Corporate Greed Is Killing Democracy!

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Keep your eyes and ears open as the health and well-being of Canadian and US citizens are under jeopardy. Stupid is sweeping the continent! The epidemic has not yet been contained as the disease is just now being widely publicized. Watch out for it showing up in your community. It has infected politician on both sides of the boarder.  You can see the wide spread infection with stupid in both Canada and the US, infiltrating the medical system, the monetary system,   the military, and National Difference.

Beware It has spilled over into the spiritual community and the self-help industry.

Wide spread infection with stupid has been exposed at the CDC.

The FDA has not been immune from the ravages of this disease.  The proof is seen in how the individuals working for the FDA and Health and Welfare Canada have knowingly allowed the introduction of poisons into the food and water supplies furthering the spread of stupid.  Luckily there are some citizens that are immune from the destructive nature of stupid as their brain function is still intact and is seen in their ability to use constructive reasoning. .

These are the individuals that are demonstrating for clean water, clean air, and nutritious food, and are being heralded and treated as anti-social activists and those that are infected continue to do harm yet are not seen as terrorists.

In Canada those infected with stupid have hijacked the Medical Service Plan (MSP) which has had wide spread ramifications on the health and well-being of every citizen in Canada.  The MSP under its current mandate is in violation of the Canadian Health Act which states, “.every Canadian is entitled to physical and mental well-being regardless of income”. The Doctors trained in the schools of medicine are showing the side effect of being trained by those infected with stupid.  The curriculum at these schools has gone unregulated.

This is proof that stupid can penetrate the brains of those with high intellect.  The ones that are infected are lacking in moral and ethical standing and are deficient in intelligence.   You can see Canadians that are being exposed to these unintelligent Doctors by the number of prescription drugs they are taking.  You know if you have been infected with stupid it you are blind to the fact that the health of the body declines as a result of families force to have treatment from these Doctors.

Who is more insane those that create medical practices that is destructive to human health or those that continue to allow for the implementation of it?

Investigation is still underway as to how sever the judicial system has been effected by this highly toxic disease that is threatening to destroy democracy.

The word is still out if it has reached a pandemic. The World Health Organization has been alerted. The race for the cure of stupid has been under way by concerned citizens for some time.  Those that have empathy and compassion are working to expose those inflicted with the disease.

It is understood that greed is the infecting agent to full blown stupid.   It is highly contagious. Recommend avoiding contact with those infected.

Understanding how the epidemic was started is imperative to ward off infection by greed; just imagine for a moment if you are a sociopath, driven by greed, and know how to manipulate the system and instill the hypnotic state?  How hard would it be to create a system and convince others that it is a sound system?  Well this is what John D. Rockefeller did.

Drug-oriented “medicine” gets all the financial support because it has the largest profit potential

  • the low state of medical education in the U.S. prior to 1910
  • the importance of the Flexner Report in dramatizing the need for reform
  • the role played by the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations in implementing the Flexner Report
  • the use of foundation funding as a means of gaining control over American medical schools

There is an old saying:

“He who pays the piper, calls the tune.” This is one of those eternal truths that exist – and always will exist – in business, in politics, and in education. We have seen how John D. Rockefeller captured the hearts of Baptist ministers with a mere $600,000 granted to Chicago University. What remains to be demonstrated is that he also captured control of the university.

Within a year after the grant, Rockefeller’s personal choice, Dr. William Rainey Harper, (I wander if he is a relative to our Prime Minister Steven Harper?)  was named president of the institution. And within two years, the teaching staff had been successfully purged of all anti-Rockefeller dissidents. A professor of economics and a professor of literature distinguished themselves by proclaiming that Mr. Rockefeller was “superior in creative genius to Shakespeare, Homer, and Dante.”

I suggest going to the web link and read this educational article in its entirety, it is quite enlightening.


What happens to a Country when those leading the nation are infection with stupid?  The effects of not being treated for the disease is seen as insanity sets in.    The insanity is exposed when these individuals continue to create industry and technology that is destructive to the very thing that givens them life.  They are blind to their insanity as they continue to make citizens sick with the technology they have created and continue to use.  Who in their right mind would destroy the ones that make them prosperous?  What leader in their right mind would continue to enslavement their constituents to a system that does not promote a healthy and harmonious society?

Politicians that are blinded with the infection of stupid as they do not see that it is not in their best interest to have a sick society. Economically in the long run it will be a sinking ship as we are seeing in society today as care homes are over flowing with our elders suffering with dementia.  A social travesty which is completely avoidable.

All social issues are political issues.

It should not matter how entrenched a civilization is in a system if the system is corrupt it must be dismantled and the people adhering to this system should be incarcerated so that they can no longer do harm to themselves, others, and the planet.

Evidence that stupid is rampant is the fact that Pharmaceuticals are showing up in our water supply and nothing is being done about it? Chasing symptoms and the diagnosis of an illness caused by a side effect resulting from the administration of a previously prescribed drug is a clear indication of infection with stupid.  Sound science would dictate that cells require the substances derived from food and water for normal function.

It is well established through the science of the nervous system and the study of the immune system that a vaccine will never be found for there will never be a safe vaccine. Vaccines are highly invasive and highly toxic to the body’s innate healing system

Below you will hear the voice of reason against full blown infection of stupid.

The Brilliance of Dr. Suzanne Humphries on the Dangers of Vaccine.

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