If you are waiting for some cosmic event while not taking appropriate action steps on the ground toward corrective action then you are the problem. So, many people especially truthers and the true carriers of the light are still being targeted and suffering under the oppression of of their respective Government. No one knows this greater than I. I sit here with multiple Government agencies harassing me.  The Revenue Canada Agency has been harassing me from many angles.  One of the acting Agents for Revenue Canada by the name of Gerry Crowley threatening to take my pension  away.  I have been searching and asking for assistant looking for an advocate that can assist in moving my case forward to no avail. Every single man and women in these agencies should have their assets seized while we hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity.

For all those that think that Mr. Trump is doing the right thing by the people and doing the right thing for the earth “you are ignoring the obvious”. Surely, a spiritually aware person can recognize if another person is spiritually awake and aware or NOT.

I am getting tired of the people reporting about “full and/or partial disclosure” while the carrier criminals are still in positions of power. Our leaders are psychopaths. Why is no one admitting it?

While they keep everyone distracted with the RV they continue to roll-out the 5G Grid also called “Smart Grid”. Have you bothered to do some research into their plans for the complete control of the minds of man?

Who in their right mind would allow them to crash the markets while these carrier criminals are getting away with even greater crimes against humanity?

I am getting tired of listening to people that are supposedly channeling beings in the higher echelon of the astral plane. If you do not know what is really going on and you are spreading information that is incomplete you are perpetuating the dysfunction. If you are ignoring what is happening on the ground you are corrupt beyond reason. I am so tired of the people that do not have the eyes and ears to see and hear the truth.

I am getting tired of hearing from people that are in fear of exposing their true identity  as they know that we are in a multi-agency seize. They are afraid to have their bank account frozen and their life inconvenienced, they are afraid that they may be murdered even though they are only half living. Their life and everyone else’s is already under seize as we are living in an open air prison. I am especially tired of people that know the system is corrupt yet they still support the system by going to work everyday and not speaking their tuth.

I do not care if you are saying you are from the Pleiades, Sirius, or Andromeda or what dimension you say you’re from YOU are allowing for the life to be sucked out of life. It is way beyond what a reasonable, conscious, and conscientious being can take. I do not care if you are a Freemason a Mason, A Knight of Malta, A Knight of Columbus, a Rosicrucian, or if you have been indoctrinated into an order or priesthood you are hereby put in this SPIRITUAL COURT OF EQUITY for allowing the degradation of life.

I do not care if you are a member of the White Dragon, Red Dragon , and/or Purple Dragon Society or are a Chinese Elder you are the problem as you perpetuate violence. I do not care what Spiritual Master or Guru you claim to be if you are ignoring and/or care to not see what is really the problem you are the problem. If you know what is happening on the earth plane and you are not take corrective action you are the problem.  If you are waiting for the the RV or currency rest without stopping the tax collection system at its roots then you are the problem. While they distract us with the RV and currency rest these “State Terrorists” continue to get way with their crimes.

Last night I had a hypnosis session during which I remembered an incident with my mother whereby she wanted me to be weary of fire. We were at the stove and she said “Lorna be careful the burner is hot”. She then proceeded to tell me to touch it, which I did. Of course, it burned the tip of my finger when I touched my finger to the hot element. It was a shock to me at the time and I lost trust in my mother. There is a force that thinks I should have gotten angry with my mother over this instance and other experiences like it. We are being taught that anger is a natural reaction. It is not.

There are two Jesus’s the false light Lucifer/Jesus that the occultist (Luciferian/Satanists) at the Vatican created under the guidance of Ba’al and the True Light Jesus/Yeshua as the physical representation of God The Father, the vibration is ever so slightly different.

The Crown of Ba’al also know as the Papal Terra which the Pope wares is in the shape of a beehive the same shape as the pineal gland. All Governments participating in the Birth Certificate registration are disciples of Ba’al.

All Ministers in Government are Ministering to their Master. They have given up their Godhead they have given up their sovereignty to the Master Manipulator. His emotional imbalance is being seen world wide as the Church and State promote violence which causes an imbalance in the emotions body causing fracturing of the ego/personality. This causes tears in the aura allowing for entity attachment and full on possession.

The Church and the State have always promoted violence.  Without Government there would be no wars for mans true nature is to love, to be loved, and to be loving. It is only when we do not trust in ourselves that we would have tribal disputes indicating we have lost contact with our relationship with ourselves.

