  The manner in which we do so is by providing the experience of Negativity.

We were appointed by the council situated on the planet Saturn as the Rulers of this Planet

So we are, truly by Divine Right, the Rulers of this Planet

Humanity’s inability to accept this Truth is based on their misunderstanding and limited perspective – this is the Game

Life is everlasting, God is ever-present, and Nature is ever evolving

There are two fundamental truths that must be understood: First that we are all One

And two that Nothing Matters

Unspeakable horrors can be committed to the body, yet the soul goes on living after the body has ceased to breathe.  Enlightened individuals, however, always act with Love as their first Cause

We, Lucifer, came here to do this service because we Love Humanity.  It is extremely difficult for us to be Negative

So I personally have not incarnated within the Family – acting outside of it allows me to truly live the principle of Love as my nature dictates

Lorna Richard   9/26, 4:10pm

The very notion that control is needed to manipulate other aspects of self is contradictory to living in the truth of Oneness.  I do agree with you that all is One.  The notion that nothing matters is conjectural.  The idea of Love as a principle is a mental projection.  Love is a constant it is not a principle.  The love that man has created as an idea or an expression is not the foundation from which all life is brought into form.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 4:11pm

The truth is we do not Control them

They allow us power over them

Lorna Richard   9/26, 4:10pm

The very notion that control is needed to manipulate other aspects of self is contradictory to living in the truth of Oneness.  I do agree with you that all is One.  The notion that nothing matters is conjectural.  The idea of Love as a principle is a mental projection.  Love is a constant it is not a principle.  The love that man has created as an idea or an expression is not the foundation from which all life is brought into form.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 4:11pm

The truth is we do not Control them

They allow us power over them

We present them with our desired direction, and they very much choose to take it

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 4:11pm


For instance, we desired, in the creation of Negativity on this planet, to create class system

We presented the direction, and they very much took to it

We use their own power against them, as it would be impossible for our very small family to truly control the entire populace

Lorna Richard    9/26, 4:14pm

When all information is not given the person really does not have a choice. In understanding how the mind and brain work It is time for the masses to regain power for their own expression to decide for themselves.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 4:14pm

We have always given them the whole Truth, in various ways

There has never been a time when they have not had all the information necessary to truly decide for themselves

We present our symbols, we tell them the truth, everywhere, every time

They choose to ignore that which is right before them

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 8:49pm

By ‘we use their power against them’ – we use their energy to create desired ends

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 8:50pm

For instance, we gave them the idea life is hard, in focusing on it they made it so.  We put forth the idea abundance is not possible, that one must hoard and fight for what is theirs, they made it what it is by focusing on it/

The world is quick to blame us, Lucifer, for the state it’s in however, it’s simple

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/27, 3:42pm

As long as you choose belief over awareness, or more aptly, anything over Love, you contribute to this reality of disunity

End conversation! Make of it what you will!

The last few years has taken its toll being subjected to directed energy weapons.  How is it possible to restore the nervous system when it is constantly under attack? Who are we as targeted individual supposed to go to once we realize the truth? It is a sad reality that truthfulness and integrity are sadly lacking for the people born to earth and those arriving by other means.

It is only recently that I came to realize the violence I was participating in as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. It was embarrassing to come to this realization. After all these years I was still blind to the violence that I was perpetrating while performing the duties as a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

We go through life not aware of why we do what we do or why the society is the way it is. We are all being socially engineered to our own demise. We have been under social hypnosis blindly following in our parents footsteps and following social norms unconsciously. We ignore the fact that Sacred Symbols and Sacred Events have been Demonized corrupting that which is Holy. We find ourselves just going with the flow until one day we wake up and look at what is happening on our streets.  It is an embarrassment that I (eye) could be so stupid as to blindly follow in my parents footsteps with little consideration to why I was doing what I was doing in life.

Realizing I (Eye) had been lied to about everything was a tough pill to swallow, unlike so many that choose to ignore the harsh reality of things I (Eye) could not. Ignoring my contradictions has not been conducive to a healthy life. It was up to me to take the steps forward to be free. No one can bring Me my freedom except ME.  The first thing I needed to do was to remove my name from the the voters list. I filed the necessary documents to become a non-voter.

