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Do “Light Workers” know the liability they are creating for themselves by not correcting their ‘Status” and Standing”?

Avatāra Anand shared the following:
“Disclaimer: I, as an individuated focused energy of the ONE, am illuminating the hidden/forgotten/unknown by humanity dynamics/structures/mechanics of the nature of consciousness on planet earth and beyond. You have the right to NOT KNOW. If you are in resonance with experiencing human collective consciousness as presented by the mainstream media, please do not engage in any of my broadcasts and unfollow my account. Information presented here is in response to the inquiries of the collective group on what is referred to as an “ascension timeline”. Not everyone is on this timeline and you have the right and a free will choice to not participate in this timeline in any way. Thank you for reading and acknowledging this statement. Your further participation equates to a consent given to receive light encoded data capable of destabilizing the inner structures of your being. Avatara Anand (name at birth given to the human aspect of that which is I, carries a sound current of Zarina), In devoted service to the ONE “


Here is a little truth for you!

Perhaps, the process of Ascension is not fully under and inner-stood! Nor is what is presently taking place for the collective. the Ascension of the Light Body can happen in a flash during a “Mediation” or as a “Near Death Experience”. In a flash our perception of ourselves and of life is changed forever.

In the Ascension process the mind is expanded ( not so attached to cultural beliefs)  and one is enlightened (the process of bringing more light in the form of information to the beingness),

To restore the Law of One we must be unified. We cannot be unified when we are fractured.  We must be more conscious and conscientious as to what causes fracturing. Know that the pain and suffering of others does have a subtle effect on the collective as we are all one.  It is up to us as as “light workers” to be very conscious as to what we are creating and how we are in fact supporting “Separation Consciousness”.

Be wary of the music you listen to, so much of the music is embedded with frequency viruses.

If you consider yourself a “citizen” and “own” or “have” a passport then you are part of the problem.

If you have a Birth Certificate and a SIN number, vote and pay taxes, you are part of the problem.

If you have not corrected your “status” and “Standing” then you are supporting the agenda.

Voting and paying taxes is our tacit consent and our willful participation in the crimes of church and state.

It was not easy for me to look at the contradictions I was living. It is clear that we really must be brave and have a look at all our contradictions in life!! For a new way of being to take root, to birth a new world, action is required.

If you are not looking for your contradictions in life then you are doing life a great disservice.

Why is it so difficult for people to look at history? Do people not see that the Americas were built on murdering innocent people?

it is clear that psychopathic leaders makes for a psychopathic society. And it is clear we have been committing spiritual suicide in not recognizing and dealing with psychopathy.

Why have we chosen to ignored our own psychopathy? A King and/or Queen is psychopathic as are the thugs they hire when they can raid a farm, rape the children, kill the farmer and confiscate the produce with no consequence. We have seen this in movies and somehow accepted it as normal.

These “hidden hand” dictators are the psychopaths that created the systems running society today.

The reason the courts do not recognize psychopathy is the fact that the system was designed by psychopaths. The history of psychiatry reveals that the entire system was created by psychopaths. And it is clear psychiatrists choose not to look at their inconsistencies and choose to ignore their contradictions. I had a religious psychiatrist that had the bible in his office which I thought a bit strange. I found myself asking “how can this man that reads the bible knowing it was written by men that professed to hearing the voice of God diagnose a “patient” who was hearing voices as having a mental illness? He would diagnose his “patient” as being schizophrenic for hearing voices and medicate them. Do you not find this odd?

We are all mentally deranged for accepting the “state” of things.

By filling UCC forms I have accepted the claims of the unholy priests and accepted that the earth can be owned.  Putting a monetary value on the earths resources is fraud as it cost nothing to create the earth.

I would prefer to stay in honor and in my integrity by not accepting the fraudulent system of ownership. It is up to me to acknowledge that this corrupt and violent system that I was born into violates the Law of One.

For a new way of being to take root, to birth a new world, action is required.

I hear this every week, sometimes twice a day: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

To be clear, insanity is a legal term pertaining to a defendant’s ability to determine right from wrong when a crime is committed.

Insanity. n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.

What happens to a society when we act upon our lives and do not see the crimes we are perpetrating upon the body in the job that we are doing? It was devastating for me to wake up to the fact: I was perpetuating crimes against the body as a Medical Laboratory Technologist and supporting the “pharmaceutical agenda”.

What happens in a society when we act and react upon an upside-down matrix,  based in lies, based in illegitimate claims, and fraudulent contracting?

