What Is Humanity Choosing?


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Do you care enough about life to go through the following information while listening to the pulse of your own heart and take appropriate action? If not now then when? Do you want a smooth change over and step into the ‘Golden Age of Enlightenment’ with grace and ease? It is up to us and only us.

There are articles to read and videos to watch below. Will you bother to know the truth or not even though the future of the known Universe is hanging in the balance? If you knew your life depended on the assimilation of this information would you have and make the time to truly understand this information shared with you here? Will you choose the path less traveled and choose enlightenment?

Nothing in our world is as it seems. We have been playing cat and mouse with each other accepting a lesser version of our selves. Why is that? The human design is complicated in its complexity we have woven a fine web for ourselves being that we are supreme beings playing at being mere humans. Those that thought they were in control are waking up to the truth as these puppeteers are beginning to see their own strings.

Understanding how we have come to accept a lesser version of ourselves has not been easy. The following article points to the issues of a post capitalist world yet it does not address the real reason we are tethered to a system of slavery ruled by a small group of renegade pirates that have forgotten that we are all our own source of life. They have been blinded by greed in their quest for greatness giving over themselves and the rest of us to a life on earth of one of discontent and drudgery.


The above article does not address why when we reincarnate on the earth plan we have been forced into a state of forgetfulness and have forgotten the flow of our true nature and have ignored our relationship to the Universe and our relationship with the Cosmos. It does not address our relationship with life it self. It does not address why we have not been supported in living as a multidimensional expression of the ALL THAT IS.

Those who don’t know history and are unable to catalog the past are doomed to repeat it. Why have we allowed our history to be rewritten and our past hidden from us? Why would there be men and women from all corners of earth and the cosmos supporting the lies and hording knowledge? What is it about human behavior that would keep us from the truth? Do you know that prophecy is self fulfilling when it is documented and planned centuries in advance? Why would we control the natural evolution of the soul?

are you choosing to live a lie

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The following sight delves deep into the heart of the corruption of the spirit of mankind for those that have the heart to know the truth. What is it about certain men that thrive on domination and thrive on the illusion of power for the picture of prestige? “Let me pump you up” says the Master Manipulator. “While I rob you of your dignity and steal you away from your sovereignty so that you forget your are the Divine and an expression of it expression”. “I will make your life so imperfect that you forget your perfection”. What has happened in the heart and mind of this manipulator that would have him enraged in revenge?

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Please join me in transcending and transmuting the consciousness that would think of wounding others!

Send love into those that have forgotten how to love!

We cannot truly love another until we have self love. Self love is unattainable when we are in a state of judgment.

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Do you have the heart to make a difference and delve deep into the matrix of lies? If so please read the articles on the following website. While you are reading the information shared in the following webpage I invite you to be the observer of yourself while you assimilate this information. What is your body’s reaction and/or response to the information you are reading? What is the driving force propelling you forward? What is it that make you say what you say and do what you do? Self exploration and self awareness is the key to self mastery. Dear God/Man know thyself.


Now that you now know what you know what will you do with this information? While you are taking action steps towards a resolution take time to follow the impulse of your own heart to listen to the call of your soul and your souls knowing.

Truly understanding how the world works is difficult when we have forgotten the true nature of life.


We have succumbed to the herd mentality becoming complacent to the reality we are born into. Humans on the most part are held to victimization. We have given over our power to chose to a higher power in so many ways.  We have become lazy in life wanting things to be done for us in so doing our senses have been dumbed down and desensitized to our outer environment. We have allowed ourselves to comply to a lesser version of ourselves. Humans have a strong need to belong and our collective unconscious has made it easy for the master manipulators to put us into a state of social hypnosis. We have given over our own thoughts to those that are immoral.

The following article was shared to me on facebook. It gives some  insight into the lower aspect of human behavior when we are not living from the impulse of the soul becoming sheeple succumbing  to heard mentality. We go through life not questioning why we do what we do. Living a habitual life of discontent not realizing that our depression is a lack of fulfillment. We are not living our reason for being in the drudgery of the life we are living. We know there is corruption yet we have been unwilling to see our participation in it, Cast into the mold of ancient spelling we have allowed the world to fall into a shadow of ‘darkness’ carried silently on the winds of violence deafened by our own screaming. The horrors we witnessed where so great we blinded ourselves to them. In dulling the senses life has become mundane as we are molded to jump head first into the rat race following in our parents footsteps closing the door on a mental prison of our making. We are blind to the truth as we become indoctrinated in to a kind of social conformity unwittingly giving over our ability to think and to reason to the master manipulator.

