Remove Corporate Influence In Politics!

Remove Corporate Influence in Politics!

Political corruption is a reality.
The political structure is archaic!
To understand politics you must know the banking system!

Money is a concept.  It was created by man and only has the value placed on it by man.

Who decides what value is put on a coin or piece of paper?

Who decides what an item or service is worth?

Who is monitoring the system for abuse?

“Canada is crippled by dept to private banks. We owe them more money than exist in our entire economy, and they never had that money in the first place.

The only reason this is tolerated is because the public general do not know about this” author unknown

Pierre Trudeau was the prime minister when Canadians finances were privatized.

Why do you suppose the corruption of the monetary systems has not been changed since 1974? Yes corrupt politicians, making back room deals with corporations.  It is an enigma as to why the police are not dealing with the wide spread corruption in politics.  Any one in the system that see the corruption and does nothing is selling out their own, their children’s, and citizens of Canada’s, welfare. .

There is no good reason to have poverty in Canada! If it were not for pure stupidity in Governance Canadians would have an amazing life!

Take a look at our amazing landscape.

Let’s take steps to preserve it!

Stop the madness, lets get ride of the bad apples in parliament, and stop killing each other!

The Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love?

COMER Seminar PT1 – Ann Emmett, Al Rosen, Tony Crawford, Rocco Galati -The Bank of Canada

COMER Seminar PT2 – Lawyer Rocco Galati: Restoring The Bank of Canada For The People – Court Case

It is corporate greed that is killing our democracy. Say, “Yes” I agree change must happen. To see this change all Canadians must be educated with the truth what is driving our economy and our politicians. We must look at the root cause of what is happening in this Country and around the world. Without looking at the cause, and addressing this, the world is doomed to failure. Everyone must open their eyes and ears to hear the truth.

All Wars Are Bankers Wars!

When man is no longer driven by greed we will come together and cooperate.

Most Canadians do not know the true history of our Country or what is really happening with Government programs.

It is important to know the history of Canada and the history of the monetary system.

Solve the monetary system, take corporate influence away from politicians. This can only happen by changing the structure in which politics is delivered.

Put the real criminals in jail regardless of their position on the world stage and our world will know peace.

Oh Canada Movie – Our Bought And Sold Out Land – Full

Jackie DeShannon – What The World Needs Now Is Love LYRICS

Let us all gravitate to LOVE and start looking after each other!

2 responses to “Remove Corporate Influence In Politics!”

  1. I have enough tax to pay,I refuse to pay for everybody`s babysitting while they go to word etc… I have done and paid my own babysitting so now it`s the elders that are suffering and much more so get your act together and if you cannot afford kids ,don`t have any.This is not our responsibility.We are wondering day by day what we`re going to do and what`s in store for us and you Young people want us to pay for your kids? We paid for ours so it`s enough.We didn`t have any
    daycare centers,no way!

    1. Nothing is as it appears!! The facts are coming to light

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