It has been said, “The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off”?

Do people really want the truth and do they want to be free?

Have you ever wondered why as Spiritual Beings and Source Energy we are living in world of separation when we are actually one with all things seen and unseen?

Why is it we are not living the Law of One-the Law of Love?

What is keeping people from realizing that in order for the world to change we must actually take the steps to do things differently?

Do people realize that we are consenting to the crimes against ourselves and against life by way of our registration as a voter and taxpayer?

In my travels through the world wide web of lies Ie find it interesting to come upon political post that support the oligarchy system while supporting the enslavement of the minds of man. Ie find it difficult sometimes to tell which side of the fence the creator of such post sits on and other times it is blatantly obvious that the people posting support Agenda 21 and the Vatican’s eugenics program. It does not matter really either way “ignorance is ignorance”.

Ie find myself asking “do the people and those like them really see what they are contributing to?” and “Do they really understand the liability they have and are creating for themselves?”

After an agent working for Great West Life stopped my disability payment for not filing my taxes Ie no longer had the ability to pay the mortgage on my home. It was while sitting there in court that Ie realize how corrupt the people involved in the system really are. Ie asked the lawyer “what is Canada Revenue Agency?” He left the room.

Once everyone was back in place and the the judge called us up he took one look at me and said “you can state your name and that is all that you can say”. Ie was in no way prepared for this. This situation gave me reason to dig deeper which had me realize the convoluted system of corruption running global affairs.

It took me a year of researching to realize how deep the “deep state” is. Ie had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went or the darkness and tribulations Ie was to face. This last year has been very difficult as many of my friends and family member’s rejected my finding and turned their back on me. It was my love of life that kept me going.

Now, Ie am letting those friends and family members that stuck by me what my research has uncovered and the steps Ie am taking to resolve the corruption.

It is only in my willingness to recognize my own dysfunction that Ie came to realize that we have two realities running simultaneously. Why did it take being taken to court to realize the world of corruption Ie was supporting in voting, going to work, and paying taxes?

We have the “fictional” world and we have the “actualized’ world. We have the “Artificial Reality” based in fraud and corporate fiction and corruption and we have our “Natural Actualized Reality” based in Universal Principles of Oneness and Love. The “Artificial World” running on Commerce and the COMMERCIAL NAME is based in fraudulent contracting. This world running on fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment is based in black magic, blackmail, threats, coercion creates separation and violence. This world of violence has put the Natural World out of balance and has pulled us out of balance with our True Nature.

It is clear that this manipulation to control reality has been going on for a very long time. We as spiritual being have actually corrupted our expression of spirituality by commercializing it.

Did we really come here to be in physical form to be employed? We have corrupted our relationship with life by being involved with commerce. To be free is to truly be free of all contracting. As source energy Ie did not come to be to be held to limitation by way of fraudulent contracts.

Ie also know that Ie do not have to accept that which was created to deceive and entrap us.

It has come very clear to me that we have corrupted our relationship with life by being involved with commerce. Now that Ie know what Ie know Ie shall make it perfectly clear “Ie did not come here to express in physical form to be poisoned, medicated, raped, or robbed and Ie did not come here to be employed and Ie do not need a COMMERCIAL NAME or be a Corporation to exchange energy”.

To be free is to truly be free of all contracting. Ie realized as Source Energy Ie did not come to be just to be held to limitation by way of fraudulent contracts. Only an idiot would maintain the status quo for a meager paycheck.

“Deep State is a propaganda term created to divert attention from the FACT that the entire System is corrupt and was created with the intent to make all Goyim the slaves of Zionists. This war has been going on for at least 2500 years, and the war is actually for control of the human mind”. Teralach Uisnech Lugus Goes on to state “The intent of “civilization” is to “domesticate” the species Homo Sapiens” and “ That word “consent” that people throw around, should actually be “submit,” and in order to have a “civilization” groups of people MUST SUBMIT to a central authority, whether that authority be secular, religious, or both. SUBMISSION is what slaves do, and today the FACT that billions of humans beg to be controlled, aka governed, speaks volumes about the success of that ideology called civilization”

My first step into freedom was to end all joiners with the CAPITALIZED NAME.

Ie would like everyone to know that Ie have served Liability to the following individuals:

1. Ms. Carla Qualtrough Acting Deputy Receiver General for Canada (country of origin)
2. Ms.Jody Wison-Raybould Acting Minister of Justice & Governor General
3. Mr. Brison Acting Secretariate and President of the Treasury of Canada 4. Ms. Diane Lebouthillier Acting Minister of National Revenue
5. Mr. Steven Mnuchin Acting Secretary of the Treasury for the Unites States of America
6. Mr. David Johnston Acting Governor General for Canada

7.. Mr. Stephen Mathias Acting Assistant Secretary-General for Legal Affairs United Nations

8. Mr. Donald Trump Acting President of the United States of America

9. Mr. Justin Trudeau Acting Prime Minister of Canada

10. Mr. Jack Shewchuk acting Director for Vital Statistics B.C.

11. Ms. Julie Payette Acting Governor General of Canada

12. Mr. Gerry Crowley Acting Agent for Canada Revenue Agency

13. Mr. Miguel de Serpa Soares Acting Secretary-General for Legal Affairs United Nations

And Ie have declared myself and the earth in a state of harmlessness. Is there anyone available to ensure MY WILL BE DONE?

Who is going to ensure ALL that has been stolen by way of deception and downright lies is returned?

What is keeping people from seeing how we are supporting our own enslavement by being complacency and compliance to our Registration of Birth?

When information is given and we remain as “Registered Slaves” and do not take the steps to end our registration we are the problem. As taxpayers we are an accessory to every crime being committed against ourselves, each other, and against life.

Ie am looking to find support as Ie remove my registration in the systems and hold the men and women accountable for their actions and inactions. The system being the Unholy Roman Empire aka Unholy Roman Catholic Church-Vatican better known as the Law Guild.

This system is not in harmony and balance with the truth of whom and what we are. Those that are enforcing the system are out of integrity with the truth.

To be free we must know where we are not free. Why would we continue to choose to live a lie?

Ie find myself asking “do people have the courage and the will to see the world that we have co-created and take corrective action once all information is available?”

Are you willing to take action by finding likeminded people in your community and begin to take the steps necessary to end the crimes against humanity and against life?

To be my authentic self Ie first need to be authentic. How can Ie be authentic when Ie am living someone Else’s version of me? Taking steps to live my truth is a step in the direction of authenticity and freedom. My first step into freedom was to end all joiners with the CAPITALIZED NAME.

It is said “actions speak louder then words”, if you are looking to stop being part of the problem and wish to take part in the solution please read the information provided below. Now is the time for global action. Are you with me?