Wayne Gregory wrote: “As our bomaahs! bece a-ha’s!, by becoming aware of why people become sheeple through the 3-step identity shift effect process, we can help undo its effects:

We can reclaim our freedom by withstanding social pressure, exiting toxic environments, and coming together to create an environment that supports human thriving, allowing us to work for the benefit of humankind, towards the unleashing of human potential, and the liberation of the human spirit for all”.

Why People Become Sheeple


In our mental prison we are held to forgetting and in our forgetting we have ignored the impulse of the soul creating a realty in which the inhabitants reincarnating on the earth plane live by the limitations of the intellectual mind.

In this reality he who controls language (the meaning of words) controls everything. All words are word spells. Do you cast your spells wisely with conscious awareness, conscientiously, and with great enthusiasm?

Do not fall into the trap of the unenlightened, “they known not what they do”. It is most unfortunate that we were unaware that we have been trained to learn language and not the etymology of language by those that would choose the illusion of power over the truth of enlightenment. Will you follow the path of the heart into the ‘New Golden Age’?

It does wbeneefit to me know benefits me no purpose

I chose the Golden Age of Enlightenment and make space to bring forth my Avatar Body.  Will you join me?

In so doing:

I do not consent to that which is imposed by the unenlightened that are indoctrinated to spread lies and deceive themselves. They are the ones that have  created the Vatican, the City of London Corporation and the District of Columbia designed to enslave the mind and bind the spirit of mankind.


I do not accept that which is being imposed by those that created and control the BAR ASSOCIATION for those that impose this indoctrination have violated my free will.

I do not consent to the BAR ASSOCIATION indoctrination of men and women into the ‘Dark Arts’; the art of invocation and the art of spell casting.

I do not consent to the black magic word spells known as ‘Blacks Laws’. These laws violate the foundation of creation itself. They violate the inalienable rights of ALL living matter.

For greater understanding of how words affect us please watch the following video.

SOUND ALCHEMY Documentary – Hermetic Sound Science –

The men and women indoctrinated in the ‘dark arts’ are blind to the fact they have bound their spirit to the spirits in the lower astral realm. Binding themselves to the lower spiritual realm of the spirit they are invoking while inadvertently binding the spirit (light body) of the rest of us to this lower astral plan of existence. They are blind to what they are doing. “Forgive them for they know not what they do”.

Their addiction to the illusion of power has blinded them to the fact that they have given over their sovereignty to the spirit realm in so doing are stagnating the evolution of their own spirit as they limit the expression of the soul into physical form.  It is our state of consciousness that makes manifest our reality. In maintaining lower states of consciousness we are preventing the expression of our ‘Avatar Body’. The body is infinite intelligence, it is a prisoner to our own thinking, the body is a prisoner to the beliefs we hold about ‘IT’. Why would we limit the expression of our body matrix while we limit the expression of our known ‘Universe’?

As a multidimensional expression of the ALL I do not consent to having to defend myself in life. I have declared and filed the correct documents to be seen as sovereign, something that should be recognized in a conscious and conscientious ‘Universe’. I did not come to the earth realm to be dictated to, I came as a ‘Free Spirit’ and I shall express ‘Freely’. I have filed the correct documents to claim my title. Why have I not received the documentation to show my status to ensure me safe travel on earth?

I have declared my claim of right/claim of Divine Proportion. Why has that which has been stolen from me not been restored? When a thief if caught they must return the good. All energy stolen from me on all dimensions of reality must be returned including money coerced by the systems imposed upon me at birth.


I have served the Justice Minister of Canada with an Affidavit of Complaining/Victim of Felony without a response.

  • How is it my declaration of sovereignty is being denied in a ‘Free Will’ Universe?

I have contacted both the Secretariat and the President of the Treasure via voice mail and by email for them to discharge my debt or at least have the decency to tell me what the number on my birth certificate which states “for Treasury Use Only” is used for. I have also requested an accounting of me ‘Social Insurance Number’yet no one has the decency to tell me how I go about getting this information.

