Public Notice; Pronouncement and Announcement: Decree The Living Will!!!

Public Notice; Pronouncement and Announcement:
Decree The Living Will

On this day the 21st day of March in the Gregorian year of 2021 at 8 pm pst we make this announcement and pronouncement: Decree The Living Will Being The Maxims Of Law

Make it known for the public record on the public record, ie/I declare and decree, as the source of creation expressing as a woman, this woman being the expression of the Womb of Life in this female body known as Goddess sophia-taniah [borgeson-shackelford] we one the gift of life when we were conceived and breathed the breath of life on the earth on July 29, 1959 and was called, lorna-lynne of the father’s house of borgeson and the mother’s house of ross.

Whereas, we are not a “citizen.”, or a “citizen of”, this woman is not a “lieutenant of”, a “resident of,” an “inhabitant of”, a “franchise of,” a “subject of,” a “ward of,” the “property of,” the “chattel of”, or “subject to the jurisdiction of” any army, any “monarch” or any corporate “commonwealth,” “federal,” “state,” “territory,” “county,” “council,” “city,” “municipal body politic,” or other “government” allegedly “created” under the “authority” of a “constitution” or other “enactment.” we are not subject to any “legislation,” department, or agency created by such “authorities,” nor to the “jurisdiction” of any “employees”, “officers”, or “agents” deriving their “authority” therefrom. Nor do any of the “statutes” or “regulations” of such “authorities” apply to me or have any “jurisdiction” over me. I’m my own “authority”, the author of my reality; and,

Whereas this expression of source energy known as a woman is not a subject of any “B.A.R. courts” or bound by “precedents” of any “B.A.R. courts,” deriving their “jurisdiction” from an assumed “authority.” Take notice that ie/I hereby cancel and make void from the beginning any such “instrument” or any presumed “election” made by any “government” or any “agency” or “department” thereof, that this man ever has voluntarily elected to be treated as an “alien”, a “civilian”, “tenant”, a “lieutenant”, “subject” of any “monarch” or a “citizen,” or a “citizen of” or a “resident” of any “commonwealth,” “state,” “territory,” “possession,” “instrumentality,” “enclave,” “division,” “district,” or “province,” subject to their “jurisdiction(s)”. We do not accept being forced to participate in “commerce” as a “commercial instrument” or this expression of life force used as “a human resource”, playing out through “war games”. Am not in the military therefore not subject to military tribunals, NS; and,

Whereas I’m my own “authority”, the author of my reality; and,

Whereas we are not liable for the “ignorance of” or lack of knowledge of the laws by “any Officer” acting under the “Color of Office”; and,

Whereas, with regard to the “Constitution”: this document supposedly setting forth the foundations of a “country” and “its” “government,” has no inherent authority or obligation except to the writers of it and those that have taken an “Oath of Office” as a registered member of the “cult”. A “constitution” written and signed by someone else has no authority or obligation at all, unless as a contract between two or more individuals, and then it is limited only to those individuals who have specifically entered into it. At most, such a document could be a contract between the existing people at the time of its creation, but no one has the right, authority, or power to bind their posterity. Let it be known that ie/I have not knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally entered any such “constitution” contract to oblige me thereby, therefore such a document is inapplicable to me, and anyone claiming to derive their “authority” from such a document has no “jurisdiction” over me, my life force, or how ie/I chose to experience life:  and,

Whereas we will not be forced to participate in wearing a face covering, put on a mask, or forced to do anything under the “presumption” or “assumptions” of any “Public Health Authority”. We are not the “class of persons” as defined by the B.A.R. Attorneys that wrote the 22 U.S. Code § 1621 – Definitions or any other statutes, codes, ordinances, bills, or corporate policy; and,

Whereas, as a member of the “Holy Church of Gaia” or by Pamela’s calling “the Holy Church of Woodlyness” choose to experience life in a state of harmlessness, harmlessness to self, and harmlessness to others. The “Holy Church of Gaia” is not engaged in a financial endeavor, we are not a “for-profit” nor a “non-profit” organization. We are not involved in a “commercial” endeavor: and,

Whereas the members of the “Holy Church of Gaia” live by the Golden Rule(s)”to do no harm”. “harmlessness to self and harmless to all others”, “do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. The members are not involved in the “selling” of “buying” of the earth’s resources or “marketing of”, or “selling of”, or “sexploitation of”, the inhabitants of the earth:, and,

Whereas. the members make a commitment to be open-hearted, honest, and mindful in their interactions in this orchestra and dance of life: and,

Whereas we will not be coerced into participating in any activity that violates the sovereignty, constitution, ethics, or morality of the members:  and.