Please if you can assist me in taking the next steps in holding the people involved with my case accountable please PM me and/or email me at






Please read this educational material with an open mind and loving heart.  It is through global action that will see global change.  We must all get started with the process.




When we decide to look up and look out at the world at large what do you see? We as a people are not in integrity with the truth of who and what we are. Ie heard it said “the path to hell is paved with good intentions”. The societies we are born into are not conducive to well-being as they are based in lies, corruption, and violence. More and more people are willing to admit that the world ss been run by the mafia. These individuals that wish to control using violence are getting away with their crimes as we are complicit and complacent in our support of the system.

For this world to change we must do things differently. Ie am looking to find support as Ie remove my registration in the systems, the system being the Unholy Roman Empire,. The Unholy Roman Catholic Church aka Vatican better known as the Law Guild is ground zero for all suffering. We are unwittingly registered to this Unholy Cult when our mother and/or father has filed the Registration of Live Birth.

This system is  not in harmony and balance with the truth of who and what we are. Those that are enforcing the system are out of integrity with the truth. To be free we must know where we are not free; we must take action steps on the ground towards freedom. Ie find myself asking “do people have the emotional and  spiritual maturity to cognizance this information. Will we have the courage and the will to see the world that we have co-created and take corrective action once all information is available?”

Are you willing to take action by finding likeminded people in your community and begin to take the steps necessary to stop the tyranny once all information is given?

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” – US Declaration of Independence

The Cabal is still controlling the narrative. The “deep state” runs very deep, we are the deep state, it is the systems driving our society and the people that are willfully supporting the enslavement of mankind.  We must act on mass to put an end to the control both ethereally as well as take action steps on the ground.

It would be most beneficial if everyone would look at their contradictions and stop all forms of violence.  There is a great deal of misinformation and disinformation.  Let me assure you the Divine does not support the defeat of anyone. To put an end to the violence we must raise our frequency and take non-violent action steps on the ground to stop our participation in the crimes against humanity and against the Natural World. No one knows better then Ie how difficult waking up to the reality of things is.

My awakening to self and self realization has happened in stages, it has not been easy to come to the realization of how Ie have been deceived and my spiritual evolution deliberately interfered with.  Even when Ie had the direct experience of myself as source energy Ie was still programmed to believe in a higher power outside of the self.  It took me the better part of 25 years to over come this programming. It took even longer to come to the realization that Ia am the Divine and an expression of the Divine and that Ie am also a very busy Grandmother. Now that Ie know what Ie now know ie have stepped fully into the role as a Political and Spiritual Activist here on mission to expose the truth shift consciousness.

Ie am fortunate as Ie was able to take early retirement.  Ie just had my 59th Birthday on the 29th of July being on disability and now retirement has given me the time to research. Now Ie am 100% devoted to spending my time sharing my discoveries with those that do not have time to research for themselves to awaken others to the truth.

Now, Ie am sending a shout out to find some support as Ie take the steps forward to bring this to fruition. Ie am needing assistance in completing my own court documents and bringing them to court.

In 2000 Ie had an awakening in the form of a life review. It was like a mini movie playing in my minds eye. While I watch this movie Ie was observing it from three levels of consciousness. One was from the state of consciousness that Ie was in when Ie triggered the event, Deeply depressed and angry at God, at life, mostly angry with myself.  The second was the consciousness I was in at the time of the memory, and third from the Higher Selfs perspective (infinite awareness) the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent field of consciousness. It was like a flash of under and innerstanding that set my heart free.  Ie came to realize that my eyes prior to the event were wide shut. Unable to see what was right in front of me.  The stories Ie had formulated in my mind about Lorna while experiencing life dissolved and all emotions became joy. All anger, fear, resentment ect disappeared and became joy in the instant realization of the truth.

It is the unfettered heart that gives clarity to the senses and sets them free from their entanglements to previous experiences.


Prior to this event Ie had been working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist for 25 years blind to the corruption in the Health Care Industry.  It was a typical day at work, Ie was on rounds collecting the first morning blood samples for analysis. Ie came up on a door to an elderly lady in a coma. As I entered her room Ie heard my guides voice, “stop and be present”. Ie took a breath and went into a meditative state while I approached the lady to take her blood. While taking her blood Ie heard her tell me, “it is my medication  that is killing me”. Ie stopped unable to fully comprehend what Ie had just heard.

Her voice stayed with me until Ie looked into what she had revealed to me. On researching Ie found that patients were being prescribed any were from 10, 20, and up to 30 medications,  Now 18 years later it is not uncommon for patients to be on 60 to 70 medications, which are drugs disguised as medication. Upon further research I found that medications are really chemicals disguised as medication. Any substance ingested and/or inoculated that has a side effect that puts the body out of balance is in effect a poison to the body.

This revelation turned my world upside down. It was like having the rug pulled out from under my feet and Ie had no solid footing. Ie found myself in an ethical dilemma with a mountain of bills and 4 children to support. My body was already imbalanced from trauma most due to an incident when my youngest  daughter was born in 1994. The work that once was so enjoyable became a weight around my neck and Ie began to be distracted and unable to focus and began to make mistakes. Going home after a graveyard shift my car hit black ice and spun out of control . While waiting at home for the police to arrive to take the accident report Ie received a phone call from the Brandon Hospital. “This is Dr….Ie am the coroner for the Brandon Hospital. Ie regret to inform you that your Mother was found dead in her sleep from an overdose of her prescription drugs. We do not know if it was intentional or an accidental overdose”. My knees went weak, it was like all the blood had drained out of my body as Ie thought to myself “how ironic Ie had just a few months earlier learned of this”.

Paul my husband at the time was away working in Norway and Ie was home with 4 children to support. It was like Ie went into autopilot not really knowing what to do or where to turn. My body riddled with the pain from the car accident and the emotional pain of my mothers death was more than my already over taxed adrenal system could handle. It was not very long after this while at work standing in front of the centrifuge that there was a volcanic eruption inside my body. Ie had just gotten back from responding to an emergency call, the adrenaline rush was what was needed for the quantum soup of dysfunction taking place in side my body at a chemical and cellular level.  The neurotoxins released during the nervous system breakdown affected both short term and long term memory. Unable to preform my duties Ie found myself on long term disability. Ie was diagnosed with depression and was put on antidepressants. My central nervous system was never investigated.

Ie was on these drugs for only a few months when Ie realize they were not helping me as my problem was not really with depression even though my body was depressed. What it really need with detoxing.  It took my body far too long to recover as the specialist Ie was sent to were not educated in mind/body/spirit science.

