Who Is The Real Mother Teresa?

Will We Ever Know The Truth?

The above meme was published to Facebook and we have copied and pasted the comments attached to the photo:

Lucha Dorny:
May be an image of 1 person and text that says ‘DON’T YOU BE TALKING SMACK ABOUT MY DAD!’

Lucha Dorny Lmao “Father Terry”
Wait til they find out the rest of it all!

MahaKaal Ahaari
Male, angry, vatican agent, trafficker, money launderer, dic tater lover…long list…oh and heartless and uncaring about the suffering of the poor…also a soul thief…

Joey Papafagaj Hiortdahl
MahaKaal Ahaari yes, a harvester of souls…
Nikki Norberg
MahaKaal Ahaari Mother Theresa is a male?

Henri Steenaart
Insanity, isn’t even worth replying to.

Mandy Tie
Nikki Norberg yes!!

Nikki Norberg
Mandy Tie I’ve heard the other stuff but not that she was really a man. How do we know?

Don McCasland
Nikki Norberg they say Fauci is her son.

Frannie VP
Don McCasland Have heard that as well, wondering if its true

Mandy Tie
Don McCasland “his” 😂

Mandy Tie
Nikki Norberg I believe there may have been an original female version, but this one is definitely Male & running child trafficking.

Nikki Norberg
Mandy Tie she’s dead though..

Mandy Tie
Nikki Norberg there may have been multiple over “her” lifespan is what I meant

Jimmy FE
Fauci is her daughter.

Joan Moore
Her order is being prosecuted for child trafficking.
Mother Teresa was a monster.

MahaKaal Ahaari
Joan Moore Yes…

Mary Bourbon
Just remember all the lies they tell about people nowadays.
Don’t believe everything you read

Joan Moore
Mary Bourbon I believe Christopher Hitchens and he wrote a whole book and did a documentary on her.
MT was a monster. And now her order has been prosecuted for child trafficking by the Indian government.
Don’t believe the MSM and the Vatican when it … See more

Layuom La
May be a black-and-white image of 2 people

Layuom La
May be an image of 2 people, people standing and text that says ‘a a a alamy a amy alamy alamy a alamy stock photo B4XGJX www.alamy.com www lamy .com’

Layuom La
Giselle Maxwell father.

Mandy Tie
Mother Teresa’s charity is being investigated for child trafficking
Mother Teresa’s charity is being investigated for child trafficking
Mother Teresa’s charity is being investigated for child trafficking

Mandy Tie
May be an image of 4 people and people standing

Mandy Tie
May be an image of 3 people and text that says ‘_arkham_knight_ n case you did not know, know Dr. Fauci is the son of the largest child trafficker on this planet.” Yes connect the dots’

Joan Moore
Mandy Tie I never heard that before today. Do we have any evidence of that?
MT was a monster and so is Fauci, maybe that is the connection.

Nicole Personette
She was a man a human trafficker.

Dwayne Johnson
Father Teresa was a human trafficker and quite sadistic!

Desiree Gross
It aint funny… but it’s true.

Laura Leonard
don’t forget the damil lama! pop all the bubbles at once!

Reveca Gomez
Everything is a lie, Neo

Jimmy FE
He trafficked and abused children. They got sold for their adr3no and other. Sick, sick world.

Carlos Garcia
“Father Teresa” was more like it.

Peta Symone
It would be suffering in hell, you hurt gods children, hell is the only place for you.

Gary Koons
May be an image of 2 people and text that says ‘How much of a conspiracy theorist are you? Me: PIC.COLLAGE’

Rubio Laylo Loriza
That’s his dad that ain’t nobodies mother

Georgia Gia
Faucis father

Amber Nicole Smith
Apparently fact checkers say his mother’s name was Eugenia, which I find freaky because names and words are powerful and he’s obsessed with Eugenics. And either way, Mother Teresa and Fauci are death cult dynasty lineage 100%.
May be an image of one or more people


As we are not friends with the creator of the post, we were unable to leave a comment: leaving it here:

Symbols, numbers, and words are neutral and only hold meaning for the ones that created them. It is the carrier wave of our emotions that brings a vibration to the symbol. We are the ones bringing meaning to them and to life.

These symbols have no special power the subconscious mind once we have the eyes to see. Why are people buying in to the corruption of sacred symbols for the purpose of mind control?

The longest distance to travel is the distance from the brain-mind (the limitation of the mental prison) to the heart (infinite awareness and infinite intelligence, radiant love and infinite potential and unlimited possibilities). Will thou join us for the later?

Stupidity/ignorance/ arrogance and lies and fear is trumped by truth and love every day of the week. Will thou join us for the later?

Know that these folks that are demented have used a statue of Baphomet when torturing babies in their obscene Satanic Rituals of abuse and sacrifice to corrupt the true meaning of Baphomet.

Everything is seen through the eyes of the beholder. Seeing with the eyes of the higher self is seeing with the eyes of truth and love!

It is up to us to decipher for ourselves what has been created as a result of being stuck in the “false light matrix” the “matrix of lies” and the “natural world”.

When we first woke up to the fact that nothing of this world is as it appears we became an avid researcher. After 22 years of solid research internally and on the outer reality it is made clear that we are given a distorted truth.

The following video was one to the videos that woke me up to the fact that the “Catholic Church” the Roman Draconian Cult is not what most people believe. It is upon closer examination that we come to realize that it is a Death Cult and the founding members and “select” members practice Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice.

Odd really that we ignore the fact that the drinking of the wine (representing the blood of the Christ” and the eating of the wafer (the flesh of the Christ) is a representation of cannibalism.

Shocking Confession of Sister Charlotte, Former Roman Catholic Nun

Let’ s just leave it up to the church to clean up its abusive ways?

The people that have allowed this really need psychiatric help to protect the ego-personality-mind-spirit.

If the “superior nuns” express anger at the women speaking the truth where is the love in this?

It really is time to acknowledge that religion has been created to keep mankind in lower states of consciousness.

When will we align with who and what we truly are?

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