Actualizing Your Divine Design!

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“As the energies lift the veil of forgetfulness of who we truly are many will get confused and think this is evil and move away from the truth while others will begin to embrace and accept it. There will be Major Changes throughout the Organized Religions of the world as the ONE TRUTH arises that We are All Sparks of the Divine always connected. We and Everything is God. God is Love. We are Love. It really IS that simple. But, because of the Lies perpetuated to keep people in fear so that they could Control YOU, they complicate it, so you do not remember YOU hold the Power of Love inside everyone of YOU!

Full disclosure of all the deceptions and self-deceptions! All masks will vanish! LOVE WILL SHINE BRIGHT AND FEAR BASED LIVING WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST!!!!” Dawn Siddons

It is when we know the power of the spoken word and use the words, we speak constructively that we make huge ripples upon the fabric of creation.

Would you agree that it is time to self-empower so that we can assist others?

To be self-empowered we must know how the members of the “Legal Society” have convoluted the law and usurped the courtroom and we must know that the “legislators” have no power over us. It will be beneficial for all people that are using the “laws” created by the members of the “Legal Society’ to know that we are the law in expression.

It is time to stop “buying” into the narrative and stop “buying” into fear. To self-empower we must align and fully embody the innate, intrinsic, immutable, and unalienable intelligence that we are. This is when we step into fearlessness and remember. The time has come to remember that which we had forgotten, it is now time to remember the Divine Design. Now it is time to remember your Divine Design and shine.

The generational pedophile families that created the “Legal Society and created “mystery schools” and “secret societies” have been very strategic tricking people into their web of lies. They shared only what they want non-family members to know. They have been highly organized with their occult practices using invocation, incantations, using word spells and projecting their verson of reality to exert their will. They have over many generations put into place a system designed to rob us of our innate and intrinsic abilities by deliberately subjecting us to trauma strategically designed to violate our ability to think rationally.

It is time for those people that are still blind to the facts regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice and how these rituals have been used for eons to manipulate our experience of life. It is time to forgive ourselves and to drop all shame, blame, and guilt so that we can realize it is us that are unwittingly participating in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice by voting, going to work, and paying taxes.

If we are not involved in buying and selling, then we should be free from paying taxes. It is up to use to fully realize that everything is prepaid. As the end user we are not supposed to be paying out of pocket for any necessity of life…

It took me 22 years to figure out the deception and to fully realize the power of the spoken word and how to use our voice to align with the intelligence field in order to actualize the Divine Design….

My soul sister pam sent me an audio recording of a book called “the game of life and how to play it” and after listening to the video ie was inspired to write and share some invocations and incantations. ie-I have found them to be very effective, you should to.

If you would like to listen to the audio recording of the novel that inspired my action it is published to the online article titled “Actualizing The Divine Design”, link below…

Most people know the power of prayer, but are we “praying” in a way that makes us “prey” to those that have taken on the role of a shark or that of a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

It is my wish that no one has anything looming over them and that everyone is free to be a sovereign autonomous being empowered to their personal dominion and private domain moving forward fearlessly…

The words below are written in a way to self-empower us to align with the intelligence that created universes so that we are self-actualized and experiencing life the way it is designed to be experienced, in joy.

❤ It is up to us to use the power of the spoken word constructively ❤

❤ to invoke the life ❤

❤ we were always meant to experience uniquely and collectively ❤

❤ Has the oversoul shown you ❤

❤ your heaven on earth yet ❤

❤ so that you know what ❤

❤ heaven on earth looks like ❤

❤ if so ❤

❤ this is what we should be focusing on ❤

❤ Clear all doubt ❤

❤ that is keeping us ❤

❤ from having faith and trust ❤

❤ that this is ours ❤

❤ by ❤

❤ Divine Right/Rite ❤

❤ put your right hand up in front of you with the palm facing the body ❤

❤ now take your left hand and ❤

❤ put the palm directly over top of the right hand ❤

❤ now touch your thumbs together pointing upward ❤

❤ fingers spread apart ❤

❤ this is the hand mudra for the Dove Frequencies ❤

❤ moving your fingers ❤

❤ moving the hands towards the body

placing your hands over the physical heart ❤

❤ invite the Dove Frequencies ❤

❤ to surround and infuse the physical heart<3

❤ clearing and purifying the heart with ❤

❤ The Freedom of Love ❤

❤ Set the energetic intention to invoke a feeling of love, appreciation, and gratitude ❤