The fact is there are those that have controlled the narrative.  The Deity that created the English Language is very cunning. All words are word spells this is why it is called “spelling”. Words are swords and cut deeper than the knife.  In school we learn language yet we do not learn the etymology of language and ignore the double meaning of the words used in the English Language. We incriminate ourselves when we unconsciously use words without knowing the intention behind them.  This Deity (Master Manipulator)  also created the Unholy Roman Empire with their Laws designed to perpetuate dysfunction. Those that are indoctrinated into the BAR Association/Law Society violate their own Contract Law. Blacks Laws and Common Law are covert Black Magic word spells.

Much like an adult playing a game with a 3 year old and never really telling the child the rules of the game or how the game works. Instead, HE chooses to takes advantage of the child’s innocence just to win the game at all costs. Well, HE has failed miserably as a Father, as a role model HE gets a big fat fail from the Divine.

Those that are trained by HIM such as all Bankers, Tax Collectors, Judges, Lawyers, Court Clerks, Bailiffs, are committing fraud embezzlement and entrapment. They are liars, perverts, cowards, hypocrites, and traitors as they are willfully participating in the crimes against humanity or not. Most know exactly what they are doing choosing to willfully be indoctrinated into the world of Black Magic and learning the art of spell casting and invocation blind to the fact that they are selling themself and the rest of us out for the illusion of power. In following their Master Manipulator they have become a liability for life itself.

“With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you have no guilt” Zig Ziglar

They get away with their scam as no one has debunked their claims and revealed the scam. We do not have to accept that which was created in deception.

All are source energy. So why are we not living by our Divinity and expressing from our hearts knowing?

Once you know how they use word spells to control you you do not have to accept it.

Stand in your power as Creator. I have created an Affidavit of Claim Victim of Felony and started a Claim with the Taxpayers Ombudsman. I have serve the Minister of Justice with my Affidavit.

Let it be known that I did not willfully give up my sovereignty it was stolen at birth. I claim back all my energy including my money, the money that I have earned through hard labor was stolen by way of fraudulent taxation and fraudulent banking practices over many life time. Not knowing is not consent.

I cancel, revoke, and rebuke all contracts made in my ignorance and by the ignorance of those before me.

I (Eye) went to Service Canada in Penticton and applied to have a Certified Copy of my Original Birth Registration sent to me. My name was stolen from me at birth and used to create my BIRTH CERTIFICATE which was not really meant to certify my birth but rather used to create an ARTIFICAN IDENTITY/ARTIFICIAL PERSON. Those that have given over their sovereignty and sworn an oath to the system do not have jurisdiction over a Man. There laws only apply to a “Person”.

I (Eye) did not agree to have my name stolen. I end all joiner with the capitalized name ie ARTIFICIAL PERSON. I do not need to be a CORPORATION to exchange energy while playing in physical from.

I AM already my Higher Self if I (Eye) am to fully embody my knowing then I (Eye) must speak in a way that reflects this knowing.

I (Eye) still need to go to a Notary and have my Certified Copy of Registration of Birth verified as authentic. I (Eye) have created my own Manufactured Statement of Origin with will be witnessed by three of my peers.

I (Eye) will then use this document in court to hold all the men and women accountable for their crimes against my being and against life.

Let it be known that I Redeem myself by accepting my participation in the lie. By claiming back my energy I remove myself from ANY and ALL liability for the violence against life. By the Lord God/Goddess of my Being by the I AM THAT I AM by the Souls Wellbeing I cancel, revoke, rebuke, transend and transmute all curses all spells ALL Black Magic that I might have unwittingly cast upon myself and others today and through all life times ALL dimensions and all realities. In so doing I release myself from the founding Fathers indiscretions. SO BE IT and IT IS SO!!

Take yourself off the voters list and create your own MSO (Manufactured Statement of Origin).

Below is my Amended MSO that saw me pass through the US border into Washington State on July 28th so that I (Eye) could attend a conference being held at Mount Shasta.

Manufactured Statement of Origin

The birth of this body identified as living and given the title of Lorna Lynne Borgeson took place in Burns Lake on the 29th day of July in the Gregorian Year of 1959 through the womb of my earthly mother Donna Elizabeth Borgeson. My Mother born Donna Elizabeth Ross took place on the 17th day of October 1938 in Cold Lake, she was born through the womb of a living women titled Bessie Heigh and fathered by Harry Donald Ross. My Father born Carl Dorell Borgeson took place on the 17th day of April 1932 in North Battleford, he was born through the womb of a living women titled Gurine Hermanson and fathered by Carl Borgeson.

