Wake Up Canada!!

Corporate greed is killing our Democracy.  It is time for a medical intervention to restore Canada to a healthy democracy. We need people that are willing to get off the couch and take action.

For those that are still in the dark about the economy and the war on terror the following information will tie it all together so that you understand why Harper is supporting the crimes being perpetrated against Palestinians.

Bill C-51 was not designed to fight terrorism.  The reason for this legislation is to take liberties away from the citizens of Canada.  It has nothing to do with fighting terrorism. It is to allow for the silent descent into a dictatorship. Reminds me of Nazi Germany. Steven Harper has visions of grandeur becoming Canada’s next Führer.

Mainstream media is nothing more than propaganda very little truth is being presented.  The people working in mainstream media. The individuals working at Economist Intelligence Unit are nothing more than trained monkeys. Most of them are either very corrupt of suffering a sever case of social hypnosis.   The economy is manipulated by these billionaires those Countries that choose not to cooperate are targets.

There is far too much information, real new, being shared via the internet which is not going well for the Bilderberg group’s agenda.   If Canadians are getting their information from mainstream media thy have already lost their freedom for information.  With Bill C-51 CSIS will have full control over the internet and can manipulate the internet for search engines which is already happening.  We will also loose our freedom of speech for any protester can be arrested if they deem you to be a thre

CSIS was created under the instructions of the Bilderbery Group for a specific purpose.  It has nothing to do with protecting the lives of Canadian people or in support of a Democratic society.

Ottawa Shooting Update: The Ugly Truth About CSIS and the Privy Council of Canada


Most Canadians are so self-absorbed believing in the life they are living it is all orchestrated to fit an agenda.  Why else would the Government allow for our food to be poisoned and allow poisons to be passed off as medication?

Below is more educational material put together to inform and wake people up to the truth.

Son of Israeli General Exposes Israel’s Lies.


The war on terror pumped up by 9-11 which was perpetuated by the elite.

Secrets Of The 28 Page 9/11 Report Released


Re-think 9-11


Wake up Canada!!  Our politicians are bought and sold they have been corrupted by greed.  The news you hear is propaganda controlling your mind and getting you to think in a way that allows for their agenda.  These people are all suffering from brain damage.  They are sociopaths that only care about how much money they have in the bank.  There insanity is revealed in the fact that they are incapable of realizing they are destroying the very thing that gives them life.  They need to be committed and their brain damage treated.

Welcome to the reality Canada has been sold out because Canadians could not see the writing on the wall and have not bothered to learn the truth.  The ones that knew about it could have done something yet did nothing.  Canada and the US are being manipulated by a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths.

Former Canadian Minister Of Defense Talks About Banker Takeover of Canada


If you can get past the fact that the one in the film is a communist it is quite good.  Not sure if this fellow can actually see his own social hypnosis.

Axis Of Evil – Documentary Of Zionists, Israel, United States, Canada, Britain


Bilderberg Group: The Secret Rulers of the World


The propaganda has really pumped up around the anti-terrorist bill. They are trying to convince us that this terrorism threat created by the elite is a real threat to our life. The real threat is the loss of our democracy to big business. Those in political power have exchanged their morals and ethics for greed. Selling out the life of Canadians to sociopaths and becoming one in the process. There are still so many Canadians that are mind controlled and do not realize it.

Media propaganda at its finest.  Well done minions working in mainstream media!  Keep up the great front.  It makes me wonder if these people are all that stupid or are they willing participants to this puppetry?  It is quite laughable watching the display of Canadians that are awake and those that are so weak minded.  This display is quite laughable if it were not really happening.  Quite sad actually.

There are Canadians working very hard to uproot the corruption in the House of Commons and restore Canada to a democracy.

Update: The Bank Of Canada Vs Comer


Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that Bill Gates will visit Ottawa on February 25, 2015. Lovely thought!!!

Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda  Gates Foundation.  These individuals are not helping humanity.  The truth is their actions are causing pain and suffering all over the planet.  So why would they be meeting with our Prime Minister.
Two sociopaths coming together one with loads of money and one that is in the position to destroy an entire nation. The thing is we know about it. Hold the idea of a strong and loving nation in your heart and mind. See the Canadian people living in a real democratic society, all citizens thriving. Just as it should be all over the world. Every one is born with the fundamental right to have a life well lived. Lets start taking care of each other!!

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