Whereas anyone willfully participating in the production of, the selling of, and the use of vaccines or any injectable material or technologies that is invasive to the biology under the “Public Health Authority” is participating in the corrupting of man’s genome and participating in genocide!! These activities are a violation of the man’s physical vessel and the natural intelligence of this vessel and disrespectful to the source of its creation, and.

Whereas anyone participating in the marketing of” COVID!9″ or anything involving the “Coronavirus” is participating in fraud and is violating the rights of the innocent and subject to the removal of all rights to freedom, and;

Whereas, ie/I call back all property rights from the beginning of the beginning before Genesis and stand as a steward of the air, the water, the oil, the ethers, the land, and;

Whereas, ie/i stand as the voice of Gaia declares the Right Us of Will, and;

Whereas, the time has arrived to lift the veil of illusion, dissolve the “false light” matrix, take off the blinders, break-free from the hypnotic trance, and.

Whereas we require a full forensic audit through all dimensions, all realities, all space-time and non-space time, forthwith, and;

Whereas let it be known that anyone deliberately creating technology intended to infringe on the expression and functioning of this electromagnetic, mental, emotional, and biological expression known as a man is infringing on my Divine Right and Free Will and thus is committing a trespass.

You are now knowing.

Anyone that believes themselves to have a superior right to the aforementioned properties must step forward within 30 days of the date of this “Public Notice” or forever hold their peace.

without recourse,

goddess sophia-taniah queen mother

born lorna lynne of the father’s family borgeson and the mother’s family ross

and married into the family shackelford

all rights retained and reserved retroactively to the beginning of the beginning before Genesis

Restoring the Supremacy of Love,

Without Dishonor,

Without Prejudice, Ill will or Frivolity,


Errors and Omissions Excepted


king raymond-dale [shackelford]

goddess gurine marie [richard]

Public Notice:
Memorandum of Law for Lawful Living, To Avoid Liability and Trespass

This day being the 18th day of April in the Gregorian Year of 2021 make it known the following:

Maxims of Law: Maxims of Law for the Expression of Life in and with the

Right Use of Will and in and with Grace

Whereas a “Notification Of Liability” is the first essential element of due process of law. As silence is acquiescence under the law, silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a lawful or moral duty to speak, or where an inquiry left unanswered would be misleading, whether intentionally or not. [Cf. 5 cfr 2635.101]; and,

Whereas every man (male and female) has the innate, intrinsic, inherent, and inalienable right by Natural Law the Law of One the Law of Love to be supported in- Life, Freedom, Security of Personal Property. Security of Spirit, in the Pursuit of Happiness and Meaning in Life, Experiencing Life on Purpose and With Purpose; and,

Whereas our offspring being the baby’s we bring forth are not our property. let us explain, even though they are the fruits of their father’s seed and their mother’s egg and of the flesh and blood of their mother they are intelligent, sovereign, and autonomous beings onto themselves as the manifestation of their spirit and of life force energy of the source of all life; and,

Whereas life is simple those that choose to do evil or harm others make life complicated. To do good it is essential that we follow a couple of the “Gold Rules”:

1. Cause no loss or injury to the spirit.

2. Do onto others as you would have others do onto you.

3. With any contractual agreement the element of a proper contract must be established

4. There shall be no corrupt, misleading, and/or unusual business practices in one’s endeavors.

5. Possession of another is strictly forbidden all must come to the comprehension that we are to be in right use in and by the right use of will.