❤ Intentionally think of all the times in life where your body felt loved and appreciated ❤

Now, set the intention to call forth the Christ Light from within, have it flow up into every cell with the breath.

With your eyes closed and with your spiritual sight see all things in your environment radiating with Christ Light… then set the intention to have this Christ Light(purified information of the superconscious mind) and the frequency of love from the external world flow into your hands that you are now holding over your physical heart with the intention to flow this light and love into your physical heart do this using your breath; with each breath flow this light and the frequency of purified love; with the breath flow this frequency of Divine Love energy from within and without into your physical heart infusing the heart with Christ Light, the frequency of ullu love (unconditional love love love unconditional love).

❤ What does heaven on earth look like to you? ❤

The frequency of Christ Light has all the information in it to fully comprehend the present moment of now… set the intention of calling up all the situations in your life experience through all lifetimes, alternate timelines, into this moment to be infused with this Christ Light…

❤ This is super charging the heart with your purified frequency of love that comes from within you and without through your hands, then see the super charged blood flowing out of the heart and going to every cell and organ in your body ❤

❤ Record yourself saying the following close your eyes and listen to the recording you made 3x…

“Infinite Divine Spirit ie-I invoke radiant love to be expressed through me… ie-I cast all burdens, all thought forms that are not for my highest and best good, on the superconscious mind the Christ Within. ie-I now go free from the conditioned-carnal mind and all that has not and is not serving my highest and best good…

It is my desire to express the Divine Idea for my body and affairs. ie-I know under the Divine Plan, all is perfectly perfect. In other words, for the Divine Design there is only completion and infinite supply…

Lord equals law, and ie-I am this law in expression.

ie-I now harmonize and clear all thoughts in the conscious and subconscious mind that are not aligned with the Divine Design. My ways are ways of pleasantness, when ie-I picture peace, harmony, grace, balance, and pleasantness it shall manifest, this is the way, it is the law….ie-I now desire to see only peace, harmony, grace, balance, and pleasantness…

ie-I invoke the feeling of deep appreciation and gratitude and give thanks under grace and by the law of one-the law of love for all my experiences….

Destiny means the place ie-I am destined to fulfill and ie-I am now open to aligning with my destiny, show me this Divine Design so that ie-I can actualize it.

Have my mind, body, and spirit be the expression of infinite intelligence that knows not defeat, that only knows success…

ie-I surrender and allow for this expansion into the Divine Plan of my life where ie-I fulfill my destiny. The goal for my life is where all conditions are perfectly perfect..

Now that ie-I am aware of how ie-I created karmic rebound ie-I am now devoted to resolving all karmic ties and direct the removal off all cords that are keeping me bound and/or draining my energy to the people when there was damage to the mind, body, or spirit… ie-I now set the intention of restoration to wholeness and wholesomeness for each of us.