Let me assure you I am aware that ALL contracting on earth is based in fraud thus all contracts are non binding. The UCC commercial code is not worth the paper it is written on. I do not consent to being lied to. I did not and do not consent to the stealing of my name at birth or the scam around the birth certificate registration. I did not and do not consent to the use of my name other than to address me as a living breathing expression of the Divine; Let it be known that I reject the notion that capitalizing the letters magically creates a corporate fiction. It does not. I do not consent to being held to fraudulent contracting. I reiterate, I do not consent to any of the black magic word spells that violate the very fabric of creation and violate the inalienable rights of all living matter.

Why do we not have access to our ‘Treasury Direct’ account and our ‘c’est que vie trust’ once we become aware of the Common Laws that govern these accounts? Those that created these ridiculous systems binding us to them also bind us for becoming aware of the system? They control all aspects of our life by the convoluted system they have designed. The criminals involved with the ‘Committee of 300’ and the ‘Bilderberg’ all need to be committed and treated for their insanity to save themselves and the rest of us as well as ensuring the survival of the earth plan. Why would we destroy that which we are for a paycheck and/or for the illusion of power?

The matrix of control is so pervasive and perverse it boggles the mind?

Claude's chart

In our quest for adventure we some how switched from being explores of life to being conquerors. With each conquest in life we have squelched our creativity as we squandered our greatest resource which is the power of our love.  Life itself has become a liability as we have ventured further and further from our center and form our true nature. In accepting a lesser version of our self we gave over our sovereignty to a system of slavery. I do not consent to the definitions imposed on me at birth by the morally, ethically, and spiritually bankrupt. It is up to me to become more conscious and conscientious to the words that I speak. It is perplexing to ponder why I was programmed to use words that trapped me in a matrix of judgment.  I may never understand why or how it does not matter.  Now that I know what I know I do not have to accept these imposed definitions. Instead it is up to me to bring in a system that is more cohesive to a benevolent society. It is time to remember my original ‘light language’ my original language the language I was are born knowing and forgot.

This brings me to the following quotes: “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again: and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself — that was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word ‘doublethink’ involved the use of doublethink.”  ― George Orwell, 1984

“The people heard it, and approved the doctrine, and immediately practiced the contrary.”  ― Benjamin Franklin, The Way to Wealth

“When I start a new seminar I tell my students that I will undoubtedly contradict myself, and that I will mean both things. But an acceptance of contradiction is no excuse for fuzzy thinking. We do have to use our minds as far as they will take us, yet acknowledge that they cannot take us all the way.” ― Madeleine L’Engle, A Circle of Quiet

It is our responsibility to rid ourselves of our contradictions. Do we have the wherewithal to read into the contractions written into our literature and in the reality we are living.

realize your contradictions

The following information with regard to NESARE/GESARA was published on Facebook by Larry Pearce : NESARA STANDS FOR NATIONAL..GESARA=GLOBAL


NESARA is a United States government bill that was introduced to congress in 2000 and passed, but is yet to be enacted. This economic reform act is intended to finally bring fairness and wealth to the little people in this world. Have you ever wondered why making a living was so hard for the majority whilst the minority “elite” made steady fortunes through their corporations? The number one thing to understand is that NESARA and GESARA are about to free the entire globe from debt slavery to the banks, but that is just the start. With it also comes the long awaited release of free energy technology that will forever set humankind free from oil, gas, greedy energy companies and pollution. So what does the acronym N.E.S.A.R.A stand for?


Nesara stands for “National Economic Security and Reformation Act.” and refers to an Act that was passed in 2000 by the American Congress but was kept under wraps ever since. Gesara is the Global equivalent. These acts will have immediate and worldwide effects, especially in financial sectors, and literally change the entire way this planet runs, so this is a big deal. Right now in 2015, we are seeing the death of the old financial system and the final readying of the new system that will replace all of the central banks, the IRS, the International Monetary Fund and more. Amazing levels of cash have actually been stolen planet wide and this is what is about to be returned to us. To put this in terms people can understand, each man, woman and child on this world is about to receive a whopping deposit of cash into their bank accounts that is theirs forever to keep. This will in fact set us free from odious financial slavery for the rest of our lives. If readers are still not following, we are about to be set free, by the new system, and never have to work again if we wish not to.

No More Toiling As Slaves 40 Hours A Week, 50 Weeks A Year

The money that is coming to us will probably ultimately morph into an even higher system whereby money is bypassed completely. Yet since our world currently runs on currency, we still need currency in order to pay for what we need, however the new currency will be gold backed and be a real currency, not the current fiat currency that can be printed by corporations out of thin air. People have believed the government printed US dollars but, in actuality, privately owned banks have been printing it and the money belongs to them. They can print what they like, when they like and then loan it out to us, whilst we pay interest to them. See how thoroughly corrupt the system has been?

