Excerpt from my Affidavit

Global healing!!

It is a fact that:

  1. Canada is listed as a company on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website as CIK # 0000230098 Company name CANADA located in the state of District of Columbia
    1. As a corporation those claiming ownership are extorting from the people working under said corporation
      1. As a corporation contract make the Law
    2. The people are slaves to the corporation
  • That which they are calling Laws are policy for said Corporation
  1. The flesh and blood men and women born of the land are not being compensated for the mineral extraction by the privately-owned corporations
  2. The District of Columbia is not a state, it is a federal district. When the Constitution of the United States was adopted in 1787, what is now the District of Columbia was a part of the state of Maryland. In 1791, the District was ceded to the federal government for the purpose of becoming the nation’s capital, a district that was to be governed by Congress.
    1. There is no one responsible for the overseeing of the Members of Congress
  3. It is clear that Congress is Governed by the Global Military Industrial Complex as so much is classified and not seen by the men and/or women sworn in as Members of Congress
    1. The men and women in Congress, all Politicians, and those Registered in the Bar Association have been negligent in life
  4. I and everyone else has/have a fundamental right to live by the principle, Om Varunam Namah = My life is in Harmony with Cosmic Law
  5. I was told by declaring myself sovereign I would be branded a terrorist
    1. There is something deeply troubling in the psyche of a man that would think this to be acceptable
  6. No man or woman, in or out of government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against my life and property that I am in use of and any and all contracts I’m a party to not giving full disclosure to me whether signed by me or not are hereby void at my discretion
  7. I reject all claims by All Pope(s), priest, Ministers, and/or Magistrates now and throughout history
    1. They have all been possessed and/or insane and their insanity is reflected in what is happening in the streets of our villages, towns, and/or cities
    2. Priests do not share the true teaching of the Christ with the congregation
  • On the 22nd day of March in the Gregorian Year of 2018 I Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Divine Mother Declared THE SUPREMACY OF HEAVEN.
    1. Anyone that does not recognise this truth will be seen as treasonous and dealt with accordingly
    2. I call on the Galactic Federation of Planets to bring resolution to the fraud gripping the inhabitants of earth in this  matrix of lies
  1. As a representative of Heaven (Source) in the knowing of my Divinity reject, cancel, cure, delete, and make void all presumptions of the Laws created by Man including the Vatican and enforced by the Roman Cult Courts and those working under the umbrella of the court. Please be advised that I reject, cancel, cure, delete, and make void all Cannon Laws created by the diabolical master mind.
    1. A judge has no jurisdiction over a Man
    2. As a physical representation of One Heaven and of life I would never deceive and/or knowingly commit a crime that may jeopardizes by status as an honest, honorable, ethical and moral being
      1. For all violence that I have inflicted upon my body and that of another done while in duress I hereby request clemency and atonement
      2. I declare from this day forward I shall uphold my obligation to life to do no harm
    3. On the 26th of July 2018 I created my own Identification and have taken the steps to remove myself as a Citizen and Taxpayer
      1. My Claim of Right and Claim of Divine Proportion is now complete.
    4. Not knowing is not consent
    5. I call for the immediate seizure of all Vatican Assets while all cult members are investigated for their crimes against humanity and their crimes against life
  • All cult members also known as Priest, Minister, and/or Magistrate must be given a psychological evaluation and checked for entity attachment and possession and then treated for their affliction
    1. They ALL must be educated to the Facts and Given FULL DISCLOSURE
  • The men at the Vatican have violated The Galactic Codex as such all that has come out of the Vatican is corrupt including all Laws including but not exclusive to Common Law, these laws were written to bind the minds of man and were written to corrupt the true nature of man and hide the true nature of creation
  1. I demand Equity Law and Divine Law and the Law of One-The Law of Love to be the Laws of The New Earth with everyone adopting the principles of the Galactic Codex to allow for harmonization and Unified Mind to be attained
    1. All Judges and Lawyers must be retrained
  2. There are two prominent dates displayed on the Issued Certificate, one is the birth of this earthly body through the womb of my earthly mother in this incarnation, the other is the “File Date” when the PERSON (a Corporate Municipal Franchise) was created and replaced me as the beneficiary of my own assets. So, I, the living man or woman, have a birth day— and the Corporate Franchise “PERSON” named after my birth date which was created and issued on the 28th August 1959
    1. According to the Blacks Laws Dictionary a JURIDICAL PERSON:

Is an entity, as a firm, that is not a single natural person, as a human being, authorized by law with duties and rights, recognized as a legal authority having a distinct identity, a legal personality. Also known as artificial person, juridical entity, juristic person, or legal person. Also refer to body corporate.