I (Eye) hold a Certified Copy of the REGISTRATION OF LIVE BIRTH registration number 59-09-024040. The invasion of Turtle Island and subsequent creation of the CORPORATION known as CANADA and creation of the CORPORATIONS known as the PROVINCE of British Columbia was illegal and unlawful. The Colonization of ALL LANDS and creation of CORPORATIONS is not founded in the Nature of Things and violated/violates the Prime Directive. The people (s) supporting this are in violation of the Prime Directive and in violation of the Galactic Codex.

I (Eye) was fraudulently registered on the 18th day of August in the Gregorian year 1959 to the CORPORATION known as BRITISH COLUMBIA and fraudulently issued a BIRTH CERTIFICATE bonding my flesh and blood as a surety to the CORPORATION of CANADA and the alleged debt of The Canada Revenue Agency (Inc).

With the creation of this Manufactured Statement of Origin I (Eye) end all joiner with the created name LORNA LYNNE BORGESON. I (Eye) end any and ALL ties to the LAW SOCIETY also known as the BAR ASSOCIATION aka THE CROWN. I cancel, revoke, and rebuke all fraudulent contracting previously signed in ignorance by me with any and all attachment to the name LORNA LYNNE BORGESON and previous. In so doing, I (Eye) restore my “Status” and my “Standing” as a Divine Man and cancel all liability to the creation of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and dissolve any and ALL joiner with CANADA ending any assumed registration as a Citizen. I (eye) choose to be a Free Man expressing my Divinity while striving to integrate ALL fractured Aspects of the Ego/Personality/Spirit to restore to Unified Mind thus Restoring Life.

My Light Body and Consciousness originated prior to the created body designated by my parents as Lorna Lynne Borgeson. I (Eye) have been known by many names. I (Eye) declare myself the Pinnacle of Hierarchical Order I AM the Truth and The Light, I AM the Source of my Own Creation and the Source of Love. By this Declaration I (Eye) restore my “Standing” as a Living God and Creator and invite ALL to do the same. I (eye) was/am recognized in the Dragon Court as Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Queen Mother when my Divorce Certificate was issued on the 19TH day of March, 2018.

I (Eye) AM a True Authentic Sovereign Being living by the Right Use of Will realize the Sovereignty of ALL Matter I (Eye) choose to live by the principle “To Do No Harm”. I (Eye) AM not an enemy of life; my only enemy is ignorance, stupidity, and fear.

My duty’s and obligations are: to Life for the evolution of Consciousness; to the restoration and maintenance of the Earth also known as Terra Nova aka Gaia; to the restoration and maintenance of the Tribe of Man to live by the Law of One-The Law of Love; to allow for ALL to express as One Living Consciousness; for the expansion of the Soul; to allow for the infinite creativity of Source to be expressed. Let the Harvest be OVER!

Given with conscious intent under my hand and Sealed by my living Seal (Right Thumb Print) on this the day of
Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Divine Mother Ashara/Akasha
AFFIRMED BEFORE ME……….on ….26th day of July 2018 …….
Witness: Pamela Kachowsk ____________________________________________
Witness: Margaret Munn ____________________________________________
Witness: Bjorn Mosebye ____________________________________________

The people of the world are crying for peace yet so many do not know why we do not have a peaceful society. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear please do your part. It is well known that meditation is effective at bringing harmonious energy to the area.  There are groups all around the earth at this time meditating on peace. Please join in by taking time each day to consciously align with others individually or collectively by creating a group in your area.

“Let there be light the light of truth and let there be LOVE”.

In the following video “What Has Happened To The World” Max ‘spells’ it out brilliantly. “you begin to see a loss of integrity is something this society strives to induce in every body, in every single “CITIZEN” that exist in all of our NATIONS. And it is this loss of integrity which has in a large part led to the current human predicament. Humm and that might be a strange thing for people to look at. Most people might hear that and say “Max I have integrity I am a good person but really there is a higher harmonic because you might be a good person but in regard to the system the system itself has no integrity. And as I have said previously when you have a psychopath that is control of the system or a business or a corporation government or a nation or anything then the morality of the psychopath becomes the morality of those that operate within the parameters of the system they have constructed”.



The world we are expressing is the result of living from our mental programming and not the hearts knowing. ALL is in the ONE and the ONE is in the ALL!