Whereas everyone shall now intend to take full responsibility for the life expressed through their unique energy expression called “a body”; and,

Whereas we each have the obligation, duty, and responsibility to acknowledge and support all life, we are eternal life, and,

Whereas any (wo)man acting for any one of the many Crown Service Corporation(s) working at a municipal level, provincial/state level, federal level, this “Notice Of Trespass And Notice Of Liability” is given; and,

Whereas it is my duty to inform you that trafficking in man is illegal, forcing the man to believe he must “work” for a “wage” or get a job in order to make a living is forcing a man into servitude. “Human Trafficking” is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation, for the benefit of the trafficker/tax collector or others; and,

Whereas when we are born into the world it should not be forced upon us the established society such as that of the Crown with its British Laws being called a “Society” especially when they are detrimental to the experience of life and or diminishing to the spirit; and,

Whereas no baby’s being born into this world shall be forced to conform to the constitutions, morality or lack thereof, and ethics or lack thereof of the creators of said Society; and,

Whereas when the mother and or father and or sibling(s), parent(s) and or sibling(s)) give a calling to this baby for the purpose of communication it shall not ever be given away or through the use of word magick stolen to be used with malicious intent or to be used to infringe upon their life essence and or infringe upon the will of the child; and,

Whereas the unlawful conversion of this calling given by the mother and or father and or sibling(s) to that of a “Legal Name” whereby creating a “Legal Person” on paper is a fiction and therefore is invalid as it was created without knowledge and does not actually exist in spoken word or the world of form; and,

Whereas we now dispel all presumption and assumptions by those that created this “Legal Person” or created the idea of a “Legal Entity”; and,

Whereas we dispel the label of “Laborer” where a man has been forced into being a “Commerce Instrument” and or a “resource” for the benefit of others; and,

Whereas we make it known for the Public Record on the Public Record, ie/I declare as the source of creation expressing as a man, all man is the king/queen of his/her dominion and not a “citizen, or a “citizen of”, no man is can be made without their conscious consent a “lieutenant of”, a “resident of,” an “inhabitant of,” a “franchise of,” a “subject of,” a “ward of,” the “property of,” the “chattel of”, or “subject to the jurisdiction of” any “army”, any “monarch” or any corporate “commonwealth,” “federal,” “state,” “territory,” “county,” “council,” “city,” “municipal body politic,” or other “government” allegedly “created” under the “authority” of a “constitution” or other “enactment.” we are not subject to any “legislation,” department, or agency created by such “authorities,” nor to the “jurisdiction” of any “employees”, “officers”, or “agents” deriving their “authority” therefrom. Nor do any of the “statutes” or “regulations” of such “authorities” apply to a man that has not given informed written and verbal consent or has never actually taken an “oath of office” with full expressed knowledge of what they are agreeing to; and,

Whereas no man has “jurisdiction” or “power of attorney” over another man without prior written and verbal consent; and,

Whereas an expression of source energy called a man is not a subject of any “B.A.R. courts” or bound by “precedents” of any “B.A.R. Courts,” deriving their “jurisdiction” from assumed “authorities.”; and,

Whereas from this day forth make it known and notice that we hereby cancel and make void from the beginning of the beginning, ab initio, any such “instrument” or any presumed “election” made by any “government” or any “agency” or “department” thereof, that this sentient and living being called “a man” ever has voluntarily elected to be treated as an “alien”, a “civilian”, “tenant”, a “lieutenant”, “subject” of any “monarch” or a “citizen,” or a “resident” of any “commonwealth,” “state,” “territory,” “possession,” “instrumentality,” “enclave,” “division,” “district,” or “province,” subject to their “jurisdiction(s); and,

Whereas we do not accept being forced or coerced with lies and deceit to participate in “war games” those that have been lied and coerced into participating in the military are hereby absolved, they cannot be held guilty of a crime they are unaware of and therefore not subject to military tribunals; and,

Whereas choosing for oneself to ingest a substance that is a known poison to the body or act in a way that is detrimental to one’s psychological, emotional, mental, and biological well-being is one thing, being forced to choose at the hands of those initiating covert and the overt military action is a completely different matter and quite another thing. Not having the capacity as a result of incompetency, mental illness, lack of education, being lied to, illiteracy, insanity, or the lacking awareness, renders one that of invalid and incapable of choosing for oneself. In the event that these states are present for the inhabitants of earth then poisoning and murdering is a crime of colossal proportion. in the response thus void of prosecution; and,

Whereas those that know and allow these crimes to continue are beyond redemption for they are choosing to destroy all life; and,