  1. A Corporations is an artificial entity that are created by state statute, and that are treated much like individuals under the law, having legally enforceable rights, the ability to acquire debt and to pay out profits, the ability to hold and transfer property, the ability to enter into contracts, the requirement to pay taxes, and the ability to sue and be sued.
    1. The rights and responsibilities of a corporation are independent and distinct from the people who own or invest in them. A corporation simply provides a way for individuals to run a business and to share in profits and losses.
  • The History of this concept of a Corporate Personality traces its roots to Roman Law and found its way to the American colonies through the British.
    1. After gaining independence, the states, not the federal government, assumed authority over Corporations.
    2. This is a violation of the Galactic Codex a violation of the Prime Directive
  1. Although Corporations initially served only limited purposes, the Industrial Revolution spurred their development. And the corporation became the ideal way to run a large enterprise, combining centralized control and direction with moderate investments by a potentially unlimited number of people.
  2. The corporation today remains the most common form of business organization because, theoretically, a corporation can exist forever and because a corporation, not its owners or investors, is liable for its contracts. But these benefits do not come free. A corporation must follow many formalities, is subject to publicity, and is governed by state and federal regulations.
  3. Many states have drafted their statutes governing corporations based upon the Model Business Corporation Act. This document, prepared by the American Bar Association Section of Business Law, Committee on Corporate Laws, and approved by the American Law Institute, provides a framework for all aspects of Corporate Governance as well as other aspects of corporations. Like other Model Acts, the Model Business Corporation Act is not necessarily designed to be adopted wholesale by the various states, but rather is designed to provide guidance to states when they adopt their own acts.
  • This peace of Identification that I carry in my purse does not apply to me it applies to a Corporate Fiction
  • Having a picture of me on a State Issued Identification card with the name of the created Corporate Fiction is fraud as it does not in fact represent me the breathing flesh and blood being
    1. All State issued identification is just plastic and does not represent me as a Divine Man.
      1. On the 25th Day of July I created my own Statement of Origin and Identification and registered it in the court on the 26th day of July 2018.           EXHIBIT D