The old system as been one that completely favored those who were rich. The corporations have been running the world whilst the banks set up a system that benefited them and stole from us. Many taxes are wholly illegal including income tax, which we do not by law need to pay yet we are manipulated into thinking we must. For many decades, our incomes taxes and other taxes have mainly gone to private people to spend as they see fit. Few tax has actually gone to government, most has been stolen for a very long time and, yes, governments have been completely corrupt for a very long time. Almost every government works for the central bank cartel of privately owned banks, the corporations and the secret leaders who happen to be the richest people on the planet.

The cabal mafia’s wealth has already been taken from them ready to redistribute to the rest of us, and we are talking many trillions of dollars. The wealthy “elites” have run all of the drug cartels, as well as the polluting corporations, and the governments. Some people are going to be shocked when the media is forced to reveal the arrests that are currently happening, along with the big names – some of them former presidents. The level of utter, planetary corruption will totally floor most people. The ill intent they had for humanity will shock even more – yet that is for another article.

As a result of the world’s money being returned to us, we will no longer be forced to work, especially in the corrupt corporations. We will be able to pick and choose how we spend our time, being able to follow our dreams, start our own business, or just do what we want. It is called Freedom. We have been so long without it that some people reading will doubt what is said here is real. Yet our true state of being is to be free, like all creatures in the natural world, like the wind, we are born Free. We have seen for many years how corporations make sickening profits, yet those staff who do the actual work receive a measly wage that they then had to spend on electricity bills, gas, food – all the money going straight back into other corporations, straight back to them!

The Release of Suppressed Technology

What will also shock many will be the understanding that we are well evolved past the combustion engine (what you have in your car). They could run cars for just a few cents since the 50’s, with many different technologies that use different fuels or free energy. Of course if we did not have to buy gas, they could not take our money, so all of the free energy technology has been hidden from us. There are many futuristic technologies that are going to make our lives so easy and are about to be announced. Imagine a whole world that is free, that has no energy bills to pay, no need to be a financial slave to any other person, corporation or forced to hated work. Just imagine it.

Global Debt Forgiveness

A lot of work has gone into creating Nesara, and it is to benefit the little person, not the super wealthy elite. As a financial measure, it is to reintroduce fairness back into a world that heavily favours the rich and powerful whilst the poorest become more impoverished and lose even more rights. This is occurring none too soon. Nesara will introduce global debt forgiveness. Recently corporations via the TPP have beening gaining the right to sue governments if a country stops a corporation from destroying the environment. Yes you read that right. The country of El Salvador is being sued by corporations who want to trash their environment for profit and apparently the government of El Salvador is not allowed to say no to the corporation. Corporations wish to rule over governments and it is already happening.

In Greece, the banks are making government policy, setting the tax levels and so on because Greece owes the bank money, money that the bank originally printed out of thin air. The banks are a scam, a massive fraud and wish to take over all the planet and be the rulers. They are already doing it. The announcement of Nesara will cancel out all global debt. The banks will be finished and people will never have to pay those illegal taxes again. Nesara is very close now, after all of the slow developments and the delays, it is beginning to happen right now. China has already canceled much of the debt owed to it by smaller nations. Individually all of the illegal debt held against us will be canceled, so watch this space because everything is about to change fast and for the better.

Not A Hoax

Those who are terrified of change, especially the rich Elite, are resisting the enactment of Nesara, which is only a matter of time now. To believe that the world will simply stand still as is forever is ridiculous, especially when we see an economically unfair system that is resulting in the banks ruling over countries and writing law. To me, that is the Hoax. We can see how fearful they are by their attempt to belittle Nesara or claim it never passed Congress. Nesara is not a hoax and the whole world will know this very soon. And then humanity is going to party like it never has before.


Image may contain: text


Mad World – Birth Certs and Divine Proportion with Peter Eugene

You do realize that you are source energy?. The source of your own life. Why would you accept anything less than this? Are you the authority (author of your reality? Do you accept the language they have created?

There are many that have remembered their mission and have been working diligently on raising the collective unconsciousness by doing the internal work. They are the ones working on integrating the fractured aspects of their ego/personality.

I am so grateful that we have benevolent ET’s assisting in transmitting high frequency impulses to assist in waking us up releasing us from our hypnotic state. I am so grateful for those ‘star seeds’ that know how to anchor these frequencies into physicality. Together we have raised the frequency of the planet moving us into a higher state of consciousnesses. There are people now having spontaneous awakenings.