It is clear we are not in right mind. Acting and/or reacting when not in right mind indicates we are insane. This insanity is being reflect in the reality that is playing out on the scene of our lives. Ignoring the degradation of society is clearly a symptom of insanity.  What has kept is from witnessing our own insanity?  Why would we in the knowing of our-self as “love and Light” allow for crimes to be perpetrated upon us and upon earth?

Do you realize what is allowing for the earth and the “citizens” to be raped and the life force to be sucked out of life itself?

The price may seem higher for the addict who prostitutes for a fix than it is for the addict who merely lies to a doctor, but ultimately both pay with their lives. Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. So, how many times does history have to keep repeating itself before we stop sucking life out life and stop blowing up planets before something is done to end the psychosis?

Why is it we choose to believe that Canada or any country for that matter is a democratic country when we have accepted ourselves as “subjects” to a Constitutional Monarchy? Let me assure you there is nothing constitutional about the situation I have woken up to and the situation I find myself in.

Why have we accepted the “Kings” and/or “Queens” and the churches authority? “A constitutional monarchy is a form of monarchy in which the sovereign exercises authority in accordance with a written or unwritten constitution. … Constitutional monarchy may refer to a system in which the monarch acts as a non-party political head of state under the constitution, whether written or unwritten”. A King and/or Queen that can hire a group of thugs to invade the lands of others rape the children, confiscate the produce and kill the farmers are psychopaths.

Basically, we are controlled by the “Illuminati” whom have taken control over creation and creating their version of reality. Why is it people cannot see that the “Kings” and/or Queens are not sovereign? They are slaves to their Master, the great Master Manipulator.

What is keeping people from  realizing that the statement “sovereign citizen” is an oxymoron? It is actually impossible to be a “sovereign citizen”.  Do you know what sovereignty means? Perhaps, contemplate on it. Ask you higher self to show you!!

Now, would be a good time to stop fighting for freedom and know that we are born free. What keeps us looked up in our mental prison is the fact that the Unholy Priests believe their claims. The illegitimate claims and fraudulent contracting by the Unholy Priests at the Vatican do not make us a “slave”. Freedom is a state of mind. As soon as we know that we are free we will be free.  We do however have to correct our “status” and “Standing” so that we can recover that which has been stolen by way of fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment.

We must stop believing in their system of violence. Move into your hearts knowing. Remember who and what you are. Eventually, the Law enforcers will see that they are also a “slave” to the mind control program. One day they will wake up and will resist the programming once they grow tired of the BS and they will stop supporting their captures.

I would suggest taking time everyday to clear your field of lower vibrational thinking. Why would a “servant” continue to support their own enslavement for a meager paycheck once they realize they are worth so much more?

The problems facing life lies in the spiritual and emotional bankruptcy of so many that continue to act and react upon an upside-down matrix.

What will it take for man to wake up and stop “buying” what they are been “sold”?
We are now coming to the realization that we have been fed a whole lot of bullshit. Will we continue absorbing and eating this crap or will we make the choice to awaken to our true nature? Why would a “servant” continue to support their own enslavement for a meager paycheck once they realize they are worth so much more? We can serve life by being in service to life and not in service to the system that is destroying our natural world.

Please read my Affidavit of Claim.


Why would anyone continue to ignore the fact we are all living a lie? If we took the time to take a breath into the present moment and took conscious and conscientious steps in life things would change very quickly.

We are the ones giving meaning to life, we are the ones giving meaning to all symbols and traditions. Those that have chosen to manipulate life with fear and the threat of violence have violated their own true nature. We continue to violate the “Law of One” in doing things that support fracturing of the ego personality and supporting the corruption of the emotional body resulting in separation consciousness.

It is unfortunate that so many do not realize that the Judicial system has been created by the Unholy Priest that have choose to perpetuate Luciferinaism/Satanism.
Why would we continue to give over our true nature in favor of worshiping a Deity? What makes Saturn “powerful”? You do by believing it!!

What makes a “Federal Bank Note” a “Federal Bank Note”? You do by believing it!! Someone creates fancy paper and declares it to be so does not make it so unless you believe it to be so. Not buying their bullshit any longer.

Wake up folks. You do not have to accept this bullshit, they have been living off the fruits of our labor for far too long. It is time to demand back all that has been stolen as a result of illegitimate claims and fraudulent contracting. What is it going to take for people to wake up and stop accepting that which has been created to rob us of our birth right?
Do you really buy the Unholy Priests Claims about the creation of CAPITIS DIMINUTIO? Those indoctrinated into the BAR ASSOCIATION are willful members of the Bar Society and the police that enforce it have bought this bullshit. These men and women whether they know it or not are “servants” of Lucifer/Satan/Ba’al while they designate the rest of us as “slaves” to “Ba’al”. . Really? Are you really going to accept this rhetoric? Just because some Unholy Roman Priest said it to be so does not make it so.

