Bill of Divorce Served to Lucifer and ALL Fallen Angels

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The following Bill of Divorce is my own rendition of the Freedom from Human Persecutors Prayer. I have edited it to fit my own knowing of self and awareness of what is plaguing  the human condition. The original ‘Freedom from Human Persecutors Prayer’ is found on the following website:
The US as in US (All of US) must become aware of what is really happening on this earth realm. The King of Lies is calling for the binding of the ‘spirit’ of mankind and the complete control of the ‘body’ of mankind.  It is the truth that will set us free it is our love that will bring us back home to ourselves. We must end all violence. Fighting for freedom is an oxymoron.  If we want freedom we must break free from the mental prison of the conditioned mind.
How many spiritual warriors actually seek spiritual purification and liberation? How many have taken an active roll in exorcising their demons and releasing themselves from attachments to the lower astral plane and etheric implants? How many spiritual warriors resolve their own psychology of belief? I reiterate “to be free to step fully into a greater version of ourselves we must be free of all previous imprinting”.  Are you tired yet of repeating the same cycles?
For more information please read more at the following website:
The men and women in political positions and in all walks of life indoctrinated in the “Dark Arts” are blinded by greed and drunk on the illusion of power. They have bought into the notion that they are powerful once they are indoctrinated into the ‘Black Arts’ when in fact they have given over their power to a ‘higher power’. In this contractual agreement they have given up their sovereignty. They are binding their spirit to the lower astral spirits they invoke for favors. In this transaction they have no power over anyone that has embodied their light. Just because these schmucks being indoctrinated as clergy and indoctrinated into the ‘Black Magic’ of the BAR ASSOCIATION are stupidly accepting what they are learning they have no right to bind my spirit and prevent my or any ones spiritual evolution.
I recommend everyone decree and serve all past loves whether they remember them or not with a Bill of Divorce. We have millions of incarnations of entanglements to clean out of our field.  How can we wear white at our wedding when we have quantum entanglements with previous husbands and/or lovers?
Let me assure you there is no one qualified to sanctify your body mind and spirit presently incarnated on earth.  If there is such a one please step forward I will love for you to bless me.

Dear Lucifer and ALL Fallen Angels,

In the process of purification, I must serve you with this Bill of Divorce as it is necessary for me in the process of actualizing freedom in the Christ to do so. To be truly sovereign I believe it can at times be necessary to separate from Human spirits/souls and astral entities.

Our energetic entanglements do offer a way for entity attachment and etheric implants through the mixing of our energy field with the energy field of others.  In order to be truly free, I have chosen to release my body matrix from all entanglements restoring it to its original template of love.

Separating ourselves from the source of life is the source of ALL suffering! The dogma of belief has blinded us from our true nature. There is no power outside of the self. The Universe is in me and I am in the Universe and I am the source of it ALL. I AM THAT I AM, just as all are.

The body is the focal point through which the soul finds expression without the body there is only source and the source of awareness. The point of life is to know our-self as this. To dishonor the body is to dishonor the source of life.

Life is a flowing experience to be enjoyed yet in a capitalistic society we are driven to find enjoyment in material possessions which always leads to a lack of fulfillment, soon boredom sets in then eventually depression. We have been living in a state of discontent for long enough!

Please receive this amended BILL OF DIVORCE on this day the 10th day of March in the Gregorian year of 2018 with an open heart and an open mind presented with the deepest love and affection.


I, Redeemer Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson Queen Mother, also known as Ashara aka Akasha also known as The Lady of Ten Thousand Names in the name of all that is HOLY renounce all quantum entanglements with Lucifer and the Fallen Angels as I serve you this bill of divorce.

By the power of my love and the power of 3x3x3 I call up the Crucifixion implant from myself and all of my children for removal and transcendence. I hereby release my body, life force, sacred sensuality, soul, thoughts, emotions and life purpose/mission from any misuse of sexual energy and life force that is or has been organized to generate suffering as a consequence and condition of maintaining and sustaining the system of separation and its 3D Construct.

I pull up the known and/or hidden documents detailing every covenant, contract, agreement, and/or oath entangling us and command through all dimensions all realities all space time and non-space time that they be nullified and dissolved by stamping them with the blood of Yeshua and my own Golden Seal of Love.

In the name of All That is Holy, I call forth the heavenly hosts would be put on assignment to place every (alter/part in me) that is loyal to Lucifer and the Fallen One’s on temporary lock-down. I now call for these parts to be put to sleep.

I now deed Lucifer’s and the Fallen Angel’s territory in me and my children over to the Central Sun and I invite you, Lord of Hosts, to take the throne and begin to rule over this territory with your Holy Rod of Love.

In the name of all that is Holy I now bind all gatekeepers and spirits loyal to Lucifer and discover each and every portal access point belonging to Lucifer’s and the Fallen Angels realm and their inheritance.

I place the blood of Yeshua upon every portal access point and I seal them with my light and my love. I declare that if they do not choose to return to Source for purification that they are put to sleep and permanently deactivated from this point in time forward.

I take the sword of the Spirit which is the word of Mother/Father God and I dislodge myself and all of mankind free from Lucifer’s and the Fallen Angel’s realm of influence and their inheritance in the name of the Christ.

I return every form of counterfeit inheritance inclusive of promised wealth, position, status, calling, ability, power, pride, favors, seed, and any other form of counterfeit inheritance. I refuse it and sever myself and all Mankind from it and from this point in time forward I choose to receive my inheritance in The Christ. I renounce all spirit children related to Lucifer and the Fallen Angels maintaining the false light grid and undo all quantum entanglements involved in their creation. I command their judgment, and the purging of the realms they occupy through all space-time and non-space time by judgment through living water. I also reclaim every part of me that has been imprisoned knowingly or unknowingly by Lucifer and the fallen Angels or in realms related to them.