Yes, psychopathy is contagious and it does not matter how much a mother can love a psychopath their self loathing is preventing them from seeing the truth. No one can love the self but the self.

Seeing Yeshua on the cross is symbolic of the Death of the Christ which is a state of being not the being.

Mans greatest sin was separating themselves from the source of creation.

People do not take the time to understand and inner-stand the nature of violence. Krishnamurti said it best ““When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.” Separating our selves from our Godhead going from man to human is the source of all suffering. Now man is addicted to their imbalanced emotional body unable to remember what it was like when they were aligned vibrationaly as the higher self.

Emotional and spiritual immaturity is allowing for the demonizing of the world. People lack the awareness as to how they are now being used as frequency generators to keep the earth in a low vibratory rate. We hold on to shame, blame, and guilt while expressing anger (is fear), resentment (fear of rejection), fear (not feeling safe in ones environment) and jealousy (fear of not being good enough). All these judgments are keeping us from moving into vibrational harmony with our core essence (Unconditional Love) and keeping us from full embodiment as the higher self (which we already are that).


It was during the session when the hypnotherapist suggested it was ok for me to be angry with my mother that I got angry.  Is my anger a riotous anger? I am angry at our own stupidity. I have reached my limit to the stupidity of what we are perpetuating in not having the spiritual awareness between living from and expressing from our mental conditioning and living from and expressing from the heart. I am pissed off that supposedly spiritually aware people cannot see the truth what is keeping people from seeing how we are programming each other to be in limitation.

I am pissed off with the men and women in the “full disclosure” movement that have made disclosure a popularity contest rather then getting to the truth and taking corrective action.

I find myself asking “If I was not programmed that the element would burn me would it have?” My epiphany as I woke up this morning, my realization, is that my little girl we called her “Little Sunshine ” a nick name my brother Brian gave to me when I was very young. Anyway, “Little Sunshine” did not know anger and she did not know fear. This person that gave me the session actually showed me that we are at a fundamental level programmed to be dysfunctional from the start. It is dysfunctional to think it is normal to get angry.

I have apologized for allowing my “Little Sunshine” to learn anger which is fear of the environment. She should never have been forced to do so. She (my Little Sunshine) and I (Sunshine) know that there is nothing to fear as we know that we are One with All THINGS.

My “Little Sunshine” does not seek happiness for she knows the joy of being. She does not need anything from her external world to make her feel safe as she took the time to remember her true nature. She took the time to explore her reason for being. She took the time to remember her own source of life. She took the time to realize her true nature which is to be “Unconditionally Loving”.

Let me make it perfectly clear. “Little Sunshine” does not have to experience pain to learn a lesson. She is fearless as she steps forward and shines her light. She will never allow anyone to dime this light. And “NO” she does not see any relevance in forgiveness. She does not need to forgive her mother for giving her this experience. She could see that her Mother could not see her own programming. And as she shines a light of understanding from her self-realization and this epiphany her mother is made realized and raised out of her own conditioned state through love not forgiveness.

Now I sit here listening to Ken’s live stream feed as he calls people into action by imploring people to see the lie they are living.  He is so right, we must stop and tell these megalomaniacs “you have no rightful claim to your claims”. I/We the “citizen” am not in contract with you, your contracting is fraud. I/we never did pledge our biological property to anyone. Our registration as a “citizen” is fraud. They have stolen our birth right as an expression of source energy.. The script has been and is still being written for us.  They have made claims they have no right to make, they have no rightful claim. All contracting is based in presumptions that have no legal or lawful standing. The Birth Registration is fraudulent and imposed by the clinically insane. He is referring to the birth certificate registration and the creation of the corporation created in our name known as our “LEGAL NAME”. Which of course is all fraud. I did not come into the earth plane of matter to be under contract.

It has not been easy for me while self examining myself and my reality to come to the realization I have been molded from birth to support the corruption of society and the world I was born into and later woke up to. It was devastating to realize with real eyes that the men and women in Government were deliberately creating statues and bills and passing them off as laws.

The only laws that truly exist are those that govern creation. This legislation is used to allow the men and women working in agencies within the government structure to impose policies and procedures to do me and my fellow man and the earth harm. I will not allow the spiritual and emotional immaturity of these men and women to interfere with the evolution of the soul and the evolution of Terra Nova aka Gaia also known as Earth and/or Earth Mother (Mother Earth).