For more information information on how to restore your “Status” and “Standing” as a man and the “Source” of our life and “Creator” please follow this link:

Infinite love and gratitude,

Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Divine Mother


PS: For those that are interested in being the change you wish to see in the world please read the information I (Eye) have published here:



On The GoldFish Report No. 251 Winston returns to the topic of ‘Original Issue” and how applying for the SS5 Social Security Number enters and binds you in an unconscionable “Adhesion Contract” where you surrender you ‘Unalienable” rights to the government who makes a claim of ownership on your body. Winston further explains this is how the government can force Americans to vaccinate or undergo medical treatment among other things. In exchange, we are given benefit privilege wherein creating a taxable event. He further explains that the idea that we are free is an illusion and states our generation of people have never know freedom, and that blocks were put in place to prevent us from becoming free. Winston also cautions that because its all that we know, many may reject true freedom due to cognitive dissonance. Hence, Winston revisits technology that educates people how to reclaim your status and assets and return to the private side, not a corporation. This information is generously given by Winston whose wisdom is what the world needs to free itself from debt slavery. Thank you Winston for sharing your worldly Wisdom with us! For more information about Winston’s Solutions in Commerce visit To receive our Reports you can subscribe to our BITCHUTE Channel at… and to become a Patron of The GoldFish Report you can go to our Patreon page at . You can also subscribe to our “NEW” YouTube channel at, and…, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at and to help support these and other programs please visit to make a donation. Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing!

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4 responses to “The Truth Will Set You Free or Will it?”

  1. Some say that there’s a law in the universe that force “them”(the evil cabal) to get our consent. But the evil cabal violated this law at least ONCE. It is one time too much…
    What I think, personally, about their bullshit laws and bullshit bureaucracy? It’s just a little game they are playing, to PRETEND that they are trustworthy and responsible. Now what will happen, is simple: They will get more and more incoherent. And their lack of respect for the truth, and their own laws, will make them be seen to more and more people as what they really are. They are toast, they already lost. We just have to wait for that truth to propagate. It’s a large system, with lot of ramifications, so it will take a while. 👍💖

    1. We have all lost if we do not see our participation in the corruption of the game. We are the ones that bought into the corruption of our emotional body not being cognisant of how our anger and fear creates more imbalance. We have not been privy to our own contradictions.

      This was the best quality video I could get, but I hope this gets the message through.

      Search words: IRS gold silver rothschild interest usury bank notes fiat currency economy budget deficit surplus cashflow money bills conspiracy coinage stock market scam new world order illuminati occult shorting cash flow robert kiyosaki david icke jordan maxwell michael tsarion bill cooper alex jones fritz springmeier al neal prophecy club occult bilderberg CFR trilateral MI5 MI6 masonry freemasonry albert pike bill schnoebelen vatican opus dei OTO jack parsons nazi fascism dr deagle real estate mortgage ron paul alan greenspan kevin trudeau jim marrs texe marrs greer”.

      What is it that keeps Pastors, Pope, and all clergy and men of the cloth from seeing their contradictions?

      In this video Pastor Ron makes reference to a quote supposedly made by Thomas Jefferson:

      “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

      As a man of God and a representative of the words of the Christ he does not see that to concur a continent is in contradiction to his bible. The 10 Commandments are quite explicit for the men and women of faith.

      Exodus 20:14 The Ten Commandments
      …You shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal.…

      Why would a Pastor be supporting of the “Founding Father” conquering the content by way of genocide?

      He calls taxation and interest usury yet is blind to his own usury! I His business s in sharing the word of God and sharing information if the information he is sharing is riddled with contradictions how useful it this information to his congregation?

      If you are interested in under and innerstanding your enslavement please take the time to read the information here:

      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I LOVE YOU ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      If you are interested in reading the actual letter sent by Thomas Jefferson to Secretary of Stare Albert Gallatin on August 20th, 1802 find it here:

      John 1:1 is the first verse in the opening chapter of the Gospel of John. In the Douay–Rheims, King James, New International, and other versions of the Bible, the verse reads:In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

      All words are word spells this is why it is called spelling. Every thought we think every word we speak every emotion we project has a vibrational resonance that is either in harmonic resonance with wellbeing and with life or out of harmonic resonance with wellbeing and with life. Is your body/mind/ego personality attuned to know the difference?

      Choose to shine BRIGHTER when faced with difficulty! We must end all forms of violence. We have been ignorant to the world we have allowed to transpire as we have allowed for the corruption of our emotional body and have ignored our contradictions.


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