Actualizing The Divine Design!

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This article came about as a way for me to record and be able to access quick and easy tools for being able to deal with suppressed memories as a result of abuse and PTSD and to share what works for me. The information shared here is the result of taking steps to self-motivate, self-educate, self-heal, and self-empower.

Note: we have chosen to take an active role in not supporting the dysfunctional world and to share what we have discovered through self-examination internally and externally what is driving the world we are experiencing.

Ever since discovering that the word “you” is defined in the United States Codes as “someone who owes a debt to the United States” we have made a conscious and conscientious choice to replace the word “you” with the words, “thee”, “thou”, and “one” and are replacing the word “your” with the word “thine.”

If or when a man finds him/herself in court and the judge refers to him/her using the word “you” and the man does not object, then it is assumed that he/she accepts this definition. It is the rules they have set up as their “law”.

Their maxim of law: “he who would be deceived let them”.

It’s a Roman Cult maxim of law which basically means that if you are ignorant enough to not know who you are [a flesh and blood spirit filled being – NOT a corporation], then you deserve to be tricked [by your/every government which is ruled by the Vatican].

Truth is we are unaware of that the capitalized name ake “Legal Name” or “Legal Person” exists only on paper, and we have no idea that the people trained in Law Enforcement are not actually educated in Due Process of Law they are instead many falsities regarding the statutes, codes, ordinances, etc. that we are told is law.

“Maxims are components of presumptions known to law. The history of rules of presumption is succinctly given in W. S. Wordsworth’s History of English Law, Volume IX, thus:

From time to time the ordinary process of reasoning have suggested various inferences, which have been treated by the courts in different ways. Sometimes they are treated as more or less probable inferences of fact; and it is possible, though by no means certain, that in the remote past most presumptions originated as mere presumptions of facts. Just as in the case of judicial notice, the courts, as a matter of common sense, assumed the existence of matters of common knowledge without further proof, so they easily drew an obvious inference from facts proved or
admitted, and thus created a presumption, as common sense dictated”.

Source: https:://

In actuality the Legal Name fraud is not disclosed to us. We have no idea that the capitalized name given to us comes with the assumptions and presumptions of the ones that created it. Those in law enforcement are made to believe that it represents a ‘business”. If it is a business, then where is the contract? In fact, there is no valid contract.

These clearing statements and activations shared below are my desire to clear and activate my own Subconscious Mind-Attractor Field-Aura that flows through and around my body from all conflicting ideas and limiting thoughts that may be keeping my conscious and subconscious mind and autonomic nervous system and emotional field in a state of cause and effect, fight or flight, and in the state of karmic rebound, also known as “comeback”.

God dwells in you, as you, and you don’t have to do anything to be God realized, it is already your true and natural state” Sri Ramana Maharishi

The tools shared here are designed to clear the programming and move the spirit, emotional logos, and mental logos into a state of purity, to fully activate the Original Template, the Blueprint, of the Divine Design in order to align with the Divine Plan for our life experience.

ie-I was looking for the perfect daily spiritual practice to stop giving over my bodies innate and intrinsic intelligence to the external world and fully embody all that has been shown to me as my potential in human form and experience life in peace, love, and happiness. Thou might already have a spiritual practice and can easily fit these exercises into your practice as they are effective and efficient.

What is being shared here is inspired by years of self-observation, information received by guides in other dimensions and by the teachings of Florence Shovel Shinn. Florence is a metaphysician that lived from September 24, 1871, to October 17, 1940, and is inspired by my own esoteric experiences and guidance from the Higher Self, guided by the infinite intelligence, the Christ Within, throughout life and is infused with what ie-I have discovered in the many years as a meditation instructor and lover of life.

Thou will find links below to the audio recordings of two of Florence’s novels, one titled “The Game of Life and How to Play It” and the other titled “The Power of The Spoken Word” for those interested in exploring her work. ie-I recommend people listen to both of the audio recordings.

By incessantly pursuing within yourself the question “who am I?” you will know your true self and thereby attain perfection”. Venkataraman Ramana

Thou has a unique gift that only thou can do and are intended to share with the world, this information is designed so that thou can activate this gift and clear the field to give thou clear passage to do what it is thou came here to do and to be who thou came here to be.

Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world” Sri Ramana Maharshi

As the energies lift the veil of forgetfulness it is best to be prepared for that which is being revealed. If ie-I would have known better ie-I would have put tools in place to keep my thought on what ie-I want and take time to maintain the frequency of my ego-personality-mind-spirit. The more people that can embrace the wounded aspect of self the better. Then we can be there for others that may be struggling.

There will be Major Changes throughout the Organized Religions of the world as the ONE TRUTH arises that We are All Sparks of the Divine, always have been always will be. The idea that we connected or disconnected is a perceptual misunderstanding. All that is required is to make a dimensional shift in our perception of self.

We are source, put thine hand over thine heart and drop into the intelligence of thine own heart.

Everything is God. God is the launching pad of creation, the awareness field, the intelligence and frequency of love, the life force that flows through everything and it is the manifestation of this intelligence. We are the frequency of love. Fear does not exist in the presence of the intelligence and radiant love from which the natural world is made manifest.

We know when we are not being our authentic self when we are feeling and expressing anger, resentment, shame, blame, guilt, regret, grief. We are made to belief that these are “normal” human emotions which is a lie. For anyone that has experienced returning to their core self-consciously knows that these expressions of fear do not exist. If they do not exist at the core of our being, then they are not natural.

Fear is the side effect of perceiving ourselves as separate from source and separate from each other, this state resulted in the creation of the “false self”. This “false self” is the alter-ego-personality-mind-spirit is the aspect of self that is operating from the intellectual-carnal-conditioned mind.

We are expressing our “true self” the “authentic self” when we are fully aligned with the Superconscious mind the Christ Within.

Years ago, while writing an article the higher aspect of self said to me, “transcend and transmute all with the energy frequency of love to allow for the transfiguration”. It was only recently that ie-I read this and wondered why ie-I had forgotten the instruction.

It really is that simple. But, because of the Lies perpetuated to keep people in fear they have been able to hold a “false reality” in place. It is up to us to break free from the mental prison and close the doors for good. The human design is not equipped to handle any form of abuse and especially not torture. Forgetting is a natural human instinct, it is the subconscious minds way of protecting itself, it is a survival mechanism. Having us believe that the corrupt emotional field is normal has kept us from fully knowing the Power of Love, this Power of Love is inside everyone and everything.

Full disclosure of all the deceptions and self-deceptions! All masks will vanish! LOVE WILL SHINE BRIGHT AND FEAR BASED LIVING WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST!!!!

It is when we know the power of the spoken word and use the words, we speak constructively that we make huge ripples upon the fabric of creation.

Would thou agree that it is time to self-empower so that we can assist others?

To be self-empowered we must know how the members of the “Legal Society” have convoluted the law and usurped the courtroom and we must know that the “legislators” have no power over us. It will be beneficial for all people that are using the “laws” created by the members of the “Legal Society’ to know that we are the law in expression.

It is time to stop “buying” into the narrative and stop “buying” into fear. To self-empower we must align and fully embody the innate, intrinsic, immutable, and unalienable intelligence that we are. This is when we step into fearlessness and remember. The time has come to remember that which we had forgotten, it is now time to remember the Divine Design. Now it is time to remember your Divine Design and shine.

The generational pedophile families that created the “Legal Society and created “mystery schools” and “secret societies” have been very strategic tricking people into their web of lies. They share only what they want non-family members to know. They have been highly organized with their occult practices using invocation, incantations, using word spells and projecting their verson of reality to exert their will. They have over many generations put into place a system designed to rob us of our innate and intrinsic abilities by deliberately subjecting us to trauma strategically designed to violate our ability to think rationally. The thing is once the illusion has been revealed the illusionist loses their strangle hold, once the magic trick is seen the fascination with the magician dissipates, the magician loses his/her magic.

It is time for those people that are still blind to the facts regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice and how these rituals have been used for eons to manipulate our experience of life. It is time to forgive ourselves and to drop all shame, blame, and guilt so that we can realize it is us that are unwittingly participating in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice by voting, going to work, and paying taxes.

If we are not involved in buying and selling, then we should be free from paying taxes. It is up to us to fully realize that everything is prepaid. As the end user we are not supposed to be paying out of pocket for any necessity of life…

It took me 22 years to figure out the deception and to fully realize the power of the spoken word and how to use our voice to align with the intelligence field in order to actualize the Divine Design…. Even when we know the truth our programming can interfere with what we are wanting. And is why it is advisable to be very diligent in what we think about and how we write our thoughts down onto paper.

