What Does Freedom Look Like?

We have war because soldiers are willing to follow illegal and unlawful orders for a paycheck….

It would benefit the people of this world that are still calling themselves “a citizen” of this world to wake up to the fact that they have been enticed to create the world from a mental construct. If you really want to be free everyone must be honest to with themselves by realizing everything they think is true is a lie. We have all been duped by those that created this mental construct and indoctrinated us in to be-lie-ving their what they have been teaching from the pulpit.

Hosea 4:6

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you as My priests. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children. my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”

How many people know that their “Birth Certificate” is a “Revenue Receipt” with a monetary value attached to it? How many people know that there is a an account associated to this “Revenue Receipt” called a ” CSIP account” that is traded on the “Stock Market” regardless of what so-called “country” you are born?

Why do we believe that the military script we use call “money” has value?

If you want to know what money is there is a free on-line members site called “The Lawful Living Community” and take the “Money Talks” class it is an eye opener: http://www.lawfulliving.com

Once we awakened our 3rd eye and do a little digging we soon realize that it is all based in fraud and is what makes this “delusional world” go round and round.

Are you willing to gain knowledge and take the appropriate steps to stop participating in the world of delusion? Are you willing to recognize your indoctrination and choose to take the steps necessary to move back to the heart and open to the hearts construct?

Once you see you cannot un-see!!!!

We have no freedom when we allow others to dictate who and what we are and allow them to label us and give us identification.

If someone is telling you to demonstrate or hold rallies then they are victims of their programming and stuck in “slave mentality”. We do not have to demonstrate we must educate and then take appropriate action to end the fraud and end the Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice that permeates every aspect of the “colonized” world.

Those that have constructed the delusional world have been at it for decades and are highly organized. Can we now take steps to be just as organize in returning to the heart and taking step to activate the light body?

Are you willing to open the door to the cage and fly free?

Demonstrating is an indication that we are in slave mentality.

What would a free man do?

A free man would know that he/she is free and think, speak, and act accordingly.

A free man knows that their laws do not apply to a man or woman, and knows that these corporate policies, rules, and regulations only apply to the people in government and to the officers that have sworn an oath of office and that have given over their will to the “Leaders of the Cult” called “The Crown”. They call themselves “the Elite”. The family lineages that make up this group are in every so-called “country” and work in collaboration. They decide on the corporate policies, rules, and regulations they call “laws for man” that they have imposed on us because we have been asleep at the wheel.

Do you know that this cult uses occult practices, word magick, hypnosis, neurolinguistics programming (NLP), and violence to get their victims to submit to their will? They are generational pedophile families and have dreamed up Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice deliberately to enslaved mankind. They have imposed their ideas as they created the “colonized world” with the banking industry and insurance industry, the medial industry with pharmacopeia, and the education industry, etc..

How many people know about the system they created with the “Legal Name” aka “Legal Person” that is given to us when our mom and/or dad apply for the Birth Certificate?

How many people know that the “Birth Certificate is a “Revenue Receipt”?

How many people know that they do not qualify for a Drivers License? The Drivers License is an open license to allow the “Policy Enforcer” called “police” to access our “CUSIP” account.

It is our duty to stop registering our baby without any awareness under the Department of Health and Welfare. We should be writing our own Living Life Will-Advanced Medical Directive and our own Certificate of Divine Authority; Personal Credentials for uninterrupted, unmolested, and free travel.

How many people have turned a blind eye to the survivors of the “cults” rituals?

We should all be supporting these brave souls that are survivors of these horrific crimes, tortured, sodomized, gang raped while still in dippers. There are many that are coming forward now that would not be bought off with hush money.

It really is time open our eyes to the reality of things to end the lies and deceit by those that hurt and kill babies for the fun of it.

While we are exposing these “folks” that perpetuate harm upon the innocent people of this world we should be looking to remain in the heart hold our focus and educate ourselves so that we can actually fix the problems of this world. It is up to us to return to the natural ways to take steps towards a sustainable world. We cannot keep “doing business” as usual and expect things to change.

Do people want to know what they are using to entice people to keep quite about their Satanic Rituals were they willfully torture, rape, sodomize and kill babies? Do you want to know that it is the Lawyers that are writing the contracts and service agreements that allow this?

Why are there so many “Police Officers’ and “Agents of the Court” and “Politicians” willing to allow their fellow man to be subjected to these acts of violence?

The men and women enticed into these not so “secret” “Secret Societies” are granted certain privilege’s that are not given to everyone. One of these privilege’s is the ability to write securities and enrich themselves off of the “Birth Certificate scam. It has been our intention for some time now to know how to use the “Birth Certificate” aka “Revenue Receipt” created in the “Legal Name” aka “Legal Person” assigned to each of us once born as a man onto this world.

How do we gain access to the “CUSIP” account created using the “All Caps Name” aka “Legal Name” without incriminating ourselves?

What are we supposed to do once we know about the fraud and we do no longer wish to make merchandise of our fellow man?

Who do we speak to with out intention of having restitution and compensation as a result of the work imposed on us and for the abuse imposed on us by those that created the “Crown” Institutions, Industries, Businesses, Corporations, etc… It is our intention to figure out who is “cashing in” on this “Revenue Receipt”.

It is our intention to know why the people that created this system only tell the members of the “Law Society” how to write securities against this “CUSIP” account…

Why are we left in the dark regarding how this system works?

Once we realized that we are committing fraud by getting a bank account we have been wanting to figure out how to go “Treasury Direct”. If you haaveen to read this and know how then please let us know by sending an email to sophiataniahteam@yahoo.com

Do the members of the “Galactic Federation” or the “Blue Avian” know what is happening for the so-called “citizens” of this world?

Do you want to know what is driving the CovID Measures? If you do then use the following link to access the article and read the information:

Who Is Cashing In On The Birth Certificate Scam?

❤ We are eternally grateful to all the people dedicated to bringing the light of truth to the people incarnating to mother earth ❤

❤ ie-I am (we are) receiving this transmission with heart and mind and arms wide open. ❤

❤ Infinite, unbounded, and limitless love ❤ ullu love (unconditional love love love unconditional love) ❤

The members of the “Legal Society” have granted them the right to make policy and force that policy on everyone else, this is fraud on the grand scale.


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