In Roman law, A diminishing or abridgment of personality. Tills was a loss or curtailment of a man’s status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications, following upon certain changes in his civil condition. It was of three kinds, enumerated as follows: Capitis diminutio maxima. The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights. Capitis diminutio media. A lesser or medium loss of status. This occurred where a man lost his rights of citizenship, but without losing his liberty. It carried away also the family rights. Capitis diminutio minima. Tile lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man’s family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation of a person who had been his own master, (sui juris,) or upon the emancipation of one who had been under the patria potestas. It left the rights of liberty and citizenship unaltered. See Inst. 1, 1G, pr.; 1, 2, 3; Dig. 4, 5, 11; Mackeld. Rom. Law.

Why is it so many cannot wrap their head around the fact that it is all nonsense? As soon as we stop buying their bullshit the game is over that they have been controlling. Then perhaps we will have real change and people will begin to take non-violent action toward the truth and restore the principle of oneness.

We have been acting upon an upside-down matrix. A matrix of lies. To act upon a false reality indicates we are not in right mind, not being in right mind indicates we are insane. This insanity is reflected in the reality we are acting upon.

“What would it take for us ALL to look at our inconsistencies and resolve our conflicting beliefs?” The earth the entire cosmos needs a revolution in consciousness.
We have not been in right mind as a result of the “Crowns” influence in life. Do you know what the “Crown” is and how it controls your life?

We have not been in right mind, insanity is the result of not being in right mind. This insanity is reflected in the fact that we have accepted fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment as an acceptable way to live life.

What is keeping us from not being in right mind? What needs to happen for us to end the insanity?

Looking for some assistance to remove the ‘Crowns” influence in life!!

The following link will take you to a post with information on the “Crown” and the so called “power” behind it.

What is keeping the “citizen slave” aka “common folk” from waking up to the reality of life and realize that the people running the narrative are insane?

It was not easy to wake up one day and realize everything that I thought to be true was a lie. Realizing the people in government are not mentally stable as they are mind controlled to an agenda to keep us in so called “negativity”.

This siphoning off of our energy is sucking life out of life itself. What is interfering with us as “light workers” or “regular folks” from having the emotional and spiritual maturity to take corrective action? Do the so called “light workers” of the world realize the liability they are creating for themselves when they are registered as a “business”?

Why is it everyone is waiting on the world to change?

We are living in Lucifer’s version of life. Man has never had a chance to explore his/her true spiritual nature. The narrative of our life is still being dictated. In 2015 I received a friend request by someone that introduced himself as “Son of Lucifer” he shared the following website with me.

Once we come to realize that we are supporting the agenda will we have the spiritually and emotionally maturity to take the right steps so that history stops repeating itself?

There is so much corruption, it sickens me to think of how programmed we are. And even when people know the truth and come to realize that the people in government are corrupt, they will still vote and pay their taxes? The thoughts we think, the words we speak, the actions we take everyday is supporting the corruption.

How can people go on and do nothing allowing the corruption to rage on? How is the corruption going to end is we do not put an end to the corruption?

When we know that the people in government are involved in nefarious activity and we continue to vote and pay taxes then we are willfully supporting the crimes against ourselves and our fellow man. We are in fact an accessory to the crimes.

It is up to each of us to stop playing the game the way it has been dictated. How long will it take for the men and women in “Law Enforcement” to realize they are selling their spiritual evolution for a mere paycheck in allowing for the criminally insane to perpetuate violence upon us? We must let go of our predictive programming and realize that we are much more then what we have been led to believe. There are far too many people addicted to fear. Once the truth is revealed I would hope that we have the intelligence to take the necessary for self correction. In reading some of the information on the Illuminati website. It has me perplexed that they would be permitted to corrupt the human genome so profusely. It is so very difficult for me to wrap my head around this information shared on this website.

Are there really any highly advanced people “out there”? I think not!! Sitting back while the earth and the “citizens” of the world are being raped indicates the “watchers” are narcissists. Leaving us to the will of Lucifer ignoring the will of the innocent.

What is keeping us from seeing that Man has never had free will for self determination when we are under the dictatorship of the Luciferean agenda.