On November 3, 2015 while at an alternative health show in Edmonton Alberta Ie went into a semi-trance state. It seems November 3 was a star gate for me as Ie look back at other incidents they occured on this date. While in this semi-trance state Ie was told 4 things telepathically:

  1. Stop collecting and paying taxes (as Ie was being made an accessory to the crimes against myself, my fellow man, and against Gaia)
  2. Divorce your husband
  3. Purify your body matrix in preparation for the event
  4. Ie was also shown a protocol to run with people to prepare their body energetically for the event. It is beneficial to release the senses from their quantum entanglements, harmonize the corrupted emotional body  and to integrate the fractured aspects of the ego/personality/mind preparing for Quantum Singularity at the same time raising the frequency of the body matrix and activating the DNA namely the mitochondrial DNA.

Ie was instructed to speak to specific individuals attending this show and run the protocol on them activating aspects of their DNA. Ie was given the impression that the event would be like a Galactic Family Reunion. Ie had not heard about this event prior to this.  Upon researching i discovered others speaking of this event.  Ie was also shown who I am. However, my brain is still not fully recovered and Ie still have amnesia. Anyone that can assist me with this Ie would be most grateful.

Back to my instructions. Stopping collecting  taxes was easy we programmed a key on the cash register for no tax.  It was funny during the weekend if by chance Ie hit the wrong key by mistake Ie would hear my name “Ie was being shouted at “stop it”. The semi trance state stayed with me for about 2 weeks. Returning home to the Okanagan after the weekends ordeal Ie was instructed to contact specific people here in the Okanagan to be activated. There are still 2 people that Ie was instructed to activate we just never seem to meet up.

To stop paying them, as in stop paying taxes, was far more of a challenge to figure out. It has taken me nearly 3 years to unravel the mystery. It was on January 19, 2017 that I first filed a claim with the Taxpayers Ombudsman. The case is still pending, the Taxpayers Ombudsman is still waiting on documents from the Canada Revenue agency.

The following statement has been circulating and landed in messenger on Facebook a couple of times.

By Kabamur

“Thank you @alacon_merope for sharing the drops on twitter

We are the angels of the bible. We are ELOHIM.

I am a Pleiadian from the star Taygeta. This is my 78th lifetime here. We have come in our true forms as well, since Lemuria and Atlantis, because of our influence on the ancient cultures of this planet. We are incarnated and some of us walk around undetected, out of perception.

I am one of 200 million souls here to assist. Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturian are here in great numbers.

I’ve never been a teacher but I have knowledge and information to share. I will do my best.

The universe exists in Oneness with Source, but the Primary Anomaly (evil) was spread here through the free will of certain beings.

The veil is lifting. This is a creation to keep humans in amnesia. This is the false-reality matrix and it has existed for 25,000 years.

We are of Pleiadian collective consciousness but we choose a typical family structure. IKAI, AYA, LAKA, NEIOH, AKATU and myself – KABAMUR.

I have direct contact with my Pleiadian family. My mission is to spread information and help prepare the public for Open Contact.

These dark forces are Archons & Reptilians in human bodies and also exist in etheric energy bodies which are undetectable to most people.

Lightforces are embedded around the planet right now. Waiting for the signal. At the moment of The Event, mass arrests will begin.

There are reasons why the Light does not intervene immediately. It is a hostage situation which needs to be handled carefully.

Darkness is on a ticket clock and they know it. This makes them desperate and dangerous.

The Event – the compression breakthrough of the Galactic Center – will be the cut-off point for negative polarity on Earth.

Lucifer is Yaldabaoth from Gnosticism – once a respected being of Light, but turned against Source became fractured descending into matter.

Satan and Lucifer are two beings. Satan surrendered to the Galactic Federation several years ago… Lucifer is being dealt with now.

They are what we would call satanists + luciferians. They have hijacked all positive spiritual movements to create spiritual prisons.

The dark forces control the Deep State, the Jesuits, the Zionists and the Wahhabists, and through these have divided and conquered.

They are murderers, rapists, pedophiles, war criminals. They feed off the suffering of living beings. They are parasites.

The most recent physical host of Satan-Enlil was Henry Kissinger. Bush sr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Soros are all top level cabal.

Satan also played a role in this deception. Satan is Enlil from Sumerian myth. He evaded capture for many years by moving from body to body.

Only true God is Source – of All that is. The God that Jesus spoke of. Yahweh, Jehovah and jealous ‘God’ of Abrahamic religion is Lucifer.

Putin is a ‘walk-in’ Pleiadian soul as of several years ago. He regularly meets with star beings like POTUS. He is fighting for humanity.

As does Putin, which is why Deep State is so desperate to brainwash people against him. War is what they want. But they will not get it.

There are Pleiadians in the White House right now which only POTUS can see. POTUS knows all about us, and he knows all about the Event.

POTUS knows much more than he is letting on. He is playing their game – for now. In truth he has the guidance of the Light Forces.

Pedogate is real and bigger than you can imagine. The time will soon come to name names.

The only thing that’s constant throughout the universe is the field of consciousness that is love. Unity. Everything else is a illusion.

If you fear God, you should rethink which God you are recognizing. God is only Love. False gods are jealous and angry beings.

All humans are powerful when embracing connection with Source. Dark forces are desperate from keeping this from you.

We are all spiritual beings. But religion is dogma. It is an invention to keep you separate from knowing your power.

There is no real death. There is no loss. We are all a part of God, the Source of All. There is only the illusion, that we are separate.

Do not be motivated by your fears, be motivated by you Loves. Every second of every day you have this choice.

The story of religion would not be complete without Lucifer and the Archons who co-opted real truth, the Mystery School teachings.

Enki had no role in the creation of the DNA human body. This is their propaganda. They came along after it was done and took credit.

Enlil surrendered and at this moment Enki is locked away by Light forces at the bottom of the ocean. How fitting for Poseiden.

Enlil was the god of many cultures, such as Zeus, but was also the figure Satan.

Enki is portrayed as compassionate but is just as bad.

The dark forces want to confuse this. Always in the name of ‘freedom’ do they invert all that is of God and Love.

The male-female aspects are a Divine archetype. The first separation from Source are divine Male and Female energies.

Sexuality is not the same as gender identity.

The idea of a gender spectrum is a tactic towards the goal trans-humanism.

Nibiru will not return. The only ships we will see in the skies are those of the Galactic Federation after the Event. Nibiru is propaganda.

All of the Cabal gods are dead, captured or have surrendered. The holdouts are being dealt with. Yaldabaoth-Lucifer is nearly defeated”.

Yaldaboath better known as the veil is the main Arhon, It is an Ancient plasma grid created by ALL of us. It is the manifestation of our collective unconsciousness of fear.  It believe that it must feed on fear for its survival thus it perpetuates fear. Lucifer is a logus (field of consciousness) and a  beingness just like the rest of us and we are all Source energy. Lucifer does support Yaldaboath yet not for the reason most think. Yaldaboath has a consciousness, and feels that it is fulfilling its reason for being.