  1. The creators of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE claim the “death” of me as a living being they claim to own my biological property and own my estate. They created the BIRTH CERTIFICATE so they own the Trade Name, and the “birth” of the Federal PERSON’s claim upon my assets, we are always the Holder-in-Due-Course, the Party having the first claim (first in line, first in time) to the Trade Name and Estate, but if we don’t claim it, or know how to claim it, we are out of luck and disinherited.
    1. This State/Provincial issued document does not represent me it represents the trust
      1. On the back of this document it states, “Revenue Receipt”.
    2. Even when I tried to figure out how to claim the estate I was not given the information to do so,
      1. I reject any claim that the creation of said estate is legitimate
  • The Birth & Death Registration Act is fraud
    1. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is signed by the Registrar — an Officer of the Probate Court, which is supposed to prove that my estate was probated. Illogically as a living Canadian state national, for example, the British Columbian named Lorna Lynne Borgeson was taken off the title of her natural estate and her natural nationality and political status was changed to that of “LORNA LYNNE BORGESON” a Federal Municipal Franchise Corporation and “Citizen of Canada” —- that is, a citizen under the Diversity Clause of the old Federal Code which allows Corporations to be Citizens.
      1. This play on word is a corruption of language which I do not tolerate
      2. The ALL CAPITAL NAME deals in commerce.
        1. In the creation of my own Identification I remove myself as a Citizen of Canada and end all commercial exchange
      3. This Corporate Fiction one LORNA LYNNE BORGESON was created by the acting Pope when my Birth Certificate was issued, my parents were made to believe, as I was made to believe, that my Birth Certificate certified my birth but instead it certified the creation of a “CORPORATE FICTION” a one “LORNA LYNNE BORGESON” and I Lorna Lynne Borgeson was declared lost at sea and presumed dead,
        1. this is a great deception and act of torsion I AM not dead as I breath life, I AM LIFE
      4. I was never lost at sea, the registration of birth was MANDATORY
        1. the statement “the mother abandoned the child”, is FALSE, and a father does not have to claim a child when the child was never abandoned in the first place
        2. Parents have never abandoned their child unless they gave/give them up for adoption
          1. Anyone going along with this claim is clearly insane and committing fraud they are a disgrace to their own creation
          2. This deceitful black magic play on words is treachery
          3. Anyone that has known about this has acted against my creation. they have acted against Mother/Father God and have acted against Source (the soul).
          4. A child is not the property of their parents and are not wards of the court
            1. The court is in defiance of life when that court does not protect the rights of the child as a sovereign expression of Divinity
          5. A child is its own being and has far more intelligence then we are made to believe
            1. This natural intelligence is beat out of US when we are forced into a violent environment
          6. I Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson rebut the presumption of “joinder” to the unlawful and illegal creation of the “Artificial Person” one LORNA LYNNE BORGESON which has caused me a living Man/God (women) to unwittingly become the “surety” for the Corporate debt of Canada Revenue Agency (INC.) and held as a slave to the global system of debt-money bondage.
  • I Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson do not hold any responsibility to the creation of alleged debt to one LORNA LYNNE BORGESON.
    1. Any bills and or invoices under the account name of LORNA LYNNE BORGESON belongs to the creators of this account and must be directed to the creators of this account name
      1. The creator of the name and/or “artificial person” LORNA LYNNE BORGESON is the CROWN aka The Bar Association aka The Vatican, therefore all bills and/or invoices must be directed to the acting Pope born Jorge Mario Bergoglio and crowned Pope Francis on March 13, 2013
      2. All energy including money earned and stolen from me as a result of the fraudulent taxation and banking interest practices must be returned to me.
  • My/our inheritance as the heir, benefactor, and beneficiary of creation has being hijacked and the Right Use of Will is being ignored through this treacherous system
  1. I demand a full accounting of my Birth Certificate and my Social Insurance Number
    1. All individuals benefiting monetarily from my name are to be arrested for fraud, embezzlement, entrapment, identity theft and for treason


  1. As a “Person” I have duties and obligations to LIFE and to the Society of Man, we are One Global Community/The Tribe of Man divided by those that have chosen to hide the truth and conspire against US.


  1. It is clear psychopaths are irrational as they are blind to the fact that they are conspiring against themselves
  2. I read the following statement on Facebook posted by Pat Hilliard I was on Round Table think tanks for overpopulation, population control, and depopulation. The middle east wars and depopulation, 9-11, sterilization vaccines, was all ours. Coming soon, tactical nuclear exchange in Europe and a false flag biological terror attack with vaccination death camps for the US. Then they’re going to pull the plug, cut the power, and let nature and human nature thin it on down to about 10% of today’s population, while they hide out and take over bit by bit. It’s a 200-year plan, we are due for the bio attack between 2024-40. I’ve seen the bottom of the rabbit hole. You don’t want to know. And even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it.


This is the link to the Facebook feed where the statement is published as public record:  https://www.facebook.com/alwaysmiracles/posts/10215287474011904?comment_id=10215288666801723


  1. A conspiracy to do harm is an indictable offense, Conspiracy is an inchoate, or preparatory, crime. It is similar to solicitation in that both crimes are committed by manifesting an intent to engage in a criminal act. It differs from solicitation in that conspiracy requires an agreement between two or more persons
    1. I have heard it said “their crimes are so horrendous that their only recourse is to conceal them.
      1. all individuals involved in the crimes against Man must be held liable.


  1. I reject any notion that I need a trade name and/or Trade Name ie TRADE NAME to exchange goods and services with my fellow man
    1. A corporate fiction can not trade
      1. It is my energy it is my blood sweat and tears that is being traded
    2. I wrote an article for the online magazine Wake Up World titled What Happens When Spirituality Buys into Capitalism. https://wakeup-world.com/2015/09/20/what-happens-when-spirituality-buys-into-capitalism/
  • The creation of this system has allowed for unthinkable crimes to be committed by the men and women acting under the umbrella of CHURCH and STATE, those in government know it is ALL a big act the following video is proof
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLBqlXmROI8


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  1. Facebook feed statement public record link is broken.

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