My soul sister pam sent me an audio recording of a book called “the game of life and how to play it” and after listening to the video ie was inspired to write and share some invocations and incantations. ie-I have found them to be very effective, everyone should too.

If thou would like to listen to the audio recording of the novel that inspired my action it is published to the online article titled “Actualizing The Divine Design”, link below…

Most people know the power of prayer, but are we “praying” in a way that makes us “prey” to those that have taken on the role of a shark or that of a wolf in sheep’s clothing go un-noticed? Now with eyes cleared we can see them clearly.

It is my wish that no one has anything looming over them and that everyone is free to be a sovereign autonomous being empowered to their personal dominion and private domain moving forward fearlessly…

We are the ones that hold the key!

No one can open the gates of our own mental prison except us!

We are now being reminded that water holds memories, and we can intentionally restore the water using our life force.

For as long as ie-I can remember ie-I have had this inner voice that would guide me. it was like being visited by a loving brother when my mind was still. Once day while resting in the tub meditating when my children were very young ie-I was instructed to put a crystal in the water container.

When my oldest daughter was around 6 years old, she opened my eyes to how we can affect the molecular structure of the water with our thoughts and by flowing our energy into the water. She demonstrated how the power of the frequency of a child’s grace, innocence, and pure love affects water. ie-I had been in the living room and stood up to see her standing in front of the fridge with an ice-cube tray full of water.

It was puzzling for me, and ie-I was wondering why she was not opening the fridge. So, after a few minutes ie-I asked her “sweetheart what are you doing?” She said, “I’m putting my love in the water mommy”.

The next day when we went to get some ice out of the freezer there were water crystals that had grown out of the water while it froze.

This demonstration became a game between her little sister and her, they would have a contest to see who could grow the most water crystals.

All words are word spells and is why it is called “spelling”. It is up to us to make a conscious and conscientious choice to speak in a way that is beneficial to what we are wanting. When in doubt ask questions then still the mind and listen.

The human body is a multidimensional expression of electromagnetic, chemical, energy in expression as a conscious point of awareness, living breathing sensing and feeling biological being.

Thoughts are things and exist as a magnetic impulse of energy and emotions are electromagnetic energy expressing as a frequency either expressed as light or density….the later creates a distortion field and is harmful to the crystalline structure of the water molecules of the body. The words we use are neutral until they are expressed on a carrier wave of energy as a result of the emotions generated and projected upon the fabric of creation.

The energy of the mind-aura flows as a torus field.

Thoughts are things, they are light. Some people can see this field, it was after meditating in the vortexes of Sedona that ie-I opened my sense of sight to tap into this dimension. Every thought we think, every word we speak when carried on the carrier wave of the emotional field are either supporting well-being or they are counter intuitive to well-being. The body’s natural state is to be well-being. Death, disease, and dying is not our natural state. We have been conned to believe death, sickness, disease, and dying is normal… it is all about harmonizing the corrupt emotional field… Greg Braden reveals in the following video that frequency is everything… the frequency of the energy generated via artificial means and by our own voice is either destructive or conducive to health and wellbeing. It is either supporting life or supporting the death of the body.

We are either supporting the health of the ego-personality-mind-spirit or we are causing fracturing of it with the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the emotions we generate and project… the image we have of ourselves is extremely important to what we think, how we think, what we feel, what we express as, etc…

The following video

The following documentary about water demonstrates the amazing qualities of water. It is up to us to use this knowledge to enhance the human experience:

“If You Drink Water You Should Watch This! Amazing Secret of Water – Influenced With Sounds & Intent!”

The subconscious when fully comprehended is an ally until then it can be likened to an enemy… it is a tricky bugger.

It was after sharing the process that was revealed to me that ie-I came to realize how distorted our perception of self and each other actually is. There are people that have been born from people that know only the energy frequency of fear and have no concept of the purified heart. This influences how they think and what they know to be true.

Working with people that are overly identified with their story is different than for those that have known the feeling of love and that have experienced themselves as a non-physical expression of energy and pure awareness.

It was not so long ago that we came to realize that there are people that deliberately participate in what is called “Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice Circles/Rings”. As odd as it sounds, these people involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice as a religious practice actually believe that it is their Divine Mission to spread “negativity” on purpose.

When we are honest with ourselves, we will see that we are actually covertly recruited to participate in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice once we are registered with the “Live Birth Form”. Accepting the corrupt emotional field as normal is actually self-abuse.