Lucifer has created spirits in the lower astral plane of existence and has endowed them with specific traits. These spirits can be invoked when using black magic. As there spirits were not created by the Divine Aspect they know not unconditional love and require payment for their services.  Te men and women invoking their assistance do not know true magic and have forsaken the power of their own light.

The children born into the Luciferian and/or Satanist mind set are deprived of good parental models that support well being.  However, we must realize we are ultimately responsible for our own entrapment as we have gotten caught in our mental prison. Everyone has a choice to evaluate their life. Everyone has a choice to look at their contradictions. To condemn them is to condemn ourselves. We should not be condemning that which we do not fully understand.

Please read my blog post What Is Evil:

As we actively work on resolving our fears and come to Universal Truths we must take responsibility in the creation of Yaldaboath and take an active role in dissolving this veil.

To evolve we must stop seeing the earth and each other as a resource to be exploited. This has pulled nature out of balance making  us out of balance with out true nature.

Ie am not sure where you are at in the whole scheme of things or what position you are playing in this game of life. Some know their part, some do not know they are being manipulated, some like myself have come to remember the mission. There is nothing more that forgetting can show us. There is nothing more that the birth and death cycle can show us. It really is time to move on past the old narrative.

It was only 2 years ago that Ie realized that I have been a targeted individual just for being who Ie Am.

There are still so many people that are not aware that their life has been a living hell on purpose. For more information on “targeted individuals”  please go here:

There comes a time in life when your eyes are opened to the truth and you realize that there are very few people living on earth that are not corrupt. Some are willful participants and others have no clue to the corruption they are supporting in their employment or who their boss really is.  At what point do we say “enough is enough already?”


We must put down our judgement and dissect new information like a mechanic looking to fix a broken engine.  We must come to realize that the game of life has been rigged. The individuals calling themselves the “Sons and Daughters of Lucifer” do not forget between cycles of birth and death. The “Fight between Good and Evil” was manufactured by the Luciferian/Satanists to maintain the status quo.

Anyone that has transcended their mind and broken free from the Ancient Control Grid known as Yaldaboath better known as the veil. know their true source of light and are not interested in maintaining this mental projection. They know the power of their light and stand firm in the center of their knowing as the Source of their own life and the source of LOVE!

Please realize that the Unholy Roman Empire also called  The Roman Catholic Church is a Satanic Cult masquerading as Christianity? We have all been duped. If you would like to read more about this you can read some of my earlier blog posts.

All words are word spells this is why they call it spelling, the English Language was created to deceive us and bind our energy. We must be aware of the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the emotions we are projecting. It is Self Awareness hat is the key to Self Mastery. Thoughts become things. Speak only of what you want. Speak in a way that opens space for change. Access Consciousness is a program that offers tools towards self empowerment.


Susan Blocker shared the following comment on Facebook 

“As I’ve Mentioned EVERY Aspect of Our Lives On This Planet Has Been Infiltrated and Planned to Enslave and Control Us. Even Down to The Words We Speak. Every Word We Speak Has Two Meanings. One Meaning is Revealed to the Public The Other Meaning is Hidden and Surrounded in Black Magic. ALL Words Can Be Used to Conjure Up Good/Bad Spells. For Instance How Many People Know the Word “Corporation Stems From The Word Corpse?” The Cabal Know The Hidden Meaning of Every Word Created, We Only Know of its’ General Meaning. Word Play and Word Trickery is Another Game The Cabal Use as a Tool to Entrap and Enslave Humans. There’s a lot of Detailed information surrounding the Cabal’s play of words. Look Up Jordan Maxwell He is a Scholar and a Master When it Comes to Decoding and Breaking Down the Cabal’s Game of Word Play. You’d be Surprised ow Many Spells We Cast On Each Other and Ourselves Everyday without Realization or Intent”.


There is nothing more mysterious then the creation of and the flow and lack thereof of money. Ie came to wonder how it is that we could be so out of integrity with the truth of who and what we are as Source Energy? Ie wondered how it is we are lied to at birth and our estate hijacked. Ie wondered who it is possible that bankers and tax collectors can re committ fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment everyday. It was after this that Ie came to realize that we are consenting by our participation.

It was here that Ie came to realize that once we are no longer a registered slave then we can begin to hold the men and women liable for their crimes against man and against life in general. There will be a big problem for the wheel of tyranny once the “citizens” begin to see through the propaganda and the matrix of lies and begin to take action on mass. The matrix is crumbling as more and more refuse to support the corrupt system. People can see that the mafia runs the world and that the bible was written to control the minds and hearts of man. People are beginning to see that the flags represent corporations and are not buying into being corporate slaves as they stop there flag waving. The Global Pirates cannot stop the “citizens” of the world from removing themselves as “citizen” slaves.

Ie completely realize that waking up is sometimes hard to do. ie would have much preferred to come to the realization that Ie have been lied to at birth and my spiritual evolution has been interfered with on purpose. Ie would have preferred it had my parents realized that the men and women in politics do not have my best interest at heart. Ie would have been way better off if Ie had not been made a Commercial Instrument with my Registration of Birth. ie would have been way better off if Ie had actually read the back of my Birth Certificate so that Ie would not have registered my children in this ponzi scheme known as the Registration of Live Birth. Those that control the system have been CAPITALIZING on our name. The Revenue Receipt called Certificate of Birth is the birth of our COMMERCIAL NAME and the foundation of all crimes being committed on earth.

Once people begin to realize what is right in front of us in plain sight they will stop their participation. Why would you want to continue to go to Human Resources for employment once you find out that you are the resource bonded at birth, your soul your flesh and your DNA claimed?

Once we realize that we have been cast out to sea in an ocean of lies we can send each other life preservers. Those brainwashed and indoctrinated into the Unholy Babylonian Debt Slave system known as the Judicial System are traitors.

“No tyranny is more cruel than that which is practiced in the shadow of the law and with the trappings of justice: that is, one would drown the unfortunate by the very plank by which he would hope to be saved.

Moreover, no tyrant ever lacks the instruments necessary to his tyranny. Tiberius always found the judge who was prepared to sentence any person of whom he had the slightest suspicion. In the time of the republic the senate, which did not as a body pass judgment on specific transactions, nevertheless, through a delegation of the people, took cognizance of crimes that were imputed to allies. In a like manner, Tiberius referred to this body the adjudication of all crimes which he considered an act of offense against his person. The senate then fell into a state of utter degradation such as can scarce be described; the senators themselves led the processional into their own enslavement. Under the patronage of Sejanus, the best known among them competed to be informers for the emperor”.

–Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu, Considérations sur les causes de la grandeur des Romains et de leur décadence, ch. xiv (1734) contained in Œuvres complètes, vol. ii, p. 144 (R. Caillois ed. 1951)(S.H. transl.)

It was clear when talking to some of the people working in Government agencies that they do not really know what the “Crown” is or what “IT” represents.

The time has come for us to look at our contradictions and act accordingly

When a thief is caught do they not have to give up the goods they have stolen regardless if it has been going on for eons?

If our Birth Certificate is to certify our birth then why does it have this? Our Birth Certificate is the Birth of our “Artificial Person” which is a corporate name. They have made this our legal name when the fact is our legal name is the proper way to write a name with uppercase and lower case letters. They have decided that as our mother filled out our Registration of Live Birth that she has abandoned us and if our Father does not claim us by sending back the Birth Certificate by the age of 7 we are lost at sea presumed dead. We are born to earth birthed into a sea of lies and cast into an ocean of corruption.

The contracting is all fraud of course, so is the way of the draconian mindset. They violate their own contract Law, a contract is not valid unless it is signed in full disclosure and with both parties signing.

This is reason we cannot find remedy in court. It is most unfortunate that the people involved with the  “Freeman” movement have been unaware that this movement was infiltrated by members of the cabal.

It is my desire that everyone comes to realize we have been robbed of our inheritance as benefactors, beneficiaries, and heirs of creation. All that has been stolen must be returned. It is my wish that everyone has the capacity to read and has the cognition to synthesize the information Ie have published and act upon it.

Why would you as a Spiritual Being continue to wait for the RV or Global Reset or the Gesara/Nesara to be signed into “Law” once you realize the truth?

What is most interesting is the fact that those working in tax collections are blind to the truth, the world they are co-creating with the controllers uses violence to enforce the “Laws”. They seem to be blind to the fact that money is made out of nothing and the banker has given him/her the power to create it.  The tax collector is a slave to the system just like the rest of us. Why would anyone continue to squander their spiritual evolution for a meager paycheck once they know the truth? It really is time for us all to look at our contradictions.


It is my desire that everyone has the desire to live differently and the courage to take the right steps? It is in coming together in our communities with like minded people and brainstorming that we actualize change. We cannot keep doing the same thing expecting things to be different.

To end the crimes against humanity we must end our contracting with Ba’al.

The Deity known as Jesus was created by Lucifer to deceive the masses.

All laws coming out of the Vatican have been created to corrupt mankind. Those indoctrinated into the Judiciary are magicians. Blacks Laws is black magic word spell.

If you are tired of the corruption being perpetrated on man kind, if you are tired of the perpetual nonsensical wars then you must do your part and take the action necessary to remove all liability for this.

To be free from the crimes being perpetrated on mankind we must have the faith and courage to end our participation in the systems and demand compensation. It is time to bring ourselves into alignment with our Higher Self and put our feet on the ground as Man/God. We are each the source of our life and the source of love, it is time to be this.

Steps we need to take:

  1. Remover yourself from the voters list. This is easy.
    1. In USA follow this link:
    2. In Canada follow this link:
      1. For Provincial Elections
        1. Send an email to Elections BC or what ever province you are from. For British Columbia the email is
          1. In Subject Line: Remove From Voters List
          2. Include in the email
            1. Full Name
            2. Date of Birth
            3. Home address
            4. State: Please remove me from the voters list Ie do not wish to hold any liability for the choices made by the allegedly Elected Officials also known as Politicians aka Ministers. 
            5. Elections BC will send a responding email or letter via mail to inform you of your new status as a “non-voter”.
            6. Phone: 250.387.5305
              Fax: 250.387.3578
              Toll-Free Fax: 1.866.466.0665
              TTY: 1.888.456.5448
      2. For Federal Elections call 1 800 463 6868
        1. A form will be emailed to you which will have to be filled out printed off to be signed then faxed or scanned and sent back by email or mailed. 
        2. The following is the information Ie included when Ie sent back the attached signed and scanned document: 
          Aug 24 at 7:12 PM
          To whom it may concern,
          There is no clear definition between the “I” representing the Eternal Soul and the “I” representing the physical & emotional body/intellectual mind/spirit being (Body Matrix) therefore it has become necessary for me to create the word Ie to represent the being known as Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Queen Mother. From now on the use of the word “I” represents the Eternal Soul and the Body Matrix will be referred to as Ie.
          Please remove my name from the voters list. As a non-voter Ie hold no liability for the choices made by the allegedly elected officials known as politicians holding positions in the Canadian Government.
          Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Queen Mother
    3. Create an Affidavit of Claim Victim of Felony
      1. Facts of harm
    4. File a Claim with the Taxpayers Ombudsman
      1. Send registered mail with your Claim a Legal Notice
      2. Attach the Affidavit of Claim Victim of Felony
      3. Use the registered mail number as your court filing number.  The post officer is your court clerk.
    5. Phone your Government Information hot line and request how you can have a a Certified Copy of Live Birth Registration mailed to you. Or go to your provincial or state Service Agency, for me it was Service BC in Penticton. This is the form your mother would have signed when you were born. This is the form they use to create your Birth Certificate. You did not create the Birth Certificate neither did your mother. The REGISTRATION OF LIVE BIRTH RECORD is proof of your live birth which they hijacked. 
      1. In the USA
        1. Call  toll-free at 1-844-USA-GOV1 (1-844-872-4681).
      2. In Canada
        1. Ie went to Service Canada (Provincial) in Penticton and requested that a Certified Copy of my Live Birth Registration be mailed to me expedited mail.  This is the document my mother  would have signed as my birth.  It took 5 days to arrive and cost $35.00
          1. They have ungraciously cast us out to see at birth and if our fathers did not claim us by the age of 7 we are declared lost at sea presumed dead. IE kid you not.

It is all fraud of course,  when our mother filled out the birth registration it was not disclosed to her that we were being made into a human resource to be capitalized on.

5. Create your own Identification. We are working on a generic form (your Identification) -Certificate of Identification                          1. When doing the Certificate you will want to have a passport picture..tape it to the bottom right corner..then make 4 photo copy so you have at least 4 originals..then get your peers to witness your signature. Seal your signature with a thumb print. 

 2. I had 3 copies made to be Certified 

Then I had 3 peer come to the Notary with me to witness my signature (once my witnesses are registered with the Notary then I no longer will require the assistance of a notary..then I will have my official witnesses to witness the creation of any other legal documents).  One copy to keep as my identification.

I then made  copies. 