I ask for pardon for any harm I and/or my children have caused Lucifer his lineage and/or the Fallen Angels while in a possessed state and/or during a state of emotional imbalance. I release forgiveness by faith to Lucifer and the Fallen Ones for any harm that they have caused me and/or my children. I also discover every part that is a composite of genetic components held together by a cord that binds us. I declare that the cord be pulled up and that each part is separated into it components. I retain my parts and surrender those that do not belong to me and restore them to their origin.

I now take authority over every so called evil spirit on the inside of me and around me and my children that has been operating knowingly or unknowingly under the authority of Lucifer and the Fallen Ones. I declare that these are discovered, apprehended, bound and thrust out of me and my children and the entire earth realm and sent into the central sun for atonement. I declare that these energies be escorted into the Central Sun the Heart of the Divine for transcendence and transmutation for failed assignment.

I am putting all matrix personalities on notice of spiritual court of equity summons of truth. I am in the ever-present moment of now acknowledge the presence of another I am presence in polarity trying to consciously entangle me with their karma, drama or spiritual issues. I am here to create a proper spiritual court of equity do declare I bring forth the harmonization of all densities to be vibrationally tuned to the Universal Truth of Oneness and Unity Consciousness. I call upon the laws of action and reaction created as a result of separation consciousness to be integrated.

I call for the energetic correction and to sever all bonds of energetic connection between this I am presence and all other I am presence’s forcing this I am presence into dramatic polarity within the 3d matrix network of un-sovereignty.

I make this statement to all ancestors in union and communion with the common moral code of equality for all. I can no longer bare the weight of dense false light energy sent my way via false light influenced personalities of individuals who have lost their way of knowingness. I summon all DNA linage ancestors to hold space for this continued I am action even while I sleep or visit other realms including the 3d matrix.

I call to the ancestors to create a clear separation of density with in my 1 degree of separation so this “I AM” may transverse the multi verse without the forced drama of others who are unable to heal themselves with the information at hand existing in the lower density realms bound by the false light matrix including but not exclusive to the 3d matrix world. I cannot bare the weight of healing an entire species one broken, angry person at a time.

Let the ancestors teach you at the core of your being what true sovereignty is. I can no longer entangle with you in any way shape or form until you have seen, accepted and integrated the common moral code of Unity Consciousness and have adopted the Galactic Codes in the global dreamtime of earths mind. I call to all soul chords of myself and others who have been forcedly entangled consciousness energy via invocation and via Technology to be pulled up untangled and returned to originator.

We now separate all Akashic record frequency from this matrix mainframe. We dismantle all matrix components and pull up all ethic connection’s and/or cording that create a backup system of false Akashic truth. I break all agreements contract, spiritual torts of retribution and all other forms of false light war consent used during the defense of Earth Mother’s realms. All of these perverted contracts are now sent to the universal central sun to be null and void auditor for complete and total disentanglement of debt, perceived and unperceived, light body and matrix body on all time lines dimensions galaxies and universe I exist in.

I am my self-unified in this message of separation of densities. I create and manifest my one-life equations from my own relationship as source. From this point forward and backward in all perceptions of time I make this statement a standing energy sine wave of self-truth in my own auric and Akashic frequency for all unsovereign beings to know “I am” is not just words any more. This is my manifestation of self-truth. ___Now I get “I AM” presence serious to those held in Lucifer’s false light as serial false light manifest-ors and put all on spiritual notice, to restore in order to restore.

Bring your petty lies and dictatorial comments to the ancestors they will have infinite time to hear your words and exchange energy while you pontificate on false light philosophy

Lastly, I call for every spiritual object, implant, tattoo, device, label, marker, power source, grid, or branding placed in or around every part of my body matrix or that of my children or Tarra Nova aka Gaia through all incarnation by the Dark Ones or those under (His/Her) authority would be consumed in and by the Three-Fold Flame and totally dissolved.

I cancel, cure, delete, revoke, and rebuke all contracts using signatures stolen from me and my children in deception, all constructive trusts, birth certificates, contracts of adhesion assumed effective against my DNA family lineage throughout all time-lines, dimensions, fractals, universes, the entire multiverse, and all that ever was and is an to be NULL AND VOID as their creation has violated the natural order of things. I revoke and rebuke all consent and cancel all soul contracts or material contracts with any/all branches of gov’t INC., Banking Families, Media corporations, military, schools, sacred geometry buildings, memorials for all lifetimes past present and future, and return myself and my children to the zero-point as the fetus in the womb of the Divine Mother, protected and fortified by a sheath of golden light, erasing all fine print inserted during birth process by your dark alliances.

I hereby declare and proclaim myself the apex of hierarchical order, I am the truth and the light, a true authentic sovereign being the source of my own life and the source of my own love in the now and all eternal. So Be It and It Is So!

May the light of the Christ be ours

Om Varunam Namah=My life is in Harmony with Cosmic Law

By Divine appointment.

Redeemer Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson Queen Mother aka Ashara aka Akasha

PS: Diamond White Fire Transmission. Clearing Fear From Your Ancestral Lines.





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  1. LMAO: You just condemn your own soul There are 3 Lucifer’s (Holy Spirit), Yahweh, and Lucifer Jr / Jesus. Both, who declare themselves as the same “I am the morning star. (Sun)”

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