Reconciling and finding resolution for the situation we are co-creating requires honesty and the ability to step forward from a place of harmony and balance.

The people that are recognizing their dissociative state with our many ego-personalities as a result of being abused and in many cases tortured and taking an active role in their own recovery are the real heroes of this world. How can we move forward when we are not being honest with ourselves?

When we are present to hear the voice of others and hear the stories, they share that we can grow in our comprehension of the world we are interacting with.

In the following video doug a survivor of Mk Ultra & S.R.A. and the host gabbi chong share their insights on how to be free from the trauma as a result of being abused.

“Incredible survivor Doug joins me today to speak about his journey from tragedy to victory. There are so many amazing and powerful techniques that we each may empower ourselves with. You can use these simple yet powerful tools in the comfort of your home or wherever you are and they are absolutely free. We share the tools we have learned over years of healing and what we would love to be able to send back to younger versions of ourselves.” gabbi chong

The following video titled “Aishe Spark on Tavi stock, living with a dissociative trauma response and healing through art” gabbi chong interview the brilliant SRA survivor aisha spark.

Gabbi wrote , “this week I enjoyed connecting with incredible survivor Aishe joining us again to describe the highly organised Tavistock set up here in Australia.

Tavistock is the corporatisation of military intelligence mind control that is today being unleashed on the masses, the brain of their operations.

Tavistock was in Australia from the 50’s and Aisha speaks of nodes being set up in Ballarat, Geelong and Bendigo. Tavistock is the corporatisation of mk research, unleashed on the mass population to control the narrative. The micro to the macro.

Aisha describes how the ‘family’ cult in Australia were deeply imbedded in the set up & operation of these extensive programs.

They have their tentacles in every part of our society and Aishe does a brilliant job connecting so many dots through her lived experience and lifetime of research Aisha seeks to expose their very BIG little secret.

Aussie children have & still are being exploited in systematic highly organised programs on an industrial scale that is horrifically shocking. As a survivor with dissociative identity Aisha explains the complexity of living with a fragmented mind, body & soul”

Aishe Spark and the conglomerate as Researchers / Historians prepared the following books specifically for the presentation interview with Gabbi Choong on “Truth Justice and Freedom for Children.” Her Historians and Researchers wanted the viewers to understand Fiona Barnett. Wendy Hoffman, Alison Miller and the other Authors’ work is historical. Whether you are a survivor of any trauma looking for answers and trying to understand, a person who has awaken to the deception or even someone just entering the realization of what is happening the following could assist you in that journey. Remember these are real people with real experiences and insights to the darkness that has been hidden. It’s time the journey to truth is spread throughout every nation of this planet”.

These people that have decided to break their programming and share their experiences are the real heroes of this world. Below is a recording of the testimony of krisy allen in front of a panel of people. It is unclear what the point of the testimony is when the people that heard the testimony have not done anything to correct have the people involved institutionalized and treated for their afflictions.

After watching some of the videos from this ITNJ Judicial Commission it appears that they are exposing the problem on so many levels. Are steps being taken to clean up the way we do business on earth?

We should never give over our memories to a higher being. When we invite the experience of seeing with the eyes of our “authentic self” we gain insight and see from the place of neutrality. The infinite intelligence and radiant love of the “Higher Self”, the “Super Conscious Mind, the “Christ Within” has the ability to transcend and transmute all frequencies that are not of it. The many expressions of fear, anger, resentment, shame, blame, guilt, regret, etc. Are the driving force of what we are calling “negative” experiences. They are a side effect of the “illusion of separation”.

Why do we continue to keep ourselves out of vibrational harmony with all aspects of self? In other words, why do we believe it to be normal to have a “Higher Self” and a “Lower Self”?

The lower density thoughts and manifestation is created as a result of learning fear. The expressions of fear are transcended and transmuted in the presence of the awareness field, the infinite intelligence and radiant love, the life force that makes manifest the cosmos.

❤ I am that I am… ❤

Years ago, the “Super Conscious Mind” the Christ Within” the “Higher Self” said, “transcend and transmute all with the frequency of love and allow for the transfiguration”. Am not sure why we did not take these words to heart, now we have decided to take an active role in doing just that.

The words below are written in a way to self-empower the reader to align with the intelligence that created universes in order to self-actualized and experiencing life the way it is designed to be experienced, in joy.

It is up to us to use the power of the spoken word constructively

to invoke the life

we were always meant to experience uniquely and collectively.