  1. One Original to be mailed to the Acting Director of Vital Statistics
  2. The other Original is to be kept as a traveling document and means of identification. 
  3. One original was mailed with a Legal Notice 
    1. Original Copy to be mailed to Service Canada
      1. Attention:                                                                                        Acting Deputy Receiver General for Canada (country of origin)                     Carla Qualtrough                                                                                          Place du Portage Phase III
        11A2-11 Laurier Street
        Gatineau QC  K1A 0S5
      2. Call in Canada or the United States:1-800-593-1666 (toll-free)
      3.  RECEIVER WHO?As the saying goes, two things in life are certain: death, and payments to the Receiver General for Canada. We all sign off on cheques (or bank transfers) for the Receiver General. Much as this accepted of government funds conjures an image of a wizard punching calculators and building spreadsheets, we’re sad to inform you it’s not quite like that.The Receiver General, who accepts all payments for the federal government—from taxes to passport renewal fees—is technically the cabinet minister holding the Public Services and Procurement portfolio. Currently, that makes her Carla Qualtrough.

        Qualtrough holds political accountability for a department serving as “principal banker, accountant, central purchasing agent, linguistic authority and real property manager,” according to the government.

        She is responsible for all funds coming in and out of government accounts. Considering the government handles more than a trillion dollars in cash flow annually, and brought in $192.8 billion in tax revenues in 2015–16, those responsibilities sound stressful. Not to worry: Qualtrough has many departmental staff supporting her work—747 full-time equivalent public servants, to be precise.

    2. Copy to be mailed to Acting Minister of Justice & Governor General 

       Jody Wison-Raybould                                                                                                    1245 West Broadway (Main Office)                                                                               Suite 104                                                                                                                               Vancouver, British Columbia                                                                                                                                 V6H 1G7                                                                                Telephone (604) 717 1140                                                                                                             Fax (604) 717 1144

    3. Copy to be mailed to Acting Governor General of Canada                               Julie Payette                                                                                                                         Rideau Hall                                                                                                                          1 Suddex Drive                                                                                                                    Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A1

    4. Copy to be mailed to the Acting Secretary of State in the USA   The White HouseU.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY                                                                           Attention   Acting Secretary of the Treasury Mr.  Steven Mnuchin                                                                                                                                                                          1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW                                                                                      Washington, DC 20500Comments: 202-456  1111                                                                                                 Switchboard: 202-456-1414                                                                                              Comments: 202-456-6213                                                                                                   Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121                                                     Who is Steven Mnuchin? Is an American former investment banker[4] who is serving as the 77th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury as part of the Cabinet of Donald Trump. Previously, Mnuchin had been a film producer and hedge-fund manager.

    5. If in Canada Copy to be Mailed to the Acting Secretariat & President of the Treasury of Canada  Mr. Scott Brison                                                                                                            Treasury Board of Canada                                                                                                   90 Elgin Street, 8th Floor                                                                                                               Ottawa Ontario                                                                                                                                K1A OR5                                                                                         Telephone 613 369 3200                                                                                                Toll Free 1 877 636 00656
    6. Copy to Taxpayer Ombudsman
    7. Copy to be mailed to Canada Revenue Agency
      1. Attention: Acting Minister of National Revenue                                            Diane Lebouthillier                                                                                            555 McKenzie Avenue Floor 7                                                                                  Ottawa Ontario                                                                                                           K1A OL5
        1. phone 613 995 2960

             6.  A Copy can be mailed and/or faxed to the Vatican to the Acting Pope and a copy mailed or faxed to Elizabeth Windsor Acting Queen.

include with these mailings your affidavit, and copy of Legal Notice sent to Vital Statistics indicating you are returning your Birth Certificate (Revenue Receipt).

6. Take your original Birth Certificate

  1. The Birth Certificate is a receipt
  2. Photocopy it so you have a record to keep 
  3. Send the original by registered mail with a legal notice back to the creator of it, the originator,  which is the Registrar General.
  4. include with your Birth Certificate
    1.  One of the Original Certificate of Identification you created as your identification document (this will be used to travel) you will no longer require a passport, so that your Certificate is registered with Vital Statistic.
    2. Your Affidavit

It states on the back -Revenue Receipt no ****** for treasure use only

We are bonded at birth weighed and measured like gold as a resource

  1. To end this contract, we must send back the receipt.
  1. You want to end all joiner with your CAPATILIZED name
    1. Your legal name, which is used to represent you (a body of water or liquid), is written in all CAPITAL LETTERS because it is a piece of Liquidated Capital. In other words, it has been securitized and turned into a financial instrument. … It also comes from another Latin word caput, meaning “head” in English.
    2. Your legal name is the name that the government likes to use to attach your identity (set of characteristics) to it, so it can identify you. It is important for you to know that your legal name is not the name given to you by your mother and father; instead, it is a deceptive name created by the government to trick you to do business with its corporations.
    3. Your real legal name is the one your parents gave you at birth not the one the Government stole from you to create their illegitimate LEGAL FICTION with word magic spells..lets put the brakes on this charade by braking this spell once and for all. Claim your Birth Right as benefactor, beneficiary, and heir of creation. WE are all Creators.

To be more specific, your legal name is a name of a corporation that the government uses to attach you to a dead fictional character. This allows the government to identify you and do business with you. Because of this, if you want to successfully free yourself from its jurisdiction, you need to stop thinking that your legal name is who you are. You do not need to be in contract with Government to live in society. It is your energy it is your blood, sweat, and tears that you are exchanging with others. It does not matter if you use money or not the money only has the value you put in to make it. Our time is all valued equally except by those that control through wage and taxation.

Most of us have been conditioned to think that our legal name is who we are. In reality, our legal name is not who we are, because each of us is a living man or woman with a body made of flesh and blood. Names are not real, living and breathing “people”, but instead are symbols of things (non-beings). In legal terms, names are artificial persons, also known as corporations. In other words, your legal name represents the corporate name used by the government to identify you. Because of this, it is NOT who you really are. The name is the way to identify us for communication in the physical Universe how it is written correctly to identify us is by use of Upper case and lower case letters.

The evidence that names are “Artificial persons” can be found in the legal definition of the word name. Black’s Law Dictionary (6th edition) defines the word name using these exact words: “The designation of an individual person, or of a firm or corporation.” The word corporation is defined by the same law dictionary as, “An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state.” Based on the definitions in this paragraph, in law, a name can be a corporation which is an artificial person. It did not say “the names of a man”, a man is both a male and female expression it said the ‘name of a person”.

The following is the information Ie have shared with a friend from India…the process will be the same for anyone that has a Birth Certificate and Social Insurance (Security) Number. It would be beneficial to share the information and gather people locally to take these steps on mass.

You must begin the process to take back your estate and reclaim your standing as the benefactor, beneficiary, and heir of creation.