HH: Our Lineage can be traced back beyond antiquity. From the earliest times of your recorded “history”, and beyond, our Family has been ‘directing’ the ‘play’ from behind the scenes, in one way or another. Before the rise and fall of Atlantis. (Yes, that was indeed perfectly real). We are ‘born to lead’. It is part of the design for this current paradigm.

ATS: To what extent has selective breeding been used to preserve the purity of the line? and what becomes of children of unapproved unions? (They would naturally still be raised with privilege, but not, perhaps “given the keys to the castle” as it were?)

HH: The breeding is generally case specific, dependant upon the role that the Family members in question are due to grow into. I will touch more on this in answer to the next poster’s question that you rephrased.

ATS: Are we really considered chattel and traded as such by the government?

HH: By the governments, generally, yes. People are seen as ‘collateral’. Pawns that are maneuvered around the chess board, according to the game plan. By the Family, contrary to popular beliefs, many of us do not mean you any harm directly. There is just the matter of divine destiny to uphold and unfold, and we must play our parts in the game, as given to us by the Creator. In many ways, it is actually in our own interest that you are prepared for the coming Harvest. Just not maybe prepared in quite the way that you would like. Still, even then, you are choosing the Negative Polarity with your own Free Will decisions, with a little ‘help’ and direction from us. Souls are Harvestable in either ‘extreme’ of the Polarities, one could say.

Read the entire conversation here:


There are actually children born to the Luciferian lineage that are deemed expendable like the rest of us being “collateral”. We are all collateral damage the earth itself is collateral damage. The thing is we are all victimized by SRA. The horrors of war (rape, torture, murder) pedophilia are all SRA. The entire planet population is under trauma based mind control. Who in their right mind would put a 6 year old child on the penis of a Baphomet statue and leave them there for 2 days as a way of initiation? Yes, this shit is happening.
The reason nothing is being done to self correct is the fact that the “Law Enforcers” are involved. They are the ones keeping these people in a position of “power” over the rest of us. I know for a fact that the RCMP and the people working in the courts are aware of this. They are all involved. So no we do not have free will when a satanic King and or Queen can invade your farm rape your children and confiscate your crops then murder you with no consequence. This shit is imprinted upon the spirit of humanity. We are all affected by it as we are all one in consciousness. For those with eyes that can see we can spot the narcissists and the psychopaths in “high places”. it is unfortunate that it has take so long to wake up to the reality of things. There are far too many people invested in the corporate structure. The members of these families have created the corporations that are sucking life out of life it self and no one is bothering to do anything about it.
Evil (fear) flourishes when good people do nothing.
it is unfortunate that Vicky like the rest of us actually believe that the courts are designed to rid the world of corruption. Nothing could be further from the truth,.

“Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Apocaloptimist (n): Someone who knows it’s all going to shit but still thinks it will turn out okay.

As an apocaloptimist, the glass is both half-full and half-empty. The glass-half-empty understanding of the world is the empathic realization that we are polluting the earth with unprecedented ignorance.

Having been raised in profoundly sick societies, we are walking, talking, pissing Apocalypses. Each of us on a mass-destructive march toward Armageddon.

read more here:


Do you want to fit in with the status quo? Do you want to walk the safe and conventional path through life?

Don’t feel bad. You are far from alone. In fact, you are a part of a great majority. If you’re comfortable with an unremarkably average life, then this article is just for you.

Here then are seven easy and effective ways to leverage remaining unexceptionally ordinary in an overly-conventional world.

Read more here:


I am pleased & honored to present this book to those in the world who love the truth. This is a book
for lovers of the Truth. This is a book for those who are already familiar with my past writings. An
Illuminati Grand Master once said that the world is a stage and we are all actors. Of course this was
not an original thought, but it certainly is a way of describing the Illuminati view of how the world
The people of the world are an audience to which the Illuminati entertain with propaganda. Just one of
the thousands of recent examples of this type of acting done for the public was President Bill Clinton’s
1995 State of the Union address. The speech was designed to push all of the warm fuzzy buttons of his
listening audience that he could. All the green lights for acceptance were systematically pushed by the
President’s speech with the help of a controlled congressional audience. The truth on the other hand
doesn’t always tickle the ear and warm the ego of its listeners. The light of truth in this book will be
too bright for some people who will want to return to the safe comfort of their darkness.

read more here:

Click to access FC2F5371043C48FDD95AEDE7B8A49624_Springmeier.-.Bloodlines.of.the.Illuminati.R.pdf

If you would like to support me in my mission please send money via paypal or direct deposit to lornalynneborgeson@yahoo.com

Infinite love and gratitude,

Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson/Sophia Divine Mother





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