Are you one of the ‘Wayshowers’ that has remembered your reason for being?

Messages from Andromeda-The Wayshowers of Enlightement-GoldRing LII.

Do you live by the higher self or are you being controlled by your programming?

Make your subconscious (collective unconscious) conscious and choose to show your gratitude for life!!

If we had respect for ourselves and each other we would immediately discharge these kangaroo courts by holding the men and women indoctrinated to them accountable for their actions. They are willfully doing harm to the psyche of mankind? It is time to serve them all with liability notices.

This reality we are expressing in has been manufactured for us. It is up to us to break the mold. It is up to us to live life from a higher standard as set out by the higher self.

Those that have taken ownership of earth think they own the soul. They have claimed the spirit with our registration at birth. It is all black magic we must not consent . The birth certificate scam and the Admiralty/Maritime Law imposing it is all word magic. Do not buy what they are selling. By whose authority do they have to impose such a system on a living breathing expression of the Divine and the Divine itself? They do not. Once we are aware of something this something no longer has power over us. It is time to take right action from a place of love for ourselves and our love for ALL LIFE! It is a frequency thing.

We must stand in honor, integrity, with the knowing of the truth. The master manipulators control the masses using frequency. They are morally, ethically, and spiritually bankrupt. Most people are completely unaware of how frequency affects matter. Every thought we think and every word we speak carried on the wings of emotions affects matter. Everything is consciousness and everything is conscious. We are either supporting the world we do not want of we are bring forth a new way of showing up. Will we choose a new way of being. Will you choose the golden age and allow for a greater version of reality?

It is time to think critically and speak deliberately. It is time to hold the men and women cooperating and participating in the manipulation of mankind accountable for their actions and/or inaction.

The fact that people are not aware that calling themselves citizens is fraud. The fact that we have not seen it or been aware of it is troublesome. Why would you want to call yourself a “citizen” anyway? Being a registered “citizen” is an open license to be raped, murdered, mutilated, tortured, poisoned, medicated and robbed by the “ruling class” aka “ROYALTY”. There are no countries only corporations. The authors of the Oxford dictionary define the word country as: “A nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory”. The ‘Ruling Class’ have designed the judicial system and have ensured the creation of laws, bills, and/or statutes to ensure their control over the lives of those incarnating on earth.

The truth is the voters and taxpayers are being swindled of their hard-earned money. Is it possible to be a “citizen” of a corporation? I think not!! It is the laborer that adds value to money and to life. The bankers and tax collectors add no value. The banking system when interest is charged onto a promise to pay as well as taxation is based in fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment. This system especially when you add compounding interest is parasitic on society. Honor, ethics, morality, truth and spiritual maturity does not need defending. I suggest standing in honor, ethics, morality, truth and emotional maturity while taking inspired (spirit induced) action steps towards change. It is time to make the men and women in political positions accountable for assisting in crimes against humanity

“Will governments ever be accountable? Hold them to account and they will be”.

It is clear if we want things to be different we must think differently and do things differently. Regardless of what we are listening to being reported in the news or on private video, regardless if what we are watching is a “false flag” event the violence being expressed through these broadcasts is psychological and emotional abuse.

When we are looking at the lowest aspect of human behavior are we generating the fear response, reacting in anger, and/or any other of the lower dimensional emotions?

Everyone must be honest with themselves with regard to the frequency of the energy generated and projected from the heart. Reacting to the situation is unbenefical to achieving freedom.

Are we in actuality assisting the dark agenda by influencing the lowering of the frequency of earth in our reaction and/or response once we become aware of the crimes that are and have been committed against mankind? We must be diligent that we are not in fact projecting the same frequency of energy into a situation that created the situation?

We are either fanning the flames of discontent or we are smothering the flames with awareness using the frequency of our core essence to moving into right action using loving kindness

Are we going to choose to be the change we wish to see in the world by taking responsibility for our own energy projections?