We are ALL the face of God. We are this body and we are the Universe and the Universe is in US…we are the cosmos. We are the awareness field coming to be aware of itself. There is no greater joy then to witness yourself through that which you are observing fully present to the Moment of Now.  Whether it is a snowflake or an animal tt is delightful to see the other aspect delight in this recognition of itself as a reflection.

We are the projector and the protected held to limitation as our ego/personality/mind/senses are attached to a limited program (conditioned mind-which are deeply rooted beliefs of previous) all exists in consciousness…we are consciousness expressed. The body is thought actualized. …we are the thought and the thinker. We experience what we believe until we have the direct experience of our multidimensional self and realize we are the awareness field that flows through all life and we are the expression of this. We are the zero-point field. We are infinite potential held to the notion that the outer world is finite. Yet, if we are at the core infinite potential so to is the outer expression. It is very difficult for the conditioned mind to know Unconditional Love as it is held to conditions…WE ARE ONE and I LOVE YOU 🙂 ❤

take out your birth certificate

look on the back of it

why would our birth certificate say “Revenue Receipt” and “For Treasury Use” only on it?

Have you ever pondered the mystery of money? There is nothing more mysterious then the creation and flow or lack thereof of money. Once you know how it is created you can empower yourself to IT.

You must create an Affidavit…

an Affidavit is a declaration of facts.

here is  the link to an excerpt from my Affidavit  it is not yet complete as I have to list the steps Ie have taken and what has happened as Ie took the steps.  Ie must include the fact that I initiated a Claim with the Taxpayers Ombudsman of Canada

then you go to your Government Service Sector and request a Certified copy of your Registration of Live Birth record.

Then you must create your own Manufactured Statement of Origin (MSO) know that you  originated before the birth of the body you now govern correct?

here is a copy of my MSO  it has seen me safely across the US boarder into Washington State from Canada as they have no legal right to detain me as Ie have removed myself from their Unholy Law Society. You must create your own MSO in your own words and from your knowing of who you know yourself to be

Manufactured Statement of Origin

The birth of this body identified as living and given the title of Lorna Lynne Borgeson took place in Burns Lake on the 29th day of July in the Gregorian Year of 1959 through the womb of my earthly mother Donna Elizabeth Borgeson. My Mother born Donna Elizabeth Ross took place on the 17th day of October 1938 in Cold Lake, she was born through the womb of a living women titled Bessie Heigh and fathered by Harry Donald Ross. My Father born Carl Dorell Borgeson took place on the 17th day of April 1932 in North Battleford, he was born through the womb of a living women titled Gurine Hermanson and fathered by Carl Borgeson.

I (Eye) hold a Certified Copy of the REGISTRATION OF LIVE BIRTH registration number 59-09-024040. The invasion of Turtle Island and subsequent creation of the CORPORATION known as CANADA and creation of the CORPORATIONS known as PROVINCES was illegal and unlawful. The Colonization of ALL LANDS and creation of CORPORATIONS is not founded in the Nature of Things and violated/violates the Prime Directive. The people (s) supporting this are in violation of the Prime Directive and in violation of the Galactic Codex.

I (Eye) was fraudulently registered on the 18th day of August in the Gregorian year 1959 to the CORPORATION known as BRITISH COLUMBIA and fraudulently issued a BIRTH CERTIFICATE bonding my flesh and blood as a surety to the CORPORATION of CANADA and the alleged debt of The Canada Revenue Agency (Inc).

With the creation of this Manufactured Statement of Origin I (Eye) end all joiner with the created name LORNA LYNNE BORGESON. I (Eye) end any and ALL ties to the LAW SOCIETY also known as the BAR ASSOCIATION aka THE CROWN. I cancel, revoke, and rebuke all fraudulent contracting previously signed in ignorance by me with any and all attachment to the name LORNA LYNNE BORGESON and previous.  In so doing, I (Eye) restore my “Status” and my “Standing” as a Divine Man and cancel all liability to the creation of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and dissolve any and ALL joiner with CANADA ending any assumed registration as a Citizen. I (eye) choose to be a Free Man expressing my Divinity while striving to integrate ALL fractured Aspects of the Ego/Personality/Spirit to restore to Unified Mind thus Restoring Life.

My Light Body and Consciousness originated prior to the created body designated by my parents as Lorna Lynne Borgeson. I (Eye) have been known by many names. I (Eye) declare myself the Pinnacle of Hierarchal Order I AM the Truth and The Light, I AM the Source of my Own Creation and the Source of Love. By this Declaration I (Eye) restore my “Standing” as a Living God and Creator and invite ALL to do the same. I (eye) was/am recognized in the Dragon Court as Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Queen Mother when my Divorce Certificate was issued on the 19TH day of March, 2018.

I (Eye) AM a True Authentic Sovereign Being living by the Right Use of Will realize the Sovereignty of ALL Matter I (Eye) choose to live by the principle “To Do No Harm”. I (Eye) AM not an enemy of life; my only enemy is ignorance, stupidity, and fear.

My duty’s and obligations are; to Life for the evolution of Consciousness; to the restoration and maintenance of the Earth also known as Terra Nova aka Gaia; to the restoration and maintenance of the Tribe of Man to live by the Law of One-The Law of Love; to allow for ALL to express as One Living Consciousness; for the expansion of the Soul; to allow for the infinite creativity of Source to be expressed.  Let the Harvest be OVER!

Given with conscious intent under my hand and Sealed by my living Seal (Right Thumb Print) on this the 31st day of July, 2018


Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Divine Mother Ashara/Akasha

AFFIRMED BEFORE ME……….on ….26th day of July 2018 …….

Witness:   Pamela Kachowsk   ____________________________________________

Witness:  Margaret Munn      ____________________________________________

Witness:  Gurine Richard       ____________________________________________


Find three peers to witness you signing it and use a red ink pad and put your thumb print over your signature to seal it. Blood Ritual Sacrifice is not needed.

If you can have someone video taping you signing it and witnessing it would be the best..then go to a notary with your Registration of Live Birth Record and have it authenticated declaring you as alive.

If you can have this filmed it would be good.

then make 4 photocopies of  these documents keep the original the others are for mailing and to file in court.

Make 3 photocopies of your birth certificate and keep one for yourself

You will want to mail back your our original Birth Certificate (receipt) to its originator. Which is the commissioner or director of Vital Statistics for India with copies of the other documents (MSO and Copy of Live Birth Record and authentication document from the Notary) with a Liability Notice. Stating that a great trespass has been perpetrated upon you.  Prior to mailing make enough copies to include in mailing to other Government Official and keep on for court filing. Prior to court filing you will want to keep a copy of all documents for yourself. Include these documents in your Affidavit as Exhibits.