My fall into chaos and experiences of complication was when ie-I was following old programming based in the falsities of fear and allowed myself to be influenced by when not listening to my infinite intelligence, not intuiting my way out of situation is what caused me misery…

Intuition is my spiritual faculty the super-conscious mind. ie-I now redeem my reasoning mind and trust in spiritual law and know that all shall be given to me and everyone else that is ours by Divine Rite/Right…my ego mind is now aligned with my purified and open heart and is now receptive to infinite intelligence…. fulfilling my destiny by following my own divine guidance is my gift to the world…

Am now as good a receiver as ie-I am a giver…. and with open arms receive that which is mine by Divine Rite/Right

Evil is born of fear and is unreal and leaves no stain or scar…. ie-I now surrender personal will and open to Divine Will, my heart is now aligned with my Divinity, am aligned with Divine Will, my will and God’s will are one.. one love….

ie-I am now open to receive insight into this situation so that it falls away on it’s own…

ie-I am strong in Spiritual Law-the Law of One-the Law of Love and the power of its might. Power means dominion and dominion means control over my personal domain… my peace is my resolve… the situation is resolved when ie-I stay fast under Spiritual Law-the Law of One-the Law of Love..

The Divine Plan is the only plan… All power is given me to bring heaven to earth.. the Lord is my light and salvation and knows not fear… ie-I know only love, so ie-I have no enemies..

ie-I meet every thought with authority… My supply comes from me as the source of creation, therefore there are no hard times in the kingdom.

My appreciation is in appreciating the moment for what it reveals. Nothing can interfere with the Divine Design or interfere with my divinely designed success. ie-I only desire that which Infinite Intelligence designed through me, all situation orchestrated by that is in not aligned with the Divine Design no longer has any influence. ie-I now and forever more claim that which is mine by Divine Right and under grace and by the law of one the law of love is the perfect way.

The walls of lack, limitation, delay crumble away and we enter the promised land under grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love which is here now in the perfect way, with grace, ease, and glory…

The right situation is here now and cannot be interfered with… the path is clear and set in gold. What so every things are just and pure, what so ever things are lovely, are made manifest in accordance with the Divine Plan.. have it be made manifest now or give me its equivalent.

ie-I give thanks under grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that it happens now in the perfect way, with grace, ease, and glory….

Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth, Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth, Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth

by the power of 3x3x3 ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so and so it is, it is done, so be it….”

We are the lord (law) inexpression…. all else is poppycock…pure rubbish…

Know that ie-I love you very much….

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The phrase Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth is well known by many. Here is a link talking about it…

Ancient Hebrew, probably the most powerful healing mantra ever, given to me by an Ascended Master on earth (Paul the Apostle) very old.

Another text translates as this:

“This chant translates to “Holy holy holy, the Lord God of Hosts”. It is sung by the angelic choirs at the Throne of God. It invokes high frequencies that embrace the chanter or meditator in grace, love, and protection and guides us on the path to ascension.


Read the following and record yourself saying it….

Do the same as above with your hands over your heart….

Infinite Divine Spirit-ie-I invoke radiant love to flow through me, free me from all that is burdening me and making me feel sad, resentful, angry, etc.. The light of the Christ Within now transcends and transmutes all fear, doubt, hurts, anger, and resentment all shame, blame, guilt is washed away from my conscious and subconscious mind.. cosmic love pours through me an irresistible magnetic current. ie-I see only prefect and draw to me my own Divine Love . This Love is free to flow through me now dissolves all seeming obstacles and makes clear easy and successful my way.

ie-I love everyone, everyone loves me. My apparent enemy now becomes my friend a golden link in the chain of my good. The reality is that there is only oneness, ie-I am one with God and one with God’s love, ie-I am one with the earth, ie-i am one with all life…

ie-I hand over all my burdens, all fears, doubts, hurts, and resentments by casing them on the superconscious mind the Christ Within…

My psyche is now free from all fear, doubts, hurt, and resentment my poise is built on the rock the Christ Within. ie-I am at peace with myself and the whole world. ie-I love everyone, and everyone loves me. The flood gates of my good are now open… ie-I have imprinted the conscious and subconscious with good, righteousness, grace, and love, As I am one with source, the undivided one, ie-I am one with my undivided love and undivided happiness.

❤ eternal love is mine ❤

The invocations and incantations above were inspired after listening to the audio recordings of some of the novels written by florence shovel shinn… florence inspired 1000’s of people in the late 1800 to the mid 1900’s and now her novels are inspiring millions…

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