Has the oversoul shown thou

thine heaven on earth yet

so that thou know what

heaven on earth looks like?

if so,

this is what we should be focusing on.

It is advisable to

clear all doubt

that is keeping thee

from having faith and trust

that this is thine


Divine Right

Put thine right hand up in front of thine body with the palm facing the body

now take thine left hand and

put the palm directly over top of the right hand

now touch thine thumbs together pointing upward [the head of the dove]

fingers spread apart [the wings of the dove]

this is the hand mudra for the Dove Frequencies

set the energetic intention of magnetizing thine palms

now wiggle thine fingers back and forth

now wave thine hands up and down Infront of the body

set the energetic intention of dawning all discarnate thinking and lower density

thoughts and manifested energy

Place the hands over the high heart, the thymus gland, and release this energy

into the thymus gland with the intention of sending it to the core of thine

being where it is transcended and transmuted into pure love;

now move thine hands

over the physical heart

invite the Dove Frequencies

to surround and infuse the physical heart

clearing and purifying the heart with

❤ The Freedom of Love ❤

A purified heart gives us the ability to see clearly and to
hear the voice of our inner being

Set the energetic intention to invoke a feeling

of love, appreciation, and gratitude

Intentionally think of all the times in life where thine body felt

loved and appreciated

Now, set the intention to call forth the Christ Light from within,

think and say “ie-i love and appreciate myself and all that is held in fear” say it

over and over again until thou feel a shift in the

frequency of the physical heart

now focus on the super charged blood that is infused with purified light and

the frequency of Divine Love

going through the heart and flowing out of the heart

into every area of the body

have it flow up into every cell with the rhythm of thine heartbeat.

Set the intention of aligning thine heartbeat with the heartbeat of the earth

and the heart beat of the cosmos, the womb of life

With thine eyes closed and with thine spiritual sight see all things in thine environment radiating with Christ Light… then set the intention to have this Christ Light(purified information of the superconscious mind) and the frequency of love from the external world flow into thine hands that thou are now holding over thine physical heart with the intention to flow this light and love into thine physical heart do this using thine breath; with each breath flow this light and the frequency of purified love; with the breath flow this frequency of Divine Love energy from within and without into thine physical heart infusing the heart with Christ Light, the frequency of ullu love (unconditional love love love unconditional love).

❤ What does heaven on earth look like to you? ❤

The awareness field with the energy of source, with the Super Conscious Mind and frequency of Christ Light, the radiant love that is thee has all the information in it to fully comprehend the present moment of now… set the intention of calling up all the situations in thine life experience through all lifetimes, alternate timelines, into this moment to be infused with this Christ Light…

❤ This is super charging the heart with thine purified frequency of love that comes from within thou and without through thine hands, set the intention to see the super charged blood flowing out from the heart into every cell of the body ❤

The following is designed to clear away the attachment the subconscious and conscious mind has to the ideas it has formed from what was read and what has been experienced during life “past” and “present” and “future”.

When we speak from our heart with the infinite and eternal awareness field and the intelligence of the source that we are starts going into motion to line things up for us. My problem has been getting too much into my head and forgetting to listen and look for the signposts.

Read the affirmation below and speak it outload or thou can record thine self-saying it. If thou have made a recording close thine eyes and listen to the recording, thou have made 3x… each time we listen it will go through more layers of our conditioning to reveal the truth….

” ie-I invoke radiant love to be expressed through me… ie-I cast all burdens, all thought forms that are not for my highest and best good, on the Superconscious Mind the Christ Within. ie-I embrace the wounded child held in the dark in my light and love, my ego-personality-mind-spirit goes free from the conditioned-carnal mind and all that has not and is not serving my highest and best good…

It is my desire to express the Divine Idea for my body and affairs. ie-I know under the Divine Plan, all is perfectly perfect. In other words, for the Divine Design there is only perfection and infinite supply…

Lord equals law, and ie-I am this law in expression.

ie-I now harmonize and clear all thoughts in the conscious and subconscious mind that are not aligned with the Divine Design. My ways are ways of pleasantness. And when ie-I hold a picture of peace, harmony, grace, balance, and pleasantness and feel it to be so it shall manifest, this is the way, it is the law….ie-I now desire to see only peace, harmony, grace, balance, and pleasantness be my experience and the experience of my loved ones…

ie-I invoke the feeling of deep appreciation and gratitude and give thanks under grace and by the law of one-the law of love for all my experiences….