You can fax all documents to the Secretary of State and to the Minister of Justice/Attorney General of India and also send a copy to the Vatican with a cover legal document.

Here is a copy of a LEGAL NOTICE I sent to Jody Wison Renolds acting Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. Always when addressing officials say “acting Pope or acting King or Queen. In this you are holding your authority in the game. Life is a game.

THIS HAS GREATER FORCE AND EFFECT THEN IF MADE IN SUPREME COURT CANADA                                        AND OR THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UK                                                                            UNDER IN AND BY THE SUPREMACY OF HEAVEN

                                             DONE IN GOOD FAITH         

                                                  Non Negotiable

Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson                                                                                                    Queen Mother of Heaven and Earth                                                                                                   Mailing address:                                                                                                                                              General Delivery                                                                                                     Summerland, British Columbia                                                                                                                                                    V0H 1Z6

Minister of Justice & Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould                                                    1245 West Broadway (Main Office)                                                                                                    Suite 104                                                                                                                                                 Vancouver, British Columbia                                                                                                               V6H 1G7                                                                                                                                                    Telephone (604) 717 1140                                                                                                                    Fax (604) 717 1144

April 4, 2018


Attention Jody Wilson-Raybould ,

This is a LEGAL NOTICE and not a letter.              

Please be advised to the fact that this is a Notice of Liability and Claim of Corruption and Spiritual Notice to inform you that you and all of mankind have been put in a SPIRITUAL COURT OF EQUITY.  It is served to you Jody and all politicians and associates (lawyers) and other government employees as the flesh and blood man and/or women whom have chosen to participate in fraud, extortion, embezzlement, entrapment, while supporting the poisoning, raping, torture, as well as contributing to the poor health of self and others and death of millions of your fellow man by way of your actions and/or in-actions.

All that has been stolen by way of fraudulent banking and taxation will be returned to the victims of fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment.

It states on the Government website “the mission of the Attorney General is to administer justice, deliver public safety services and programs, lead emergency management and provide legal advice to Government”. It is clear that you have been negligent in your duties as the public have not been safe from the tyrannical system governing society.

We the inhabitants incarnating to Terra Nova not coming from Lucifer’s lineage have been lied to about nearly everything and are being subjected to unnecessary violence. Thus, it has become necessary to serve you as a man serving as Minister of Justice with this Notice of Liability and Claim of Corruption and Spiritual Notice. There can be no Social Justice when the Laws are based in “Black Magic Word Spells” designed to entrap mankind. This is why Jody that you and those supporting the enslavement of mankind have been put in a SPIRITUAL COURT OF EQUITY for your spiritual corruption and participation in the tyrannical court system as well as supporting the Government policies and procedures that are counter intuitive to well-being. I Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Queen of Heaven and Earth serve you Jody Wilson-Raybould and the men and women acting as Government for British Columbia and Canada with this LEGAL NOTICE. You and your associates and all men and women working in the Judiciary have been exposed for your complacency and compliance in participating in fraud, extortion, embezzlement, entrapment, and theft while being an accessory and/or actively participating in the demonizing of the world through acts of violence towards the body while forcing innocent men and women incarnating to Terra aka Gaia into debt slavery. You have willfully conspired either directly or indirectly by your actions and/or in actions which have proven your culpability in the poisoning, raping, torture, murder, poor health and death of millions of your fellow man. The actions and inactions of the men and women acting as politicians and as Government agents are inhibiting the spiritual evolution of mankind and while allowing for the destruction of the Natural World.  Please refer to my Affidavit of Claim Victim of Felony.

As compensation for the damage to my psyche, my mind, body, brain and spirit caused by your actions and participation in the crimes against humanity I am demanding payment of $10,000,000 to be payed 18 days after the receipt of this document. This is compensation for your participation in willfully promoting a system which has caused harm to my body matrix and allowed for data to be collected on me by the CIA (Jesuit Order) aka Covert Military also known as the Jesuit Army without my agreeing to it. The payment can be deposited into my bank account.




Please find attached

  1. Affidavit of Claim Victim of Felony sent to the Taxpayers Ombudsman
  3. LEGAL NOTICE to Jerry Crowley Agent Canada Revenue Agency
  4. LEGAL NOTICE to Carole James Acting Minister of Finance for British Columbia
  5. LEGAL NOTICE to Joseph Noble Acting CEO of ROGERS
  6. LEGAL NOTICE to Jorge Mario Bergoglio Acting Pope
  7. LEGAL NOTICE to Elizabeth Windsor Acting Queen Elizabeth
  8. LEGAL NOTICE to Donald Trump Acting President
  9. St. Germain’s order #33
  10. Direct deposit information

Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Queen Mother                                                                          Restoring the Supremacy of One Heaven                                                                                          Yours, Without Dishonour, Without Prejudice, Ill Will or Frivolity                                        Non-Assumpsit                                                                                                                                      Errors and Omissions Excepted

We should all be gathering as a group of like minded people in our area, respective communities, to do this on mass

Contact Pavan Kumar Vedam

He has a friend known as Vivek that he will be contacting to assist with filing the documents in court. The courts are corrupt we do not recognize any of their “legal ease” black magic word jargon. They are word spells. We do not recognize any of their Blacks Laws are black magic word spells.

India like all colonized lands was hijacked by the pirates, they did this illegally and unlawfully. A King and Queen during their coronation oath swear to not force the inhabitants of the land they have entered to their laws and customs. They have violated the Galactic Codex as explorers no one is to concur lands they discover when the land it already inhabited.

They have violated their own Contact Laws.  Look and you will see this system started after your country was colonized

you must mention this in your affidavit

that you do not recognise any man-made rules of laws created by the morally and ethically corrupt, most of us are not criminals we would not rape, or steal, or murder our fellow man.

Those that do have been infected with the draconian mindset. Their ego personality is either fractured or they have entity attachment. Those that are conditioned to act from their imbalance need to be restored by integrating their fractured aspect and/or have their entity removed.

India was conquered by a violent force

Each of us must stand in our power and speak the truth as a force for good.

Poverty Spiritual Corruption has taken place in your country

document it in your affidavit…film everything you do

when you are done you will publish it on youtube and share in social media

people from all continents must do this

we must have the Vatican’s assets seized and the committee of 300 all assets seized.

you might like to read this

you are claiming your birth right as a benefactor beneficiary and heir of creation….you are now officially the creator of your reality 🙂 ❤

Do you know of Captain Ajith Vadakayil?

He’s walking ppl up

To the Deep State

And all the HIStory


Kalki Effec

Please read the following page and watch the videos I have republished here:

Infinite love and gratitude

Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Divine Mother



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  3. Fox Xie Inariusagi Avatar
    Fox Xie Inariusagi

    I am in agreement and do concur. May all go well and be successful.

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