The inhabitants of earth are deliberately deceived by those that have implemented contracts and their imposed allegedly legal registration. We are being deliberately programmed to be under social hypnosis to accept their claims. So many men, women, and children are suffering from trauma-based mind control by design. We fall into the trap as we are deliberately manipulated by social media, news broadcasts, television programming, movies ect to think and act in a specific way. They have gotten away with subliminal programming that elicits an emotional and sexual response. They call it predictive programming. The problem lies when we are deliberately programmed to a destructive end. It is this disconcerting fact that gives me a fundamental right to reject the system created by the unethical and immoral actions of men and women indoctrinated into government and their system of taxation. So many seem to ignore the fact that there were viable societies existing on Turtle Island less then 500 years ago without the use of banks and government.

It was heart wrenching to realize that so many know what is taking place yet no corrective action has been implemented. I found myself asking “does this mean all individuals within government hate their fellow man and life that much that they would see it destroyed?” Then I came to realize that most of them are infected with a parasite that removes their will to do the right thing. There indoctrination into the ‘dark arts” allows for their body to be possessed by lower density entities.

It was after my home was forced into foreclosure after loosing my income that I realized that we the people born of earth are held to a system of control by those that call themselves the “Global Elite” aka “Illuminati”. I realized that our lives have been manipulated to accept the systems introduced by them and are controlled by just a few cult members invested in black magic. So much was revealed to me by the bailiff working out of the Kelowna office involved in the seizure of my home and involved in removing me from the land I was in use of. The disturbing realization that there are men and women in authoritative position actively involved in the enslavement of their fellow man and involved in human trafficking through the fraud known as legal ease and law. This bailiffs name is Michel Zuber.

The following is an email I received by Mr. Zuber court bailiff on August 4, 2017

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 12:27 PM, NorthCentralBailiffs – Kelowna <kelowna@northcentralbailiffs.bc.ca> wrote:

Ms. Borgeson, what you believe is only true for yourself. It does not apply to anyone else no matter how much you desire it.
Whether or not you are on a mission is solely determined by you. The name of your mission was created by you, I do not believe there is anyone else involved. “They” do not exist….
I offer you my best wishes in your future endeavours and every happiness however now is the time to stop corresponding with me.
The Deity to which I subscribe is more frightening than can be imagined and those to whom you subscribe kneel at his feet, so let sleeping dogs lay……
Enjoy your weekend,
Michel Zuber
Court Bailiff/Bailiff

What Mr. Zuber fails to realize is I kneel to no one. Real or imagined this deity he is a slave to is controlling his behavior. I am in fact under mission by the higher astral plane of existence like other “star seeds” to expose the truth and free humanity and the earth. I am a true authentic sovereign being and recognize the sovereignty of all living matter.

Mr. Zuber’s ignorance and arrogance has breached my will which has violated my ecclesiastical right for self determination. In his spiritual ignorance and in his arrogance, he has violated cosmic law. He has and those like him that have become a slave to this Deity have forsaken his/their own I Am presence by buying into fear. He and those like him have become a liability to life itself.

This Deity is not his friend. He does not care about his life or life in general. Mr. Zuber’s lack of spiritual awareness renders him and those like him incompetent as a human being. Basically, he is saying as I am bigger and stronger I can come in to your house with a set of rules and if you do not comply I will have my buddy’s come over arrest you and lock you in a cage. The society that is being built under this mandate is not conducive to life. They have no rightful claim of ownership.

This Deity’s power comes from those that do his biding. Mr. Zuber and those like him are blind to the fact that by following their Master and binding their spirit he/they are a threat to him/themselves and a threat to all mankind. They are a threat to life itself. They are in fact a threat to the soul as they as they are stagnating the soul’s evolution.

People must have the intestinal fortitude to realize the spiritual lie that we are living. We must reject the claims made by the Pope(s) past and present. People must realize that all Churches on earth are Satanic when they teach in a higher being outside of the self (scientifically impossible). All Roads lead to Rome (and the City of London Corporation-BAR Association). Their power comes from their Babylonian black magic word spells and their false Laws that we are all indoctrinated into.

All Government employees around the world whether they know it or not are Sworn Agents for the Crown willfully participating as disciples of Ba’al. So few people know the true power behind the “Crown” which is the “Crown of Ba’al” also known as the “Papal Terra” this crown is what the Pope wares. It is in the shape of a beehive the same shape as the pineal gland.