Whereas those that have been by their own volition chosen to remain in lower states of consciousness polarized in their thinking and perceiving, whether unconsciously or consciously choosing to remain in an imbalanced emotional state and that may be incapable of perceiving the harmful effect their lack of awareness and state of consciousness has on creation are violating my right for self-determination as a unique energy signature at a specific state of knowledge; and,

Whereas, each baby born to earth is of their own “authority”, the author of my reality; and,

The Law of Mercy

For at one time, we too were foolish, disobedient, misled and enslaved to all sorts of desires and pleasures—living in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. 4But when the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared, 5He saved us, not by the righteous deeds we had done, but according to His mercy, through the washing of new birth and renewal by the Holy Spirit.…

Whereas this term “God” is ill-defined and misused in many cases giving way to many incongruent thoughts being injected into the collective unconscious that have interfered with rationality, such as “the strongest survive”, take away the pollinators, and witness just how long life will continue and just how long one will survive on earth as we know it; and,

Whereas this idea of a hierarchy; arranged in order of rank, “the hierarchical bureaucracy of a local authority” was manufactured as is the “fight’ between “good” and “evil”; the men and women that have freed themselves of religious rhetoric and pardoned themself from dogma as taught in “Mainstream Christian Churches” and who have sought and thus have experienced greater comprehension of the human condition and of creation and know the transformational ability of their light abstain from “fighting” and are absolved; and,

Whereas those entities that have the capacity to transverse time and space and which chose to remain in ignorance whereby choosing to interfere with another’s unique energy signature are violating free will and must be stopped of this violation; and,

Whereas we would like to remind you that the general definition of Judicial Notices is a rule in the Law of Evidence. In the Rules of Law, the Law of Evidence allows a fact to be introduced into evidence if the truth of the fact is so notorious, or well known, or so authoritative, authority, authoritatively attested, that it cannot be reasonably doubted. This is done upon request of the party seeking to rely on the fact at issue, and.

Whereas once a (wo)man who sometimes is acting as a Law Enforcement Officer, Governor, Commissioner, Administer, and or Minister in Office, etc. makes an offensive order and is made known in the conjuring of a thought resulting in the enactment of an order resulting in a trespass then a crime has been committed they shall then be held liable for said crime, and all shall be held responsible for conspiring, and ordering and orchestrating the said “trespass”. being a Criminal Act; and,

Whereas those that have chosen to give orders that infringe upon the rights of others that have and do violate another’s reason for being and/or infringe upon their life, liberty, inherent freedom as creator while in their pursuit of happiness for the purpose of the fulfillment of life are violating free will; and in this Free Will Universe this is seen as a trespass, this is a criminal action; and,

Whereas, if we have ever acted in a way that was incriminating, we are now absolved and forgiven for the aforementioned reasons, with this in mind true love does not condemn in this no forgiveness is needed, all are love and loved beyond measure; and,

Whereas, let me make it perfectly clear once we have restored competency in our interactions and engagements we now inform every man or woman or other acting as a “Court Clerk”, as a “Judge/Magistrate”, as a Lawyer/Attorney, as a “Police Officer/Policy Enforcer/Revenue Generators, Glorified Tax Collector”, as a “Sheriff”, as a “Bailiff”, as well as the bureaucrat, and/or every man or women acting as an employee of the government, and the “de facto” court system, and all other parties that may inquire, we are not a “citizen/Citizen” or a “citizen/Citizen of”, we are none of the labels imposed upon us upon entry into this world. From this time forth we break free from this “lords” curse for we shall forevermore monitor our own coming in and going out, so be it, by the power of 3x3x3 we now make it so; and,

Whereas having a “Birthday” is not “informing on oneself” and is not cause for incrimination and any fanciful ideas around the blowing out of candles is hereby absolved and made obsolete, furthermore, we do not accept any of the fanciful and absurd man-made or draconian ideas designed to discredit the Natural Intelligence of man and diminish the life of man in any way; and,

Whereas the use of a postal code/zip code on any document online or not online, whether government created or not government created does not and has never and will never bind anyone to any “hidden” presumptions or assumptions by those that created this system designed by entities that do not respect life and have control and anger issues making them into warmongers; and,

Whereas if anyone has ever reacted or acted in a way that has been incriminating and or damaging to this expression of life in any they are now by Divine Grace absolved, all are love and loved beyond measure.