Destiny means the place ie-I am destined to fulfill and ie-I am now open to aligning with my destiny, show me this Divine Design so that ie-I can actualize it.

Have my ego-personality-mind-spirit be the expression of infinite intelligence that knows not defeat, that only knows success…

ie-I surrender and allow for this expansion into the Divine Plan of my life where ie-I fulfill my destiny. The goal for my life is where all conditions are perfectly perfect..

Now that ie-I am aware of how ie-I created karmic rebound ie-I am now devoted to resolving all karmic ties and direct the removal off all cords that are keeping me bound to the “false self” and/or draining my energy to the people when there was damage to the ego-personality-mind-spirit… ie-I now set the intention of restoration to wholeness and wholesomeness for myself and all my loved ones.

My fall into chaos and experiences of complication was when ie-I was following old programming based in the falsities of fear and allowed myself to be influenced by illegitimate stories and when not listening to the infinite intelligence that is my birth right. It is when ie-I was unconscious and not intuiting my way through my life experiences that caused me misery…

Intuition is my spiritual faculty the super-conscious mind. ie-I now redeem my reasoning-carnal-conditioned mind and trust in spiritual law and know that all shall be given to me and everyone else that is ours by Divine Right…my ego-personality-mind- spirit is now aligned with my purified and open heart and is now receptive to the flow of infinite intelligence…. fulfilling my destiny by following my own divine guidance is my gift to the world…

Am now as good a receiver as ie-I am a giver…. and with open arms receive that which is mine by Divine Right

Evil is born of fear and is unreal and leaves no stain or scar…. ie-I now surrender personal will and open to Divine Will, my heart is now aligned with my Divinity, am aligned with Divine Will, my will and God’s will be one… one love….

ie-I am now open to receive insight into this situation so that it falls away on its own…

ie-I am strong in Spiritual Law-the Law of One-the Law of Love and the power of its might. Power means dominion and dominion means control over my personal domain… my peace is my resolve… the situation is resolved when ie-I stay fast under Spiritual Law-the Law of One-the Law of Love…

The Divine Plan is the only plan… All power is given me to bring heaven to earth… the Lord is my light and salvation and knows not fear… ie-I know only love, so ie-I have no enemies…

ie-I meet every thought with authority… My supply comes from me as the source of creation, therefore there are no hard times in the kingdom.

My appreciation is in appreciating the moment for what it reveals. Nothing can interfere with the Divine Design or interfere with my divinely designed success. ie-I only desire that which Infinite Intelligence designed through me, all situation orchestrated as a result of operating from the carnal-conditioned mind has no strangle hold on my experience, all that is not aligned with the Divine Design no longer has any influence.

ie-I now and forever more claim that which is mine by Divine Right and give thanks under grace and by the Law of One the Law of Love that it is here now in the perfect way.

The walls of abuse, self-abuse, lack, limitation, delay crumble away and we enter the promised land under grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love which is here now in the perfect way, with ease, and glory…

The right situation is here now and cannot be interfered with… the path is clear and set in gold. What so everything is just and pure, whatsoever things are lovely, are made manifest in accordance with the Divine Plan for me and all my loved ones… have it be made manifest now or give me its equivalent.

ie-I give thanks under grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that it happens now in the perfect way, with ease, and glory….


BLISScipline at the dawn of a new day will bring your brightest awakening and cleansing for the night will make your journeying bright, time to shed and wash away all that is keeping you from being you”.

Below is an incantation-affirmation to start the day to be proactive in setting the mood for the day.

It is beneficial to write this out on a piece of paper to keep on the fridge to remind us to go outside and sit with our feet on the ground [this is called “Earthing”] while we face the rising sun and say:

“Thy will be done this day, today is a perfect day, today is a day of completion. ie-I give thanks for this perfect day; miracles shall follow miracles and wonders shall never cease. Do not let me miss a word, a signpost, or an opportunity. ie-I know that there is only infinite supply; there is a supply for every demand; there is a supply for my demand. With my faith and trust restored, all that is mine by Divine Right flows to me know. ie-I gives thanks under grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that it is here now in the perfect way with ease and glory. If there is anything, any thought or manifestation interfering with this ie-I am willing to transcend and transmute this with my love and my light. Right/wrong, good/bad POD & POK, all infinite shorts boys and beyonds times a gazillion. By the power of 3x3x3 ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so and so it is it is done so be it”. Take a deep breath and set the intention to release it to the core of thine being. Do this 3 times.