.We must empower our selves. We also must take responsibility for our own energy output. In not taking responsibility, we are giving our power away and making ourselves a victim. We need to take the situation into our own hands. We need to come together in each ‘country’ to make the men and women involved in cooperating with the agenda accountable for their participation in the deception. Law enforcement officers, those in the judiciary, lawyers, those in all levels of government can be held liable for the crimes against humanity and against ALL LIFE. . We must especially make those in the media reporting the “news” accountable. They are willfully participating in psychological and emotional abuse. We must serve them all with liability notices in a private person capacity. While we take action steps we must raise the frequency of our body matrix and raise the frequency of the planet and we must focus on integrating the fractured aspect of the ego/personality as we focus on evolving consciousness. And we must begin taking action steps by making the individuals involved in such things accountable for their actions. The following video is a class action law suit with regard to smart meters. The same principle can be applied to all areas of life where the body, mind, psyche, and spirit is harmed.

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability (2017

There are many people diligently working on raising collective consciousness. I applaud those that are doing the internal work,while standing up for their sovereignty as the Divine and an expression of the Divine while resolving their emotional imbalance.

It is clear that the people in places of authority have been involved in black magic and actively being involved in inappropriate activity.

Those that can must take the appropriate action steps on the ground. Go to your government website and search “weather modification act” this or something similar. Then figure out who in government signs off on these orders. Then they must be take to court and held accountable and made liable for the harm they are causing the earth and her inhabitants. We must serve them all with liability notices in a private person capacity. While we take action steps we must raise the frequency of our body matrix and raise the frequency of the planet as we focus on evolving consciousness. And we must begin taking action steps by making the individuals involved in such things accountable for their actions. The following video is a class action law suit with regard to smart meters. The same principle can be applied to all areas of life where the body, mind, psyche, and spirit is harmed. Who will do this?

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability (2017


Why would women not be seen for who they are and respected and honored for bringing forth life? Honor and respect both those that had a hand in creation (your mother and your father). Honor and respect that which gave you your breath of life and what which sustains you in life (Gaia).

There are those that would see the earth destroyed. Why would we destroy that which we are and think it is in the best interest of the souls evolution?


love is the unifing force that holds everything together


Perhaps we would be better served to appreciate life. Perhaps it would do the world a world of good to honor and respect the breathe of life. Perhaps it would serve the evolution of consciousness to honor and respect that which gave us life (our mother and our father). Perhaps it would serve us to honor and respect that which gave us the breathe of life. Perhaps it would serve us to honor and respect that which sustains us in life (Gaia). Perhaps it would serve the evolution of the soul to have ‘right thinking’ and take ‘right action’. What have we collectively been choosing? Will you choose to restore your relationship with your true nature and with your natural world?

our imblanced nature

We have acted and reacted from our fear that we would not be taken care of. We have been acting and reacting from our fear of not having enough or being enough, We have acted and reacted from our misguided feelings of lack.  To what or whom have we lost our trust in the Universe to provide for us? There for we have lost trust in our self you see?  The earth gives freely of herself for our substance. When or how did we move out of a trusting and loving heart into wanting to control reality with the limitations of the intellectual mind? When or how did we move into the consciousness of concurring life rather that dancing with life? Does anyone know when fear was introduced into the equation?


There are those that think they are running the game and they are also pawns to their own limited perception. Wake up!! We are all members of the family of light! There is only one soul, there is only one source of life and we are IT. Let us come together as ONE!! Why would we destroy that which we are for a paycheck and/or idealize? it is said “know your enemy”. Clearly my only enemy is ignorance. Can I combat the ignorance of others that do not have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to know the truth? It is resonance thing? Can we be in resonance with each other and support the breathe of life?


For that which we have created out of our misalignment out of our fear IT will be returned to its source and made new again.

 Choose to unfetter your heart and listen to the loving and gentle heart beating in your chest!! Surrender the mind, surrender that which wishes to control life to your unfettered heart. Please dear ones, listen to your Divinity,  listen to the impulse of your soul and take right action!!  


Image may contain: night and text

For more information you can follow the link below.


Let there be ‘LIGHT’ the light of truth!

Let there be ‘LOVE’ the infinite intelligence from whence ALL LIFE is made manifest.

love is the unifing force that holds everything together

❤ Know that I love you very much!!! ❤

Please listen to the following videos for a deeper understanding of your known Universe.

Path of Wayshowers: DVD 22-01 Children of Terra

Gold Ring 54A Terra and Soul Family of Light


The following blog post  was written when i thought about writing a love letter to my children. It is a vision I continue to hold in my heart!


Thank you to my beautiful cosmic sister Neyaphaya Carylya who was so helpful in assisting me with maintaining my body’s frequency when I needed it the most: I love you dear heart.








Global healing!!












repair dna







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