/s/ goddess sophia queen mother aka lorna lynne [borgeson-shackelford]

/s/ king zelan aka raymond-dale [shackelford]

The Clean Hands Doctrine; known as rule of law and comes from the Maxim of Equity… [ a matter of private trust law ]
Under operation of this maxim, the complainant must show that the transaction from which his claim arises is fair and just, that there is nothing unconscientous in his conduct relative thereto, transaction, and that the relief he seeks is equitable, and not hars or oppressive upon the defendant: Hence a specific performance will be refused when the complainant has obtained the agreement by sharp and unscrupulous practices, by over-reaching, by concealmeant of important facts, by taking undue advantage of his position, or by unconscientious means; or, when the contract itself is unfair, onesided, unconscionable, or affected by any other such iniquitable circumstances; or, when the specific enforcement of the agreement would be oppressive upon the defendant, or would, in any other manner, work injustice: So, if a contract is affected with fraud, or has a fraudulent purpose, none of the parties to such fraud can have the assistance of the Court either to compel the execution of such contract, or to have it canceled, or to have the property or interests, transferred thereunder, restored:

Doctrine of Completeness… [ equity will not allow a wrong to be suffered… ]
Under Rule 106 of the Federal Rules of Evidence, when part of a writing or recorded statement is introduced, an adverse party may require introduction of any other part or any other writing or recorded statement which ought in fairness to be considered contemporaneously with the writing or recorded statement originally introduced. This additional evidence is called explanatory evidence, and its purpose is to qualify, explain or put in context the original piece of introduced evidence. The explanatory writing does not have to be part of same writing or recording. Additionally, even otherwise inadmissible evidence, such as hearsay, can be admissible under this rule if it is necessary to correct any confusion or wrongful impression created by the admission of the original evidence.

Doctrine of Correctness… [ doctrine that usage determines correctness and well-nigh universal – equity follows the law… ]

Burden of Proof and Presumptions.

It is clearly within the domain of the legislative branch of government to establish presumptions and rules respecting burden of proof in litigation. Non etheless, the Due Process Clause does prevent the deprivation of liberty or property upon application of a standard of proof too lax to make reasonable assurance of accurate factfinding. Thus, “[t]he function of a standard of proof, as that concept is embodied in the Due Process Clause and in the realm of factfinding, is to ‘instruct the factfinder concerning the degree of confidence our society thinks he should have in the correctness of factual conclusions for a particular type of adjudication.’

Cy Pres Doctrine… [ Charitable Trusts… ]

If it becomes unlawful, impossible or impracticable to carry out the purpose of the designated charitable trust or becomes wasteful to apply all the property to the designated purpose, the trust will not fail but instead the court will direct the application of the property (or a portion of the property) to a charitable purpose that reasonably approximates the designated purpose. The cy pres doctrine means “as near as possible” – practically, this means that the court rewrites the charitable gift or trust so that it is no longer impossible or impracticable to carry out.

Doctrine of Equivalents… [ equity delights to do justice and not by halves… ]

A means by which one may raise a claim of infringement even though each and every element of the patented invention is not identically present in the alleged infringement. The purpose of the doctrine is to prevent an infringer from stealing the benefit of a patent by changing only minor or insubstantial details of the claimed material details while retaining the same functionality. The essential inquiry in determining equivalency is whether the accused infringement or process contains elements identical or equivalent to each claimed element of the patent process.One may invoke this doctrine to proceed against the infringer of a patent if it performs substantially the same function in substantially the same way to obtain the same result. This is subject to what is known as “triple identity” test and “all elements” test for equivalence. This covers grammar, construction and function which must be applied to each individual element of a claim, not to the patent as a whole. It is necessary to show that every element of the patent, or its substantial equivalent, is present in the accused infringement or process. The proper time for evaluating whether an accused element is equivalent to a claimed element is at the time of infringement, not at the time the patent was issued. Subsequent changes in the state of the grammar, such as changes developed after the date of patent, will often challenge the definition of a previously essential element or limitation present in the original patent.

Put an end to the assutl upon that wich was created in perfection… stop making it imperfect through the manipulation by way of “inferior science!!!!

The Truth The Whole Truth Nothing Buth The Truth

Done in good faith, given with patent intent of original fiat source..

.It is written, it is spoken, so shall it be…

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