They have violated Prime Directive when they have invaded lands. When the explorer becomes the invader by converting the natives into their systems they are committing a crime.  The crowned King and/or Queen have not only violated the Prime Directive they have violated their coronation oath and their oath to God to protect and serve His children.

As Government employee (s) are willfully participating in crimes against humanity by being indoctrinated into the Luciferian and/or Satanist philosophies partaking in “black magic ritual abuse and sacrifice” actively or inactively. And as Public Servants they have violated their Oath to God to protect and serve Gods children. They are whether by default of direct knowing willful participants in Satan’s agenda for total world domination and the death of the Christ.

We have ignored the obvious. As a supposedly Vicar of Christ he would be walking as the Christ a Fully Enlightened Loving Being. The fact is the men behind the creation of the Vatican hijacked Christianity. The Pope the supreme head of the Catholic Church is the Crowned Representative of Ba’al.

Lucifer is a great deceiver,  while his living representative is going around masquerading as the head of the Universal Christian Church he is a Satanist. The symbolic drinking of the blood and the eating of the flesh of Jesus is cannibalism at its finest. Although principally the Bishop of Rome, he is now being propagandized as the living symbol of the Unity of Christianity. How can so many intelligent people be so blind? We have been negligent in not seeing and exposing the truth.

Please will you have the decency to at-least do some research.


Now we can see how we have been negligent in looking only at the Khazarian Mafia when the fact is the deep state runs very deep as it has infiltrated all social programs. We are the deep state. It is true the Luciferian/Satanists are in all walks of life and in every profession. They are highly indoctrinated to the agenda to maintain the oligarchy system, the slave and slave master. They are trained in the ‘dark arts’ the art of spell casting and invocation. Yet they are blind or do not care to see that they are binding their spirit to the lower density astral entities they are invoking while imprisoning the rest of us in the process. Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that even though the Luciferian/Satanists walk among us we are also the ones working in Government agencies and in the factories, we are the ones supporting capitalism and purchasing the products with their toxic chemicals.
Are we in fact in our political correctness to afraid to hurt someones feelings when we do not speak of facts. Sure it was not easy when I woke up to the corruption but wake up I needed to. My dark night of the soul lasted for 17 years and I would not wish that on anyone. But can you not see that people lack the spiritual and emotions maturity for partial disclosure. We are supporting the agenda when we do not tell the truth. The problem lies in the fact that all churches are satanic. If we really wanted change we would be taking massive class action law suits against the men and women in Government specifically in taxation and finance.

The Luciferians where the ones to introduce the oligarchy system and are highly indoctrinated to the agenda to maintain this slave and slave master system. They are trained in the ‘dark arts,’ the art of spell casting and invocation. What they are blind to  the fact that they are binding their spirit to the lower density astral entities they are invoking.

Would the soldiers on the battle field continue to kill each other if they knew the truth about their own Government?  Every man, women, and child are multimillionaire’s and for the last two years soldiers have been killing and being killed because they have not stopped to see who the real enemy is.  If every soldier on the battle field knew the truth would they continue to battle each other? Why would they not turn to the men and women in their respective Governments and have them arrested for war crimes? Why would they not ban together and storm the Vatican and arrest the Black ops Military who are the Spawn of Satan and have them arrested for stupid.  These men known as the Jesuit Order are self loathing violent beyond reason.  They must be committed and treated for their insanity.

The members of the Jesuit Order have been conducting covert military operations on the people for 100’s of years. Why would the “Universal Soldier” not turn and arrest their real enemy which is the Pope (s) and his army the Jesuit Order. It does not matter what intelligence agency you are working for you are being controlled by the Jesuit Order. The fact is true intelligence is lacking in those that are “working” in the “intelligence agencies”.

The greatest problem with the Universal Soldier is they that they will follow orders without questioning even when they know that all wars are “False Flag” events just like 9-11. Why they do not stop to examine why such an event happened defies reason. “False Flag” does not mean that the event is false. “False Flag” means that men and women were set up to die for a political reason.  Every soldier is fighting for the State, they are a state terrorist by default. The sickest thing is the they are blind to this fact. Why have they not looked at the Bilderberg group as the meeting place for the narcissistic psychopath to carry out his/her plan for the control of the mind and spirit of mankind?