The clearing statement “Right/wrong, good/bad POD & POK, all infinite shorts boys and beyonds times a gazillion”. Is an Access Consciousness Clearing Statement. For the description of this very powerful and effective clearing use the link below:

Below is a couple of clearing statements to say at the end of the day. We can set the intention to have the ability to cognitive dream. If there are loved ones, we wish to contact we can call for them to come in a dream.

If thou like thou can read the following and record thine self saying it….

ie-I hand all my burdens, all worry, all incongruent thoughts over to the Superconscious Mind the Christ Within. The one that is held in fears, doubts, hurts, and resentments is embraced in the love and light of the Superconscious Mind the Christ Within…[take thine hands and wave them up and down in front of thine body. Imagine them being magnetic and pulling all thoughts that are causing worry and put them over thine high heart while setting the energetic intention of releasing them to the core of thine being, the Super Conscious Mind-the Christ Within].

[Set the intention of dropping into the heart and the stillness within] Think of times in thine life that one felt loved, and if there is no memory of this it is ok.. accept this. Think of a good feeling thought while saying the following:

ie-I invoke radiant love to flow through me now and allow it to free me from all that is burdening me and making me feel sad, resentful, angry, etc.. The light of the Christ Within now transcends and transmutes all fear, doubt, hurts, anger, and resentment all shame, blame, guilt is washed away from my conscious and subconscious mind. Cosmic Love pours through me now, ie-I am an irresistible magnetic current. ie-I see only prefect and draw to me my own Divine Love. This Love is free to flow through me now and dissolves all seeming obstacles and makes clear for all success to come my way.

ie-I love everyone, everyone loves me. My apparent enemy now becomes my friend a golden link in the chain of my good. The reality is that there is only oneness, ie-I am one with God and one with God’s love, ie-I am one with the earth, ie-i am one with all life…

My ego-personality-mind-spirit is now free from all fear, doubts, hurt, and resentment my poise is built on the rock the Christ Within. My ego-personality-mind-spirit is now free to be joyful, harmonious, and loving expressing youthfulness, vitality, radiant health and well-being. Perfect health, perfect wealth, perfect financial freedom, perfect body design and expression. ie-i give thanks under grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that this happens now in the perfect way with ease and glory.

ie-I am at peace with myself and the whole world. ie-I love everyone, and everyone loves me. The flood gates of my good are now open… ie-I have imprinted the conscious and subconscious with good, righteousness, grace, and love, As I am one with source, the undivided one, ie-I am one with my undivided love and undivided happiness.

❤ eternal love is mine ❤

If there is anything, any thought or manifestation, interfering with this ie-I am willing to transcend and transmute this with my love and my light. Right/wrong, good/bad POD & POK, all infinite shorts boys and beyonds times a gazillion. By the power of 3x3x3 ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so and so it is it is done so be it”. Take a deep breath and set the intention to release it to the core of thine being. Do this 3 times.

The following is also a clearing statement that can be said just before closing thine eyes to go to sleep.

Every day in every way my body is getting better and better and better, its increasing powers are for servicing humanity better. ie-I am in complete control of my senses in every dimension of mind and matter. Positive thoughts bring me the advantages that ie-i desire. Say this 3 times.


Chanting has been found to be very beneficial to the brain. The following chart is curtesy of our friend pavo:

Below is a chant that will be beneficial as it has been chanted by many people that are taking steps towards freedom from mental slavery.

Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth, Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth, Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth repeat 3 times,

by the power of 3x3x3 ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so and so it is, it is done, so be it….”

The phrase Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth is well known by many. Watch the following video if thou is interested in learning more about theis anchent chant…

Ancient Hebrew, probably the most powerful healing mantra ever, given to me by an Ascended Master on earth (Paul the Apostle) very old.

Another text translates as this:

“This chant translates to “Holy holy holy, the Lord God of Hosts”. It is sung by the angelic choirs at the Throne of God. It invokes high frequencies that embrace the chanter or meditator in grace, love, and protection and guides us on the path to ascension.


Cross reference article for those looking to delve deeper into comprehending themselves and that are interested in accumulating more tools on self-healing and self-actualization:

❤ We have faith and trust that truth, honesty, financial freedom, eternal youth, eternal life, eternal love, and vibrancy reign supreme for the men and women born of this world. ❤

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