THe painful truth

I am here to bring you Democracy

It is clear that we are living in a multi-agency seize. The flesh and blood men and women in these agencies need to be served with Claim of Liability and Claim of Corruption. THEY ARE COMMITTING CRIMES AND MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CHOICES THEY ARE MAKING.

We must release the false narrative that we bought into from birth. We must serve them with our own claim and claim our sovereignty as the source of our own life and the source of our own love. For the sake of ALL the children born of the 12 tribes of man.

A true “Spiritual Warrior” of Truth and Restorative Justice is Ved Chaudhari. Ved has been petitioning Governments for years. She has filed corruption claims in the UK Courts.  She has declared a state of emergency numerous times. On the 28th of  February in the Gregorian Year of 2018 Ved Chaudrai published the following video in which she speaks of State Terrorism and how we are all subjected to it. She speaks of what we as the 7.4 billion minus the ones actively cooperating in State Terrorism can do about it.


If you are at all interesting in freeing yourself from your mental prison and moving forward as a spiriual being please take corrective action by first listening to your higher self. Stop believing in a higher being outside of the self.

Clarity comes through having a still mind and an unfettered empty heart. It is through choosing to live with a still mind and an unfettered empty heart that We will bridge our inner world with our outer world were the inner becomes the outer and the outer becomes the inner.

The empty unfettered heart is the path to peace, harmony, and well-being. An empty heart does not mean that it is empty of love for it is love. I/We must distill out of the heart all that is not of love. No one can do this for me/WE. I/We have to choose this for our-self by loving our-self! To be in integrity I/We must allow our-self to express in our knowing as a multidimensional expression of the ALL and allow our physical vessel to evolve.

The time has come to look under the hood to see causality to a troubled world. In the words of Krishnamurti, “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So, a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”

Separating ourselves from the source of life is the source of ALL suffering! This separation comes from false doctrine taught at the church. The dogma of belief has blinded us from our true nature. There is no power outside of the self. The Universe is in me and I am in the Universe and I am the source of it ALL. I AM THAT I AM, just as all are.

The body is the focal point through which the soul finds expression without the body there is only source and the source of awareness. The point of life is to know our-self as this. To dishonor the body is to dishonor the source of life. To rape and pillage in our quest for gold and the earths other resources is to dishonor source and dishonor the soul. To continue to do this when there is replicator technology is shear stupidity.

Life is a flowing experience to be enjoyed yet in a capitalistic society we are driven to find enjoyment in material possessions which always leads to a lack of fulfillment, soon boredom sets in then eventually depression. Psychopathy is driving the world into madness. We have been living in a state of discontent for long enough it is time to put psychopathy to rest.


The creation of nuclear energy and biological warfare are the final assaults, nuclear energy and biological warfare should tell each and everyone of us they have gone beyond the reason of sanity.

Where do we go from here now that we have awakened into the madness that we have ignored? For me I had to realize that it is I that has allowed for the perpetuation of the lie. In moments of forgetting and moments of disempowerment I had to accept that I was being used as a frequency generator and supporting the agenda with the thoughts I was thinking, the words I was speaking, and the frequency of the emotions I was expressing.

If you are a truth activist for change then walk your talk. Please look at what is happening with the In Power Movement and the actions they are taking towards real change.


I decree on this day, this the 14th day of March in the Gregorian Year of 2018 hereby put everyone especially the psychiatrists and psychologists in a spiritual court of equity to contemplate on their “false light” philosophies created by the Luciferian/Satanic philosophies. You are hear by warned for pontificating from your ignorance and your arrogance. No one can have control of another spiritual being. No one can take ownership of the soul. Everyone involved in this slavery system are hereby put on spiritual notice. Especially, the sons and daughters of Lucifer and all those perpetuating ‘negativity” on purpose. Anyone involved in the “Soul Harvest” are hereby put on spiritual notice for being so stupid.

Anyone that does not have the spiritual and emotional maturity to deal with their anger and their fear are here by warned (war-end) to get with the program.

I refuse to be forced into dealing with a dysfunctional world because of the ignorance, arrogance, and emotional and spiritual immaturity of others.

I hereby put ALL matrix personalities on notice of this SPIRITUAL COURT OF EQUITY summons of truth. Bring your petty lies and dictatorial comments to the ancestors they will have infinite time to hear your words and exchange energy while you pontificate on your “false light” philosophy.

By Divine Right I remove destructive parasitic and troll energy destructive to the nature of things from my body matrix and my greater body Terra aka Gaia also known as Earth.

Those who have targeted me in this time stream and matrix I put you now on permanent spiritual notice. If your energy violates my I am presence, my spirit, my emotional body, or the natural expression of my physical design in this matrix or any other matrix network you will be placed in a SPIRITUAL COURT OF EQUITY outside of this Universe so you may find remedy and resolve without my signature frequency as a teacher for your DNA lineage ever again. In the same way I chose to deal with drama manifestors or situations where the I AM presence is dragged into the low-density drama of others false light agenda of self-delusion.

I hereby rescind all black magic practices, curses, contracts, agreements, coerced or otherwise and close all portal access points to entities in the lower astral plane created by Lucifer to control humanity. You are here by relieved of active duty. All spirits held to the lower astral plane are to be escorted back to the central sun for rest.

I hereby rescind all magic practices, spells, agreements, and false soul contracts for the purpose of manifestation through mental soul contracts for the purpose of manifestation through mental and emotional systems of control including but not limited to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Black Magic arts, elite priests and priestesses allied with all externally organized religions or cults; I further rescind and renege all forms of spell and unconscious contracts across all multidimensional timelines in which and through which my Agreement to Be Whole has been or will be breached, compromised, or broken, under any and all circumstances, which have been initiated, performed and perfected involuntarily, in sleep or hypnotic states, and/or void of my conscious waking consent as a man. Furthermore,

I do not and will not consent to being an unconscious or unwitting instrument or conduit of punishment, sacrifice, or loss (through war, plague, technically induced ‘natural’ catastrophe) of those closest to me as herein described above.

I am in the ever-present moment of now acknowledge the presence of another I am presence in polarity trying to consciously entangle me with their karma, drama or spiritual issues.

I am here to create a proper SPIRITUAL COURT OF EQUITY do declare I bring forth the harmonization of all densities to be vibrationally tuned to the Universal Truth of Oneness and Unity Consciousness. I call upon the laws of action and reaction created as a result of separation consciousness to be integrated.

I call for the energetic correction and to sever all bonds of energetic connection between this I am presence and all other I am presence’s forcing this I am presence into dramatic polarity within the 3d matrix network of un-sovereignty.

I make this statement to all ancestors in union and communion with the common moral code of equality for all. I can no longer bare the weight of dense “false light” energy sent my way via false light influenced personalities of individuals who have lost their way of knowingness. I summon all DNA linage ancestors to hold space for this continued I am action even while I sleep or visit other realms including the 3d matrix.

I call to the ancestors to create a clear separation of density with in my 1 degree of separation so this “I AM” may transverse the multi verse without the forced drama of others who are unable to heal themselves with the information at hand existing in the lower density realms bound by the false light matrix including but not exclusive to the 3d matrix world. I cannot bare the weight of healing an entire species one broken, angry person at a time.

Let the ancestors teach you at the core of your being what true sovereignty is. I can no longer entangle with you in any way shape or form until you have seen, accepted and integrated the common moral code of Unity Consciousness and have adopted the Galactic Codex in the global dreamtime of earths mind.

I call to all soul chords of myself and others who have been forcefully entangled consciousness energy via invocation and via Technology to be pulled up untangled and returned to originator.

We now separate all Akashic record frequency from this matrix mainframe. We dismantle all matrix components and pull up all ethic connection’s and/or cording that create a backup system of false Akashic truth. I break all agreements contract, spiritual torts of retribution and all other forms of false light war consent used during the defense of Earth Mother’s realms. All of these perverted contracts are now sent to the universal central sun to be null and void auditor for complete and total disentanglement of debt, perceived and unperceived, light body and matrix body on all time lines dimensions galaxies and universe I exist in.

I am my self-unified in this message of separation of densities. I create and manifest my one-life equations from my own relationship as source. From this point forward and backward in all perceptions of time I make this statement a standing energy sine wave of self-truth in my own auric and Akashic frequency for all unsovereign beings to know “I am” is not just words any more. This is my manifestation of self-truth. ___Now I get “I AM” presence serious to those held in Lucifer’s “false light” as serial false light manifest-ors and put all on spiritual notice, to restore in order to restore.

I hereby declare and proclaim myself the apex of hierarchical order, I am the truth and the light, a true authentic sovereign being, the source of my own life and the source of my own love in the now and all eternal.

So Be It and It Is So!

Om Varunam Namah = ‘My life is in Harmony with Cosmic Law’


I hold in my heart a greater version of reality then the men and women hold for themselves.  I hold in my heart that ONE DAY THE WORLD WILL WAKE UP TO LOVE!

Do we really love ourselves and each other if we can continue to ignore the obvious?


Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Queen Mother Ashara/Akasha



  1. Haukab Al Hawwa Avatar
    Haukab Al Hawwa

    Well said. Mr Zuber is an example of the ignorance that these self-prescribed satanists dress themselves with. They connect themselves to lower astral beings, which are no more than the spirits of plain dead humans and reptilians that within their own ignorance are trapped in Earth’s astral field. Within the false hierarchy that was cobbled together by the fallen souls to insurrect their control over 3d Earth.

    Satanists exist here on Earth with little less than a 3D Earthly material awareness, thinking that every dead spirit is their “master”. It’s both sad and sickening.

    In their sad lives they have never experienced walking among the hierarchy of the Highest Kingdom of Light, to experience the sheer power that exists within it and the love that radiates from it. In its Light, these fallen souls are dressed down to their original over souls – and nothing more than deluded, disabled and traumatised beings are left. They that were once the self-proclaimed overlords of the dark, are now being led by the hand like small and confused children back to the Central Sun to be healed and nourished back to health to start their evolution all over again.

    The hostage situation of Earth by the last remaining fallen over souls will soon end. They will be taken to be healed, with their astral “hierachy” (what’s left of it) and their 3d physical control structure remaining for some time to drift aimlessly as they are progressively being removed. Already some of the original fallen souls that have been healed are working with the Light forces to remove the legacy of their mistakes. This is at origin – everything that happens in our lower vibration physical Earth is just a reflection of these. The last fallen souls still hiding here in the physical and astral are both scared and blind to their own pending arrest, always working to rebuild their now gone empire until the point of their arrest. Their “archon” and reptilian servants in the 2d and 3d are systematically being degraded, millions have already been removed. Their only power structure remaining in the 3d are the jesuits and the pyramidic control structure below it. At the lowest levels is where mr Zuber fits in.. Blind, deceived, ignorant and living out his human lifetime being a nuisance to others. He will see his folly one day in this or the next lifetime, and he will feel ashamed and decide to fix up what he broke down. Until that time he will still insist on his now gone masters.

  2. I love seeing your evolution. Right off hand. Have you ever heard of Text to Speech. II found it allows you to pick up some of the more obscure errors and find the more blatant one faster. The only blatant error I see is that there were not 2 Jesus only Lucifer Jr. wearing the mask called Jesus. While appearing to be such a good individual he was actually producing the most devious metaphysical weapon / virus of all time. I don’t really have the time to explain the after effects, so I’ll just say look at the results. I mean, the very fat, ignorant, docile, Christians who through all of this missionary death wish mentality always look for a Savior like a Doctor, Policeman, Reverend, etc. It is so devious. I doubt, that you will eve consider this argument. But, I have no doubt you will come to the very same conclusion from you own very, very good research. If you like, you could view my video, “3 Lucifer’s explained.”, but I doubt your still daunting monotheism will allow that.

    1. It is such a shame that ie/I missed your comment!! My husband is assisting me in fixing up this website. Appreciate you!! Much has changed!! My love to you. Wishing you well!! 🙂 ❤

  3. […] You are here by forewarned as I serve you with this Notice of Liability and Claim of Corruption and Spiritual Notice to inform you that as of the 14th day of March in the imposed Gregorian year of 2018 you have been put in a SPIRITUAL COURT OF EQUITY. There was a public announcement which I published to the web. You and the individuals involved with the creation of the Vatican are put on notice for your participation in enforcing the unethical and immoral policies and procedures of the Registration of Birth of one LORNA LYNNE BORGESON and that of my fellow man. You and your cohorts acting under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic Church are hereby exposed for your complacency and compliance in participating in fraud, extortion, embezzlement, entrapment, while being an accessory and/or actively participating in the demonizing of the world through acts of violence towards the body while forcing innocent men, women, and children incarnating to Terra aka Gaia into debt slavery. Your actions and/or in-actions have proven your culpability directly and/or indirectly in the poisoning, raping, torture, murder, poor health and death of millions of your fellow man. You can read the document if it pleases you by following this link, https://doveyou.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/putting-all-on-spiritual-court-of-equity/ […]

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